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Does Costco Have Mattresses In The Store

What Mattress Brands Does Costco Sell

Costco Sealy Posturepedic Performance FIRM Mattress Review 2021

Costco sells a wide variety of brands, including name brands and Costco signature brand mattress options, such as:

  • Drexel Heritage
  • Kirkland Signature

These are only a select handful of the amazing selection available to customers who shop at Costco for their new mattress.

While they dont offer all of these brands instore, they are all available online, so if you want more choices, shop for your new mattress online.

Additionally, you can also read my full guides about the Costco furniture warranty and the Costco appliance installation service.

Does Costco Offer Furniture Financing Plans

The furniture business is infamous for what Clark calls No-No-No plans. These are the kinds of financing options where you put no money down, pay no interest until a certain future date and make no initial payments for a period of time.

You wont find any of this at Costco. While you could put a purchase on your Costco Anywhere Visa or any other Visa credit card and pay it off at the end of the month, theres no traditional financing like youd find at other furniture stores.

Can You Buy Costco Furniture Online

Costco also sells a lot of furniture online, but thats a very separate shopping experience from in-store.

It seems to be for people who dont want to lug stuff home and it tends to be more expensive furniture, Clark says. Its almost a different target buyer than the people who buy the furniture in the store.

While you typically cant buy the stuff you see in the store at, one of the nice perks of buying online is that there are a couple different delivery options:

  • Threshold delivery provides placement inside your front door, garage or first dry area in an unopened box.
  • White glove delivery means the delivery team will provide placement, set-up and removal of packaging materials. This service typically starts at $50.

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What To Look Forward To

Were currently testing mattresses from Puffy, which offers three mattresses: the all-foam Puffy Mattress, the Puffy Lux, and the Puffy Royal. The Lux and Royal are currently available in both foam and hybrid versions, but the company told us the foam versions are being phased out. All Puffy mattresses come with a 101-night trial period and a lifetime warranty. We plan to publish a full review of Puffys offerings, and we will update this guide with our complete impressions.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying At Costco

Can You Return A Mattress To Costco?

Costco is well-known and extremely accessible which in turn leads to many people buy mattresses from Costco.

We thought that it would be useful to provide you with a small guide of what you must know before purchasing a mattress from this brick and mortar store.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the prices of mattresses at Costco vary immensely. Thus, one mattress can $300 while another may be $2000.

Mattresses by themselves can cost an arm and a leg.

You may consequently find many mattresses being old at a much cheaper rate at Costco, as compared to the ones being sold directly by the manufacturer.

If you have enrolled for a membership with Costco, you pay lesser and dont have to pay a surcharge.

The second thing that you must keep in mind is the warranties provided at Costco. Warranties provided there are limited in nature. In that, redeeming them is tricky.

Costco and the retailers decide under what conditions one can use the warranty. Hence not all damage and sagging are covered by the warranty given at Costco.

Next, let us look at how the delivery and shipping system works at Costco. Firstly, shipping above $75 is usually free . However, if your order is below $75, you will have to pay a fee amount. With regards to delivery, Costco provides White glove delivery for bulkier mattresses like the King or California King size beds.

The downside, however, is that if you do not have it, delivery can take several days or even weeks!

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An Unbiased Costco Mattress Review

Costco is more famous for its nation-wide clubs: If you live in America you might even be a member, but Costco is also in the mattress business. Costco offers third-party mattresses. You will have to go and select one from the store because ordering online will mean that you will have to pay 5% extra, plus at a physical Costco location: you have the added benefit of checking out the product firsthand.

Costco offers a wide array of choices from the highly diverse line of queen beds to the more budget choices of carrier adjustable beds. The queen beds prices range from the reasonable $699- to the mind-bogglingly high price point of $1799. The mattresses available at Costco are made using a variety of mattress technologies. They offer an excellent lineup of innerspring, foam hybrids, latex, memory foam hybrid, and simple memory foam.

Costco is host to a whole variety of third-party mattresses that are known for providing comfortable sleep and quality build. A quick trip to the local Costco should yield fruitful return.

No matter which model or make of mattress you decide on buying Buying from Costco is the smart choice.

Better Return / Warranty Deals

There are some customer Costco mattress reviews that talk about the different warranty and exchange / return deals. Thing is, if you buy your mattress at Costco, theres a pretty good chance that these deals are going to be different than those offered by the official providers.

