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How To Make Pop Up Camper Mattress More Comfortable

Other Options To Make The Rv Mattress Bearable

RV Mattress Hack | Comfortable Bed for Less Money


Something else to not forget when you are creating a comfy bed in your RV is to find a decent set of sheets. I cant tell you how many cheap sheets we went through that were so slippery and staticky that they fell off the bed at night before we finally got a nice set. Weve been buying the Ultra Soft Sheets from Target for the last several sets weve needed and found them to be both budget-friendly and very soft and comfy.

The Comforter

Do you still have the comforter that your RV came with? It doesnt matter if it matches, get rid of it! Those are so uncomfortable! When choosing a good comforter for your RV bed, be sure to choose something thats not too heavy or it will tend to slide off the bottom of the bed while you are sleeping. A soft, thick blanket can make a great comforter, or something light-weight but still cozy like this Down Alternative Comforter.

Replace the Mattress

If none of the topper options will work for you, or if your mattress is already very standing up very tall and you dont want to add any extra height to it, consider just replacing the mattress. You can probably find a perfectly comfy brand new mattress for a decent price. Just be sure and measure the entrances and doorways to your RV before you buy and bring it home.

Which of these options have you used or do you plan on trying in the future? Which specific products and brands have worked the best in your experience?

Sleep Revolution 10 Memory Foam Rv Mattress

Price: $ 289.00


Details: this is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a portable and pleasant slumber aid. Made specifically for a camper trailer or motor home, this mattress does fit most mobile bed frames. The mattress is fabricated using patented technology which allows the mattress to be compressed, rolled on and be easily transported. The mattress does have a layer of pressure relief foam with areas of highly concentrated and ventilated foam so as to reduce pressure in key areas and promote air flow. It is also worth mentioning that the mattress does have a layer of high density memory foam which conforms to the needs and requirements of individual users and is further infused with some green tea extract so as to help reduce any odors in a very natural way. Its 5 inch high density foam base for support does help in pressure reduction in key areas such as hips and feet as well as head and shoulders.

Most Comfortable Types Of Mattresses For Rvs

When choosing a mattress for an RV, material composition is another important factor. The next table lists the most common RV mattress types by material, as well as pros and cons for RV owners who use them.

Mattress Type

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have a uniform grid of innerspring coils in their support core, topped by layers of polyfoam and/or memory foam. In order to accommodate the smaller space in RVs, RV-friendly innerspring mattresses may have thinner-than-average comfort layers. As a result, they may feel firmer to sleep on, which may be ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

Over time, innerspring mattresses are prone to develop indentations and sagging, an effect which may be hastened when the mattress is exposed to the elements . Theyre also noisier than other mattress types, due to the innerspring layer, which may pose a problem for traveling families with light sleepers.

Fortunately, these are one of the more affordable mattress types. Innerspring beds also sleep quite cool, thanks to their thin comfort layers and airflow-promoting coil cores.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a blend of the innerspring and foam types. They use individually encased pocketed coils for support, providing more enhanced contouring than a traditional innerspring while still maintaining a suitable amount of bounce.

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Creating The Comfy Bed In Your Pop Up Camper

Replace Your Mattress

Padding Underneath


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Add A Self Inflating Mattress

Replacing pop up camper bedding and mattresses on a budget ...

The best option is to add a self inflating mattress to your camp bed, as this will really increase the comfort of your bed. The more comfortable and luxurious the mattress is, the better the comfort of the camp bed will be. If you own a single camp bed – I highly recommend anything above 5cm. You will notice most camp beds have the facility for self inflating mattresses – the straps which hold the mattress is place on top of the bed. Ideally for premium comfort, go for anything over 10cm. Below are some examples are recommendations:

  • Budget: 7.5cm Single – will provide adequate comfort, and elevation from the camp bed.
  • Luxury: 10cm Single – will provide a more comfortable depth, and this type of mat is very comfortable used alone or with a camp bed.

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Know How Much Room You Have

**Use the Kleenex box test to see how many inches of space you have in your pop up camper when fully closed and latched. Place an empty tissue box on your mattress and then fold the camper up as you usually would. Take out the crumpled tissue box when you open the camper and measure the height. This is the amount of space you have for the mattress toppers.

How Do You Make A Pop

Here are some tips for getting the perfect bed and to make a pop-up camper bed more comfortable:

  • Choose the mattress thats right for you
  • Match your mattress to a suitable box spring
  • Add a mattress topper
  • Head on the right pillow
  • Turn your bed into an oasis of peace.

Lets review each of the tips down below.

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What If I Need Space For Two

Have you met that one person that you want to hit the road with? Theres nothing better than sharing your life and your travels with the one you love, but what if your sleep needs dont line up as well as your thirst for adventure? You wouldnt be alone, as around 80% of couples have different body shapes and sleep preferences.

