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What Size Is A Queen Mattress In A Camper

What Size Is A Short Queen Mattress

Mattress toppers for RV bed – queen size in two pieces

A short queen mattress measures about 152 cm by 190 cm. Those dimensions make it about 13 cm shorter than a standard queen-size mattress.

Some manufacturers call a short queen size an RV queen mattress instead. They do this because its the perfect size to fit in many campers, motorhomes, and travel trailers. You can downsize a short queen even more to be a three-quarters RV mattress, which comes at 122 cm by 191 cm.

Since theres less demand for RV mattresses, they can be more expensive. It can also be hard to find the right sheets, toppers, and tools for them.

In this article, we did the research for you. Well cover popular RV mattress pads, protectors, and more for your short queen mattress shopping,

What Happens If I Put A Regular Queen Mattress In My Rv

If you have the space necessary to put a standard mattress into your RV, it might work for a while.

The issues will start to show up a few months, or weeks down the road depending on the conditions your mattress is exposed to.

Your mattress can end up with a laundry list of problems depending on where you travel, how much you travel, and when you travel.

A few problems you will want to watch out for are:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Damage to the mattress that affects sleep
  • Frustration with the size of mattress
  • Fear of fire risk due to materials mattress is made with

Some people never experience these issues, but if you want to steer clear of these risks.

It is recommended that you buy a mattress specifically made for an RV.

Elation Gel Foam Rv Mattress With Organic Cotton

The Elation RV Mattress

Next up in our review is the Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton. As a leading contender in the mid-price range, the Elation is our #1 pick for Best Value as far as short queen mattresses are concerned.

Pricier than the Sedona, but still highly affordable, the Elation Gel Foam RV mattress takes cooling and comfort to the next level. Featuring multiple layers of innovative and proprietary foam, padding and gel, the Elation is truly something you have to feel for yourself to understand why it is a fan-favorite among novice RVers and road warriors alike.

When you want a premium feel without the hefty price tag, the Elation is the way to go.

Premium Support and Unbelievable Comfort

One of the major standout features that make the Elation so impressive is its multi-layer build. From top to bottom, this short queen RV mattress was made with comfort in mind.

Multiple Options for Thickness and Firmness

The standard Elation is 6 thick and features multi layer support. However it is available in a 9.5 height

Organic Cotton Fiber Cover

The Elation starts off similar enough to the Sedona, utilizing the same high-quality, plush, 100% organic cotton fiber cover. Durable and soft, this cover is an ideal top to an impressive mattress. But thats where similarities begin to diverge

Cool-Gel Plush Comfort Layer

Contouring Cushion Foam Utilizing Rapid Air-Flow Technology

Durable and Supportive Firm Contour HD Soy Bio Support Foam Core

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How Do I Know When Its Time To Replace My Rv Mattress

You will know its time to replace your RV camper mattress whether its a sofa/bed mattress, foldout couch, or designated RV mattress when it displays one of the following signs:

  • You wake up with neck or back pain/discomfort
  • You get a better nights sleep on a different mattress
  • Your allergies flare up after sleeping on your current mattress
  • Your mattress may have been contaminated
  • Mattress has an unpleasant odor
  • Youve begun sharing your sleeping arrangements with someone who doesnt like your current mattress
  • Your physical needs have changed
  • Old mattress

Replacing And Protecting Your Mattress

Night Therapy 10â? Pillow Top Spring RV Mattress Only ...

If you are headed out on a months-long adventure and comfortable sleep is high on your list of must-haves, you may want to consider purchasing an RV mattress to use during your trip. Replacing your RV mattress is a great solution.

Just be sure to measure the exact dimensions of your RV mattress or the space where you want the mattress to sit before purchasing anything since every RV bed is different. Even sofa beds and bed-end mattresses can be replaced.

However, youll want to have the measurements of the space you want to fill so that you can talk with someone knowledgeable about how to get a good mattress replacement for that space.

If you dont want to purchase an RV mattress, another option is to search for a motorhome rental unit with high-quality replacement mattresses already installed. While this is not always possible, its a factor worth looking at, especially when youre thinking of renting an RV.

Regardless of if you own or rent a rig, it always helps to upgrade to a better RV mattress. Below we have compiled a list of highly-rated manufacturers of RV mattresses, sheets, and mattress protectors.

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Viscosoft 3 Inch Memory Foam Best For Easy Cleaning

Products Highlight

A Queen mattress that cannot be ignored is the 3-inch ViscoSoft that is very popular today. First, this mattress will give you an extremely comfortable sleep thanks to the active foam lining that optimizes airflow while reducing body heat.

