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How Large Is A Twin Xl Mattress

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Top 5 Best Twin XL Mattress Review In 2021 | For All Budgets
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Who Will Like The Twin Xl

  • People who are tight on space but need the extra length will find the Twin XL to be a solid option. The mattress saves about 15â³ or 16â³ of width compared to a Full or Double. But for those who have a bedroom that is narrow and have room for some extra length, the added 5â³ of a Twin XL over a Twin could go a long way for the person sleeping in it and for the overall look of the room.
  • The Twin XL works for people who are trying to save money. When it comes to bed shopping, size does matter in terms of cost. Shoppers with conservative budgets will save money going with a Twin XL bed over a Full because theyâre smaller â and even the bedding costs less.
  • Dreamers who want to get creative with a King. Technically, a person could find two Twin XL beds and put them together to make a King. Some people do this by purchasing two Twin XL frames and putting a King mattress on top while others put two Twin XL mattresses on a King frame to make it a Split King.


Or Single Xl Bed Size

Twin XL bed dimensions measure 39″ × 80″. The average length of Twin XL bed is 80″. The average width of the Twin XL bed is 39″.

As a twin, the mattress is the same width but is 5 inches longer to accommodate taller sleepers. This size is commonly used for growing teenagers who are close to 60 and in dorm rooms where there are more athletes.

Its a longer economy size thatll fit well in the spare room, or in the small apartment bedroom, you’re sleeping in, without being too short for your legs. Or whatever pet you have slept at the foot of it.

The Pros and Cons of a Twin XL Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Twin XL is lower than most mattresses.
  • This mattress size can be perfect for those who outgrow a Twin, but do not have the room space for a Queen size mattress.
  • If two growing children are sharing a room, two Twin XL mattresses will take up less space than upgrading to two Double mattresses.
  • The Twin XL can be found in many different qualities and price points. Bunk beds can be found to fit the Twin XL mattress dimensions.


  • Most people will not have this size through their entire adult life so an upgrade to a larger size will eventually be made. Because mattresses can last for so long, it may be more economical to skip this size and invest in a larger size to begin with. However, it is a good replacement for the Twin.
  • This size mattress only fits one full size adult in most cases.

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Twin And Twin Xl Mattresses

Theres only one variation of the standard twin mattress a twin XL size mattress. It is as wide as a twin bed, but with 5 extra inches of length for a total of 80 inches. That makes the surface area 3,040 square inches.

A twin XL mattress is an excellent choice for a childs first bed that should last well into their teen years. The extra 5 inches can accommodate most growth spurts, and a young adult will likely be able to bring their twin XL bedding with them to college. Most college dorms contain twin XL size bed frames and mattresses.

A twin mattress may be the better option for those who are shopping on a tight budget or are trying to make the most of a small space.

Whats A Twin Mattress

Twin XL Size Mattress

Twin mattresses are 38 wide by 75 long. They are best for children or tiny bedrooms, but maybe not suitable for adults. Since theyre the tiniest of mattress dimensions, twin-size beds would be the most inexpensive choice.


  • A small footprint that will function in many rooms
  • The size works well for bunk beds, vertical arrangements, along with other childrens room or guest room installments
  • Compact and easy to maneuver around
  • Among the cheapest choices for the childrens space


  • Too little for tall or adults adolescents to fit comfortably
  • Less future-proof compared to an XL for developing kids
  • Small width could be somewhat restrictive when sleeping one person

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What Is A Twin Size Mattress

A twin size mattress is best suited for a growing child, a teenager, or a young adult shorter than 6 feet. The dimensions of a twin mattress are 38 inches by 75 inches.

A standard twin mattress is preferred for kids rooms and dormitories. It can also be converted into a space-saving bunk bed. It fits well in small rooms that are at least 7 by 9 feet. A twin sized bed in a kids room leaves enough floor space to accommodate child-friendly furniture, a play area, and a small study as well.

What Is A Twin Xl Mattress

If youre looking for a mattress that will provide the comfort youre looking for and last a long time, then a twin XL mattress is perfect for you. The mattress dimensions are 38 x 80 inches, and its excellent for college students or children who want their own space but dont want to take up too much room on the bed.

For many people, they are also an excellent choice as guest beds so that when the company comes to visit, they have plenty of room and can stay comfortable throughout their visit. With this article, well be going over everything from benefits to things to consider when choosing the perfect twin XL mattress.

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Wyoming King Bed Size

The Wyoming King bed measures 84″ × 84″. The Wyoming King Mattress is a step larger than the California King. It has 84 inch of length like a California but adds an additional 8 inches to the width. The larger size allows users to spread out and get comfortable. It is great for instances where more than two people share the bed. Whether someone shares a bed with a large pet or a child with needs, theres always ample room with a Wyoming King. The Wyoming King Mattress is not available from most retailers so finding one isn’t always easy!

The Pros and Cons of a Alaskan King Mattress Size


  • The long length is great for those who are taller.
  • The extra width of the Wyoming King fits more than two people.
  • The large surface area of a Wyoming King mattress is great for larger individuals.


  • The Wyoming King requires a lot of space, so it requires a larger room.
  • Sheets may be difficult to find for this size and you may find you have limited colour and thread count choices.

Two Twins Make A King

Twin XL Mattress Topper for College Dorm Bedding

Do you and your partner have different preferences for the type of mattress you enjoy?

If one person likes a stiff mattress and the other prefers a soft one, you may feel like you have to compromise on a middle ground solution, or just go with either the firm or the soft. But theres a better way to make both parties happy one that doesnt involve an uncomfortable compromise for both of you.

So, whats the solution?

Instead of buying a king bed, you buy two twin XLs each with the individuals preferred mattress type. Then, you just push them together to accommodate both parties. As one, the dimensions of two twin XLs are 76 inches by 80 inches, which makes your ultra bed the same length as a standard king size.

Or, if both partners are under 6 , you could also just push two standard twins together to make a large bed. Wondering what two twin beds make when pushed together? While the final product may not be as long as a king size bed, it will have the same width.

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Who Should Sleep On A Twin Mattress

A twin or a twin XL mattress is a natural fit in any childs bedroom. Whether its just one mattress or two for a bunk bed, growing children will be able to rest comfortably on a twin mattress for many years. If you invest in a high-quality twin mattress, the bed can last a child until theyre ready to leave home and buy a new mattress.

Twin mattresses are also a good choice for adult sleepers who have limited space in their home. A twin mattress fits in most smaller rooms, just dont forget to factor in 2 to 5 more inches for a twins bed frame dimensions. Plus, a twin bed is more lightweight than larger sizes, making it easier to take your mattress with you if you move.

A twin bed is also an excellent mattress for a guest room. While small, its able to provide most single sleepers with all they need for a good nights rest.

You dont even have to use a twin mattress for sleeping. If you want to set up a daybed a twin mattress is the perfect size.

Olympic Queen Mattress Dimensions

66 inches by 80 inches

Minimum recommended room size: 10 feet by 10 feet

The Olympic queen mattress is six inches wider than the standard queen size and provides enough room for a couple to sleep comfortably, but is not considered to be a standard size. Even when found, its an ordeal to find bedding accessories like sheets to match this size.

The benefit of an Olympic queen size is that it provides a little extra space than the queen size, while not being as big as a king. If your room is not big enough to accommodate a king, but you need more space for sleepers, then this Olympic queen size fits the bill. The Olympic queen size is meant for RVs and camper trailers and are more commonly seen inside mobile homes.

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Location Of The Bedroom

Maneuvering a king or California king size mattress may be difficult for some, so when buying a new bed be mindful of the size. If your bedroom is not on the first floor, consider the width of the stairways and how challenging it might be to get the mattress from one floor to another. Bed in a box mattresses are a solution to this once-common problem, but some beds can still be difficult to maneuver.

What Is A Twin Xl Size Mattress

Atlantic Furniture Nantucket Twin XL Bed with Matching ...

A twin size mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long in dimensions. While the width of twin xl and twin size mattresses is the same, their lengths vary by 5 inches. A twin xl mattress is one size bigger than a twin size mattress.

A similarity in twin xl vs twin is that both are single beds. It can be used by a young adult or a teenager who is up to 6 feet tall. The recommended room size for such small mattresses is 8 feet by 10 feet. It fits into small master bedrooms, guest rooms, kids rooms, and college dorm rooms.

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What Other Mattress Dimensions Are There

Most mattresses can be found in these sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king. King beds and California king beds would be the greatest and most costly. Queen mattresses would be the standard size for couples and adults. Full-size beds are great for adults, teens, and couples who may fit on a full-size mattress.

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Benefits Of Twin Xl Beds

Twin XL mattresses, like the standard Twin, are a popular choice for many people based on their size and versatility. Below, we’ll go through some of the common benefits of purchasing a Twin XL mattress.

  • More legroom – Compared to the standard Twin, Twin XL mattresses give you more space to stretch out. They add 5 extra inches of legroom, which doesn’t seem like much, but can go a long way for adult single sleepers.
  • Versatile – The best thing about Twin XL beds is their versatility. They can fit in almost any room size, including tight college dorms or even bunk beds. They also are large enough to give tall people enough room to spread out.
  • Good for adults – Many adults might find the standard Twin a little restricting. The Twin XL was created with adults in mind, especially those who have limited space in their sleeping area.
  • Compact – Twin XLs are a good solution for studio apartments and other living spaces with limited square footage. They won’t eat up space the way a Full, Queen or King would.

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Alaskan King Bed Size

The Alaskan King bed dimensions measure 108″ × 108″ and is one of the largest mattress sizes available. The average length of the Alaskan King bed is 108″. The average width of the Alaskan King bed is 108″. It can be a wonderful way to fill a large bedroom. With this bed, its doubtful youll ever interrupt your partners sleep. At nine feet wide, multiple people can sleep on top of this mattress. With nine feet of length, it is ideal for even the tallest individuals.

The Pros and Cons of the Alaskan King Mattress Size


  • The Alaska King Mattress will help fill a large bedroom space.
  • The spacious surface allows for multiple sleepers, larger sleepers, and taller sleepers.
  • This size may make getting comfortable easier as you can spread out.


  • Limited retailers carry sheets so you may need to order them online.
  • A large bed like this requires a large bedroom area.
  • The Alaska King Mattress will fill even a large bedroom space.

Pros And Cons Of A Full/double Size

How To Keep XL Twin Mattresses From Separating (Split King Adjustable Bed)

Also known as a Double, the Full-size mattress measures fifty-four inches wide by seventy-four to seventy-five inches long. The Full/Double is ideal for individual sleepers who require a wider sleeping space. For this reason, Full/Double beds are often used in hotels and motels, college dorms, healthcare facilities, and other commercial establishments. Like the Twin XL, Full/Double beds are typically not suitable for couples.

Benefits of a Full/Double mattress include the following:

  • Extra space: A Full/Double mattress is five inches shorter than a standard Twin XL, but the size is roughly sixteen inches wider. For this reason, a Full/Double is suitable for single sleepers who feel too cramped on Twin XL sizes.
  • Wide availability: Most mattresses sold today are available in a Full/Double size, including models that are not offered in a Twin XL.

Drawbacks of Full/Double mattresses include the following:

  • Higher price-point: The average Full/Double mattress costs $50 to $300 more than a Twin XL version of the same model, though some brands assign the same price-point to Full/Double and Twin XL mattresses.
  • Not long enough for exceptionally tall people: While a Twin XL is suitable for anyone who stands under 68, a Full/Double is too short for anyone who stands at 63 or taller.
  • Not couple-friendly: Like the Twin XL, a Full/Double will be too narrow for most couples to sleep comfortably, and should be considered suitable for single sleepers only.

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Twin Xl Size Mattresses

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Cool Gel infused memory foam Bio-Foam natural foam content reduces your carbon footprint Foam encased perimeter for greater support and stability on the edge of the mattress Works with any boxspring, platform bed, or slats.

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