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Do Adjustable Beds Require Special Mattresses

Empyrean Bedding Premium Sheets

Do You Need SPECIAL MATTRESS For An Adjustable Bed? // A No Bull Guide

These sheets allow you to transform an adjustable bed into a 5-star hotel suite in the comfort of your home.

The Empyrean Bedding Premium Sheet Set features a luxuriously plush fabric in a sleek and stylish design. You get that ultimate relaxation we all crave after a stressful day at work or on the road.

The microfiber material is 100% hypoallergenic which translates to a natural ability to repel dust mites and other allergens.

As such, theres absolutely no risk of skin irritations and other forms of discomfort.

This model is extremely durable and more economical when compared to many sheets manufactured from cotton and other supposedly high-end materials.

Hence, the manufacturer confidently backs every single order with a full refund guarantee if you do not fall in love with the sheet for any reason after purchase.

The Empyrean Bedding Premium Sheet Set should be top of your list if youre on the hunt for ultra-soft fitted sheets for electric adjustable beds with the ability to survive long-term consistent use.

Q& a With A Homemakers Mattress Specialist

Our highly-qualified mattress specialists work hard to help you find the right comfort for your sleeping position and patterns. When visiting our store to test adjustable beds, a knowledgeable specialist will be able to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Q: Do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed? A: The adjustable bed will work with most mattresses. It will not work with a mattress that is extremely firm, including wire-tied mattresses. Any pocketed coil, wrapped coil or memory foam mattress will work with the adjustable bed.

Q: Will my adjustable bed work in my bed frame? A: Adjustable beds will work well with most bed frames, unless the bed frame has storage underneath. If thats the case, you will need a special adjustable base that sits on top of the slats of the bedframe.

Q: Do you need a box spring with an adjustable bed? A: No, box springs are not flexible and do not work with adjustable beds.

Q: Why choose an adjustable bed? A: Adjustable beds drastically improve your quality of sleep. When you lift the lower part of the bed, it alleviates pressure on your back. When your head is lifted, it improves your breathing and alleviates acid reflux. When using an adjustable bed, youre not tossing or turning while you sleep, so you are able to fall into a much deeper sleep. Plus, you have the option to sit up in bed to watch tv or read.

Experience Adjustable Beds In-Person

Can You Use A Regular Mattress With An Adjustable Bed

Yes, you can use a regular mattress with an adjustable bed depending on the mattress composition. How well it works is dependent on several factors. Not only is the material makeup of it an issue, but there are also a few other things to consider. The thickness of the mattress may affect the comfort of positions. Contemplate the quality of the mattress in regards to its durability. Lastly, when using a regular mattress with an adjustable bed, be sure it still has some useful life. Mattresses last a long time, but occasionally they are use past their intended lifespan.

Mattress Types

You can use a regular mattress with an adjustable bed if it is one of many compatible types. Latex and memory foam mattresses will do. Hybrid models are popular and most also work well with an adjustable bed. Innerspring and air mattresses may or may not work. Innerspring mattresses will work if they have independent coil. Most types of mattress will function in an adjustable bed, some just do it better. A good mattress will provide just the right amount of comfort and support.

  • Latex Mattress

Latex Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses take the best aspects of multiple mattress types and combine them into one awesome mattress. Most hybrid type models are regular mattresses that can be used in an adjustable bed. Using this type of mattress with your adjustable base allows for the comfort of one type of mattress and the increased durability of another.

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What Type Of Mattress Can Be Used On An Adjustable Bed

Memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses are the best for adjustable beds. You may use some innerspring mattresses with adjustable beds, but it depends on the brand. Contact the brands customer service for more information. Typically, innersprings can get bent out of shape on an adjustable bed because of the coil layer.

Adjustable Bed Mattress Advice

do I need a special mattress for an adjustable king bed ...

Profiling beds need special mattresses. They have divisions that correspond with the different sections of the bed base, so that they bend with the base of the bed when it moves.

Adjustable bed bases and mattresses are usually sold separately to give you more choice over the type that you prefer eg a firm, soft, pocket-sprung or memory-foam mattress.

If you decide to buy your bed base and mattress from different suppliers, always check that the base and mattress are compatible before buying.

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Will My L& p Adjustable Bed Base Work With An Innerspring Mattress

Yes. L& P adjustable bed bases are compatible with most innerspring, foam, and air mattresses. Today, many people prefer an innerspring or hybrid spring/foam mattress. But everyone is different, and some people find their bliss sleeping on foam or air-filled mattresses. Regardless of which you find most comfortable, you can still enjoy the restorative relaxation offered by an adjustable bed base. If you prefer an innerspring mattress, it is important to note that mattresses with a border wire are not compatible with adjustable bases. If possible, it’s a good idea to purchase your mattress and an adjustable base at the same time to create a personalized sleep system. Work with your local retailer to help you find your perfect match.

