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Can I Put A Mattress On The Floor

Memory Foam Mattresses Are Not Built For Floor Sleeping

WHY I SLEEP ON THE FLOOR | Japanese Futons

You probably want to steer clear of memory foam and foam as it tends to trap more moisture. Think of the mattresses with spaces and pockets of air underneath. It is going to collect water, but it will collect it far less efficiently than memory foam.

Memory foam will create an almost watertight seal between the ground and the mattresses. The moisture underneath will not be able to breathe or evaporate, which creates the more dangerous types of mold and fungus that typically damages human health when breathed in.

Exposure To Cold Air While Youre Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor

After a night on the floor, you are probably aware that it is colder on the floor. This is especially true if your mattress is on something like a concrete slab/floor or hardwood floor. It is simple physics the cold air settles lower down and hot air rises.

The room reaches equilibrium with a cold layer on the bottom, moderate air in the middle, and warm air near the ceiling. When you sleep on the floor, you are lying in a cold area.

Risks Of Laying A Mattress On The Floor

  • Dust particles collect near the floor due to gravity and move around with free-flowing air. If you are sleeping lower to the ground then you have higher chances of breathing in this contaminated dust and air. For those allergic to dust, this may be an option to avoid.
  • Insects like spiders, ants, and many other kinds of common bugs found around the home are more present in many parts of the world compared to others. By bringing yourself closer to the floor gives them a chance to climb in and get onto the mattress. This should be a serious concern unless you like sharing your bed with creepy crawlies.
  • In many places within Asia and Australia snakes are also known to enter bedrooms throughout the day or night, so again, increasing your risk of coming into closer contact with potentially dangerous reptiles.
  • Many locations around the globe have humid weather conditions. Mattresses continually kept on ground level can develop mold and mildew due to lack of proper ventilation. This can be a significant health and hygiene threat. Increased mold and mildew on a mattress will also drastically reduce the longevity of its life.
  • Weather elements such as cold and heat get direct contact with you if you are sleeping on the mattress at floor level. Cold places naturally have cold floors, and the cold can get transmitted to your body and make you ill. It is also known that cold air movement is concentrated near the ground. Hot climates can also pose similar threats.

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Advantages Of Placing Your Mattress On The Floor

Though there are some advantages to putting your mattress on the floor, you still need to keep a couple of things in mind. For instance, some mattresses may be better suited to use on the floor than others. Typically, air mattresses are the best for the floor since they are designed to maximize comfort for extra guests. Innerspring mattresses are also a good choice because they provide good airflow to your bed.

Now lets take a look at some of the pros of putting your mattress on the floor.

The Verdict: Putting A Mattress On The Floor

Can You Put Your Mattress Directly on the Floor ...

Yes, you can put your mattress on the floor, just remain cognizant of the problems it may cause and the potential health risks. With that point made, there are a few good arguments for having your mattress on the floor for a short period of time.

Still, having your mattress on the floor permanently seems like an overall not-great idea. Over time, try to find a way to elevate your mattress, with a bed frame or another device, so that you are off the floor, and so that air can flow freely under your mattress.

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Hard To Get Out Of Bed

This is especially important to note for seniors or anyone with chronic pain or mobility issues: Getting out of bed is more difficult when your mattress is on the floor.

Additionally, sleeping on the floor increases the risk of losing ones balance or falling in the process of getting up from the floor.

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress


  • Thickness: 12.5 inches
  • Warranty: 10 Year

Latex foam and construction really is a leader in durability and air flow, and this particular mattress is no exception. The top three inches of this foam construct is highly breathable with thousands of air channels to help keep the air moving. It is also covered with a highly breathable bamboo fiber cover, which also has good moisture wicking and heat pulling properties. This may be one of the top choices for floor mattress placement yet simply due to this fact.

  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Dont be fooled by the low profile of the Aveline Mattress. This gel-infused memory foam creation has surprisingly good airflow and cooling for a less expensive, thinner mattress. Typically more layers equal a certain amount of extra room to allow any retained heat or moisture to release without causing damage to the materials. But this thinner choice does well, and maybe the perfect choice for anyone resting their mattress on the floor, albeit knowing it will not be a long term- and not willing to spend outside their budget or purchase anything that may not have used once a more traditional bed system is set up.

