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What’s The Average Life Of A Mattress

How Long Does The Average Mattress Last And Why

The Anatomy of a Mattress: Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe

If you want to know how long does the average mattress last, it can be around five to ten years. Remember that mattresses vary in materials and how users sleep and maintain them, and you can find out more below why our mattresses last a specific period.

Well also discuss the mattress type that lasts the longest and if using an old mattress has negative effects. So without further ado, lets get started.

Signs Its Time To Replace Your Mattress

Mattresses dont last forever, but how do you know when its time to replace yours?

Waking up with back pain? Yeah, its time

Though every mattress has a different lifespan depending on the material, manufacturer and usage, the average lifespan of a mattress is about 10 years. Of course, you can continue sleeping on a mattress much longer than that , but sleeping on a worn-out mattress can have real consequences on your sleep quality and overall health.

If you find yourself wondering why you cant fall asleep or why your back hurts so much when you wake up, its probably time for a new mattress.

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress is one of the things that affect the quality of your sleep. You need to find a good mattress if you want to enjoy your rest. Memory foam is among the most popular type of mattresses out there. By the way, you should keep in mind that there is a difference between memory foam and gel foam.

One of the things that anybody would wantto know when buying a new mattress is how long it would last. Specifically, thelifespan of a mattress is one factor that you should consider when you aregoing to shop for one. Since we are talking about memory foam mattresses, whatis their life expectancy?

Generally, a memory foam mattress will lastfor around 10 or more years, but that is based on some factors. Worry notbecause we are here to discuss those factors for you. Lets get going.

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Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

Without the protection of a mattress protector, dust mites and other allergens can accumulate inside your mattress over time, even with proper cleaning and care. Bed bugs can happen at any time, and are extremely hard to remove. If youve tried DIY methods for getting rid of the infestation and it doesnt seem to be going away, its time for a new mattress.

Is A New Mattress Worth It

Average Mattress Lifespan

Is getting a night of good sleep worth it? is what you should be asking yourself. Sleeping on a worn-out mattress likely means losing out on precious hours of rest and recovery. You might wake up with a sore back, a stiff neck, or a headache. Perhaps you find that you feel sluggish because you didnt get a full nights rest.

Buying a new, high-quality mattress means that youre investing in a good nights sleep for many years to come.

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Your Weight Has Changed

If you are significantly heavier or lighter than you were when you first got your mattress, it may no longer be the right match for you.

If you have gained weight, then obviously you are putting more stress on your mattress, and signs of wear and tear are likely to show up sooner, and you may be at risk of developing indentations or sagging.

You also may not be getting the same support you once were if you now sink deeper into the mattress and bottom out on the denser transition or support foam layers.

If you have lost a lot of weight, your mattress may begin to feel firmer, and may not be as conforming to your body you may feel youre sleeping more on top of the bed and not feel as much pressure relief or support anymore.

Whether its gone up or down, any significant change in body weight should be a sign you need to re-evaluate your mattress.

Spend A Little More Money

Although there are clear exceptions to this rule, spending a little bit more money can often imply that the mattress will hold up for longer periods of time.

As we mentioned above, though, there are also various other factors to keep in mind.

If you are serious about extending the average life of a mattress, though, spending a little more money might be the best choice.

The main problem that people have when confronted with this issue is the lack of funds.

If you are short on your budget, be sure to consider how you use the bed and take good care of it.

This way, you can still get an affordable bed and put it to good use.

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Signs You May Be Ready For A Mattress Upgrade

If you forgot how long youve had your mattress and are looking for signs you need a new mattress, we have you covered. While there is no set expiration date stamped on your mattress, there are ways to tell if your bed might be ready for an upgrade.4

Take a moment and make a note if youve been experiencing any of the following:

  • Not sleeping well
  • Sleeping better at hotels or in guest beds
  • Your bed sags or fails to feel supportive
  • Waking with aches and pains
  • Tossing and turning
  • Noticing your partners movements throughout the night
  • Allergies or asthma symptoms after time spent in bed

If youve felt two or more of these, then your mattress might be the culprit.

Your Mattress Is Saggy

09 What is the average life span of a wash n go/finger coil? Part One

Mattresses are usually made from cotton, foam, wool fiber, or other similar materials, which will naturally soften. Through the years, however, softening leads to sagging, and sagging leads to loss of shape. Now, this may not be very noticeable, especially if its the only bed youve been sleeping on for most of the time.

