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Can You Put Any Mattress On An Adjustable Bed

Revive Gel Springs Medium Mattress

Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

Adjustable Base Compatible Memory Foam Individually Wrapped Coils

CoolTouch Gel Memory Foam, a secret ingredient from Revive, offers a ventilated, open-cell design, making the foam 12 times more breathable than other brands. Other superstars of this powerhouse of a mattress include a wrapped coil system that eliminates motion transfer and a foam encasement design targeting extra support in the three areas where you place the most weight. Best of all, its compatible with any adjustable base, so you can kick it up while winding down.

What To Look For In Making Your Selection

The most important thing to look for is if the manufacturer or mattress brand approves the mattress to be used on an adjustable base. Many online brands today not only approve but also offer adjustable beds with their mattresses. Also, top varieties also provide competitive home trial periods, which is ideal if you want to be protected while trying the mattress.

Can You Use Plywood Under Sleep Number Beds

Yes, you can. Before purchasing a sleep number bed platform, try plywood first. A ¾-inch piece of plywood could be a solid foundation for Sleep Number beds, supporting the manufacturers requirement to keep your warranty valid. However, consider using a skirt or blanket over the plywood, so the material doesnt wear out the bottom of your Sleep Number bed. Apart from sandwiching plywood between your existing bed frame and your bed, you could also choose among other bed frame types that would go well with a Sleep Number bed.

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How Do I Control An Adjustable Bed

There are a couple of different ways to control your beds settings and set it to a zero-gravity sleep position. A few adjustable beds might come with buttons on the side, though these are usually made to supplement the remote.

Most of the time, you control an adjustable base with the corresponding remote. Some are wireless, while some are plugged into the base itself, almost like a hospital bed. A new adjustable bed usually comes with a backlit, cordless remote.

Many of the newest models also now offer the additional option of using an app on your smartphone to adjust your beds settings.

Mellow Naturalista Classic Bed Frame

You can put the Pavo bed with any color, any dresser and ...

This platform bed comes in sizes from twin to king. It takes pride in its mid-century modern style with 3.5 inches of wooden frame for better durability. With a starting weight of 50.7 pounds, its all-wood design offers support and stability even without a box spring. Colors to choose from are Espresso, Black, Pine, and Cherry.

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Using A Previousmattress On An Adjustable Bed Base

If you have just bought an adjustable bed base and want to use your current mattress with it, you can do this. However, you should consider whether it is compatible or not before going ahead and using it. Depending on the type of mattress you possess you could potentially cause damage to your adjustable bed frame. Although, if your mattress fits the bed base it will likely pair well with your bed, leaving no damage other than general wear and tear. From this, it is best for you to think about your mattress first, before purchasing an adjustable bed base so you can ensure they will pair together effectively. Most mattresses would not work on an adjustable bed, so it is essential to ensure your mattress is compatible before using it with your bed base. As adjustable beds need an extra 3 inches in length to allow for bending it is more than likely that your current mattress will not work with an adjustable bed.

Will My Adjustable Bed Come With A Headboard

Some adjustable bed manufacturers include an optional headboard that attaches to the adjustable bed. Look for these when purchasing as not only will they match, they will often be the easiest to attach. Many adjustable beds come with just a base and adjustable platform so that you can add a mattress, frame, or headboard to your liking.

Adjustable beds that come with all parts included are often specialized and much more expensive than the average one. Unless you have specific requirements for your adjustable bed, such as for medical reasons, it is often not worth finding these ones. The comfort of an adjustable bed can be available for much cheaper, and you can often use existing bedding which will save your wallet.

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Should I Buy A Base With An Attached Mattress Or One Sold Separately

While it might be tempting to buy a packaged deal because the upfront cost is lower, there are some compelling reasons for purchasing your base and mattress separately.

Heres why:

  • If youre shopping for a unit that has the bed and frame attached, youll find that your selection is limited. These limitations apply to both the style of your frame and the firmness options of the mattress.

  • If you want to replace it, youll be able to do it if the two pieces are separate. If theyre attached, and your mattress wears out, you may need to buy a whole new unit.

  • Can You Buy Headboards Specifically For Adjustable Beds

    How do you know if a mattress is adjustable base friendly?

    There are headboards marketed to adjustable beds, but they dont offer anything more than a regular headboard does. Googling adjustable bed headboards gives you mostly regular headboards as they serve the same function, and most will attach in the same way.

    It is generally not worth seeking these out unless they are recommended by the manufacturer, or you have a nonstandard adjustable bed. However, if your adjustable bed has a unique method of headboard attachment, its often likely that the headboard will be included with the bed.

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    Benefits Of A Foam Or Hybrid Mattress In A Box

    A memory foam mattress in a box is preferred for adjustable beds because of the high flexibility and great response to pressure. A memory foam mattress will easily bend and return to its original form, while still providing sufficient support. In other words, memory foam mattresses easily fit into any position you need without damaging the mattress. This makes memory foam mattresses highly compatible with adjustable bed frames.