These best RV mattress toppers also help you keep a comfortable sleeping position and help relieve back pain or spine problems. Surely you will not lose sleep halfway and wake up with extremely positive and refreshing energy.

Not only that, but the formula of high-density foam and standard 3-inch thickness is also one of the advantages to help align your spine.

Besides, the feather mattress toppers have straps in the corners to attach the four ends of your mattress so it wont slip out of bed. So you certainly wont have to spend a lot of time aligning it before going to bed.

Also, a plus for the RV mattress topper is that the bed has a removable bamboo cover that you can also machine wash. Thanks to that, you wont have to worry about changing the topper continuously every year because, with a few steps, it is to disassemble and throw it in the washing machine and then dry.

And yet, because ViscoSoft comes from the United States, you certainly wont have to worry about its quality. Especially during use, if you are not satisfied with the memory foam mattress topper and want to change your mind, you can get a refund from the partner within the first 60 days of use.


Bottom line

Rv Mattress Sizes And Types

By Sanchita SenCertified Sleep Coach

Sleeping in an RV or a camper van may not be the most memorable part of camping, but sleeping well is important because sleep deprivation impacts driving. The regular mattresses

Sleeping in an RV or a camper van may not be the most memorable part of camping, but sleeping well is important because sleep deprivation impacts driving. The regular mattresses that come along with your RV or camper may not be comfortable enough for a good nights sleep.

Your mattress size and type affect your sleep quality. In this article, we discuss the different RV mattress sizes and types so you can choose the one best suited for you.

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Rv Mattress Sizes And Types Explained

Recreational vehicles were built for car and nature lovers, and the motorized version has steadily grown in popularity since its introduction in 1910. They are used to camp, travel, and are sometimes lived in for extended periods. This means that most of them will have beds, a water tank, lockers, and a small kitchenette.

With the evolution of RVs and the level of comfort that they offer, a whole new segment of RV mattress sizes developed. In this piece, weve highlighted the basic RV mattress sizes, types and also included FAQs to help you choose the right mattress size for your RV.

Rv Mattress Buying Guide

RV bed queen to king conversion

Sleep easy with these RV mattress buying tips and tricks!

RVs are popular for families and campers who are looking for an upgraded sleeping experience while theyâre on the road. At Lazydays RV, weâre proud to offer a wide selection of new and used RVs for sale, with options that can sleep the whole family. While many new RVs come with top-quality mattresses and sleeping solutions built-in, some campers are looking to pick a more personalized mattress. Additionally, if youâve owned your RV for some time, you may be looking to upgrade the mattress as well.

If youâre in the market for a new RV mattress, we invite you to explore our RV mattress buying guide. Weâre sharing details about RV mattresses, sizes, and what to look for when buying your RV mattress. Donât sleep on choosing the right RV mattress, check out our RV mattress buying guide to get started.

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How Much Is A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

With a queen-size mattress, a memory foam mattresss average price is around $150 to approximately $300.

Of course, you should not assume that a high-priced version means that the quality will be better and higher than other similar products. You can buy a high-quality foam-lined RV mattress topper pad for less than $150.

Dont Bring Your Whole Mattress

While your mattress may not weigh a lot, if you try to bring the frame and springs with you, it will likely be hefty.

A camper can only carry so much weight at once, so the lighter all your furniture is, the better.

Even if you dont go over the max weight, heavier items can slow your camper down and take more gas to travel.

If you are on the move a lot or plan to drive a great distance, the weight can impact the trip.

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Rv Twin Size Mattress

Twin beds are common in most small RVs and campers because they are a compact size that fit anywhere. Twin mattresses used in RVs are found in two sizes, measuring 28 inches by 75 inches and 28 inches by 80 inches. Depending on the available space inside your camper, you can choose one of these sizes. They can be placed side by side or as bunk beds if you have that option.

Short Queens Are Cheaper Than Regular Queen Mattresses

Shop InnerSpace 5.5

Another plus in buying a short queen for your camper is that it is cheaper than a regular queen due to the smaller size.

This fact can help monetize getting a camper or using it more often if you know you can afford the mattress.

You can also get it custom made to fit your specific camper. These short queens run between $350-$500 depending on what brand and custom additions you want, including in the mattress.

There are several mattresses you can purchase for your camper. Hopefully, you find the right one for you and enjoy your camper!

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How Do I Know If An Rv Mattress Is Right For Me

Of course, the first thing youll need to make sure of is the mattress youre purchasing fits your platform. Once you ensure this, youll need to think about mattress materials. How long will you be sleeping on the mattress? Will you be moving it around to stow it? Are you camping in a hot/humid/cold/dry area?

