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What Is The Best Coil Mattress

What Is A Coil Spring Mattress

7 Best Innerspring Mattresses – Are Coils The Way To Go?

Coil spring mattresses are one of the most popular types of beds sold today. The reason for their popularity is simple: they are comfortable, affordable, and durable. Coil springs are made up of many steel coils that are layered together tightly and evenly. They are connected to each other through small wires, creating a spring-like structure.

This mattresss type may be called something different. It is sometimes called an innerspring mattress, a box spring mattress, or a spring mattress. This is because coil mattresses consist of a network of metal coils inside a fabric or synthetic material cover. These coils work together to support the sleeper by gently contouring to the body.

Coil spring mattresses are generally available in a wide variety of comfort levels so that you can choose a firm, medium, or soft bed.In general, coil spring mattresses are considered both supportive and durable.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Pocketed Coil Mattress:

Comfort Preference: The pocketed coil act as a support system but the top layers act as your comfort layers. Do you like the feel of memory foam? The natural elements of latex? Do you want your mattress firm or soft? All of these questions should be asked to ensure you choose the correct pocketed coil mattress for your specific needs.

Price: How much are you willing to spend? There are very basic pocketed coil options and expensive high end versions. Decide what your budget is and look at the mattresses that are available to you. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to get a great night sleep but you also cant expect a quality product from a mattress that costs $200 on amazon.

Who Is An Innerspring Mattress Best For

Consider an innerspring mattress if you’re a:

  • Back or stomach sleeper in need of more support: The coils keep your back aligned by bending and bouncing to conform to your body shape. For stomach sleepers worried about their hips sinking too far into the mattress, an innerspringcoupled with a foam layer or pillow topprovides the right amount of cushioning to prevent soreness.
  • Hot sleeper: There’s a reason hot sleepers looking for the best cooling mattress often choose an innerspring option. The design promotes cooling because the coils create more space for air to circulate unlike dense foam, which traps in heat.
  • Sleeper who prefers an elevated feel: If you strongly dislike saggy beds, an innerspring mattress’s superior edge support and coil foundation will give you the lift you’re looking for.
  • Combination sleeper: Innerspring coils quickly pop back into place instead of leaving indentations in the surface of the bed, making transitions between sleep positions much smoother.

Those who should avoid innersprings:

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Selecting The Best Innerspring Mattress

Generally speaking, modern innerspring mattresses can be relied on to provide a cool, supportive sleep experience, typically with good motion isolation and pressure relief. Its important to understand that there are many different types of innerspring mattresses, and the materials used can determine how ultimately the mattress feels. Some coil systems are topped with gel memory foam, others with a latex support layer. Coil layers, coil type, and the number of steel coils also play a major role in the mattress feel.

What Makes A Mattress Toxic

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You may think a mattress is a mattress, right? But if youre buying a new mattress you should know that many mattresses are hiding a dark secret. Certain sleep surfaces are actually made with chemical components that could make you sick.

Most mattresses typically contain polyurethane foam, which is made from petroleum chemicals, explains Tasha Stoiber, PhD, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group . This foam can off-gas, or emit, volatile organic compounds , which are harmful to health and have been linked to respiratory irritation and nervous system harm.

This is a particular concern in baby mattresses, notes Avinash Kar, a senior attorney and director of state health policy for the National Resources Defense Council , which is why youll definitely want to seek out a non-toxic mattress for babies and kids. Testing by the Getting Ready for Baby campaign shows the presence of several chemicals of concern in a number of mattresses tested, including toxic flame-retardant chemicals, he says. Flame-retardant chemicals are associated with adverse health effects ranging from cancer and reproductive harm to learning disabilities and interference with the normal operation of hormones, and children are especially vulnerable because they are still developing. Since infants spend more time napping and sleeping, theyre around these harmful chemicals for longer periods, though these chemicals pose a risk to anyone whos near them.

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Pros And Cons Of Innerspring Mattresses


  • Innersprings are usually the most affordable mattress option, and are widely available through online and brick-and-mortar sellers
  • Compared to other mattress types, innersprings are bouncier and more responsive and most couples say this makes them better for sex
  • Innersprings have better air circulation compared to foam and latex beds, and tend to retain less body heat and sleep cooler as a result
  • Off-gassing potential is lower with innersprings, and owners rarely report excessively strong or long-lasting odors
  • Uniform sleep surface can be particularly supportive for stomach sleepers


  • Many sleepers complain that innersprings are too firm
  • Premature sagging is a common complaint with innersprings and the average lifespan is relatively short
  • Innersprings offer minimal contouring and below-average pain and pressure relief
  • Innersprings can be noisy and provide less motion isolation, both of which may lead to nighttime sleep disruptions

Why Casper Wave Wins As Best Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain

You may have heard of Casper before as they exploded in the online mattress market and are now one of the most well-known brands in the space. One of their upper-tier mattress models, Casper Wave, is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association because of its unique zoned support design, which promotes the proper alignment of your neck and spine.