Shopping for mattresses as a twosome doesnt have to be a nightmare because there are many brands that are looking out for you by offering features like dual-sided firmness or greater versatility that can adapt to support different shapes.

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Best Coolingorb Cooling Hybrid Mattress

How to Get the Best Night of SLEEP Camping Ever! | Pop Up Camper MATTRESS Modifications

Hybrid mattresses often sleep cooler than their all-foam counterparts because they allow more air circulation. The ORB Cooling Hybrid Mattress from Off-Road Bedding has a construction that helps regulate temperature with additional features that are designed to keep sleepers cool all night.

A 6-inch pocketed coil support core provides sleepers with a stable and responsive surface. The comfort system includes a 2-inch transitional foam layer, a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer, and a 1.5-inch quilted top thats engineered to sleep cool. In total, the mattress is 12 inches high, which may be too thick for some RVs.

Shoppers can purchase this mattress in either soft or medium firm. Side sleepers and people under 130 pounds will likely prefer the softer option, while back and stomach sleepers as well as those who weigh above 130 pounds may enjoy the medium firm. Regardless of which option you choose, you should find that the mattress hybrid construction offers a balance of support and contouring.

There are nine sizes to choose from including RV queen, RV short king, and RV king options. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. receive free shipping on the ORB Cooling Hybrid Mattress. Off-Road Bedding backs its mattress with a 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial.

The Bottom Line.

Recommended for:

Not Recommended for:

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Where To Buy Rv Mattresses For Campers

Once we caught a glimpse inside our mattress, we knew that an upgrade to a more supportive and comfortable mattress had just climbed to a top spot on our camper wish list. Of course, there are two big considerations to keep in mind when it comes to buying an RV mattress: you have to make sure your mattress fits in the camper . You also have to make sure you can fit your new mattress in the camper door!

We started looking for a new mattress at a couple of area camper dealers. That search ended pretty quickly because the mattresses we were finding were all very pricey more than we were looking to spend.

Back to the drawing board, we turned to the internet. We ended up finding the dreamiest mattress EVER on . Yes, thats right. We purchased a Zinus Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress for right around $200. We were already familiar with mattresses that come vacuum-sealed . With a 2-week long RV road trip to Yellowstone on the horizon and needed to make sure that we had a comfortable place to rest our weary heads!

So heres a look at what we started with:

This is what we ended up with:

Heres a comparison of the two mattresses:

Needless to say, we LOVE our new mattress. It is beyond night and day difference and now we crawl into our RV bed and fall asleep in what feels like seconds. After a day full of fresh air and a night around the campfire, our heads hit the pillow and we wake up feeling rested and great.

Pop Up Camper Mattress Toppers Recommendations

Sleep better peaceful dreams foam mattress topper which costs $24 only. This model has been zoned into 5 segments for good body support. A warranty is also given: .

Alternatively, you could go for the $70-worth Sleep Joy 2 ViscO2 ventilated memory foam mattress topper. Its breathable because of the ventilation that creates a healthier, hygienic environment for sleeping. It also offers comfort and pressure-relief for a good nights sleep. Check it out here: .

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Latex Mattress Or Topper

Another option for an uncomfortable RV bed is to replace it with a latex mattress. A more expensive option, youll probably never have to replace the mattress again. A 6-inch mattress of latex foam offers a sleep as good, if not better, than your bed at home. If the price is too high for a full mattress, opt for a latex foam topper instead.

Selecting Your Firmness Level

How to Create a Crazy Comfortable Popup Camper

Because RV mattresses are usually thinner than standard mattress models, they tend to run on the firmer side. Many RV mattresses range from Medium to Medium Firm, as this range is most comfortable for sleepers of average weight, regardless of sleep position.

However, to accommodate different comfort preferences, many RV mattress brands make their beds available in a range of firmness sizes.

If youre considering a model with different firmness options, and are unsure which is right for you, heres what you need to know. Generally, most people hone in on their ideal mattress firmness by using their bodyweight and sleep position.

  • Bodyweight: Heavier sleepers require firmer mattresses to enjoy adequate support and avoid sagging, while lightweight sleepers find softer mattresses to be more comfortable.
  • Sleep position: Side sleepers enjoy the most comfort from softer mattresses, as these provide enough give for their hips and shoulders to sink deeper into the mattress surface and maintain optimal spinal alignment. Back sleepers also need some give for their pelvis and hips, but not too much. Stomach sleepers need firmer mattresses, in order to prevent sinking as much as possible.

