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Where Do Leesa Mattresses Ship From

Whos The Purple Mattress Best For

Leesa Mattress Review – Taking A Look At The Updated Bed

Backside sleepers: The Purple Grid buckles at deeper body components in a means that provides great body alignment for the back and side sleepers. For comparable possibilities, see the top mattresses for back sleepers.

Hot sleepers: The best gel grid has over 1,800 air stations which encourage breathability across the Purples surface. This deficiency of warmth retention is excellent for those that frequently wake up hot or sweaty.

Individuals with back pain or body aches:The Purples specific surface enables you to feel as though youre weightless. Even weight reduction means less pain in stress points and healthy spinal alignment, which may help alleviate aches and pains.

Studio By Leesa Mattress

Leesa’s most affordable mattress yet, the Studio is a no-frills option made for the average sleeper. Its three layers of memory foam provide pressure relief, support and cradling, so it’s great for side, stomach and back sleepers alike.

The Studio by Leesa is the least expensive mattress the brand offers. Its an all-foam mattress thats an inch thinner than the original Leesa. Both mattresses are medium-firm and show good motion isolation. However, our team felt that the Studio was somewhat lacking in edge support.

For budget shoppers, you cant beat the price of the Studio. Its lower price also makes it a great option for kids or young couples. Heavyweight sleepers should probably find a mattress firmer than either the Studio or original Leesa mattress, as they may sink in too deeply to sleep comfortably.

See our full Studio by Leesa Mattress Review to learn more.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Mattress

Theres no set price for shipping a mattress however, you can expect it to cost at least $300. For heavier or longer moves, the price may be two to three times that amount. The actual price will be determined by a handful of variables that include:

  • How far the mattress is being shipped
  • The size of the mattress
  • The dimensions of the mattress
  • How quickly it needs to arrive

As you would anticipate, the price increases with mattress size, shipping distance, and expedited delivery.

Beyond the base price of just getting the mattress from one place to another, there are other charges to consider when penciling out the total cost of shipping a mattress. Some of these ancillary costs include:

  • The price of any packing materials including a box, tape, and material to wrap and protect the mattress.
  • Insurance that offers protection in case your mattress becomes lost or damaged in-transit. Insurance isnt required, but if your mattress is worth enough to justify the shipping cost, it may make sense to have insurance just in case.

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Leesa Mattress

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Are you thinking about buying the Leesa mattress or have you already bought one but still have a few questions?

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Leesa mattress warranty, shipping, construction, returns and care.

If you have any other question that I have not answered in the FAQs, feel free to ask in the comments below or read our in-depth Leesa mattress review.

How Does The Leesa Hybrid Mattress Feel

The Leesa Original Mattress Review

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is extremely firm, the Leesa Hybrid Mattress rates close to the middle at a 6 . This rating means the Leesa Hybrid Mattress is good for a wide variety of individuals, providing support for side, stomach, and back sleepers.

The responsive, individually wrapped spring coils give this mattress a supportive and responsive feel, preventing sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress while providing bounce. Thanks to the Leesa Hybrids three-layer comfort and transition system, sleepers should also experience a gentle pressure-relieving hug for added comfort.

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Free Shipping And Returns

With Leesa, shipping is free, and your new mattress will arrive in just three to seven business days via UPS ground. Does Leesa ship free to Alaska and Hawaii? YES! It does. This is a great benefit for residents of these two states, where free shipping isnt always a given. Many other mattress companies that offer free shipping have a caveat for Alaska and Hawaii. This policy beats out several competitors which charge for shipping to these states, including Casper, Nectar, and GhostBed. There is one thing that customers in Alaska and Hawaii should know: You still benefit from the 100-day free trial, but there is a $100 fee for returns.

Does The Leesa Sleep Cool


The Leesa sleeps cooler than the average all-foam mattress. Foam mattresses have little room for airflow and are known for trapping heat. This is particularly true of memory foam mattresses. However, the breathable cover and fairly low-density memory foam used in the Leesa mitigate heat retention to some extent.

If you tend to sleep hot you might find the Leesa uncomfortable. However, its a viable option for hot sleepers who have their heart set on an all-foam mattress.

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A Look At The Leesa Mattress

The 100% American-made Leesa mattress is available in 6 sizes ranging from Twin to California King. It is comprised of 3 layers of adaptable foam designed to provide core strength, pressure relief, cooling, and bounce. The layers are:

  • Avena foam: This 2 top layer is an alternative to latex foam and creates a cooler sleep.
  • Memory foam: The next 2 layer provides support and pressure relief, and adapts to all body shapes and sizes.
  • Dense core support: The final 6 layer adds strength and structure.
  • All layers are breathable so the mattress will not absorb excess heat.