But sleeping on a mattress full of lumps and indentations will definitely take its toll. Youll likely toss and turn, only to wake up feeling sore, stiff, and still tired.

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What Makes A Mattress The Best

The best mattresses should provide an excellent balance of comfort, support, motion isolation and breathability. The TempurPedic Cloud mattress is the best foam mattress because it provides excellent air circulation and excellent movement isolation. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is the best hybrid mattress with excellent edge support and motion isolation.

Dont Eat Or Drink On The Bed

When you using your bed, remember that this is the last place to eat food or consume beverages.

Although you will often not make a mess, one mistake and/or spill can have very drastic consequences.

Next time you are in bed drinking wine with your significant other, remember the potential consequences of doing so.

Try to drink wine outside of your bed, and avoid breakfast in bed.

These things may be an inconvenience at times, but also end up saving your mattress from disaster.

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How Long Do Tempur

In general, innerspring mattresses last the longest, and memory foam mattresses are the least resilient over time. Hybrid mattresses, like Tempur-Pedic mattresses, fall in the middle, depending on the quality of construction and materials. According to buyer reviews and data, as well as representatives at Tempur-Pedic, the average Tempur-Pedic mattress should last roughly 10 years. The Pro and Luxe models in their collections may last an additional 2-5 years or more. The new TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress may last 7-8 years.

Tempur-Pedic backs their mattresses with a 10-year Full Replacement Limited Warranty, which entitles you to free replacement or repair for ten years from the purchase date provided the mattress was purchased from an authorized retailer and the conditions of the warranty have been upheld.

Certain factors affect the expected lifespan of a Tempur-Pedic mattress such as the body size and shape of the users, sleep position, frequency of use, support structure, how well the mattresses are cared for and cleaned, the environment , and use of a mattress pad or a mattress protector.

How Often Do You Need To Change An Innerspring Mattress

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

Innerspring mattresses are oftentimes the most affordable option. You might be tempted to go for one yourself, however, this is false economy, because springs wear down faster than other materials. This means that your mattress will start to sag quicker, wont offer the needed spinal support and will need replacement in no time.

Most pocket spring or innerspring mattresses only last around four to six years. There are some higher-quality models on the market that use better quality wire and construction design and are therefore guaranteed to last a bit longer than the average spring mattress.

Innerspring mattresses are more traditional. Their construction is a straightforward layer of metal springs. In pocket spring mattresses the spring are individually enclosed in a fabric pocket, which allows each coil to move independently from the rest. This offers less motion transfer than the innerspring as well as better support and more comfort.

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Which Type Of Mattress Is Best

The best type of mattress depends entirely on one factor: you. If you prefer close body-conforming for spinal support and pressure relief, an all-foam or latex mattress is right up your alley. Would you rather sleep on a supportive, responsive bed that won’t absorb too much body heat? You’re a great candidate for an innerspring or hybrid model. For people who like to experience different firmness levels on a night-to-night basis, an airbed may be the most comfortable option.

The bottom line: use your personal needs and preferences as a guide when browsing different mattress brands and models. To get you started, let’s take a closer look at the most common types of beds available today. These include all-foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring, airbed, pillow-top, and organic models, as well as less common types such as waterbeds and air mattresses. Read our detailed descriptions and lists of pros and cons for each category below to determine what type of mattress is best for you.

Average Price
  • Minimal pressure relief and motion isolation
  • Coils may be loud and disruptive

Innersprings also known as coil mattresses were first developed in the 19th century and are still widely used. According to recent data, the innerspring is the most popular mattress type among sleepers across all age groups.

Where To Get A High

Are you looking for some high-quality & sturdy mattresses? On the lookout for a single, a double, or a king-size product? Maybe you want the best memory foam model? Either way it may be we have all of these listed at Aside from these high-quality products that come at reasonable prices, there is also the FAQ section that explains your shopping process even more-so in-depth! Learn how to pick the best model and finally figure out if mattress toppers are necessary! You can also enjoy free delivery, along with some great discounts! Everyone will easily find their perfect model.

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The Average Life Expectancy Of Different Mattress Types

The industry standard for the life expectancy of a mattress is 8 to 10 years. However, this is just an average for all beds, and the actual lifespan of a mattress depends on what type it is.

The construction and materials used in a mattress will be the main determinants of how long it will last, and 8 to 10 years should not be considered a hard and fast rule.