  • Thickness: 13 inch
  • Warranty: 20 Year
  • Thickness: 13 inch
  • Warranty: 15 Year

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Should Mattresses Be Placed Directly On The Floor

When you buy a new mattress, you will have to make the decision of whether to use a box spring, a foundation, a slatted bed frame, or to simply place your mattress on the floor. There are pros and cons to each approach, and the best option will depend on the type of mattress you have.

Many people prefer the simplicity of placing their mattress on the floor. This is the most affordable route but its not always a good idea. Most mattresses can be put directly on the floor, but whether or not they should be is another question entirely.

Most mattresses can be placed on the floor. However, there are some significant downsides to this approach:

  • It may void your warranty be sure to check the manufacturers instructions and warranty terms
  • It may result in mildew or mold, particularly in warm or humid environments
  • It restricts airflow around the mattress, which can cause it to feel uncomfortably warm
  • It makes it easier for insects, including bed bugs, to gain access to the mattress
  • It can lead to an increase in dust and dust mite accumulation in the mattress
  • It may make it more awkward to get in and out of bed

With that said, there are some benefits as well. The most significant is that you can save money. A typical bed frame or foundation might cost you $150-$300 or more. Placing your mattress directly on the floor eliminates this cost.

Floor Sleeping And Mattress Warranties

Montessori Floor Bed & Our Experience

Before you decide to place your mattress on the floor, its important to consult your mattress warranty. Some warranties specify that the mattress be placed on some sort of foundation. Some even lay out what types are permitted, including the number of legs and slat measurements. Placing your mattress on the floor could void your warranty warranty.

Its also important to note that even if your warranty doesnt mention anything about specific foundations, other issues can arise from placing your mattress on the floor. If the lack of airflow leads to moisture and/or mold problems, that can also void your warranty.

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Cons Of Putting Your Mattress On The Floor

Keeping your floor mattress clean is of the utmost importance. Also keep in mind that certain types of sleepers arent able to get as comfortable on the floor.

You want to be happy with how your room looks when you walk into it every day, so if you dont like how a mattress looks on the floor, floor sleeping probably isnt for you.


Its important to be meticulous about vacuuming and mopping the areas around and under your mattress to avoid a buildup of dust or mold.

Increased Longevity

A solid foundation prevents any sagging that may happen naturally over an extended period of time. Having a foundation extends your mattresses comfort longevity.


Creating a cleaning routine is essential to avoid being exposed to unsavory creatures like dust mites and bed bugs.

Lack of Airflow

With no space for air to flow underneath the mattress, excessive body heat and sweat can get trapped in the bed, which increases the chance of mold. Airflow can also keep the mattress cooler at night.

The Look

Critics of sleeping on the floor might say the look is rough and unfinished, while advocates of the practice might appreciate the simplicity.

Optimal Height

Foundations lift the mattress from the ground to add some height, which makes getting in and out of bed easier.

How Should I Prepare To Put My Mattress On The Floor

You never want to place a mattress on a dirty floor, so its good to do a deep clean of the floor thats going to be directly under and immediately around your mattress. Vacuum, dust, and scrub thoroughly to ensure any lingering mold spores or hiding bed bugs and dust mites are removed before you lay your mattress down. Its also a good idea to get a quality mattress protector to help protect your mattress from dust, bugs, and moisture in case you wind up skimping on the cleaning for a little too long.

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Relieve Back Pain While Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor

You are going to read a lot of different opinions on whether sleeping on the floor is better for your back. Based on some expert claims you should sleep on your front, your back, your side, on memory foam, on a hard surface and/or on a memory foam mattress, but the fact is that your own preference takes precedent.

Your preference takes precedence because you know your own body and you know your own pain. You have probably woken up on regular mattresses and felt excruciating pain because it feels like your bottom was incorrectly positioned like you were sat in a slowly sinking pothole. You know that your elbows hurt, but your back doesnt, when you sleep on your side. Or, maybe you are the opposite, maybe you cannot handle a hard mattress and need something soft that carefully cups the contours of your body.

What you choose should be based on your sleeping preference and comfort, but some people are really going to benefit from sleeping on a mattress on a flooring, even if it is only for a temporary amount of time.

Designing A Lower Bedroom

Can You Put a Mattress Directly on a Floor?

Minimalist decorating schemes embrace the notion of designing a bedroom around a bed that’s close to the floor. Other furnishings such as nightstands and dressers should match that low profile with a low horizontal shape, and long vertical wall hangings help emphasize the room’s spacious visual contours. In keeping with a minimalist theme, avoid cluttering the room with excess furnishings — which means leaving the box spring and mattress on the floor is a good fit for young people who are just starting out.