If youre going to be sleeping on your mattress long term, youll probably want a high-quality latex or memory foam mattress, while you can get away with cheaper alternatives if youre just camping for a few days. If youll be lifting or sliding your mattress a lot, high-density foams may be too heavy, and a lighter innerspring might be better. Similarly, the climate youre camping in and the level of climate control you have in your rig will have an impact on whether you need a warming or cooling mattress material.

Super Single Bed Size / Three

Super Single beds are a throwback to the 1920s. Designed for one sleeper but often accommodating two, these beds are exceedingly rare on the market today. Only antique bed frames and military living quarters will require this size, so Gotta Sleep doesnt carry it. You’ll like to have to find a custom or specialty mattress store to get a mattress this size that is both comfortable and new.

Super Single bed dimensions measure 48″ × 75″. The average width of a single bed is typically 48″. The average length of a single bed is 75″.

The Pros and Cons of a Super Single Mattress Size / Three-quarters Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Super Single is typically lower than a Queen.


  • These mattresses are very rate and difficult to find.

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Mattress Sizes Are Not Always Standard

Many RV mattresses are different than standard residential sizes. A queen mattress in an RV is not the same as a queen mattress in your house. What this means is that you cant make any assumptions when youre shopping for an RV.

Other sizes of mattresses are sometimes the same as their residential counterparts. Twin and full beds are often the same in RVs as they are in homes. King-size beds in RVs are usually narrower than residential mattresses.

Lay on the mattress when shopping. Make sure theres enough space for you to sleep comfortably. If you hear queen and just assume theres enough space, you might find there isnt.

The fact that mattress sizes are not standard also makes it more difficult to buy a new mattress for your RV. You cant just go into any mattress store and buy one. Youll need to shop for a mattress that is the appropriate size for your RV.

A smart thing to do is to measure the mattress and the beds space for the mattress. This will tell you how large your RVs mattress is, and how large of a mattress you can fit on the bed in your RV.

Short Queen Mattresses Have Cuts In The Corners

The Most Comfortable RV Mattress

Many camper owners make the mistake of trying to fit their home mattress into their camper. Often you may have to install the bed by one of the wheels, which wont fit well with the mattress.

Regular queen mattresses are not made to be cut into or uneven so that you could damage your bedroom mattress.

A short queen has these cuts already built into them to account for the wheels of your camper.

RV Mattress Upgrade! Best sleep weve had while RVing! > > Check out the video below:

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A True Hand In Glove Body

Memory foam actively molds and contours to the shape of your body no matter what position you sleep in. It responds to both pressure and heat, acting to evenly distribute weight and provide ample support. A common description of memory foam by first-time users is that you melt into the mattress.

The Best Rv Mattresses

The Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress is a hybrid model designed with sleeper comfort in mind. The top two layers are composed of soy-based foams that cushion and conform to your unique figure, but without the tight body-hug many people dislike about memory foam. The support core contains individually pocketed coils that reinforce the sleep surface to keep you on an even plane while also cradling the body. This mattress is a solid investment for anyone with back pain, whether they experience pain in or out of their RV.

Finding a size that matches your current bed base setup shouldnt be an issue, as the mattress is sold in 60 different RV-friendly sizes. Several of the sizes are specifically designed with bunks in mind. An 8-inch profile also means the mattress wont be too thick for most frames sold today. For a stylish touch, the cover is finished with a smooth suede border.

An inexpensive price-tag makes the Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress a good investment for shoppers on a budget. Mattress Insider offers free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. Your order includes a 120-night sleep trial, as well as a 20-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Lab Notes What Our Testers Thought

Even though its only 8 inches tall, the Park Meadow packs some punch. I felt supported by the pocketed coils, even when sleeping on my stomach. The edge support and responsiveness are also worth noting.

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What Size Is An Rv Queen Mattress

The most standard RV mattress size is the queen size. In most cases, a queen RV mattress is the same size as a traditional residential queen mattress. Your RV queen mattress should be 60â x 80â, which is the same as a normal queen mattress. This is a popular RV mattress size because itâs easy to buy sheets for, and itâs easy to replace your RV queen mattress with a new one if youâre looking to do so.

What Size Is A Rv Queen Mattress

Night Therapy 10â? Memory Foam RV Mattress Only, Short Queen

Can you use a regular queen mattress in an rv?

For instance, a standard Queen mattress is 60 x 80 while an RV Queen is the same width but is a bit shorter at 60 x 75. There are fewer options in the RV-specific sizes, but if the RV has a bed platform that is a standard residential mattress size, then the sky is the limit for all types of mattresses.

what is the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress?

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