    Other features include:

    • Cover: The Leesa mattress has a unique cover cut from a single piece of fabric that wraps the entire mattress. The fabric is fairly thick and is constructed from a poly-lycra blend that wears well.
    • Frame compatibility: The mattress is designed to feel best when sitting on a firm, flat surface solid or slatted bases are recommended rather than traditional box springs. If using a slatted base, Leesa recommends that the slats be no more than 3 apart.
    • Certification: In addition to the hypo-allergenic quality of Avena foam, it is also CertiPUR-US®-certified.

    Will You Love Leesa

    Leesa Mattress Review (NEW MODEL)

    You know I cant answer that for you, because everyone is different. Yes, I love it and cant stand sleeping on anything else anymore, but I cant guarantee youll feel the same way. That said, this is where the Leesa 100 night trial shines. If you hate it and tried it out for at least 30 days, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

    If youre in need of a new mattress or want to upgrade your sleep quality, I think Leesa is a great place to start.

    If youre ready to get your own Leesa, .

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    Support And Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

    Back Sleepers

    If youre a back sleeper, you need proper support for your spine and neck. The Leesa mattress more than delivers on this quality with a medium-firm firmness level, this bed does a great job of supporting your back and maintaining spine alignment for lightweight and average-weight sleepers. Because this is a firmermemory foam bed, you get that firmness sweet spot of just enough cushioning combined with durable support.

    This might work for some heavyweight back sleepers, but a firmer mattress might help ensure larger folks get the support they need as they sleep on their backs. For other protective mattresses that distribute the weight of the body evenly, see the best mattress for back sleepers.

    Stomach Sleepers

    Stomach sleepers require a mattress that supports and elevates their hips in order to prevent any sinkage that could cause the spine to curve. They also need a bed that keeps pressure off of their chest and shoulders. Luckily for lightweight to average-weight sleepers, this memory foam bed provides just support to keep the spine aligned, while also contouring to your curves so you feel well-supported and comfortable throughout the night.

    Heavyweightstomach sleepers will probably want a firmer mattress to make sure their hips stay elevated. Check out the best mattress for stomach sleepers for the most supportive mattresses.

    Side Sleepers

    Combination Sleepers

    NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you?

    Body Type:

    Does It Sleep Cool


    The Leesa Hybrid Mattress rates well in terms of temperature regulation, providing sleepers with a cool nights sleep. The unique top comfort layer of hole-punched foam allows cooling air circulation so that body heat can escape. The coil core is also highly breathable, further promoting heat dissipation.

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    Sleeping Style And Body Weight

    Side Sleepers: Side sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds should find the Studio by Leesa very comfortable. The memory foam layer conforms closely and deliver ample cushioning for the shoulders and hips, which in turn can promote even spinal alignment and reduce pressure points throughout the body. Thanks to the beds medium firm feel, excessive sinkage along the torso and waist should not be an issue. These individuals should also feel secure sleeping near the edges of the mattress.

    Side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds will probably sink a bit more. The transitional and base layers still provide good overall support, but more sinkage and added pressure may occur around areas where they carry a disproportionate amount of weight. A firmer mattress may be more comfortable for these sleepers, especially if its support layers are made from steel coils.

    Back Sleepers: The Studio by Leesa is a good option for back sleepers weighing 230 pounds or less. For many back sleepers, the ideal mattress offers a balance of body-contouring and support. This ensures pressure relief in sensitive areas and minimal sinkage. Thanks to its medium firm feel and even conforming throughout the body, the Studio by Leesa should alleviate pressure for these back sleepers while maintaining a flat, even surface.

    Under 130 lbs.

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    What Is The Leesa Made Of

    Leesa: Mattresses Done in Style
    Cover Material

    The Leesa has a soft polyester cover woven in a twill weave and decorated with Leesas classic four-stripe motif.

    Comfort Layers

    Leesa has changed the top layer of foam several times since originally releasing its mattress. The current iteration is a 2-inch layer of polyfoam with a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot and an indentation load deflection of 13, which is quite soft. This layer is designed to dissipate heat and provide some bounce.

    The second comfort layer contains 2 inches of memory foam with an ILD of 9 and a density of 3 PCF, which is considered low to medium density. Memory foam has exceptional contouring abilities, and this layer provides the pressure-relieving hug that people traditionally associate with a memory foam mattress. Due to its lower density, this foam has a slightly faster response to pressure than traditional memory foam and wont trap as much heat.

    Support Core

    The Leesa has a 6-inch high-density polyfoam support core, which is fairly standard for an all-foam mattress. The polyfoam has a density of 1.8 PCF and is quite firm, with an ILD of 32. This layer provides the support needed to keep your spine aligned.

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    Get Quotes And Gather Information

    Some sites will tell you that the first step is to get your mattress boxed up, but thats a recipe for disaster. After all, you probably want to keep sleeping on it right up until you have arranged all the shipping details.

    For that reason, your first big step is to get quotes from shipping companies. By getting a quote first, you can make sure it fits your budget and truly determine whether shipping makes sense in your case.

