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How Big Is A King Size Bed Mattress

How Wide Is A King Size Mattress

How big is a California king mattress?

76 x 80 The kingsize mattress dimensions are 76 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long about 16 inches wider than a queen. This is the closest a couple can come to having as much personal space as each would have on a twin bed.

Keeping this in consideration, how wide is a king size headboard?

Typical kingsize beds measure 78 inches wide, while queen mattresses are 60 inches, full beds are 54 inches and twin beds are 39 inches wide. Visit a lumber or home improvement store and request the wood to be cut the exact length to save you some time and trouble.

Beside above, what are the different bed sizes? Different Types of Beds By Size

  • 1 Single. The single model is by far the smallest one, and it measures 36 x 75 inches.
  • 2 Twin. The twin model is slightly larger than the single one and the only difference hides within the width.
  • 3 Twin XL.

Which Mattress Size Is Right For Me

There are many other factors that can affect which mattress size is the best for you. Your budget, the size of your bed, and how many people will share the bed are important considerations. If you are still unsure you can use our trial period of 365 nights to find the perfect fit for you! Read on to see what other factors to look at before making your decision.

Antique Beds And Irregular Mattress Sizes

If your home is filled with antiques and vintage finds, you may want an antique bed to fit your decor. The next challenge is to source an appropriate mattress.

Many antique beds were about three-quarters of the width of todays full sized mattress. These smaller beds are often called three-quarter beds for this reason today. They are about 48 inches wide compared to 54 inches for todays double mattress.

Many vintage beds are the same length as todays full mattress at 75 inches. That said, variations based on time period and maker are common. Older antique beds might be much shorter.

Other irregular bed sizes include a Texas or athletic king , California queen waterbed , and California king waterbed .

Thankfully, there are many mattress companies that specialize in custom orders for irregular or antique beds. Measure the interior of your bed frame, then call mattress companies for their quotes. You can also convert your vintage bed to work with a full mattress, but only attempt this if you are handy and have some time and guidance.

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What Types Of King Size Bed Frames Are Available

King size bed frames come in a huge array of types so finding your perfect bed frame should not be an issue.

Divan – All of our divan bed bases are manufactured in the UK and have become one of our best sellers. Featuring a large range of fabric colours along with a choice of drawers to select from, divan beds are all the rage. Each divan bed base is fitted with a white anti-slip mattress fabric ensuring your mattress will stay put.

Tall Headboard – Wanting to make your king size bed the centrepiece of your bedroom? We offer a great selection of king size bed frames with tall headboards just for that.

Ottoman– The perfect space-saving solution. Ottoman storage bed frames utilise the space underneath the mattress as storage. Gone are the days of unsightly boxes being seen from other the bed frame. Use the easy-to-lift ottoman mechanism to declutter your bedroom for good.

Modern– Our modern range of king size bed frames come in all styles. From block-like minimalist metal frames to sumptuous fabric frames.

Antique– If youre after a more traditional style, why not check out our antique-like bed frames. Largely consisting of metal frames, our antique-style bed frames feature intricate metal detailing for that classic feel.

How About Taking A Look At Our Sleepeezee Travelodge Mattress

Good quality modern leather bed/big king size bedroom set ...

Sleepeezee mattresses are found in many hotels around the world, including Travelodge, Café Royal, Claridges, The Connaught, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, The Langham London, The Ritz London, as well as the Shangri La Hotel at the Shard London and The Berkeley London.

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What Size Is A Twin Mattress

Some people incorrectly think a single bed is smaller than a twin. The terms are actually interchangeable for the same sized mattress. Standard twin mattresses are 39 inches wide. Regular twin mattresses are 74 inches long, and a twin XL mattress is 80 inches long.

Extra-long twin beds are commonly used in college dorm rooms. Theyre ideal for taller people who may not be able to accommodate a wider mattress in their space.

Room Size

A twin size bed, and even a twin XL, can comfortably fit in a 7-by-10-foot room. It can also fit in a smaller room of about 6.5 by 6.5 feet but note this room will not be to code when it comes to real estate. It would also be quite cramped and only be able to fit a small wardrobe and desk.

If you need to fit two single or twin beds in one room, it needs to be at least 9 by 9.5 feet. This minimum size doesnt offer much space between beds. Any added furniture, like desks or wardrobes, would need to be quite small.

If you have it, a 10 by 9.5-foot room or 10 by 10 room would fit two twin beds much more comfortably. Another way to fit two twins in a small space is to consider bunk beds. Kids bunk beds will need at least a 3-foot clearance, and theyre between 4 and 5 feet tall. The minimum ceiling height for kids bunk beds is about 7.5 feet.

For adult bunk beds, youll need a bit more clearance, and they run taller between 5 and 6 feet. Make sure your ceiling is at least 8 feet and 6 inches tall.

Bedding For Split King Beds

What type of bed frame works with a split king bed?

Split king mattresses can be used on adjustable bed frames specifically designed for two beds. Each side can be adjusted to separate levels of elevation, and sometimes other sleep settings like firmness and temperature. Split king beds on split foundations are a great choice for couples.

What type of sheets fit on a split king bed?

Split king beds do require a special set of sheets. Split king sheets consist of a single top bed sheet that covers both mattresses, as well as two fitted sheets that will cover each of the twin XL mattresses. Luckily, because of the convenience of split king mattresses, many dual sheet sets are sold in stores.

Can you use a duvet or comforter on a split king bed?

When it comes to outfitting split mattresses with a duvet or comforter, you have two options. You can either get one blanket that covers the entire sleep surface to share, or you can do as the Scandinavians do and sleep with separate twin XL size comforters or duvets.

How do you put a mattress topper on a split king bed?

If youre interested in adding a mattress topper or pad to either or both sides of a split king bed, you can purchase one in a twin XL size since that is the size of each half of the mattress.

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Location Of The Bedroom

Maneuvering a king or California king size mattress may be difficult for some, so when buying a new bed be mindful of the size. If your bedroom is not on the first floor, consider the width of the stairways and how challenging it might be to get the mattress from one floor to another. Bed in a box mattresses are a solution to this once-common problem, but some beds can still be difficult to maneuver.

How Wide Is A King Size Bed Frame

Mattress Sizes – Which Bed Sizes Will Fit Your Bedroom?

The search for a king size bed frame can be overwhelming because the market is flooded with options, and you have to consider factors such as space and budget. The

The search for a king size bed frame can be overwhelming because the market is flooded with options, and you have to consider factors such as space and budget. The king is the widest among all standard sized mattresses, and the king bed frame may need to be a few inches bigger than your mattress depending on the design.

A king mattress is 76 inches wide, and if you are considering a bed frame with headboards, the total width could add up to 80 inches or more. You need at least 2 inches of space on either side of the bed to fit a headboard.

If you are looking for a king bed, chances are you are upsizing from a queen. While the length of a standard king, also known as an Eastern King, is the same as a queen, its 16 inches wider. The extra width requires much more space than a queen, which is why king beds are best suited for big master bedrooms.

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Super Single Bed Size / Three

Super Single beds are a throwback to the 1920s. Designed for one sleeper but often accommodating two, these beds are exceedingly rare on the market today. Only antique bed frames and military living quarters will require this size, so Gotta Sleep doesnt carry it. You’ll like to have to find a custom or specialty mattress store to get a mattress this size that is both comfortable and new.

Super Single bed dimensions measure 48″ × 75″. The average width of a single bed is typically 48″. The average length of a single bed is 75″.

The Pros and Cons of a Super Single Mattress Size / Three-quarters Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Super Single is typically lower than a Queen.


  • These mattresses are very rate and difficult to find.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Mattress Size

As always, youll want to buy a mattress within your budget. As a rule of thumb, the larger a mattress is, the more expensive it will be. This means that a single mattress will cost significantly less than a king size mattress. Youll also want to take into account the actual floor space you have in your bedroom and factor in your existing furniture pieces as well as human circulation patterns. Choosing a king sized bed for a small bedroom might not be the wisest decision. Likewise, choosing a single mattress for a large bedroom might make your bedroom appear disproportionately empty.

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Split King Size Bed Dimensions

A Split King size mattress uses two identical-sized mattresseseach 38W x 80Lwhich equals the size of a complete King size mattress. Sleepers who benefit from a Split King bed often have very different sleeping preferences than their partner. The split mattress allows sleepers to have a mattress that is individually right for them, without sacrificing the sleep of their partner.

Some Split King beds are joined at the bottom half of the mattress and only split at the top. This style is more for sleepers who do not have different sleep preferences, since the interior of the mattress is the same throughout. Some couples may also opt for a flippable mattress that offers a different firmness on each side, such as the Layla mattress.

HELP: How to choose a mattress

The benefit of this style of mattress is that, when used on an adjustable frame, each side of the mattress can move independently, allowing sleepers to sit up or lie back without disturbing their partner. The obvious drawback here is finding sheets to fit this style of mattress. These sheets are usually very expensive and may be hard to find.

Ready to start looking at your options? Nectar has a Split King adjustable frame that will allow you and your partner to sleep in your preferred sleeping positions. Make sure to add the adjustable frame to your cart with any mattress purchase:

Olympic Queen Mattress Dimensions

Chic California King size beds california king bed tcgvmit ...

66 inches by 80 inches

Minimum recommended room size: 10 feet by 10 feet

The Olympic queen mattress is six inches wider than the standard queen size and provides enough room for a couple to sleep comfortably, but is not considered to be a standard size. Even when found, its an ordeal to find bedding accessories like sheets to match this size.

The benefit of an Olympic queen size is that it provides a little extra space than the queen size, while not being as big as a king. If your room is not big enough to accommodate a king, but you need more space for sleepers, then this Olympic queen size fits the bill. The Olympic queen size is meant for RVs and camper trailers and are more commonly seen inside mobile homes.

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Twin Xl Bed Dimensions Size Guide

Approx. Size: 38 X 79.5 / 3,021 sq in / 21 sq ft

Are you a single adult living in a small space like a studio apartment? Are you a college student looking for a good nights sleep? Need to get a bed for your childs first dorm room? Have an extra tall kiddo? Have a split king set up that you need new mattresses for? If you said yes to any of these questions you should consider looking at a Twin XL.

King Size Bed Dimensions:

If you are somebody who enjoys a lot of space while sleeping, then the king-size bed is an ideal choice as it gives your great luxury to move around despite sleeping with your partner. The standard king-size bed has a dimension of 76*80 which is 76 in width and 80 in length. In many countries like the US, they have various options like the California king-size which is of dimension 72*84 but needs a larger room space and cant fit into all bedrooms. Though most couples opt for a queen size, a king-size bed offers great luxury and space.

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Uk Bed Sizes: The Bed And Mattress Size Guide

So youre buying a new bed or mattress, but youre not sure about what the different bed sizes are. “Is there a standard size?” “Do I have to buy my bed frame and mattress at the same time?” “How big are king size bed dimensions compared to a standard double?”

Its enough to stress anyone out, which is why we thought wed put together this quick-reference guide to help you out.

In the UK, bed sizes are measured according to the size of the mattress they hold, which is a standard measurement. However, the actual dimensions of the bed frames can vary according to their shape and style, which is what can often cause confusion. A common mistake is to use the mattress size measurements for the required space, but you should always look at individual bed frame dimensions for exact measurements, as they will vary from frame to frame, and almost always be slightly larger than the mattress dimensions.

Most modern beds/mattresses sold in the UK are constructed using imperial dimensions but are generally sold in their approximate metric equivalents:

Bed/Mattress Size

What Are The Benefits Of A King Size Bed Frame

Bed Size Dimensions – What Size Mattress Should You Buy?

The huge width when choosing a king size bed frame means choosing luxury. King size beds are extremely popular with couples who like their own space. When sleeping in a king size bed, rarely will you find your sleeping position affecting your partner since there is ample room for both of you.

An often overlooked feature of king size beds is the length. All its predecessors are all 6 feet 3 inches in length, but a king size has an extra 3 inches on its length, ideal for those people who are above average in height.

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California King Bed Size Guide

Approx. Size: 72 x 83.5 / 6,012 sq in / 41.7 sq ft

Are you 62 or taller? Do your feet hang off the end of your current bed? Do you have a long, narrow master bedroom/sleep space? Do you crave more leg room in the middle of the night? Do you like to sleep with a lot of pillows and find yourself towards the end of the bed at night? Do you have fur babies that like to sleep at the foot of your bed? If you nodded a yes to any of these questions and are looking for a long, narrow sleeping solution with enough room to still spread out on, a California King might be the solution you are looking for.

What Measurements Is A Small Single Bed And Mattress

Small single beds and mattresses are 75cm wide and 190cm long. This is equal to 2 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long in imperial dimensions.

Small singles are designed to fit narrower kids bed frames and guest beds. They are ideal for saving space and for spare rooms.

Recommended for:Young children, small rooms, and guest beds.

See our Small Single Bed Mattress Range

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What Is The Size Difference Between Full And Queen

Full vs. queen size beds are some of the most common choices for adult bedrooms. While a full measures 53 inches by 75 inches, a queen measures 60 inches by 80 inches. Full beds are good for young adults, couples who cuddle in their sleep, and guest rooms, while queen beds are an ideal bed for people who like to sprawl out at night.


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