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What Is The Best Mattress Topper For A Hospital Bed

Vive Alternating Pressure Sore Mattress Pad

Top Selling Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

The VIVE alternating pressure sore mattress pad is a flexible and inflatable mat. This is a premium vinyl mattress that fits on most beds and frames. It is made of 130 air cells, all heat-sealed so they wont leak. The variable pressure pump will inflate and deflate the pads at multiple levels of pressure and has an ultra-quiet design so it wont disrupt your sleep.

This mattress also includes air hoses for constant air flow so as to not cause hot spots that could lead to skin maceration. This pad is large enough to properly fit on most beds and frames, with dimensions of 78 x 36 , and it is waterproof. The vinyl cover is easy to clean by simply wiping it down with a damp towel.

This alternating pressure sore mattress cover can provide relief from bed sores and ulcers and it promotes increased circulation and helps manage skin maceration. It evenly distributes weight and supports up to 300 pounds.

The VIVE alternating pressure sore mattress pad is a uniquely designed and engineered, patented product that alleviates bed sores in patients in all stages of care, from diagnosis to the most advanced cases with multiple wounds in vulnerable areas. It has been especially designed for use on therapeutic mattresses and frames.

Do I Need A New Mattress For Recovery

The spinal fusion is major surgery, and the recovery is a slow process. It takes weeks or even months to get back to the better definition of normalcy. Even after the recovery, one must also be careful not to injure the back once again. What is the solution? A comfortable mattress!

It may take a few weeks to know the character of the new mattress that is why it is recommended to go for the one with a trial period to know it well. If there is no discomfort during the initial few weeks, there shouldnt be any problems later.

Serenlife Slairmatr45 Pressure Mattress Air Bubble Pad

The SERENELIFE SLAIRMATR45 is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-store medical-grade air bed mattress suitable for pressure sore treatment. This air bed has maximum back comfort with breathable air channels to maintain sufficient rhythm and alternating pressure.

Some features are:

  • Its micro air circulation holes prevent or relieve bed sores.
  • In addition, this air bubble pad is made from medical grade PVC material with 30mm thickness which can support up to 330 lbs with a quiet air pump inflator that can quickly inflate or deflate the bed.
  • The mattress comes with a puncture repair kit.
  • It is a standard hospital bed size of 78.74 x 35.43 x 2.76.
  • This product is designed to ensure quality and performance.
  • Along with the reduction of back pain and relief from pressure sores, this air mattress is very useful for people suffering from chronic cases such as physical disabilities, joint pain/arthritis and spinal cord injury.
  • This air bed mattress is easy to inflate or deflate using safe micro inflation or deflation valves.

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So Now Which Type Of Home Hospital Bed Is Best For You Bedridden Or Not

If youve made it this far in this guide, then you know there is a lot to consider when shopping for a hospital bed. Because we dont want you to make a mistake, were here to help you make your choice as quickly as possible so you can get back to helping your loved ones.

Matthew Voralik, our President, has over 25 years of experience in this field helping families choose the right equipment for their loved ones. Heres his top pick for a hospital bed and mattress.

Matthews Hospital Bed Pick

I would recommend the Invacare hospital bed frame and mattress set. Invacare has a high quality hospital bed with the best mattress choices to prevent bedsores, and with several options based on what the patient needs, theres a great value for every price point.

Bonus: Do This Before Buying A Hospital Bed Mattress

Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds
  • Talk to a medical professional for guidance on choosing the best waterproof hospital mattress, especially those who are caring for your loved one as they will be familiar with the patients needs
  • Consider how long the patient will be in bed every day, more time in bed will require a more pressure-relieving mattress
  • Take your budget into account
  • Ask the patient what kind of bed they would like, with regard to firmness and size

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Top 10 Best Hospital Bed Mattresses In 2021

Hospital beds and mattresses for patients and hospital personnel are a vital aspect to look into. The best hospital beds mattresses are designed with user-friendly features that are pointed to offer patients an ergonomic convenience. They should also exhibit special features such as adjustability in various compositions. Moreover, the mattresses are sometimes linked to electricity which makes work easy for nurses and doctors.

Consequently, setting yourself out to purchasing the best mattress can be sometimes hectic. This is due to the fact that various mattresses are dissimilarly designed for various purposes. Therefore, this article focuses to guide you to the best hospital bed mattress in the market in 2021.

Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Silent Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper

An alternating air pressure mattress topper like the Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper is suitable for patients that require extended bed rest. Its chief function is to prevent and relieve pressure ulcers. Made from waterproof medical-grade vinyl, this mattress promises a cool and comfortable sleeping surface but is only the same plastic quality as similar alternating pressure mattress toppers in the market.


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Will Insurance Or Medicare Pay For My Hospital Bed

Cost is a major factor when considering how to care for a patient in the home. But its not always as straightforward a decision as you hope. Insurances and Medicare will generally pay for part or all of the cost of a rental hospital bed if the person qualifies. However, they will normally not purchase a hospital bed up front, but instead rent it until it caps out as a purchase after several months.