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Pros Of Putting Your Mattress On The Floor

People continue to report that they genuinely benefit from making the switch to the floor for a number of reasons, from new aesthetics to inspire change and motivation, to increased comfort.

Back Pain Relief

Some people say that sleeping on the floor firms up their mattress and helps with back pain caused by a sagging mattress. There are a bunch of ways to make your mattress firmer without having to put it on the floor.


Sleeping with your mattress on the floor is generally a comfort and aesthetics thing. Thats the main benefit for most people, and thats totally up to personal preference.


Sometimes, the only reason people choose to change up their sleeping preferences or where they place their mattress is a simple wish to change up their bedroom. A lot of people dig the low-to-the-ground look.


If you choose to sleep with your mattress, whether its memory foam or an innerspring mattress, directly on the floor, youll save yourself some money. But take a look at the cons before making that choice.

Is There Anything Wrong With Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor

Its a simple question really. Most people, when they think of a bed, think of the entire bundle, including the mattress itself, the box-spring, and finally the frame. But are all of those components really necessary? Can you place the mattress directly on the ground and sleep this way, and more importantly is it safe?

A simple question deserves a simple answer, so yes, in most circumstances, youre perfectly free to put your mattress on the floor if you so choose, and in most circumstances, its perfectly safe.

Some cultures are even accustomed to sleeping directly on the ground, so placing a mattress there isnt really a huge issue but there are a few concerns to keep in mind if youre thinking of doing away with your box-spring and frame.

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Use A Mattress Protector

Always use a mattress protector with your mattress regardless of whether it is on a bed frame or not. Your mattress is particularly vulnerable to germs and dust on the ground, making it even more vital to use a protector. It shields your mattress from sweat buildup, dirt, stains, and any potentially harmful bacteria.

Just make sure you choose the right mattress protector size, with dimensions that provide adequate coverage.

It Can Improve Your Overall Health

Should You Sleep On The Floor Instead Of A Bed Or Mattress For Back Pain Relief & Better Sleep?

Sleeping on the floor is not only beneficial for your respiratory system, but it is also good for your blood circulation. Besides this, it will reduce your neck and back pain and the risk of developing scoliosis as using a solid ground beneath the mattress may prove to be a better option than placing it on a traditional box spring. The floor will improve the overall support of your mattress and help keep your body properly aligned.

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Difficulty Getting In And Out Of Bed

If youre older, have joint pain, or have a disability that limits your mobility, putting your mattress on the floor can make it harder to get in and out of bed. The beds low profile requires more flexibility and strength when youre lying down on it or standing up from it, simply because youve got to move your body farther than youd have to with a standard-height bed.

If youre not able to support yourself getting up and down, laying your mattress on the floor can increase your likelihood of a fall or other accidental injury. Even a bed frame can feel too low for some sleepers with movement difficulties, and they may need a set of bed risers for more comfortable mornings.

What Types Of Flooring Are Best To Put A Mattress On

Its usually best to put your mattress on a hard floor. However, not just any old hard floor will do. Finished surfaces like treated hardwoods, tiles, polished concrete, and similar flooring are best to put your mattress on because they offer the most support and stability and dont retain as much moisture as linoleum or unfinished plywood.

Its generally better to avoid putting your mattress directly on a carpeted floor, as carpet can increase the odds of mold growth and musty smells. So if you have carpet, make sure to lay a bunky board, rubber mat, or some other type of barrier between it and your mattress. Also watch out for older hardwood floors, since these might be untreated or at least less-effectively treated. Loose boards can also provide better hiding places for pests.

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D& d Futon Furniture Tri Fold

Made in the USA, the black tri fold foam bed is, in essence, a no-frills yet sturdy and reliable portable mattress that can help support your back and promotes healthy sleep. Like most of the others here it too is foldable which allows for maximum space-saving when not in use, but unlike the two LUCIDs above it cannot be used as a chair bed. Made of 100% polyester, it doesnt match the quality of some memory foam counterparts reviewed here but at this price is certainly suffice for the occasional camping trip or use as a temporary guest bed.

Potential Problems Of Placing Your Mattress On The Floor

Can You Put a Mattress Directly on a Floor?

You may run into some issues if you decide to sleep with your mattress on the ground, such as pests and bugs infiltrating your sleeping space. Though there are some advantages, most of them are outweighed by the negatives. Below, well take a look at how some of the drawbacks can permanently damage your mattress.

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