    With most companies, you can get quotes either online or over the phone. To get the most accurate quote, use this checklist to make sure you have all the relevant information handy:

    • The pickup address
    • The destination address
    • The length, width, and height of the mattress
    • The weight of the mattress
    • The date for pickup or drop-off
    • The date when you need the mattress delivered

    The best way to get the dimensions of your mattress is to measure it at home. If you dont have a tape measure, you can get an estimate for length and width based on the standard mattress sizes.

    Mattress Size
    85 to 125 pounds

    In general, all-foam mattresses are the lightest while all-latex and hybrid mattresses weigh more. If you know the brand and model of your bed, you can contact the manufacturer or look on their website to see if a specific weight is listed.

    If youre going to ship your bed frame, make sure to account for its added size and weight when you are compiling this information for the quote.

    There are a number of companies that you can contact for a shipping quote:

    Package And Box Your Mattress

    Once youre ready to prepare your mattress for shipping, the first thing to do is strip the bed completely. If youre mailing the frame, take it apart and store all the small parts together.

    Before putting the mattress in a box, you want to protect it. You can do that with a mattress encasement, also known as a mattress protector, although this comes with an added cost. You can also use shrink wrap or bubble wrap.

    The next step is to put the mattress into a cardboard box. If theres open space around the mattress, fill it with packing foam. Once the mattress is securely in the box, tape the box shut, making sure to secure all flaps and corners.

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    Edge Support And Ease Of Movement

    In addition to bounce, couples should also consider edge support and ease of movement. Edge support in a mattress measures how well the perimeter holds up under pressure, especially when you sit or sleep near the edge of the bed. The more support a bed has around the perimeter, the easier it is to get in and out of bed. It increases the usable surface area of the bed and prevents sagging over time.

    Foam mattresses are often lacking when it comes to edge support, especially when compared to hybrid models. The Leesa and Casper mattresses are similarly rated in this category. The Leesa mattress sinks in along the edges, especially when sitting on the edge of the bed. This is most noticeable to those who weigh more than 230 pounds.

    The thicker support core and profile of the Casper mattress give it a slight advantage, though the foam layers still compress under pressure. Again, this is most noticeable for people who weigh more than 230 pounds when sitting on the edge of the bed. Those who weigh less should still feel supported when sleeping near the edge.

    Ease of movement indicates how well the mattress facilitates changing positions. Not only does ease of movement make a mattress better for sex, but it also makes it better for combination sleepers who shift positions throughout the night.

    Test A Mattress For More Than 15 Minutes

    Leesa Mattress Review | 3 Things You Need To Know (MUST WATCH)

    If you can, lay on several mattresses for a period of time in a variety of your sleeping positions, and see if you have any discomfort, Schreiber suggests.

    If you do, it may get worse over time, making that particular mattress not the best match for your needs, he says. Make sure to take your time and think of it as an investment, as your health depends on it.

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    How Do I Return The Leesa Mattress

    Leesa mattress returns are super easy.

    As long as youve slept on the mattress for at least 30 nights you can contact customer support to initiate the return process.

    Thats all you need to do. You dont have to put the mattress back into the box or ship it back to them.

    They will arrange how to pick it up from your home.

    How To Purchase A Leesa Mattress

    Leesa is a bed-in-a-box mattress that can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. If you want to try one out, they have several showrooms in New York and Virginia Beach, VA. You can also test one out at some Pottery Barns and West Elm stores throughout the United States. Being an online retailer keeps costs down and eliminates the middleman. Just choose your mattress, pay, and wait for it to arrive.

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    How Does The Leesa Sleep

    My wife fell in love with the mattress from the very first night, but it took me about a week to get comfortable and adjust to the mattress. Ive read that some people take time to adjust to a new mattress, and apparently Im one of them. Because of this initial adjustment period I was a bit skeptical of my new Leesa, but Im glad I was patient because now I love this thing.

    After sleeping on the mattress for over 4 months, here are the main observations:

    All in all, its been nothing but a positive experience with our Leesa. So much so that whenever we go out of town we always find ourselves saying how much we miss our mattress. And damn near every night after I lay down I mumble Oh my gosh I love this mattress as it gently cradles me. No kidding.

    Other Beds From Leesa

    Leesa Mattress Reviews and Ratings

    You should know, there are other beds from Leesa. At a high level, there are three big differences between the three Leesa mattresses: price, construction, and firmness level. Leesa mattress reviews tend to be positive, but you might find that one suits your needs more than the others.

    • Leesa vs Leesa Hybrid

      The formerly-called Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress, now just Leesa Hybrid, has increased edge support while still keeping a neutral foam feel. You end up laying more on top of Leesas hybrid beds, whereas the Original Leesa mattress allows you to sink in a little more. The hybrid versions will cost more.

    • Leesa vs Leesa Legend

      The Leesa Legend bed is a luxury-tier mattress. It has two layers of pocket coils for extra support for heavier individuals. It is also a lot more expensive than the original all-foam Leesa mattress.

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