Even so, when you consider the amount of your copay, which is usually 10% to 30% of the rental cost and length of time you will need the bed, sometimes it makes sense to buy. If, for instance, you anticipate needing the bed for longer than four to six months, the copay alone may end up being more than the cost of a new bed.

You will also have a limited selection for hospital bed rentals. Insurance companies limit your options to those suppliers they contract with who are local to you. What you get usually depends on what they have in stock at the moment. They will very often provide used beds that are manual or semi-electric rather than full-electric.

Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper

Top 5 Best Hospital Bed Mattresses – Durable & Easy to Clean

Cloud air is one of the least expensive models on the market, making for a great price-performance ratio. This is a smart and worthwhile investment if your loved one suffers from wounds, chronic pain, limited mobility or bed sores.

Using air-lift technology, Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Mattress has a breathable surface that delivers uninterrupted air flow throughout the body. This boosts blood flow and releases tension and discomfort from key-pressure points. Additionally, it aids disabled patients in their struggle with skin breakdown the comfortable design reduces friction and tear, preventing injuries and cycle disturbances.

The model uses advanced wave therapy to ensure that your loved one can sleep without major problems. With 130 pre-programmed air cells, this type of sleep surface improves relaxation, circulation and weight distribution. It is suitable for treating and preventing sores and wounds, but also for hot sleepers who struggle to keep the surface they lay on cool during the night. Each air cell gently deflates and inflates according to a set interval, using an algorithm that has been proven to eliminate pressure from commonly affected areas.

The product also comes with a whisper quiet pump that has different settings you can customize its controls and choose a pressure level that matches your medical needs. With this product you dont have to worry about waking up your caretaker or partner, because of the noise.



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My Little Findings Choosing The Best Or Ideal Mattress For Spinal Fusion Patients

A bad back is, well, a bad back. The variations occur according to the severity. In the case of the spinal fusion patients, or those recovering from back surgery, a supportive mattress that provides ample rest and sleep is highly essential. Any bed that is good for back pain should do the trick to them as well. These types of mattresses will provide the right spinal alignment. They also offer a perfect cradling needed for the body for recovery. Better sleep is inevitable in those cases that naturally lead to rest that heals all the injuries. Thats the theory.

Does all those back pain to relieve mattress supply what they promise to? The answer is, almost all of them. There also are certain types of mattresses like the Tempurpedic mattress that is widely rejected by the spinal fusion patients. Those mattresses are said to be uncomfortable and making the pain worse.

Saatva Mattress is recommended by Chiropractors and doctors for back problems and post-surgery. The Saatva Classic Mattress comes with Patented Spinal Zone Technology for Optimal Spine support and back & Joint pain support. Visit the Saatva Classic Mattress page on

Hospital Bed Mattress Toppers Benefits

  • Lightweight: Hospital bed overlays are lightweight in construction and can easily be rotated or flipped around.
  • Mobile: Mattress overlays and toppers can be taken on your travel and used elsewhere, too, because of their lightweight design and easy to handle size.
  • Economical: Buying a mattress overlay and topper that will suit the patients needs proves cheaper than buying a full size mattress. You can buy an overlay with the same medical properties as a mattress and at a much cheaper price.
  • Multiple Size Options: Mattress toppers and overlays are available in multiple sizes so the user can pick the exact size and thickness.
  • Easy To Handle: Maintenance of the overlay mattress pad is easy because it is light in weight and not cumbersome to clean or spread on bed. One person can easily handle it, unlike a full size mattress. Some can even be washed in a machine.

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How Do You Choose A Pressure Relief Mattress Topper For A Hospital Bed

When looking for a pressure relief mattress topper, extra comfort, firmness, and support is essential. Pressure relief mattresses help distribute the body weight evenly while promoting a neutral spine alignment and proper blood flow. Read our article on the benefits of mattress toppers to find out more about the different firmness ratings to choose from. We’ve covered all the different mattress topper types in our ultimate guide.

To choose a pressure relief mattress topper for a hospital bed, select a topper that offers multiple pressure zones that evenly distribute the patients weight throughout the mattress.

A completely immobile patient would need a high-tech adjustable mattress topper that can be inflated and deflated at set times to ensure that no area of the body remains under pressure for too long.

Air-filled mattress toppers, foam-filled mattress toppers, and gel mattress toppers are also recommended to relieve pressure on the hips, shoulders, and elbows. These mattresses are not adjustable but they do conform and mold to the patients body.

Take a look at this article from Purdue University to learn more about how a mattress responds to pressure distribution.

Bring Earplugs Or Headphones To Eliminate Hospital Noise

Best Egg Crate Mattress Topper Of 2020

We touched a bit on the noise levels earlier in this article. You know, the hospital being open 24/7, noise in the hallway, nurses coming and going, etc.

