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What Are The Dimensions Of An Rv King Mattress

How Do I Find The Right Mattress Size For My Rv

RV Bed Platform DIY | KING Size Mattress UPGRADE

To find the right size mattress for your RV, measure the dimensions of the structure the mattress rests on or where you want the mattress to be. Use this measurement to identify the corresponding name on the RV mattress size chart above. Make sure to double-check measurements with the manufacturer prior to purchasing a new mattress in your RV. For example, short king and RV king differ by several inches.

Can I Get A Different Sized Mattress Than The Size Of My Bed Platform

Most of the time, no. Getting a mattress that doesnt fit your bed platform is similar to getting a mattress that doesnt fit your bed frame at home. If your mattress is too big, it will hang over the sides or foot of the platform. If the mattress is too small, it may slide around in or off the platform.

Benefits Of An Rv Mattress

When youre in an RV, it is especially crucial to pay attention to your sleep because driving is involved. Drowsy driving can reduce reaction time and focus. A high-quality mattress in your RV makes pulling over to catch some Zs a simple solution to travel exhaustion.

Not only that, but RV mattresses are space savers as well. They are designed to take up the least amount of room in the car as possible, so there is more wiggle and storage space. The bigger your family, the better this feature becomes.

Because of elemental proximity, RV mattresses are made to be hypoallergenic. If you already have allergies or sensitivities, RV mattresses are perfect for your travels.

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Rv Mattress Sizes Chart

Its important to understand that RV mattress sizes are not the same as standard mattress sizes. Camper and RV manufacturers have to design the interior of their units in a way that takes advantage of every bit of space available and they usually dont have a lot of space to work with! As a result, we end up with odd mattress sizes such as the RV bunk mattress and RV three quarter mattress. Below is a chart listing the most common RV mattress sizes:

28″ x 75″28″ x 72″

Its also possible that you might need one of the common truck mattress sizes if your replacing a mattress for a bunk in your RV.

The common truck mattress sizes are:

  • 42×80
  • 32×79
  • 28×79

There are many other sizes available, but these are the most popular. Some of our products are offered in other sizes, such as family bed sizes.

Custom sizes include anything from odd rectangle sizes, to mattresses with cut or rounded corners. For example: airstream mattresses, casita mattresses, and some van mattress beds). Dont worry though, custom sizes dont have to be expensive if you find the right custom rv mattress supplier.

How Can You Make An Rv Bed More Comfortable

Select Luxury Home RV 8

RV beds may seem uncomfortable because theyre usually smaller and thinner than the average mattress, but they dont have to be.

Choose a high-quality mattress for your RV. Some RVs have built-in mattresses that you cannot easily remove, and if so, use mattress toppers over them for extra comfort and support.

Dont forget to use high-quality pillows, sheets, and blankets to meet your needs and preferences. After all, even with a great mattress, the accessories can make or break your comfort at night.

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What Are The Best Places To Shop For A New Rv Camper Mattress

Its crucial to shop for a new RV camper mattress at a store that specializes in them. It can be a bricks and mortar established stores such as a camping goods store or specialist mattress store. But if you are one of those who dont have a dedicated RV mattress store near you, and need to shop in a wide range of shapes and sizes, its a better option to buy online.

If you are like the 62% of people out there who decide to buy their mattresses online, there are many advantages to doing this, besides just being able to find the dimensions and weights you need at the click of a mouse button. Buying your motorhome mattress online is ideal for anyone who needs to custom order a specific weight, width, or length. This is good news for anyone who has customized their interior and now needs a mattress to go with it.

Its cheaper buying a new RV mattress online too, as the warehouses dont have the same overheads as a storefront shop. If you are a full-time motorhome resident and plan on moving your RV to a new campground soon, then its advisable to factor in the 10 days to 2 weeks delivery time when you buy online. Additionally, if you want to take advantage of a try it and if you dont like it, you can return it offer when buying a mattress for your RV, make sure you dont plan on heading out somewhere remote in the near future!

Are Rv Sheets Different From Regular Sheets

Since most RV mattresses are different sizes than standard mattresses, RV bed sheets are different from regular bed sheets. Most retailers who sell RV size mattresses will sell corresponding bed sheets for you to use. Another option is to use sheet clips to secure standard size sheets to your bed, but that might be more of a hassle.

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Think Of The Weight Of The Mattress

Mattresses can be quite heavy. Ive moved many mattresses and they all have different weights. Most are fairly lightweight when new.

Some folks will tell you that a foam mattress is lighter weight, but Ive noticed that some innerspring mattresses actually weigh less than a comparable foam mattress. It really depends on the cushioning and how the mattress is constructed. When looking at mattresses, keep that in mind.