How To Attach A Headboard To An Adjustable Bed Frame

Look for the headboard brackets on the adjustable frame. There might be a need to purchase them separately if your base does not have strong steel headboard brackets.

Check to see the design with which your headboard can be attached. The two bracket designs are hook-on and bolt-on designs.

  • Prepare a great workspace for yourself.
  • Have the brackets attached to the adjustable frame?
  • Measure the mounting holes.
  • Secure the headboard attachment by lining up the headboards holes with the brackets and sticking the bolts through.

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Can I Use A Regular Mattress On An Adjustable Bed

Yes, you can use a standard mattress with an adjustable bed. The critical thing to keep in mind is that you need the right mattress. As we said previously, we dont recommend using an innerspring mattress or even a hybrid mattress because of the coils. These coils do not flex well and will cause an uncomfortable night of sleep, and theyll wear the mattress down.

If you choose to use a regular mattress that you purchase separately from the adjustable base, consult the manufacturer to make sure they think it will be compatible with the base. In some cases, you may even void the warranty by using the mattress on an adjustable base unless they state otherwise.

Hybrid Mattresses & Adjustable Bed Bases

Ecosa Mattress Review – Do You Need an Adjustable Mattress?

The best hybrid mattresses for adjustable beds are generally hybrids. A hybrid bed is built using a combination of material and can be used with just about any bed base and adjustable mattress. Typically a combination of pocketed coils and foam or latex. People like that they can get the bounce of the pocketed coils and the supportive conforming of the latex or foam.

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Southshore Fine Linens Sheet Set

This pair of sheets can be another great option when shopping top bed sheets for adjustable beds.

The Southshore Fine Lines Extra Deep Pockets Sheets Set is designed with consumers that require extra softness in mind.

This essentially means more pronounced comfort while relaxing in your adjustable bed with a book or watching TV.

For this purpose, these sheets are uniquely designed with double brushing on one side and single brushing on the other for extreme softness.

The Twin models ship with 2 pillowcases while larger sizes come with 4 pillowcases for even more convenience.

Additionally, these fitted sheets for adjustable beds offer extra-deep pockets which makes them suitably fit for mattresses of up to 19 inches thick.

Also, the manufacturer intentionally builds these sheets with extra width and length to accommodate any pads or toppers you may want to add to your regular mattress.

Buy the Southshore Fine Lines Extra Deep Pockets Sheets Set if you need adjustable bed sheets with surprising luxury.

Where Do I Find The Best Hybrid Mattresses In San Diego

Mattress shops are many, but only one can be considered the best one Mattress Makers. Not only do we sell adjustable base compatible mattress solutions, and have done so for two generations, but we also make them.

We use only the finest materials and pay close attention to our customers needs. You can be sure youre going to get what youve always wanted at our shop. So, if you want to feel well-rested for the long walks down Point Loma, stop by our place and find the mattress of your dreams.

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Should I Buy A Base With An Attached Mattress Or One Sold Separately

While it might be tempting to buy a packaged deal because the upfront cost is lower, there are some compelling reasons for purchasing your base and mattress separately.

Heres why:

  • If youre shopping for a unit that has the bed and frame attached, youll find that your selection is limited. These limitations apply to both the style of your frame and the firmness options of the mattress.

  • If you want to replace it, youll be able to do it if the two pieces are separate. If theyre attached, and your mattress wears out, you may need to buy a whole new unit.

  • Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners Or Sheet Straps

    Do You Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed?

    Adjustable elastic bands with locking mechanisms at both ends are used to clip sheets underneath the mattress, preventing sheet bunching. Adjustable bed sheet fasteners or sheet straps keep the sheets snug on the mattress, despite bed movement.

    Usually, sheet straps are clipped diagonally across the mattress in a criss-cross pattern. Two straps are required to clip all four corners. Adjustable bed sheet fasteners or sheet straps can be bought online, or at hardware stores and supermarkets.

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    The Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed Base

    People often wonder if buying an adjustable bed would be a good investment for them. This type of bed does have quite a few benefits.

    For starters, a bed with an adjustable base makes it easy to get into the sleeping position that’s most comfortable for you, while keeping your body properly supported. Finding the perfect position for your body and sleeping style can help assist with pressure relief. Contouring the mattress properly to your body will alleviate certain pressure points and help with things like back pain, spinal alignment, or heartburn.

    Adjustable beds are also useful if you have a medical issue like sleep apnea, snoring, or acid reflux, as sleeping with your head elevated can help mitigate symptoms.

    These beds help create a curated sleeping experience that’s perfect for people who have difficulty sleeping. They’re easy to use and come with a wireless remote to help change the settings. Plus, you can use just about any type of mattress in conjunction with them.

    Once you start considering it, you’ll likely be wondering if you need a special mattress, or if certain kinds of mattresses work best with adjustable bed bases. While there are caveats , most new mattress styles are compatible with an adjustable base.

