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What Is Edge Support In A Mattress

Organic Cotton Mattress Cover

Natural Latex mattress vs Memory foam mattress – Which mattress provides better Edge Support?

The bed is fully covered in a non-removable, natural cotton cover which is antimicrobial as well. The covering is rather soft and uses an appearance that looks as good as it feels. If you take place to spill a cup of coffee or drop a midnight snack, you will simply need to spot tidy it with water and moderate cleaning agent.

How We Test Edge Support

So how do we test edge support here at the Slumber Yard? You will see a section in each one of our mattress reviews where we discuss edge support, and thats because we want to make sure we are covering all of the important mattress attributes someone might want to know before they buy a mattress.

For each round of mattress testing, we will have different bodies lay on the edge of a bed. We have team members with different weights ranging from petite, 150 lbs, 175 lbs, up to 250+ lbs who lay on the edge of a mattress. We lay stiff for a couple of seconds at the edge, roll to the center of the bed, then roll back to the edge. We then do this over and over again, to make sure we get consistent results. Some beds make us feel like we are supported, sometimes we feel like we are centimeters away from rolling off the side of the mattress.

We will convey our thoughts about how a beds edge support performed in our review, and we will do it honestly and authentically. Learn more about who we are and our main values behind the Slumber Yard below.

How Can I Limit Edge Sagging Over Time

Taking proactive steps can help ensure that the perimeter of your bed doesnt weaken with age. Always use your mattress on a sufficiently supportive base, as specified by the manufacturer. Without adequate support, a mattress may sag, including along the edge. Regularly rotating your mattress can also promote more even wear, so that its less likely to develop a lasting impression if you routinely sit on the same spot.

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Exists A Saatva Mattress Voucher Or Discount Code

At the time of this writing, there is no particular Saatva discount rate or code. Nevertheless, Saatva will have occasional sales focused around holidays and other occasions. In some cases, you can conserve as much as $200 off. For a list of current prices and sales, be sure to examine to see the very best offers.

Latex Mattress Edge Support

5 Best Edge Support Mattresses with Detailed Reviews ...

The key characteristic of a latex mattress is its material makeup. The latex material does not have any coils or springs but is still more supportive than a foam mattress. Due to the lack of a supportive spring system means latex mattresses generally do not have any special sort of edge support unless specially crafted. It also means that the same problem of sleeping in a foam mattress is still present with a latex model.

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The 10 Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a mattress that combines back and neck support with pressure relieving comfort. Find the best mattress for the side sleepers with our extensive guide outlining the 10 top reviewed mattresses .

Looking for the best mattress for side sleepers? Side sleeping is considered one of the healthiest sleep positions for your back and spine, but the wrong mattress can leave you waking up with aches and pains. Because the hips and shoulders press deeply into the mattress, hip and shoulder pain can arise on the wrong bed. The best way to avoid this is by choosing a mattress that excels in spine alignment and pressure relief so that your back is supported while the hips and shoulders are softly uplifted.

But where should you begin on finding the perfect mattress for you? This guide compiles the best of the best from top online brands, so you can find exactly what you need to start sleeping even better.

How Firm Is The Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid comes in around a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. It is a little firmer than the other Purple mattresses weve tested, but that could also just be for lighter-weight sleepers, such as myself.

Oftentimes, lighter sleepers may find medium mattresses to be a bit on the firmer side of the scale due to lack of body weight to fully engage with layers below.

The nature of the top layer polymer is that it has a slightly firmer feel so heavier sleepers may find this mattress to be closer to a true 6 out of 10.

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What To Consider When Shopping For A Mattress For Heavier Individuals

Weve put together a brief buying guide to help you select the best mattress for heavy people. Using the criteria outline below can help you identify which features to look for in a mattress to ensure you are satisfied with the selection you make.


Finding a mattress that is supportive enough to hold the weight of a heavier individual is essential. Mattresses that arent supportive enough can cause, or exacerbate existing, back pain. Choose mattresses with high-grade, individually pocketed coils, combined with high-density foam to ensure you receive the support you need to sleep comfortably and wake up without pain.

Durable Materials

The extra weight placed on a mattress by a heavier individual can put greater strain on the underlying materials and cause them to degrade more quickly. Choosing mattresses made using high-quality and durable materials will minimize the effect of the additional weight on the mattress and help it to last longer without sagging or other issues.

Again, mattresses made using high-density foams and individually pocketed coils will be more durable and longer-lasting than lower density foam options or innerspring mattresses. Options with more tightly packed pocketed coils can have a longer useful life.

