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Where To Try Latex Mattress

Best Latex Mattress For Combination Sleepers

Spindle Natural Latex Mattress: How To Customize The Firmness Of This Bed

Latex mattresses are one of the best options for combination sleepers who often change sleep positions through the night. The Brooklyn Bedding Bloom is a hybrid mattress containing latex, foam, coils, plus a soft Euro pillow top with organic cotton and wool. Its latex top layer bounces back quickly to support you as you move, earning an 8.5 out of 10 for responsiveness. Latex naturally excels at pressure relief, and the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom is no exception. Testers found it softly cushioned the hips and shoulders, thus earning it a 9 out of 10 in this category. If you also sleep hot, the organic cotton cover is naturally moisture-resistant while the innerspring coil layer allows plenty of air circulation to keep your body well-ventilated.

  • Firmness: Medium

Not All Latex Mattress Companies Are The Same

Just as important as the quality of the mattress you’re buying is the quality of the customer service and company you’re buying it from. Nobody enters into a product relationship expecting problems, but if problems do arise, you want to be sure there’s a company who stands behind their products who can resolve them.

Don’t just compare mattresses look deeper to the companies selling them as well. Some companies can offer tempting prices, but the writing is on the wall for the service you can expect even before your initial purchase.

  • Does a live person answer the phone and in an attentive, pleasant way?
  • Are their associates willing to answer your questions gracefully without pressuring you through the process?
  • Do you feel like they’re trying to help you or sell you?
  • Are they an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Does their reputation and their disclosure tell you post-purchase issues will be dealt with fairly and in an efficient manner?
  • Do they have positive feedback in the form of independent, 3rd party ratings, reviews, and testimonials from past customers that you can sort through and read?
  • Where can you find a latex mattress that meets or exceeds all of these criteria?

    Why You Should Trust Us

    Each member of our testing team brings years of experience and expertise with mattresses and other sleep products. Weve personally tested hundreds of mattresses, evaluating them for a wide range of performance metrics that can affect your sleep experience. These metrics include durability, pressure relief, temperature control, edge support, and ease of movement. We drew from these evaluations to determine the mattresses chosen for each category.

    Our hands-on testing involves testers not only physically lying on each mattress, but also changing positions and getting in and out of bed. We also use temperature sensors to test heating and cooling, and body-mapping tools for determining areas where people experience pressure points. Some mattresses earned favorable ratings across the board and others excelled in particular performance categories. Our top picks reflect the models that scored the highest in each of these categories. We will continue to update this page as mattresses are re-tested and new models are introduced.

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    Things Are Just Too Hot Between You And Your Mattress

    Sleeping hot is no good for anyone. You wake up more frequently, and enjoy far less restful sleep as a result. Memory foam is notorious for sleeping hot. While it does offer excellent cushioning because it forms to your body, the same mechanism that allows that to happen also traps heat close to your body, and doesnt allow air to flow freely through.

    A 2-inch or 3-inch latex topper, on the other had, prevents the heat from becoming trapped tight around your body, and provides outstanding breathability, so you sleep cooler and are able to remain asleep throughout the night much better.

    Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Hybrid

    Lucid 10 in. Queen Ventilated Latex Foam Mattress ...

    The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss organic latex hybrid mattress is the perfect blend of pressure relief, temperature regulation and soft supportive comfort. This latex bed consists of two layers of organic Dunlop underneath a single layer of organic Talalay latex, which are all tailored according to each order’s customized firmness and thickness preference .

    The medium organic latex mattress option is best for side sleepers, and is chosen by 80% of PlushBeds shoppers. Medium-firm is ideal for those weighing over 275 pounds, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

    The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss also incorporates 10 pounds of certified organic wool from New Zealand, adding natural elasticity, moisture-wicking properties and temperature-regulating support to the mix. To top it all off, the mattress cover is crafted of organic US-sourced cotton an inch thick, designed to keep the sleeper dry and cool through the night. The company also uses wool as a fire retardant in the mattress cover. This latex bed mattress, like the others on this list, is also dust mite resistant, mold- and mildew-proof.

    The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss certified organic mattress comes with free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty. The company also offers a free latex mattress topper comfort exchange during the sleep trial, in which you can swap your firmness level for a new top layer of the other firmness option.

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    Best For Back Pain: Latex For Less 9

    If back pain is standing between you and a good night’s sleep, you might want to consider a firm latex mattress, like the Latex for Less 9-Inch Natural Latex Mattress. This latex mattress is a good choice for back pain, according to reviewers that have struggled with various back and neck conditions.

    What makes this mattress a top choice is the fact that this option gives you two sleeping surfaces to try. One side is made with Dunlop latex for a firmer feel that many people with back pain appreciate. But if that side proves to be too firm, the reverse side is made with Talalay latex which has more give for a medium-firm feel.