    Cons: Disadvantages Of Adjustable Beds

    Along with their benefits, there are also some disadvantages of adjustable beds. These include:

    As the above information clearly demonstrates, there are a lot of good reasons to invest in an adjustable bed set and some important reasons why you may want to stay away from this option. If you have any questions about whether an adjustable bed would be right for you, dont hesitate to reach out to our experts at No Bull Mattress today. We would be happy to answer all of your questions, and help you along the path to a wonderful nights sleep.

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    Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses

    You want an adjustable base for your bed, but youve heard stories that sent a couple of chills down your spine. Your beloved mattress will be shredded to pieces. Its definitely not that grim, you just need one of our adjustable base friendly mattresses. We trust you already know who makes the best adjustable bed bases in San Diego and how durable bed bases are, but, do adjustable beds damage mattresses in any way? Read on to find out!

    Best Mattress Types For Adjustable Beds

    How do you know if a mattress is adjustable base friendly?

    Since an adjustable bed is designed to lift the top and bottom of a mattress, the most important thing that consumers should focus on when purchasing a mattress is flexibility and durability. Mattresses that are flexible and durable will last as it can adhere to the nature of the bed. Here are 3 types of mattresses to consider.

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    How Do You Control An Adjustable Bed

    When you ask yourself, how do adjustable beds work, youll want to know how to control them, right? Youll control your adjustable bed using a remote control. Some of them are wireless, and others are attached to the bed using a cord similar to hospital beds. Most newer adjustable bases will offer a wireless connection with a backlight to make it easier to see.

    All of the joints in the adjustable bed are motorized, so youll use the remote control to get you into the ideal position. On the remote, there will likely be many different pictures of standard positions you can choose. These positions may or may not work for you.

    If you dont like the positions on the remote, you can manually control the bed and get yourself into the best position for your needs.

    Is An Adjustable Bed Right For You

    An adjustable bed is a motorized foundation that supports your mattress. Adjustable beds are also often referred to as adjustable bases. Your mattress rests directly on the adjustable frame, providing a secure, steady foundation. The adjustable bed takes place of a traditional box spring.

    Adjustable beds include features like massage, zero-gravity and programmable positions. These beds have multiple hinges that allow your bed to adjust to different positions. They are great for sitting upright in bed to read or watch TV. This is helpful in small living spaces. Adjustable beds are also ideal for alleviating pressure points throughout the night.

    Many mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. This includes memory foam mattresses and mattresses with individually wrapped coils. These mattresses are designed to withstand bending without premature ware.


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    How To Disassemble An Adjustable Bed Frame

    • Remove the mattress from the adjustable bed
    • Lift the box spring with the metallic hooks out of the notches at the side of the bed frame.
    • Increase or reduce your bed to desired height and then lower the metal hooks on each corner of the box spring the original height of the bed frame.
    • Put the mattress back in place.

    Latex Mattresses & Adjustable Bed Bases

    Do You Need A Special Mattress For Adjustable Bed

    Latex beds are quite similar to gel infused memory foam in terms of feel, although it is a bit more bouncy. However, its more durable and can be a more eco-friendly alternative, if you choose natural latex. If you do end up choosing latex it will be much more sturdy and long-lasting than synthetic. Latex is also great for pressure relief. The latex itself is cooler than a memory foam bed and offers the same, and sometimes better pressure relief.

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    Types Of Adjustable Beds

    There are many types of beds that incline available on the market. Although they may appear similar, they offer slightly different features which makes them better suited to particular needs and circumstances.

    In this section, we break down the most common types of adjustable beds to help you decide which is best for you.

    Best Hybrid Mattress For Adjustable Beds

    Saatva Classic Mattress

    • Mattress type: Hybrid
    • Height: 11.5 inches

    The Saatva Classic Mattress takes an updated approach to the traditional innerspring coil system with a hybrid model. It has two separate layers of coils to provide maximum support and durability.

    Its top layer is a Euro pillow top that provides extra cushioning for a luxurious, cloud-like feel thats still supportive.

    Saatva redesigned this mattress in March 2017 to pair with an adjustable bed frame that features a massage system . Keep in mind that their 14.5-inch mattress thickness isnt compatible with the adjustable base, so youll have to opt for the slimmer model thats 11.5 inches.

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    How Do Adjustable Beds Work

    An adjustable bed can be adjusted by elevating the head and/or foot of the bed. This allows you to customize the positioning of the bed, which can result in better pressure relief, improved circulation, and less snoring.

    This type of bed typically has hinges at the head and/or foot of the frame where you can change the angles, and an electric motor powers the frame. You can usually adjust the bed as needed with a remote control, though some adjustable beds are controlled by smartphone apps.

    Some features, like adjusting the head of the bed, are standard. Other features give users more control over the bed, but they can increase the price of the bed. Common features include:

    Since adjustable beds can be positioned at different angles, the mattress used with this type of bed frame must be flexible. It is also important for the mattress to be lightweight, so that it moves easily with the frame, though some adjustable beds can support a heavier mattress.


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