Well, you can easily dial it down by closing your door. Or, you can mute the noise by getting a pair of earplugs. Even better, take your headphones with you so you can listen to some tunes and ignore everything around you.

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Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress

Reliable and used by professionals and home-users alike, Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress is great for a hospital setting, as well as home care. Its unique design includes 130 individualized air cells that are inflated and deflated during certain intervals of time. This process reduces the contact points with the body and relieves any pressure spots, discomfort or tension. It also ensures that the weight is evenly distributed and the surface retains its shape over time .

This product is geared more towards patients who spend a majority of time in bed. It prevents many of the health complications that arise as a result, but also guarantees increased comfort and security for extended periods of time.

In addition, it eliminates disturbances that wake your loved one up or prevents them from falling asleep, as well as the urge to restlessly shift positions throughout the night. If your family member is immobilized, this model is useful because it reduces their uneasiness and soreness, and also helps with skin maceration.

A majority of users report a good or outstanding experience with this product. Most state that it helped them manage or heal current bedsores, and also prevented new wounds from forming. Made from sturdy vinyl, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and it accommodates a variety of sleeping positions and body shapes.


  • air pressure is consistently changed
  • features long flaps on both sides of the mattress
  • portable and convenient


Is There Something I Should Do After Acquiring A Air Mattress For Hospital Bed

When a complete stranger can hear my air mattress for hospital beds, I am concerned. Guns are not viewed positively by uninitiated individuals.

Our range trips make us seem like we are members of some obscure club. You are welcome to ask for my assistance. I am happy to assist you if you need anything else.

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Can You Use Memory Foam Mattress On A Hospital Bed

Yes, you can use a memory foam mattress. But it is recommended that you purchase a memory foam mattress that is designed specifically for hospital beds.

Look for one made with medical-grade foam and fabric to ensure durability and quality. Also, get one that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and tear and stain-resistant.

Recommended Mattress Toppers For Hospital Beds

Best Buy Lumex Select Foam Hospital Bed Mattress with Convoluted Topper

Mattress toppers are available with various features to meet particular preferences and requirements. Since hospital beds are known to be uncomfortable, mattress toppers can be added on top of the mattress to ensure a more comfortable sleep during a hospital stay. Make sure you also get a non-vinyl waterproof protector for your mattress topper so that your topper is well ventilated and comfortable to sleep on. Heres a guide describing how to protect a mattress topper with product recommendations.

A mattress topper for a hospital bed may add thickness to the mattress, adjust the firmness of the mattress, relieve pressure, treat or prevent the development of bedsores, regulate temperature, and improve blood circulation.

Here is a list of mattress toppers for hospital beds and the conditions they can help relieve:

Mattress Toppers for Hospital Beds from Amazon What condition does this product help with? Price
This product helps regulate temperature and relieves pressure points. ~$75

Since hospital beds are a little more unique, make sure you also take a look at our article what’s the weight of a mattress topper before making any firm decisions. Also, you may find more useful information in our article on how to fix a lumpy mattress topper too.

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What Are Mattress Pads

What exactly are mattress toppers, and how do you put them to good use?

Mattress toppers are a type of mattress pad similar to a higher-end mattress pad, both of which serve the same purpose- to provide comfort.

Mattress toppers are a thick piece of material that sits on top of your mattress and typically have straps.

Consider Bed Bumper Pads To Prevent Injuries

For any fall prevention, bed rails are essential. The bed rail pads or bumper pads enable the patient to help pull themselves to get in or out of bed, and it also helps the patients from falling out of bed.

But using bed bumper pads made of hard metal and plastic exterior can cause damage leading to uneasy, unclear, or agitation in a patient.

The right kind of bed rail pads is highly essential. There is a difference in the design of the bed rail pads though its functions are the same. While choosing bed rail pads, here are a few things to remember.

  • Padding: For agitated or ataxic patients, covering the portions of the rail with the help of padding is a good option.
  • Adaptability: For self-support use of top and bottom bed rails, many hospitals use the split-rail models.
  • Visualization: For patients who feel sad or isolated when they cannot see outside their bed, the window models work well.
  • Entanglement: Decrease the chance of getting tangled in the gaps of the bed rails.

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Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress By Drive Medical

The number one mattress included in our rankings is the Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress by Drive Medical. This ultra-comfortable mattress is designed with five unique therapeutic zones to ensure maximum comfort and support.

This supportive mattress features a firm foam core, providing an even base of support, while the convoluted cross-cut top surface helps to reduce pressure on bony prominences. The top surface includes five unique zones to perfectly redistribute the sleeper’s weight evenly for ultimate comfort. It is also water-resistant and vapor-permeable, helping to protect the skin from damage.

The deluxe nylon cover provides a waterproof and anti-microbial surface that maintains hygiene extremely well, making it an excellent and reliable option for hospital beds both in healthcare settings and homecare settings.


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