Other external factors will affect how long a mattress lasts, too. In this section, well look at how long you should expect a mattress to last based on its type, and give you the warning signs to look out for that will tell you its probably time to start looking for a new mattress to sleep on.

Other Types Of Mattresses

This Scarred Randolph For Life!!

While we promote memory foam beds as the best mattress type, other types of mattresses promote good sleep and pair better with some peoples sleeping needs.

Innerspring mattresses last between six to eight years before they need replacement. They are known for their support and ability to keep the sleeper cool. They are made with coil cores, thin comfort layers, and some have plushy pillow tops to add comfort.

Latex mattresses can last eight to ten years before they need replacement to preserve the bedrooms hygiene however, all-natural latex mattresses can maintain support for up to 12-20 years.

Natural latex is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Synthetic latex is made with a chemical compound to mimic the way latex feels, although it doesnt have antimicrobial properties. For those with latex allergies, synthetic latex is the best option.

Blended latex is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. It has antimicrobial properties, although not as powerful as natural latexs.

We advise caution with synthetic latex mattresses because they may contain harmful additives. If you plan on buying a mattress with artificial latex, look for the CertiPUR-US® certification to ensure the materials are safe to use.

A hybrid mattress can last between six and eight years. It is made with memory foam comfort layers and coils cores, which gives the bed great conformability, motion isolation, and air circulation.

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How Long Do Pillows Last

A good quality pillow should last up to two years. However, some lower quality pillows can need replacing every few months depending on the fillings used. Youll know its time to replace your pillows when they stop feeling comfortable and supporting your head and neck properly. Feathered pillows tend to last longer than hollowfibre styles but can feel less supportive since they tend to dip in the centre. You should choose your pillow based on your comfort preferences. For more information on finding your perfect pillow, check out our helpful pillow buying guide.

Has your mattress seen better days?

Once you start noticing signs of wear and tear, its probably time for an upgrade. We have a huge range of mattresses in stock that are available for next day delivery. With styles to suit all kinds of sleep preferences and budgets, youll be sure to find the perfect one for you. If you need any help when choosing your new sleep set up you can contact one of our friendly sleep advisers or read more helpful buying guides on our advice hub.

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Noticeable Wear And Tear

The next time you change your sheets, scan over the entire mattress. Check for any significant lumps, saggy spots, worn edges, or rips in the material. These indicate the mattress has seen better days, and its usually not going to get any better. The sleep surface area will continue to wear down and any tears will only get bigger, allowing more dirt to enter the mattress.

Before going out to buy a brand new bed, check the warranty of your current mattress. Most brands are usually willing to replace a mattress with any manufacturing defects, excessive wear and tear despite normal usage, and sagging greater than 1 inch.

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What To Do With Your Old Mattress

Once youve got your new mattress, what do you do with the old one? Did you know it can be recycled? Visit It is a national social enterprise that works to divert waste mattresses from landfill and recover the components to recycle. If youre looking to recycle your mattress you can book a collection online!

  • Asleep on the Job: Costs of Inadequate Sleep in Australia, Sleep Health Foundation 2017
  • Research by Sleep Wake Centre, Massey University, Wellington Campus
  • It Feels Harder Or Softer Than When You Bought It

    Best Pillow Top Mattress

    If you’ve had your mattress for several years, you may not be able to tell if you need a new mattress on feel alone — a changing mattress is one of those things that sneaks up on you over time. But you can still try to evaluate your mattress this way.

    Think about how you felt getting into bed for the first year you had your mattress. Were you excited, happy, comfortable? Now think about the last few nights. Feel kind of “bleh,” not particularly excited? That’s a good sign you might benefit from a new mattress.

    If your mattress is less than a couple years old and you already notice that it feels different, look into the manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty. You might be able to get a partial refund or points toward purchasing a new mattress.

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    How Often Should You Really Change Your Mattress

    A common question many people ask is how often should you change your mattress, however, the answer depends very much on what the mattress is made from. Generally speaking, most mattresses have an average longevity of around six to eight years, but some of the higher end mattresses could last even longer.

    If your current mattress is looking worn, stained or lumpy, those are just some of the small signs its due for an upgrade. And if you keep waking up feeling achy and unrested then its clear that you need a mattress that offers more support.

    In this article, well go though the average lifespan of different types of mattresses. Well also look at some of the signs that its time to replace your mattress. With all the early Black Friday mattress deals, now is a great time to upgrade your mattress for a bargain price.


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