    People that have tried the Latex for Less 9-Inch Natural Latex Mattress frequently say that it has relieved their back and hip pain during sleeping. However, the most frequent complaint is that neither side of the mattress is labeled to indicate which side is the firmer sleeping surface. Most people have found it to be a case of trial-and-error to find which side of the mattress works for them. Since latex mattresses are heavy and awkward to move, this can be an inconvenient process.

    Best Organic Latex Mattress

    The luxurious yet durable Avocado Green mattress has long been the gold standard for being one of the best organic mattresses. Handmade completely from natural materials, its fully certified as an all-organic product, making it truly top-of-the-line in terms of clean, safe, hypoallergenic mattress design. Testing proved this bed to be very responsive, meaning it adjusts to your movements in the night, making it an excellent choice for combination sleepers. For those who want their next mattress to have a minimal environmental footprint, the Avocado is about as green as it gets.

    • Firmness: Medium-Firm, Firm

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    How Does A Latex Mattress Feel

    Buying a mattress online allows you to shop from home and carefully research your purchase, weighing the pros and cons. There are no high-pressure sales tactics to dodge and you have plenty of time to think about your investment.

    However, first-time buyers often wonder how a latex mattress feels. In this article, well describe what a latex mattress feels like, with comparisons to other types of mattresses you may already be familiar with.

    Choosing The Right Firmness

    Dunlop Latex vs Talalay Latex: What’s the Difference?

    To get the best results from your organic latex mattress topper, we recommend selecting one that is within two firmness levels of your mattress. For example, if you have a firm mattress, you’ll want a soft topper. With an extra-firm mattress, your topper should be of medium firmness. While there are firm mattress toppers available, we typically don’t recommend them as they won’t provide the comfort you crave.

    A major component in the comfort level of your bed comes from the smooth transition between its various layers, including the mattress and topper. If your topper is too firm, it won’t be as comfortable as you might like. On the other hand, if it is too soft, you’ll miss out on the support your back needs to get comfortable, restful sleep.

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    Best Luxury: Saatva Hybrid Latex

    Known as a mattress brand that prioritizes high-end materials and top-notch service, Saatvas done it again with the Saatva Latex Hybrid. The Saatva Hybrid combines natural Talalay latex with an innerspring support system to bring sleepers a one-of-a-kind, luxurious sleep experience. Heres a good place to note that the Talalay manufacturing process is generally considered to be the gold standard, noteworthy for both its low emissions level as well as its consistently strong pressure relief and overall support.

    Well-regarded for its attention to comfort, quality, and durability, the Saatva Hybrid uses its responsive Talalay Latex layer and coil core to provide long lasting comfort and durable support. In fact, the Saatva Latex Hybrids coil layer is composed of three different types of individually wrapped coils, designed for solid edge support and minimal motion transfer . Plus, this mattress comes wrapped in a soft organic cover thats infused with a botanical antimicrobial treatment, which protects against bacteria, mildew, and mold for clean, healthy sleep.

    • Mattress Type: Hybrid

    Latex And Innerspring Mattresses

    Both latex and innerspring mattresses can be bouncy beds. Of the two, a latex bed tends to conform better to your body when you lie down, providing comfort and support.

    The responsiveness of a latex mattress also doesnt stop it from limiting motion transfer, while the coils inside an innerspring mattress can carry movement across the bed. Pocketed coils often provide more motion isolation than other types of coil setups.

    How much you can afford to spend might affect, which is the better mattress type for you. A quality innerspring mattress might be preferable if youre shopping for a budget mattress. However, if you want a bed that will last for at least a decade, investing in a natural latex mattress might save you money in the long run.

    Your choice might also depend on whether or not you want an eco-friendly mattress. Many innerspring mattresses are made with potentially harmful chemicals. Most natural latex mattresses contain other organic materials such as natural wool and cotton, and many manufacturers forgo chemical adhesives in favor of sewing parts of the bed together.

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    Provide Additional Pressure Point Relief

    While you will absolutely enjoy more pressure point relief with a Talalay latex mattress topper than with one made with Dunlop latex, the fact remains that any mattress topper provides additional cushioning and comfort for your pressure points. This is especially good news for all the side sleepers who need additional pressure point relief, but dont discount stomach and back sleepers who require sufficient support to help maintain spinal alignment in the process.

    Your Current Mattress Is Either Too Soft Or Too Firm

    Blue Bell Mattress Natural Elegance Clean Sleep 13

    This is a common complaint among those who make the decision to buy mattress toppers for their beds. Their existing mattresses simply arent doing the trick when it comes to their preferred levels of comfort. Whether too soft or too firm, the mattress in question could use a little help in the comfort and support department. The right mattress topper, especially a latex topper, can make all the difference in the world.

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    How Does It Feel To Sleep On A Latex Mattress

    Thinking about what it might be like to sleep on a latex mattress? These core characteristics help give you an idea:

    • Spring Into Action: When you move on a latex mattress, the material quickly bounces back to its full shape, providing a spring-like feel. This exceptional responsiveness makes it easy to move around on the bed when youre changing sleeping positions or taking part in intimate activities.
    • A Little Hug: Latex has a modest amount of contouring. It doesnt have the significant sink of memory foam, but you will notice a light hug. For many customers, its just enough to feel supported, stable, and comfortable.
    • Keep Your Cool: Latex does not accumulate heat like memory foam, and its more moderate contouring means that air can move more freely around your body to keep your temperature steady.