    Another benefit of memory foam mattresses is that they are known to help prevent or provide relief for a variety of health conditions. Given that adjustable beds also provide similar relief, a memory foam mattress perfectly complements an adjustable bed for comfortable and healthy sleep.

    Although memory foam has a bad reputation for sleeping hot, some memory foam mattress brands, including BedInABox®, are developed with built-in cooling technologies to prevent this issue.

    A hybrid mattress is similar to a memory foam mattress in that a hybrid is made, in part, with memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are generally constructed with a variety of mattress materials available on the market, but most hybrids are a blend of inner coils and memory foam. These mattresses provide the comfort and durability of foam mattresses, while giving the extra bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress. However, a hybrid mattress must be designed for an adjustable bed in order to be compatible, due to the varied construction.

    Best Hybrid Mattress For Adjustable Beds

    Saatva Classic Mattress

    • Mattress type: Hybrid
    • Height: 11.5 inches

    The Saatva Classic Mattress takes an updated approach to the traditional innerspring coil system with a hybrid model. It has two separate layers of coils to provide maximum support and durability.

    Its top layer is a Euro pillow top that provides extra cushioning for a luxurious, cloud-like feel thats still supportive.

    Saatva redesigned this mattress in March 2017 to pair with an adjustable bed frame that features a massage system . Keep in mind that their 14.5-inch mattress thickness isnt compatible with the adjustable base, so youll have to opt for the slimmer model thats 11.5 inches.

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    Considerations When Choosing A Mattress For Adjustable Bed

    If your mattress is older than 7 years or you are looking for something more supportive to accompany your adjustable frame, here are some criteria to keep in mind:

    • Thickness: Is the mattress thick enough that you wont need an additional mattress pad? A good option will have multiple foam layers for support.
    • Size: Make sure that the mattress fits the bed frame.
    • Temperature control: A mattress with a temperature control feature, like the Quilted YaasaCool Cover, will keep you much cooler while you sleep, which will help you sleep more peacefully and boost wellbeing.
    • Motion Isolation: Motion isolation is particularly important if you sleep next to a partner who moves around a lot. Your mattress should absorb the movement so that you are not disturbed.
    • Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policy: Take a look at the mattress warranty and return policy. You should be able to try the mattress out during a sleep trial period and be covered in case you encounter any difficulties.

    Do I Need To Buy A Specific Mattress Brand To Work With My L& p Adjustable Bed Base

    Can You Put A Bedskirt On An Adjustable Bed

    No. Leggett & Platt adjustable bed bases work with most brands of innerspring, air, and foam mattresses. If you are shopping for a mattress, let your professional sales representative know that you are interested in an adjustable bed base and they will help you find an adjustable-friendly mattress to build your sleep system.

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    Can I Use An L& p Adjustable Bed Base With My Existing Bedroom Furniture

    Yes. Leggett & Platt adjustable bases are designed according to industry-standard bed sizes. The base easily attaches to most standard-size headboards and footboards with the addition of a boxspring frame. Even if your bed has side rails, the base is meant to fit inside most of these pieces, similar to a standard boxspring. Additionally, you might want to check out our photo gallery to see how L& P adjustable bases integrate with a wide range of bedroom furniture.

    How Do I Choose An Adjustable Bed

    The best way to find a good adjustable bed is to look at its price and its features. Before shopping, determine what you want from an adjustable bed. Then, look at whats popular and determine which base has the features you need. After you find a few options to meet your sleep needs, compare their prices. The price should align with the benefits providedif not, its likely not a good value.

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    Can Any Mattress Be Used On Adjustable Beds

    Most mattresses can be placed on an electric base, but there are a few exceptions. The following types either cant or shouldnt be paired with a base that can be adjusted:

    • Mattresses that have hard components built into them, including wires on the edges, hard foam panels or wood
    • Many innerspring and coil mattresses
    • Beds with air chambers that will be blocked off when the base bends
    • Waterbeds
    • Products that explicitly state in the warranty that they cant be paired with an adjustable base

    The Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed Base

    How can I tell if my mattress is adjustable base friendly?

    People often wonder if buying an adjustable bed would be a good investment for them. This type of bed does have quite a few benefits.

    For starters, a bed with an adjustable base makes it easy to get into the sleeping position that’s most comfortable for you, while keeping your body properly supported. Finding the perfect position for your body and sleeping style can help assist with pressure relief. Contouring the mattress properly to your body will alleviate certain pressure points and help with things like back pain, spinal alignment, or heartburn.

    Adjustable beds are also useful if you have a medical issue like sleep apnea, snoring, or acid reflux, as sleeping with your head elevated can help mitigate symptoms.