Also, its important to note that mattresses will gain weight over time. Its kind of gross to think about, but all of the dead skin cells, sweat, and other things that come off your body will make the mattress increase in weight over time. Keep this in mind if you have an older mattress.

Canadas Best Source For Affordable Quality Rv Mattresses

Ultimate “King Size” Camper Bed Build

Have you ever wondered why a queen sized bed wont fit in your RV or why your sheets dont fit properly? RV mattresses are generally shorter than normal queen mattresses. An RV queen mattress is considered to be a short queen or 75 rather than 80.

Majestic Mattress stocks RV queen and king mattresses because we know that your RV is your travelling hotel, a place where sleep is one of the most important requirements to enjoying your well deserved vacation.

Check out our selection of specially sized RV mattresses to guarantee your comfort and sleep.

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How Do I Know If An Rv Mattress Is Right For Me

Of course, the first thing youll need to make sure of is the mattress youre purchasing fits your platform. Once you ensure this, youll need to think about mattress materials. How long will you be sleeping on the mattress? Will you be moving it around to stow it? Are you camping in a hot/humid/cold/dry area?

If youre going to be sleeping on your mattress long term, youll probably want a high-quality latex or memory foam mattress, while you can get away with cheaper alternatives if youre just camping for a few days. If youll be lifting or sliding your mattress a lot, high-density foams may be too heavy, and a lighter innerspring might be better. Similarly, the climate youre camping in and the level of climate control you have in your rig will have an impact on whether you need a warming or cooling mattress material.

Can These Rv Mattresses Be Replaced

For the most part, yes, they can be replaced. Every now and then, you might encounter a built-in, and your only option will be adding a mattress topper to make it more comfortable.

However, usually you can get a new one with no problems whatsoever. Make sure you take careful measurements before buying anything and double or triple check the website youre buying from to ensure the dimensions match what you need.

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Don’t Measure Your Mattress Itself Measure The Base That It Will Lie On This Will Give You A More Accurate Measurement Direct Bed Sells Varying Thicknesses Of Rv King Mattresses Make Sure You Consider Thickness Too

RV Mattress Sizes + The Ultimate Buying Guide (Apr 2021)

“Wow! We had a GREAT experience here. The owner was on site to help us out and he was so knowledgable about his products. Worked well with us and within our budget. They have a 100 night guarantee! If you don’t like it, bring it back and get the full value towards another mattress! He also supports local products and made in Canada. If you’re looking for a mattress you MUST look here first. You won’t need to go anywhere else!”

Mandie Purdy

2 APR 2021

“I bought a queen mattress and twin mattress from Steve. I have been putting off buying a mattress for months because the thought of picking one out and accidentally making a mistake was overwhelming. Steve made the process simple and easy by getting to know my preferences and narrowing it down for me. I’ve had my bed for a few nights and haven’t slept this good in a long time!! I’d recommend Direct Bed for anyone looking to purchase a mattress, even if you think you have a low budget, there are great options!”

Krista Vanderhout

15 Jan 2021

Annette Heywood

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Or Single Xl Bed Size

Twin XL bed dimensions measure 39″ × 80″. The average length of Twin XL bed is 80″. The average width of the Twin XL bed is 39″.

As a twin, the mattress is the same width but is 5 inches longer to accommodate taller sleepers. This size is commonly used for growing teenagers who are close to 60 and in dorm rooms where there are more athletes.

Its a longer economy size thatll fit well in the spare room, or in the small apartment bedroom, you’re sleeping in, without being too short for your legs. Or whatever pet you have slept at the foot of it.

The Pros and Cons of a Twin XL Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Twin XL is lower than most mattresses.
  • This mattress size can be perfect for those who outgrow a Twin, but do not have the room space for a Queen size mattress.
  • If two growing children are sharing a room, two Twin XL mattresses will take up less space than upgrading to two Double mattresses.
  • The Twin XL can be found in many different qualities and price points. Bunk beds can be found to fit the Twin XL mattress dimensions.


  • Most people will not have this size through their entire adult life so an upgrade to a larger size will eventually be made. Because mattresses can last for so long, it may be more economical to skip this size and invest in a larger size to begin with. However, it is a good replacement for the Twin.
  • This size mattress only fits one full size adult in most cases.

Rv Mattress: What You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Rv Mattress

Categories RV decor, RV Inspiration, VanLife

Mattress buyers dont need to be told that we spend one-third of our lives asleep lying on one everyone already knows this. What #vanlife enthusiasts do need to know is which mattress is best for their camper, and where they can buy one. Here you will discover what to consider when buying a mattress for your RV, when to replace your RV mattress, and whether you should just add a topper.