Mattress Thickness

Edge Support

Choosing a hybrid or innerspring mattress will typically provide the greatest amount of edge support. Some manufacturers also design their products with reinforced edges to provide additional stability.

What Is Edge Support & Why Is It Important Scroll To Top 10

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress Edge Support

Edge support is the amount of resistance a mattress provides around the edges.Edge support is important for two main reasons:#1: More edge support means less sagging and falling towards the edge.#2: Edge support provides stable support to sit on the side of the bed, which is important for those with hip or joint pain or have a hard time getting up from a low position.

Also, most folks think that beds with edge support just feel better than those that don’t. For these reasons, hunting for a bed with good edge support is key for many, and we’ve found some great offerings. Read on…

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Exists A Saatva Mattress Coupon Or Discount Rate Code

At the time of this writing, there is no specific Saatva discount rate or code. Nevertheless, Saatva will have occasional sales focused around vacations and other occasions. In some cases, you can save as much as $200 off. For a list of present rates and sales, be sure to check to see the best deals.

Foam Box Encasements Add Edge Support To Foam Core Mattresses

A solid foam edge is the only way to add extra support to the edges of a foam core mattress. Sometimes manufacturers also use them as edge support in the frame around an innerspring mattress. The foam must be very high quality and firm.

However, because it can be very expensive, manufacturers sometimes use cheaper foam. When they do, the wrapper or foam frame can wear out and fall apart faster than the rest of the mattress, which makes the whole mattress useless.

If the foam box is of a high quality and is used around a tied inner-spring unit, this can dramatically reduce the lateral movement of the spring unit. Which means it controls movement and increases quality. The foam walls must be thick enough to absorb the stressors it is subjected to. This Avenco mattress from Amazon has inners pocket springs and a dual perimeter reinforced edge, for optimum structural integrity.

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How To Find The Best Edge Support In A Mattress

If you are someone who wants a mattress with good edge support, there are a few things that you will want to look for.

First, research the mattress and company that you are considering. What do they tell you about how they construct their edges? Do they appear both proud and transparent? You want a company that is forthcoming with exactly how their mattresses are constructed and what materials they use.

Next, look for a mattress with a good warranty and great reviews. A high-quality mattress made with good edge support will usually have a good warranty attached. And consumer reviews will share with you what others have experienced after actually spending time sleeping on the mattress.

Lastly, if you are someone who prefers to do their mattress shopping in-person, try it out. See if you feel comfortable when you lie both in the middle and along the edge of the mattress. Try sitting on it and doing your stretches or taking off and putting back on your shoes. You want something that you find comfortable.

Main Questions About Mattress

WAYTON 13 Inch Edge Support System High Density Foam ...

When considering how to organize the content for this resource, I chose to divide it into 5 areas, each one focusing on answering among the main concerns you need to ask about mattresses. Here are the 5 questions you ought to answer:

  • How old is your mattress?
  • What Sleep Position Do You Prefer?
  • What firmness do you require?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • What kind of mattress do you need?

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What Benefits Does Edge Support Offer

There a number of key benefits to having tailored edge support around the edges of your new luxury mattress.

Firstly, the more support your mattress has around its edges, will mean it has less sagging around the perimeter. If you happen to move about a bit during the night, then the extra edge support can mitigate the risks of rolling or falling off the mattress. The mattresses in our Artisan range already have the benefit of having two rows of firmer springs around their outer edges, to help combat the feeling of rolling off and make you feel safer as you slumber.

Another reason why edge support can be beneficial when your choosing your new mattress, is that it can also provide more support and stability when youre simply sitting on it. Particularly if youre sitting on the edge. If you happen to sit on the side of the bed when getting dressed, or when youre just putting on shoes for example, youll find this much easier with a proper edge supported mattress.

However, we dont recommend sitting on the edge of your bed for long periods of time , as this could gradually cause a dip in your mattress.

Mattress Sags On Edges01 Sep 201: 40#6

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Hi stephen714,Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience with one of our fine members Magic Sleeper. It is nice to hear about a good experience with any mattress company, but certainly always nice to hear when they are a part of our mattress membership listing.Thanks again for the update, I agree with you that many companies have not “marketed” toward this all in one use. I can see how it could be really useful for some people.SenseiResearching for a mattress?… Be sure to read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.Click here for TMU Discount Codesif purchasing from Our Trusted Members.For any mattress questions Ask An Expert on our forum

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What Is Edge Support

Edge support is the term used by the mattress industry when discussing the encasement that surrounds traditional innerspring mattresses. This boundary is made up of foam, a steel rod, or thicker coils and it plays numerous roles.

Edge support in traditional mattresses:

  • Prevents Sag: A solid edge support stops sagging at the edges of the bed over time.
  • Provides Structure: Innerspring mattresses are made up of a network of coils found in the center of the mattress that need to be kept in place to function well. The boundary around the edge keeps the mattresss structure intact.
  • Protects from Falls: Because the edge support creates structure and reduces sag along the edges, it makes it much less likely to fall off of the bed during the night.
  • Increases Sleeping Surface: Firm yet comfortable edge support allows for you to sleep closer to the edge, resulting in a greater sleeping surface area. This is particularly important if you share a mattress that is queen-size or smaller.
  • Allows for Sitting: Some people like to sit on the edge of their bed to put on shoes or do stretches. Others will sit on their bed rather than a chair when spending time in their room. The foam or strong coils around the edge allow a stable surface to sit on.
  • How Much Does A Hybrid Mattress Cost

    What is a Hybrid mattress?

    Most Queen hybrid mattresses cost between $1,200 and $2,000. That said, there are hybrids available, including in our list of top picks, with a retail price below $1,200. In addition, promotions and discounts frequently make even more expensive hybrids accessible at a lower price point.

    Hybrids can have greater price variance than some other mattress types because of the different ways that the comfort system and support core can be constructed. Factors that can influence the price include:

    • The total thickness of the comfort system
    • The type and quality of materials in the comfort system
    • The thickness and type of coils in the support core
    • The use of specialty materials, including those that are organic or sustainably produced
    • Extra features meant to promote cooling or muscle recovery
    • If the mattress was made in the USA or internationally

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    Who Is Edge Support Best Suited For

    Many favour an edge supported mattress for children, particularly if they are transitioning from cot to bed. This is because it potentially mitigates the possibility of a child falling out of bed and possible injuring themselves.

    Heavier or larger people may also benefit from a mattress with edge support, simply because it means the mattress offers more support generally. This can be particularly true for heavier couples.

    Edge support can also be beneficial for amorous activities, which may be worth keeping in mind. Edge support is well suited for those who tend to spend a lot of time sitting on their beds. An edge supported mattress may also be necessary for those who suffer from hip or joint pain or those who physically struggle to get in and out of bed.

    Butterfly Side Supports Are Metallic Spring Systems For Mattress Edge Support

    Butterfly side supports is a metal construction that uses a spring system to support the sides of the bed or mattress. These are used commonly by manufacturers when the steel perimeter frames around a spring unit are too light in wire gauge to offer sufficient edge support. The manufacturer places the butterfly side supports around the edges of the spring unit to prop the sides up and welds them to the perimeter frames.

    Some manufacturers will use pillars or beams of polystyrene foam in place of these butterfly supports. This is an even worse option for someone who regularly sits on the edge of the mattress, as the pillars provide much less stability than a butterfly side support and are quite uncomfortable to sit on.

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    What Kind Of Mattresses Provides The Best Edge Support

    As a rule of thumb, edge support is most commonly found in mattresses that have side support systems and coils. It can also be found in foam mattresses that have been specifically made to have extra support on the sides. Foam mattresses that have this beneficial feature are crafted with coils that are close to the side of the mattress interior or by the addition of high-quality foam to the mattress core.

    Mattress Options With Edge Support

    Floyd Mattress Review

    The hybrid mattress by Hyde & Sleep has a frame of support foam around the edges. Although not a traditional edge support, it is a good option for those who want an edge supported mattress.

    The Simba mattress also offers a foam edge support, and is a great option for those who share a bed for this reason.

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    How Old Is Your Mattress

    The first concern to think about is how old your mattress is. This can figure out whether or not you require a new one. Typically, your mattress will require to be changed if youve had it for over 8 years. This is not a standard by any methods.

    If youre experiencing brand-new discomforts in the morning, are you having trouble finding a comfy position in the evening, or have you noticed brand-new dips in your mattress that cant be fixed by turning it regularly, it might be time to bid farewell to your old bed.

    Why Is It Important

    In addition to improving the appearance of your mattress, edge support is important for a number of other reasons. For one, its ideal for those who have problems getting in and out of bed, as its firm edges ensure that it is easy to sit up and lay down. Its also important to people who have back or hip problems, as it keeps the body aligned and supported when seated on the mattress edge.

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