The table below summarizes the most popular firmness preferences for sleepers, based on bodyweight and sleep position:

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Will Full Size Sheets Fit A Short Queen Mattress

mattressqueensized bedfullsized bedwillfull sheetsfullsized sheetsfitbed

Jagdeep Isachenok

15 Best RV Mattress Reviews 2019

  • Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam For RV Mattress.
  • Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam RV Mattress.
  • DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Live & Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress.
  • Zinus 8 Inch Spring RV Mattress.
  • LUCID Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress.
  • Rosmary Lagershausen

    A Hallway Runner Carpet Is A Must

    Most truck campers come standard with a linoleum or vinyl floor. Linoleum is commonly made from linseed oil, ground cork dust, wood flour and other natural fillers. Vinyl flooring is 100-percent synthetic and made from PVC.

    Over the past decade or so, many truck camper manufacturers have moved to vinyl flooring for its durability and more modern texture and look. Some have even moved to more sophisticated marine-grade flooring, but thats the exception to the rule. Both linoleum and vinyl can be quite cold in the morning. Neither is very soft underfoot.

    To make our floor warmer and softer, we use an affordable 27 x 60carpet runner. Carpet runners also take the abuse of daily foot traffic and help to spare your factory linoleum or vinyl flooring.

    Above: The carpet runner we use is currently $16.97 at Walmart

    From experience, carpet runners wear out every 3 to 5 years, depending on how much you go truck camping. The good news is that carpet runners are inexpensive to replace, and easy to find. You cant say that about factory-installed carpeting.

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    Use Egg Crate Foam Pad

    The simplest way to make your rv jack knife sofa is to use an egg crate foam pad. These are also called convoluted foam. What makes it comfortable is the soft, egg-shaped bumps on the top surface of it. On top of that, these pads come to be breathable as well, as they can promote air circulation through them.

    While looking for egg crate foams you have to decide about these features of them-

    The Material and Thickness

    Egg crate foams can be made of polyurethane, urethane, memory foam and visco-elastic foam. As per the market is concerned, you will find foam thickness to range between 1-½ to 4 inches.

    Now, both thickness and material will bring you a variety in comfort, firmness, density and of course, price. Depending on how many days of service youre expecting the foam to provide you with, you have to make the choice right.

    The Size

    Jack knife sofas come within any length within 58 inches to 72 inches, depending how much space you have in your RV. And while in bed mode, it can be 30-40 wide.

    The problem is to match the sizes of your jack knife sofa bed and the egg crate pads available in the market.

    Weve done some research to pick up some, considering the diverse lengths of jack knife sofas-

    Best Egg Crate Foam Pad for RV Jack Knife Sofa

    Standard foam

    Motor Vehicle Body 1925

    How To Upgrade An RV Sofa Bed Mattress

    In 1925, Charles Turner of East St. Louis, Illinois, proposed something that, to the modern eye, looks like a cross between a Ford Model-T and an Airstream travel trailer, which would enter the scene in the 1930s. Technically speaking, his invention isnt the vehicle, its the object mounted on it. He writes in the patent: body is given stream-line as much as possible and in cross-section is generally cylindrical or tubular. The whole bit is made of sheet metal, with a door on one side thats curved with the shape of the chambered cab. Inside, theres a cot or bed frame with a mattress. His targeted consumers were tourists, campers and sportsmen needing shelter on the move. The necessity of stopping before dark and to locate a suitable camp site and then the work of making camp for the night as well as the work of breaking up the camp in the morning are avoided by my invention.

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    Best Pressure Reliefmattress Insider Elation Gel Foam Rv Mattress

    The Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress from Mattress Insider is an all-foam, flippable mattress that relieves pressure. It has a competitive price-point and is a suitable option for value seekers, especially when considering the materials used in its construction. The Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress is available in a 6-inch profile and over 20 sizes. If your RV needs a size not offered on the website, the manufacturer can build a custom option.

    The support core is made from high-density polyfoam that helps provide sleepers with adequate support. Contoured foam thats designed to promote airflow rests on top of the support core. The top layer is made from gel-infused memory foam thats engineered to regulate temperature. The mattress has a soft and breathable organic cotton cover.

    The flippable construction allows sleepers to choose the side that best suits their needs. People who prefer a firm mattress should sleep on the high-density foam side, while those who need pressure relief may want to choose the memory foam side. Side sleepers and those with joint pain will likely find that this mattress provides the cushioning needed to relieve pressure. High pressure areas like the hips and shoulders sink slightly into the memory foam, which helps alleviate discomfort.

    The Bottom Line.

    Recommended for:

    Not Recommended for:

    Best Pop Up Truck Camper For Winter Use

    ProfessorChaos said:I like the idea of a hard side pop up and am surprised more truck camper manufactures don’t build them however I am not all that impressed with the Alaskan interior.Hallmark has raised the prices on their truck campers. $44000 for a standard pop up truck camper is way too much. I may have to look at either a Phoenix or an Outfitter. I am also open to buying used.

    there was definite evidence of mold and mildew under the mattress!

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