    These beds help create a curated sleeping experience that’s perfect for people who have difficulty sleeping. They’re easy to use and come with a wireless remote to help change the settings. Plus, you can use just about any type of mattress in conjunction with them.

    Once you start considering it, you’ll likely be wondering if you need a special mattress, or if certain kinds of mattresses work best with adjustable bed bases. While there are caveats , most new mattress styles are compatible with an adjustable base.

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    You Have Chronic Back Or Neck Pain

    If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, laying in the standard flat position that most bed bases offer doesnt do you any favors.

    Thanks to an adjustable flex bed, you can create a sleeping position that alleviates any pain. For example, if you suffer from lower back pain, you can adjust your bed so your knees and head are slightly raised to take pressure off your lower spine.

    Ultimately, the key to reducing pain while you sleep is making sure your spine maintains proper alignment. Most of us tend to sleep in positions that put our spines out of whack. But whether youre a side sleeper or a back sleeper, adjustable flex bed facilitates proper alignment, thus eliminating those weird positions that can cause chronic pain.

    What Mattresses Can You Use With An Adjustable Bed

    When you’re shopping for an adjustable bed, you’ll want to avoid mattresses that require a box spring. Usually, the adjustable base itself functions as the box spring. If you put a box spring under your mattress, there’s no room for the adjustable base.

    The main issue with box springs concerning an adjustable base is their rigidity. Box springs provide a foundation under your mattress, which is usually firm and inflexible. This completely obstructs any movement from the use of an adjustable base.

    Luckily, the list of mattresses that work with an adjustable baseâand don’t require box springsâis pretty inclusive. Here are common comfortable mattress styles that don’t require box springs.

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    What Are The Perks Of Adjustable Beds

    An adjustable base bed might be just what you need to maximize your sleep potential. Here are some of the main perks you can expect when you purchase an adjustable base bed.

    Elevation Control

    For many people, the elevation of your head and feet can make a big difference in your comfort level while sleeping. Keeping your upper body elevated, for example, can help prevent snoring and symptoms of acid reflux, while keeping your feet elevated can help with circulation. Choosing different ergonomic settings can even help people with chronic back pain, arthritis, and joint pain. In addition to offering relief from certain medical symptoms, adjustable beds can also be helpful for people who like to watch television or catch up on emails in bed by letting them elevate their backs to a sitting position.

    Easy Mobility

    For older adults and people with mobility issues, adjustable base beds can make getting in and out of bed much easier, which can prevent dangerous slips and falls. Thats one reason why hospital beds are designed to adjust to different heights and inclines. With adjustable beds, you have the option of elevating your back or adjusting the beds height to help you easily and safely stand, rather than standing up from a low, flat position.

    Massage Potential

    Recap: Reviews For Adjustable Beds

    Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed On Any Adjustable Frame ...

    The biggest influences in our adjustable bed comparison and peoples reviews appear to be transparency and value. Simply put, consumers want to get what they are expecting based on claims made by a brand or by a showroom salesperson. As such, models that offered little information or arent fully transparent on their pricing and warranties ranked lower in consumer ratings and in our comparison.

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    Why The Eco Terra Hybrid Mattress Is The Best Choice

    The Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress is considered a high-quality mattress for many reasons. As an eco-friendly mattress, it is plant-derived, and all-natural. Because its all-natural, your sleep each night will be cool and comfortable.

    Also, when you choose an Eco Terra latex mattress, you wont sink down into the foam, which often happens with memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses and mattresses with high quality, fabric-encased coils are also more flexible than standard innerspring mattresses. They are perfect mattresses to go with your adjustable bed.

    Eco Terra is an affordable mattress, offering customers a 90-day trial period to get a feel for their mattress. If you are not satisfied after the 90-day trial period, Eco Terra will arrange to pick up the mattress, and refund you. Eco Terra also backs our mattresses with a 15-year limited warranty.

    Do Hybrid Mattresses Work With Adjustable Bases

    Not only do hybrid mattresses work well with adjustable bases, but theyre also one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a type of mattress for an adjustable base. And you dont need to consult the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine to confirm this.

    Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds they have innersprings that are pocketed individually, and several layers of memory foam on top that, when combined with the springs, make for a luxurious sleeping experience.

    Couple that with an adjustable base that allows you to find the perfect sleeping position for you, and you can imagine the quality of sleep youre about to get. Just make sure to choose a good hybrid mattress, and youll have no worries!

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    Where To Buy The Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds

    After figuring out which type of mattress you’re in the market to buy for your adjustable bed frame, you’ll need to find a mattress company you can trust. Saatva has a large selection of mattresses, ranging from the California king to the twin XL, all the way down to crib size mattresses.

    Our products are high-quality, will work with adjustable bed frames, and can help you get a better night’s sleep. To find out which of our mattresses is best for you, take our online mattress quiz today.


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