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What Is A Hard Mattress Called

Advantage Of Hard Mattress

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The new ergonomics of sleep dictates that when it comes to mattresses, less is usually better. The less cushioning the mattress provides, the more it is likely to support or facilitate a neutral-spine position during sleep.

According to the ergonomics of sleep, it is necessary that bones have some resistance for good sleep. When you lay down on a hard bed with a thin, hard mattress, your bones bears the most, if not all, of the pressure.

This, in turn, frees your muscles and allows your arteries and veins to relax. As a result, the blood circulation in the body improves, helping you sleep better. The other benefit of a hard mattress is that it prevents your lower back from collapsing when you lay on it. This ensures that your airways are not constricted, permitting you to inhale more oxygen. Ample oxygen intake, as weve seen already, is crucial for good sleep. Switching to a hard mattress after sleeping for many years on a soft mattress may not be easy.

You may feel a bit uncomfortable during the first few nights. The feeling of discomfort usually dissipates on its own within a few days. That said, people who have health issues like back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, weak capillaries, or scoliosis should not go for a hard mattress.

Technology is slowly evolving and beginning to understand that just the right firmness is required to support the body.

I Bought A Mattress That Is Too Firm What Can I Do

If your mattress is too firm and youre still within the timeframe of your sleep trial, return the mattress! If you dont have that option, you might look into a mattress pad or mattress topper that would go under your sheets. Many plush mattress toppers are available that can significantly change the feel of your bed.

Why Opt For An Adjustable Bed Frame

This kind of bed frame has grown in popularity a lot in recent years because adjustable bed frames often come with a lot of special features and can even be helpful in treating certain health conditions. For example, if you snore or suffer from sleep apnea, you can program your bed frame to raise 10°, which should improve your breathing. Some bed frames also come with massage features, a zero gravity setting, and even USB ports for easy phone charging while you sleep, among other things.

These bed frames are also often made to fit inside of your existing bed frame and will take the place of a traditional foundation, platform, box spring, or wooden slats. There is no need to compromise on the style of your room for the comfort of an adjustable frame.

If you go for an adjustable bed frame with split king mattresses, you will likely find that you and your partner are both able to find the ideal sleep setting for you. One person can sleep soundly on their soft foam mattress while the bed frame gently vibrates to massage their feet, while the other person can feel supported and cool on their firm latex mattress that is lifted to the perfect angle to avoid waking themselves up in the middle of the night with their loud snoring.

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Can I Still Use A Mattress Topper On A Firm Mattress

Mattress toppers are normally used to add a comfort layer to an aging mattress, or one that doesn’t have the firmness level or support you’re looking for, or to help with motion isolation. If you buy the right bed to begin with, you won’t need a mattress topper. A firm topper can still be added to an existing mattress to give it more comfort though. You may even want to go for cooling mattress toppers, especially for memory foam mattresses because memory foam mattresses tend to be hotter. You’ll need a cooling panel if you get night sweats, a cooling panel is either a cooling top layer, or cooling sheets and blankets.

What’s Inside An Orthopaedic Mattress

The best mattresses in a box of 2020

Orthopaedic mattresses are available with different comfort and support layers to offer something for everyone. Here are the types of fillings we have in our orthopaedic mattresses:

We also have a range of orthopaedic mattresses that are rolled-up so they’re easier for you to manoeuvre into the room of your choice. You can read more about roll-up mattresses and how they work over on our blog – roll-up mattresses: everything you need to know.

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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is a compound material with chemically enhanced viscosity that allows it to contour your body really closely and relieve the pain and stiffness. Memory foam toppers are available in a vast range of thicknesses and designs and usually have good value for money, which makes them suitable for almost any user.

Here are the main types:

  • Solid memory foam toppers. The most basic option, a solid memory foam pad makes a great purchase if you need to mask the imperfections of your mattress surface and bring the comfort back into your sleep.
  • Egg-crate memory foam toppers. These models feature a special peak-and-valley design that makes them more suitable for those who sleep hot. Chronic pain sufferers may also benefit from the convoluted design due to a slight massage effect.
  • Infused memory foam toppers. Certain brands add graphite, copper particles, or different plant oils with high antimicrobial properties to prevent bad odors and mold development, thus prolonging the lifespan of the mattress pad.

There are also dual-layer mattress toppers that combine a denser base and a gel-infused or open-cell foam on top for better airflow.

So, whats good about memory foam toppers?

However, memory foam isnt perfect, and you should keep in mind its most common drawbacks:

Also, memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material, meaning that it may feel more rigid during the cold months and become softer in the summer.

What To Look For In A Mattress

Shopping for a mattress can mean being introduced to a bevy of options, each accompanied by a dizzying list of marketing buzzwords. While this can help you learn about a mattress, it can also be confusing. