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Where To Buy Natural Latex Mattress

Does Purple Contain Latex

Zenhaven Mattress Review – Natural Talalay Latex – “Green is Good”

No, Purple mattresses are 100% latex-free. Its not that were against latex in mattresses, its just that we know our Purple Grid makes our mattresses stand out in ways that others dont. The Purple Grid gives the ultimate responsiveness and comfort, no matter how you choose to sleep.

If latex is your thing, we have you covered there, too, with our Purple Harmony Pillow. The pillow contains a Talalay latex core covered by a breathable, cooling cover to keep you restful and cozy all night.

Latex is an excellent material for pillows because of its durability and support, yet forgiving nature that hugs your curves and gives you support. Like our mattresses, the Purple Harmony Pillow comes with a 100-night trial, so you can see how it works for you.

Sleep Cool Through Breathability

When some people hear latex they worry about how it feels to sleep on, especially in terms of temperature control. But with this unique kind of latex, that is never a concern. Our 100% natural latex mattress allows for breathability that is up to seven times better than other types of latex or foam. We then cover every mattress with organic cotton and wool all of which come together to allow you to sleep cool every night.

All About Latex Mattresses

Does uplifting comfort and floating on a cloud describe your visions of a perfect nights sleep? Thats exactly how our satisfied customers describe their latex mattresses. From blissful personal experience, we can report that a premium latex bed gives you pressure relief, excellent temperature regulation and promotes better body support the benefits go on and on.Mattress World Northwest has a huge selection of latex mattresses at competitive price points. Whether you live in Jantzen Beach, Salem or downtown Portland, we are your number one source for quality latex mattresses by the industrys most trusted brands.

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Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Buy It

As our overall best latex mattress we felt compelled to provide you with one of the best all natural latex products on the market. This is a stunning example of the very best the latex mattress world has to offer, and if youve got deep enough pockets its a clear winner.

This is a 100% genuine all natural latex product. Theres no synthetic latex and no memory foam, just pure latex straight from the tree formed into a comfortable slab. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the planet, with no artificial chemicals used in its production whatsoever.

The only thing in this mattress that isnt latex is the organic cotton cover on top. Its a supremely comfortable mattress that is surprisingly soft for a latex product .

As youd imagine, however, all of this latex comes at a cost. At over $1000 its the most expensive product on this page. However, its a premium product with a premium price tag. And if youre looking for the absolute best latex mattress on the market, this is it.

Pros And Cons

  • Con Its not exactly cheap

What Are The Types Of Latex

Buy Breeze King Luxury Natural Latex Mattress 7 Zone Euro ...

The first form of latex manufacturing called the Dunlop process, introduced latex foam to the market.

Although, latex foam takes on a new image when the Talalay brothers implemented a much more modern and improved production method. Talalay latex process starts with vacuum-sealing and flash-freezing the materials before baking. It gives a more stable cell structure and thus a more cohesive feel than Dunlop.

Discover: Awaras latex hybrid mattresses are everything you are looking for.

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Is A Latex Mattress Good For A Bad Back Expand/collapse

Yes! Latex mattresses are contouring yet responsive, giving you a balance of comfort and support to ensure proper spinal alignment. Our Zenhaven latex mattress also has enhanced lumbar support to keep your back from sinking out of alignment.

For more severe back issues, our natural latex mattress is compatible with an adjustable base, allowing you to lift your legs and head to take more pressure off of your back.

Where To Buy Organic Latex Mattress What You Need To Know

Are you searching for an inexpensive, durable, and exceptional quality organic latex mattress? Where To Buy Organic Latex Mattress

Do you have back issues, and you want to purchase a mattress that will provide sufficient support to pressure points? Do you tend to get too hot when you sleep, and you want a mattress that will make you feel cooler?

Finding the best cooling mattress that offers exceptional sleep comfort can be a laborious process if you tend to have night sweats and back pains. With that in mind, the objective of this Eden Mattress Evaluation is to offer you insights about the functions and advantages of Eden Mattress to help you decide if it has all the qualities you desire in a mattress. Please keep reading.

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Why You Should Trust Us

The word organic has become a common buzzword across a wide range of industries, and sleep products are no exception. To compile the list above, our testing team exclusively focused on mattresses that have earned organic certifications from the GOLS/GOTS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other reputable organizations. However, being considered organic was not the only criteria for our top picks. We also looked at performance areas such as durability, pressure relief, temperature control, motion isolation, and edge support.

Each of our testers brings years of experience to our evaluation process, and the team includes people with varying body types, sleep positions, and firmness preferences to ensure our selections have wide appeal. Weve also thoroughly researched each pick to verify its organic credentials in order to set these mattresses apart from their greenwashed competitors. These measures allow us to choose mattresses that are both sustainably produced and popular with sleepers today.

The Eco Terra: An Affordable Non

Cheap Natural Latex Mattress: Sunrising Bedding 8-Inch Hybrid *Sleep Update*

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress.

This mattress is an all-around great value for someone looking for an affordable solution to replacing their old polyurethane mattress. The Eco Terra mattress is a luxury mattress that is made of several layers of natural materials that include cotton and natural latex foam. It comes with a 90-night trial so you have the time to find out if its the right fit for you. If youre not satisfied, just contact Eco Terra, and theyll arrange for a refund.

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Organic Pillows And Bedding

Pillows, sheets, and other bedding may also be certified as organic if they contain certain materials.

Latex pillows are widely available, and many of them contain the same GOLS-certified organic latex found in mattress layers. If the material is not certified as organic, it may also carry certifications for sustainable farming, eco-friendly production, or testing for harmful substances. Organic latex can also be used in mattress toppers, which are layers of padding placed on top of a mattress to change how firm it feels.

Sheets and pillowcases may also be made of GOTS-certified fibers. Organic cotton and organic wool sheet sets are widely available. Organic wool bedding products may also receive additional certifications for responsible and ethical treatment of sheep used to harvest the fibers.

Silk, a natural protein produced by silkworm larvae, is another fiber that can be used to make sheets and pillowcases. Another natural fiber used for bedding is linen, which comes from the flax plant and also has organic potential. Either of these materials may be GOTS-certified if they meet standard criteria. However, certified-organic silk and linen sheet sets are fairly rare, and both tend to be expensive.

Not Squeaky But Very Clean

Latex Foam Rubber has tiny interconnecting microcells and bigger air holes that allow the air to circulate in the mattress resulting in better thermal stability. It has been proven in independent studies to be inherently antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic. Latex inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. It also supports 300% fewer dust mites than conventional mattresses that are topped with cotton felt.

All Natural Latex Rubber mattresses meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene. They are made with the sap from a rubber tree and formed into the best and most natural comfort ingredient. They do not contain any metal parts, spring coils or cotton felt padding, which attracts dust-mites by the thousands. They are 100% non-allergenic, dust-mite and bed bug resistant and made with certified quality that is controlled from manufacturing to point of delivery.

Latex Rubber makes an ideal mattress topper for a natural healthy sleep. It can be purchased in various thicknesses as a topper or a complete mattress. However, over the 30 years that we have been in business, we have discovered that double the benefits can be obtained by combining two natural grades to get the best comfort, support and durability.

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Natural & Organic Latex Mattresses For Sweeter Dreams

We spend nearly a third of our lives resting and recharging, so isnt it essential that we get the good nights sleep we deserve? Most mattresses include chemicals, flame retardants, and other materials we cant even begin to pronouncebut these five all-natural latex mattresses will give you the refreshing rest you need, without any of the potentially harmful side effects.

If youre new to natural latex, heres the lowdown: natural latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree , which makes it resistant to dust mites, mildew, and mold. Plus, its naturally hypoallergenic and doesnt have any off-gassing, which is key for those who are sensitive to smells. And its worth the investment: while innerspring mattresses typically last less than ten years, natural latex mattresses can support our sleepand our bodiesfor up to 30 years.

Organic Materials | Organic cotton, natural wool fibers, natural latexMattress Type | GreenGuard Gold Certified & OEKO-TEX certified Talalay latexFeatures | Handmade in the USA, 100-night trial, 0% financing options, 25-year warrantySizes | Twin through California KingWhere to Buy | OnlinePrice | Queen starting at $1499

Birch Mattress Review | “We absolutely fell in love the second we unrolled our mattress! My husband and I just plopped down and didn’t want to get up! It’s very comfortable, had no “new mattress” smell, and our necks and backs aren’t killing us every morning!” Gracie D.

Are Organic Mattresses Worth The Money

King Koil King Natural Latex Mattress

Thats something youll have to decide for yourself. However, many organic mattress owners have discovered that their bed provides a comfortable nights rest for many years. Natural latex is one of the most durable mattress materials, with some all-latex mattresses lasting more than 15 years. Shopping organic can be one of the best ways to ensure youll get a bed that lasts.

Many organic mattresses also contain safer fire protection since they must be certified free of dangerous chemical retardants.

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Is This A Luxury Material

Latex is popping up in the comfort systems of many high-end luxury beds and product lines, and for good reason. Its temperature control, elasticity, bounce, and potential for pressure relief work very well to cradle tired joints, and much of it is naturally sourced and environmentally sustainable.

Organic latex beds that minimize the presence of synthetic materials or chemicals are highly attractive among those who are looking to make their worlds a bit more eco-friendly. All-natural mattresses with more organic certifications tend to represent a more substantial investment, but definitely one that can be worthwhile.

Processing may also make a difference in deciding whether the latex youre considering is high end. In general, Talalay appears more often in luxury brands due to its buoyancy and consistency, but keep in mind, that the process for Dunlop latex usually uses slightly fewer chemicals during manufacturing.

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The Truth About Organic Vs Natural Latex

In an environmentally conscious world, it always seems to be a good idea to buy everything natural. If youre on the hunt for a new mattress, a natural latex mattress is one of the best options out there.

Before you dive in, the natural latex mattress world has a secretorganic latex mattresses are actually the real deal for maximum eco-friendliness and the best green option. Every organic latex mattress is 100% natural, but not every natural latex mattress is organic.

Organic latex mattresses have a guaranteed seal of environmental approval so you can be sure that your mattress is free of man-made products and chemicals. Synthetic mattresses are also available on the market, which are manipulated with synthetic latex to create a wider variety of firmness.

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Buying Online Vs Traditional

One of the advantages of latex is that it can be more durable and potentially all-natural than some alternatives, but as such, it is often priced substantially higher than more traditional choices. By purchasing a latex model online, and one that comes in a box, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars because online companies usually do not have the same overhead expenses that brands sold through traditional storefronts typically have.

Latex has really been growing in popularity but many folks still dont know exactly what it feels like and may feel uneasy about making such a large investment without trying it out in person. But you have to ask yourself how much you can really learn about a new mattress by lying on it for a few minutes in a store compared to trying it out for months in the comfort of your own home. Most online latex brands come with generous sleep trials that allow you to do just that, helping you to see if this type is the best kind of sleep material for you.

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What Is The Cost Of A Latex Mattress

Is Your Mattress Toxic? – Stop Breathing in Toxins..Get a Natural Organic Latex Mattress

Although natural and blended latex shows apparent variations in their characteristics, the differences reflect on the prices. The average pure natural latex mattress price is about $2500, while the hybrid ones are priced around $1500 or more. You can get a natural, hybrid queen size mattress from Awara Sleep as low as $1199.

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When Was Latex Mattress First Introduced

During 1920, a Scottish man named John Boyd Dunlop patented the use of latex for mattresses. Because of their privilege and wealth, the British Royal family has been said to be the first one to use latex mattresses.

With continuous innovation, the three brothers, namely Leon, Joseph, and Ansil Talalay, refined the latex production process and developed a system that is more stable and robust. The overall process, in a gist, is vacuuming the air out of the latex mold and freezing it to preserve the cellular structure.

Sleepon Pure Green Organic Latex

The creators of SleepOn’s Latex Pure Green Organic Latex have partnered with a factory in Sri Lanka to make their own natural latex foam, which they currently use to craft not only mattresses but also mattress toppers and pillows. The latex foam in this mattress immediately absorbs pressure and contours the body upon contact.

Made in the company’s own Niles, Illinois, factory, the SleepOn Latex Pure Green Organic Latex mattress is hand-sewn, assembled and packaged onsite. The first layer of the blended latex mattress is the temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking quilted cover, filled with an inch of certified organic wool. Next, 2 inches of natural 100% organic Dunlop latex account for the contouring and pressure-relieving features of the bed. A final 6 inches of Dunlop latex at the core then add support, longevity and sag resistance to the mix.

With the Latex Pure Green Organic, you can choose your firmness preference. The medium option is considered a 5 on a 1-to-10 firmness scale, and is great for couples with different sleep position preferences, sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds and anyone who needs enhanced pressure relief. The firm latex mattress feel is a 7 on the same scale, and is recommended for those with back pain, back and stomach sleepers and heavier sleepers.

The flexibility of the mattress works best with a solid base. It also works well with slatted frames if the slats are 3 inches apart or less. The company does not recommend box springs.

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How To Use It

It is important to flip other mattresses. However, this is not the same with hybrid mattresses that have coil technology. Your mattress manufacturer would often have a detailed guide on their specific mattress care.

A mattress protector is a must have with any kind of mattress and a latex mattress is no different. You can then protect your latex mattress from moisture damage and stains.

Water does not damage natural latex, but you have to keep in mind that you should avoid using strong chemicals while cleaning it. You can dilute mild detergents or isopropyl alcohol with small quantities of cold water to spot clean your mattress. A word of caution never use bleach!

If you can still feel dampness, you can leave it and let it dry. Place the natural latex outside in a completely covered area and not exposed to direct light. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause the latex to break down. If youre thinking of using a cool blow dryer, go ahead!

Is There A Natural Latex Company

Breeze Luxury Natural Latex Mattress 7 Zone Euro Top ...

Yes, you can find brands with natural products in this space. Just use a discerning eye, as brands that use synthetics are not always completely forthcoming about their materials. Remember to look for certifications to guide you in your search.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that natural does not always mean organic. Due to the shipping process of some Talalay latex, for example, sometimes there are additives to the material for safe shipping that are later stripped out completely during production, which is why the term natural is used instead of the product being termed completely organic. Company representatives and FAQ sections on the website, in addition to the product page, make great places to check for this type of information.

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