I wont bore you with all of the legalities of the matter. All that you need to know is that you should always double-check the different trial and warranty details if youre buying a mattress from a store, and not from an online provider.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that purchasing mattresses online is definitely a better idea. Of course, that’s as long as you pick high-quality mattresses over the less durable ones. Such mattress providers as Saatva, Layla and Puffy offer free shipping, an amazingprice-quality ratio, and each of them comes with more than a 100-night sleep trial. Sounds like a very good deal, am I right?

Saatva Deal Active Right Now:

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How Long Do Refunds Take From Costco

The length of time for your refund to be processed depends on both the retailer and the card issuer. It also depends on how you returned the mattress. The Costco employee who attends to you could swipe your card and begin the process of reversing the charge right away. That is if you took the unwanted mattress back to the store. Mailing back an item to the retailer will naturally delay the process by the amount of time it takes for the package to arrive.

In general, refunds should appear on your credit card within 30 days of the request.

Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress


The Nest Bedding Hybrid mattress has many unique advantages. The designers of this mattress had sustainability in their minds whilst constructing this mattress.

That was made clear by the presence of a zipper which allows the sleepers to change their feel layer every six months.

Moreover, the mattress is internally divided. Hence, the firmness level provided on each side of the mattress is different.

One side can be plush and the other can be firm/ medium-firm. The Hybrid’s construction also allows for a cool sleep wherein the sleeper feels comfortable and supported.

The mattress has as its material the Energex Temperature Responsive Foam that provides support to the consumer as he/she sleeps at night.


The Nest Alexander Hybrid comes along with a Lifetime warranty. Under Nest’s warranty policy a lot of the damages and sagging are covered. We suggest you check out the nest warranty to know more about what exactly is covered in its warranty.

Unlike Costco, shipping is free and also there is a 100-night trial provided.

As we saw before, Costco may or may not let you take advantage of this trial period whereas if you shop directly from Nest’s website, you will easily be able to avail of this benefit.

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Buying A Mattress In Summer Is Best For Cooling

While buying a new mattress in summer gives you access to the newest range of mattress products from big brands, it has some drawbacks. Since you are buying brand-new, you are paying extra for the privilege. If you want to save money, avoid buying your mattress in summer.

However, if you traditionally sleep hot, buying a mattress in summer is a good way to test out the cooling capabilities of your new bed. It is the hottest time of the year, so you get a good overview as to how well that cooling technology really works.

Does Costco Refund Cash

For the most part, yes. One Costco customer returned an item to the store around $4,000. The customer originally purchased it using their Visa card online, and the store refunded with cash the same day. Stores only process a credit card refund to Costco Amex cards.

According to one customer, you return items bought with a debit card, and your refund may come as a Costco cash card.

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Cons Of Buying A Mattress At Costco:

Potential Alternative Trial Period

Whenever you purchase a mattress from a retailer instead of directly from the brand. You risk running into not getting a trial period. Typically the manufacturer will not give you a trial period, as you did not purchase the item from them. So they do not have any information about your order, when you purchased it, and so on. However, Costco has great customer service and their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program for members, be sure to speak to them about this before you purchase.

Potential Void Warranty from Manufacturer

Make sure you read into the fine print when buying your mattress from Costco. We also suggest contacting the brand/manufacturer directly before making your purchase. Some brands will allow you to register a mattress purchased from Costco in order to get your mattress under their warranty. On the other hand, many companies will not provide any warranty for a mattress that is not purchased directly from them.


There are two issues you may run into with the selection of mattresses at Costco. One is that you may not find nearly as many mattress options in store as you will online. So if you need to shop in store the selection is often rather limited.

Confusing Website Layout
Not Getting to Try Before You Buy
Not Finding Online Reviews

Want a personal recommendation? We have several to choose from. Our Best Mattresses page offers several great options along with amazing coupons for the best savings too.

This Is How Return Policy On A Mattress Bought At Costco

Best Mattresses at Costco Worth Considering in 2021

With the financial difficulties many families are dealing with at the moment, most people tend to prefer to do their shopping in the most affordable places. And one of them is Costco. However, and even though there are other companies where you can shop, the truth is that Costco has a unique characteristic that makes everyone come back the Costco return policy on mattress.

When you are thinking about buying a mattress, while you can do it online, some people prefer to go to the physical store instead. This way, they can try out the mattress multiple times and they already know what they can expect from it in case they decide to buy it.

Discover the best memory foam mattresses on the market for 2018.

One of the problems with mattresses that most people dont know about is that it may take more time to notice the deficiencies. Sometimes, it can take months until you notice that you are starting to wake up with back pain, that the mattress is not leveled anymore, that is beginning to be or look worn, among others. So, what can you do? What is the Costco mattress return policy?

The truth is that the Costco mattress return policy is one of the best in the world. For starters, you have two different ways to return your mattress: you can either visit directly at any Costco warehouse or you can simply give them a call and ask for their assistance to return the mattress via United Parcel Service. But there is still another way.

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How Much Can You Save When Costco Mattresses Go On Sale

When a mattress goes on sale, Costco will price the discount according to how badly they want rid of it. The most they tend to take off is around 15-20%, which could lead to massive savings if you are buying a luxury mattress. This means you could get a bigger bed for your money. While you are there, keep in mind that you can purchase adjustable bed frames from Costco, too.

Why You Should Trust Us

We published our first foam-mattress guide in 2016, and weve been testing and adding new mattresses to it ever since. As Wirecutters senior staff writer for sleep, I visit mattress factories, stores, showrooms, and trade shows on a regular basis. And I talk frequently with expertsboth in the mattress industry and in materials sciencein order to better understand what makes a quality mattress. Ive pored over good-quality online owner reviews to look for feedback trends. Ive read the fine print concerning the warranties and return policies of each of our picks. And Ive checked in with staffers who happen to own some of our picks to see how the mattresses perform in the real world. Ive also slept on most of our contenders for at least a week in my own apartment.

This guide builds on the work of Kevin Purdy, who, as a Wirecutter senior staff writer, spent two years testing about a dozen mattresses, including trying them out in our Los Angeles office and sleeping on them for a month at a time in his home. Weve since tested our current picks against new contenders, with dozens of testing-panel participants in 2018, 2019, and 2020. In fall 2020, associate staff writer Justin Redman researched and tested several additional mattresses for this guide.

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What Is The Return Policy On Costco Furniture

Costco is known to have one of the most generous return policies in retail. You can basically return anything, at any time with some limited exceptions.

That means you could buy a piece of furniture and if it doesnt work out for whatever reason whether its how the piece fits in with your existing decor or the quality of the furniture itself you can return it no questions asked.

When Is Costcos Semi


Costco has two primary furniture events each year: One that starts after the Fourth of July and one just before Christmas.

If you want first pick of the great deals, get used to checking your local warehouse club around and because thats generally when the semi-annual sales begin.

You can also buy furniture from Costco year-round on Costcos website .

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Should You Buy A Mattress At Costco

We love Costco for their great discounts on products we know and love. Whether you are shopping in store or online, you are likely to find a quality mattress for a great price. We will note that if you are hunting for a mattress at Costco that it will be helpful if you already know the type of mattress you are hunting for, and what the standard price would be for that item.

This way you know for sure that you are getting a great deal. So make sure you do your homework to ensure you will still get a great warranty, or whether or not you could get a better deal direct from the Mattress Brand or with one of our coupons. It truly depends on which mattress you are looking at in order to determine which direction to go in order to get the best deal possible.

If you are looking for a personal recommendation, we are here to help. Head over to our Contact Us page and tell us what it is youre looking for. We would be happy to help you find it.

Where Do Costco Returns Go

Costco returns sort into two categories:

  • Unopened and unused merchandise that can be put back on the shelf. These items go back to the sales floor.
  • Used or damaged merchandise. These are moved to the Return to Vendor department . Some of these items go back to the vendor, and Costco may or may not get full or partial credit for it.

Some of the returned items may go to companies that buy defective merchandise. They refurbish it and resell it. Others sell it as it is. These items do not go back to Costcos sale floor as they have a strict vetting process for the things they sell.

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What Are The Differences Between The Casper Original And Casper Select

The Casper Select had far more edge support than the Casper Original.

The Casper Original is made of three foam layers and measures 11 inches tall. According to a PR spokesperson, the Original has cooling features that aim to prevent you from overheating at night. However, in my experience it wasnt the coolest. It wasnt terribly warm, but I wouldnt say its cooler than any of the other mattresses weve tested either.


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