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Is An Innerspring Mattress Right For Me

While there is a lot of talk about the latest foam and latex products, many overlook the fact that top rated innerspring mattresses have addressed some of the most common downsides to accommodate customers. When you find the right one, you can expect a product that offers the support, durability, and comfort youre looking for in a sleep product. Id recommend an innerspring mattress to anyone who:

  • Enjoys the traditional feel of a bed thats highly responsive and offers a good degree of bounce
  • Wants a mattress that helps the body stay cool to enjoy the deeper, more restorative stages of sleep
  • Wants the flexibility to explore products that offer the bounce of springs with the comfort of foams and latexes available in hybrid products

How Long Does A Pocketed Coil Mattress Last

Best Hybrid, Coil & Spring Mattress (TOP 10 BEDS!)

A well made pocketed coil mattress should last around 10 years with proper care. This means you should be spinning the mattress if instructed and flipping it if it is double sided. Double sided mattresses will last even longer. Lighter weight sleepers and less active sleepers may be able to get more time out of their mattress whereas heavier individuals or couples may find themselves replacing their mattress more often. In general, innerspring mattresses should hold up longer and be more durable than their all-foam mattress competitors.

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Hybrid Vs Innerspring Mattress

What is an innerspring mattress, and what is a hybrid mattress? The easiest explanation here is that a hybrid mattress almost always has an innerspring or pocketed coil base, but an innerspring mattress doesnt necessarily have to be a hybrid.

Just like how a Toyota Prius runs on both gas and electricity, a hybrid mattress is made out of two dissimilar materials to achieve a certain feel. Hybrid mattresses utilize two different materials usually, its innersprings and some type of foam, such as memory foam, latex foam, or polyurethane foam .

Innerspring mattresses are beds that have coils as a support base. Its likely that theres an innerspring mattress in your grandmas guest bedroom or somewhere in the back corner of your garage collecting dust. That isnt to say they arent good mattresses, theyre just very traditional.

Nowadays, you see a lot more hybrid mattresses with pocket springs online because they can tend to help isolate motion better. You still get a lot of support, but with reduced motion transfer, which is, objectively, a good thing.

How Long Do Innerspring Mattresses Last

The basic techniques and materials used to make innerspring mattresses date back centuries, and are time-tested. Assuming you buy a good quality innerspring or pocketed coil mattress from a reputable brand and retailer, your new mattress should last in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 years. It could be more or less depending on your circumstances, sleep style and body weight, but a quality innerspring mattress should hold up well and resist body impressions as well as newer-technology memory foam.

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Innerspring Mattress Reviews & Ratings You Can Actually Trust

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THE GOOD. Innerspring mattresses are popular mainly for five reasons: 1) consumer familiarity, 2) wide availability, 3) affordability, 4) many firmness and comfort options, 5) suitability for sex.

THE BAD. Innerspring mattresses overall have lower owner satisfaction than other mattress types due mainly to below-average durability / longevity and comfort potential. Noise is possible.

THE MATTRESSES: Innerspring coils provide support. Comfort layer material often consists of foam, fiber and perhaps memory foam. Models with at least 1.5 inches of memory foam are called hybrids â and they are rated separately.

THE COMPETITION: See how innerspring mattresses compare to other mattress types.

Which Company Makes The Best Innerspring Mattress

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Theres no one answer to this question because what the best innerspring mattress should have will depend on your sleep needs. For example, side sleepers need a softer innerspring mattress than back or stomach sleepers. Saatva, WinkBed, Amerisleep, Brooklyn Bedding, and Zoma are all recognized brands with well-established reputations.

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Is A High Coil Count Better

You might have heard a rumor that the more coils in a mattress core, the more supportive the mattress will be. While this can be true, coil count is not nearly as critical today as it once was. These days the construction of the coils is a much more important factor in determining the overall comfort and support of the mattress.

  • A typical mattress contains between 250 and 1,000 coil springs
  • A mattress with a lower coil count might use thicker wire or other techniques to compensate for this
  • As a rule of thumb, the minimum number of coils you should look for in a mattress is 300 for a full, 375 for a queen and 450 for a king-size mattress

What Does An Innerspring Mattress Feel Like

The firm, springy support of an innerspring is something that you are probably very familiar with. But outside of this bounciness and stable support, every coil mattress is different.

Take an innerspring pillow top mattress with a comfort layer of conforming memory foam for example. You will feel the soft give and pressure point relief that comes from these comfort layer materials.

On the flip side, if you lie down on a cheap, minimalistic innerspring bed, there is often only a very thin layer of polyurethane foam. This type of mattress may feel overly firm and bouncy, without much comfort.