A good nights rest leads to a good days play. Truer words have never been said, especially regarding the kind of sleep you need if you plan on hiking or backpacking from your campground.

Sleeping comfortably is one of the key ingredients for waking up refreshed and ready to enjoy your RV camper experience to the fullest. These guidelines can also double-up for an RV sofa bed and marine or boat mattresses too.

Today, we will cover

  • How to store your RV mattress
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    What Are The Most Important Considerations When Purchasing An Rv Mattress

    When shopping for an RV mattress, dont forget the importance of durability, weight, and price. With little room, you may find yourself sleeping on your mattress more frequently than you would in a typical home.

    It would help if you had it to be long-lasting so you can use it as a sofa, dining table, office, or a place where your kids can run around and have fun.

    A soft mattress is ideal for RV travel because you dont want to be weighed down by it. Due to the higher frequency of use in RVs, beds may need to be replaced more regularly. You can save money by purchasing affordable mattresses rather than a more expensive model each time you need a new one.

    Memory Foam Rv Mattress/hybrid Rv Mattress

    Best RV King Mattress||Unboxing Review

    Memory foam mattresses seem to have been specifically developed with RV owners in mind. Add to that the best of both worlds hybrid memory foam and coil RV mattresses, and you will understand why these mattresses are the most popular choice for weekend warriors and full-time RV enthusiasts alike. Check out an amazing hybrid mattress here.

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    Can You Use Regular Blankets And Sheets On Rv Mattresses

    If your RV mattress has the same dimensions as another standard mattress size, its fine to use regular blankets and sheets. For RV-specific mattress sizes, its better to look for blankets and sheets made for RV sizes, and you can typically find these at RV mattress retailers, camping stores, and sporting goods stores.

    Benefits Of Having An Rv King Mattress

    The main benefit of having an RV king mattress is being able to sleep comfortably even when youre on the road. Luckily for you, there are both built-in options as well as after market choices so that you can find the best type of king mattress for you.

    King mattresses are particularly popular with millennials who love to travel as well as retirees who are looking to enjoy their golden years through traveling. The flexibility and mobility of an RV are attractive to these two groups of people, and having a king mattress ensures that they will still have the comforts of home while on the road. In fact, studies have shown that millennials are becoming the fastest-growing segment when it comes to RV owners.

    In the past, there was a smaller market for king mattresses, and you might need to get a mattress custom-made to fit the dimensions of a particular RV model. However, you can easily find more choices on the market today, and technology and market demand have made even custom-made mattresses more affordable.

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    Determine Your Rv Mattress Size

    The first step to buying a replacement travel trailer mattress is to figure out what size you need to order.

    Most people will measure the mattress. You can do this if youre in a hurry.

    However, the most accurate way to do it is to measure the dimensions of the surface the mattress rests on. Usually the mattress is placed on ply-wood or some type of similar surface.

    There are two reasons why this is more accurate. The first being that your rv mattress may not be the same size as it was when the RV was built. This can be due to fluctuations in temperature during off-season storage or from exposure to UV light if the RV was kept uncovered during storage.

    In addition, RV mattresses are made by both humans and machines. If you take 10 out of stock, you will get a slight variation in size. If you measure the RV mattress instead of the surface it lies on, it may lead you to believe that you need a custom mattress size. Dont worry, measuring is easy!

    Wondering if a standard size can fit? Read our article Can You Put a Regular Mattress in an RV.

    The most common RV mattresses are in the shape of a rectangle.

    Here are the most common sizes:

    Short Queen Rv Mattress

    King size RV mattress Central Saanich, Victoria

    You may also sometimes see this mattress size referred to as RV queen or RV Queen Mattress. The short queen mattress also differs from the queen size mattress youre used to at home, measuring five inches shorter at 60 by 75 inches. With this kind of bed, you can sleep two adult sleepers fairly comfortably without taking up too much valuable space. The shorter length makes it easier to squeeze into tight spaces, while also making it a smidge lighter than the standard queen size mattress you sleep on at home.

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    Rv Mattress Usage And Care

    Look after your RV mattress the same way you would one at home. Flipping every month is recommended, so make sure when you order your sofa bed mattress that the matching upholstery is on both sides.

    Memory foam mattresses and hybrids arent flippable, as the memory foam is only on one side. Settle for switching the top and bottom at regular intervals. Mattress protectors are recommended even though they dont extend the lifespan of the mattress, they protect it from substances and spills. Or you could buy a mattress that does this.


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