    What Is The Best Type Of Memory

    In general, a mattresss firmness level will determine how comfortable you feel sleeping in a particular position. The idea is to keep your spine aligned , and your pressure points cushioned.

    Most side-sleepers should do well with a mattress thats medium-soft to medium-firm. You should be able to draw a straight line connecting the midpoints of your ears, shoulders, and hips. Your shoulders and hips should feel some give, as opposed to feeling pressed by the bed.

    Back-sleepers tend to gravitate toward medium-firm mattresses. Lie on your back and try to slide your hand under your lower back. If you can just fit your hand through, the mattress is probably a good fit. If its too snug, the bed is probably too soft. If theres too much space, the mattress may be too firm.

    Stomach-sleepers may prefer a mattress thats on the firmer side of medium-firm. If you feel an exaggerated pull, causing your back to over-arch, then the mattress may be too soft. If you feel the mattress pressing against your ribs, its probably too firm.

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    What If I Need To Exchange My Mattress Expand/collapse

    If you decide to exchange your mattress for another Saatva mattress during your 180-night home trial, just give us a call at 877-672-2882. Well schedule a pick up of your mattress and start the exchange process.Youll only pay a $99 flat fee to cover the labor and transport for your replacement delivery and mattress pickup, and well take care of the rest!

    We never resell exchanged mattresses. Instead, we donate them to veterans’ shelters or offer them to employees and associates across our network of more than 150 delivery centers. Once your new mattress is delivered, a new 180-night home trial begins.

    Weve learned that the most common reason people exchange is for a different mattress size or height, so be sure to measure the height of your bed frame, adjustable base, and/or foundation/box spring before ordering. You can also call one of our friendly sleep guides for assistance 24/7.

    Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers

    Spindle Natural 100% Latex Mattress Review – Best Natural Dunlop Latex Bed

    Side sleepers can experience benefits from the pressure-relieving support latex has to offer. Consider the Birch, which is handmade with breathable, natural wool from New Zealand, and latex layers. The mattress construction ensures plenty of give for side sleepers, evenly distributing body weight to keep your shoulders and hips from feeling bunched up or strained. Not only does it offer the cushioning, supportive feel that side sleepers crave, but it also offers long-term durability that any shopper can appreciate. Helix is so confident in Birchs performance, they offer a generous 25-year warranty to back it.

    • Firmness: Medium-Firm

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    Natural Latex Organic Latex And Other Certifications

    There are many labels for latex that youll find thrown around in the descriptions of these mattresses. It can get confusing, so heres a quick guide:

    • 100% natural latex means the material is not made with any SBR latex. However, as we stated above, there are curing agents that can make up 5% of the total material. The other 95% or more must be derived from natural tree sap.
    • Organic latex has undergone a process that shows that its production process is in accordance with the standards established by whatever organization is providing the certification. The Global Organic Latex Standard is one well-regarded standard.
    • Rainforest Alliance is another certification that is not the same as organic but also focuses on safe environmental standards.
    • Certifications like GREENGUARD, ecoInstitut, and OEKO-TEX are used to demonstrate that a material does not have harmful chemicals or emit dangerous volatile organic compounds .

    What Makes The Avocado Stand Out

    • The pocketed coils are very supportive and should be able to support even much heavier weights.
    • The mattress has a nice balance of comfort and support and should be a good fit for all three sleeping positions.
    • This bed features all-natural Dunlop latex that is responsibly sourced and free of harmful chemicals, making it a truly organic mattress.

    Read our full Avocado mattress review.

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    How Are Latex Mattresses Made

    Awara manufactures a bedmade with latexthat feels remarkably similar to a traditional mattress.

    Latex follows an interestingalbeit fairly simpleprocess to get from the liquid that pours from a tree to the foam thats in a mattress. First, its harvested. Then, the liquid is whipped into a frothy substance, Gimble says, and thats whats poured into a mold. This is where the manufacturing process diverges, creating two main types of natural latex: Dunlop and Talalay.

    Dunlop latex is manufactured through vulcanization, Gimble says. A mold is filled with the frothy liquid and baked at high temperatures to cure the latex. Were not talking little moldsthese are huge molds that produce sheets of latex foam that are then cut to size. According to Gimble, Dunlop tends to have a firmer feel and a more responsive and supportive sensation.

    Talalay latex is also made by pouring the foamy liquid into a mold. But there are two extra steps before the substance is cooked. First, its vacuum-sealed, creating more air bubbles. Next, the mold is flash-frozen, a process that pushes carbon dioxide through the latex, making the resulting latex foam light and airy as it solidifies, according to Saatva. Only then is it baked.


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