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Why Are Pocketed Coil Hybrid Mattresses Rapidly Becoming The Most Popular Category

Innerspring mattresses have been around forever but advances in technology have transformed the notorious rack of twisted wire into precision instruments that allow for pinpoint pressure relief and excellent back support. Youll get a more dynamic response to natural body movements, which helps to deliver the support necessary for deep, relaxing sleep.

Coil type mattresses transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact, are typically made from up-cycled or recycled steel, are 26% more durable than an all foam mattress , and their design requires less petroleum products. They also weigh far less than a memory foam mattress or latex mattress, too.

Typically, pocketed-coils are individually wrapped high-carbon springs that compress freely from one another to provide custom support. Coils react to specific pressure areas, and the heavier portions of the body, like the hips and shoulders, sink deeper into the mattress, which allows for proper spinal alignment. This isolated and free-moving coil design also offers excellent motion dampening as well..

The pocket coil concept is a hugely popular advancement in the mattress industry. Most mattress manufactures make their own versions of the individually wrapped pocket coil design. Other names used to represent the pocketed-coil concept include pocketed spring, encased spring, Marshall coil, and wrapped coil.

Durability Of Innerspring Mattresses

Open Coil vs Pocket Spring Mattresses – What’s The Best Spring System?

Innerspring mattresses, even premium models, and brands, generally do not last longer than much higher end types such as memory foam or latex mattresses, due to the higher sagging rate of the mattress that significantly affects its longevity or lifespan. The average lifespan of spring or coil mattress beds is only up to 6 years or less while the best memory foam mattresses could last longer without any sagging issues. Top latex mattresses, on the other hand, is one of the longest lasting mattress types in the industry, with minimal to no sagging problems that could last for decades, especially with the right care and maintenance.

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Top 10 Rated Innerspring Mattresses Of 2020

What exactly is an innerspring mattress? This mattress type is commonly known as spring mattress, and it is mainly made up of coils for its internal construction and has 3 other components namely the support base layer, the comfort layer, and the fabric cover for the first cushion.

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When it comes to a comfortable sleep on a budget, nothing beats the best innerspring mattresses. Mind you, while these bed types have been the most popular since the 1930s, it took the common man nearly 6 decades after their invention in 1871 to accept the design.

Consequently, their inventor- a German, Heinrich Westphal- died quite a poor chap having not earned much recognition or profit from his invention.

These beds have evolved significantly over the years, with the best models garnering a lot of praises for their incredible comfort levels and temperature management.

Today, most of the best innerspring mattresses in the market employ a system of individually pocketed coils. This design works like a charm in minimizing motion transfer the major problem that has plagued these mattresses for decades. They are also the market leaders in terms of edge support an area that latex and memory foam mattresses perform poorly.

So, what is the best coil mattress today?

Q: What Are The Materials Used In The Comfort Layers

A mattress will comprise of a comfort layer or two which affect its feel, comfort, and firmness options.

Polyester is one of the more common materials because of its comfort and ability to last for the long term. This material can also be produced in different levels of thickness and quality so you can find various mattress types that work for you. You may also find polyester combined with wool and organic cotton, which helps to keep a mattress warm in winter and cooler in the summer.

Memory foam is another popular material for a comfort layer. This is very responsive and heat-sensitive, so it moulds around your body contours for added comfort. The memory foam layer alleviates any pressure point pain, making it recommended for those who suffer from any back pain.

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Considerations When Buying An Innerspring Mattress

When shopping for an innerspring mattress, these are the most important features and considerations to keep in mind.

Coil TypeAs discussed above, the coil type can impact the durability, quality, and price of the mattress.

Coil CountCoil count refers to the number of coils used in the coil layer of the mattress. Most innerspring mattresses contain anywhere from 500 to 1,000 coils, though some contain less than 300 and others contain several thousand. Coil count can be an indicator of lifespan and the mattress contouring capabilities. In general, high coil count innerspring mattresses tend to be the most expensive and the most contouring.

FeelPrior to shopping for an innerspring mattress, its essential to be sure than an innerspring mattress is, in fact, the type of mattress you want to purchase. Just like hybrid and all-foam styles, innerspring mattresses have a signature feel that sleepers either do or dont enjoy. In general, people find innerspring mattresses to be less contouring to the body than foam models. However, they also find that innerspring mattresses have stronger edge support, are cooler, and have better responsiveness than other styles.

PriceInnersprings are often priced lower than other mattress types, but luxury styles can still cost several thousand dollars.

How Does The Number Of Coils Impact Mattress Comfort And Support

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The number of coils can affect mattress longevity and bodily support. Generally, consumers should avoid innerspring mattresses with lower coil counts, but the minimum coil count is hard to determine, due to the various mattress sizes.

Typically, a full mattress should have a minimum of 300 coils. A queen mattress should have a minimum of 400 coils, and a king a minimum of 380 coils.

But mattresses with greater coil counts than the minimum coil level might not actually provide a significantly greater level of support or comfort. For instance, a mattress with a low coil count might promote greater coil density, offering greater support.

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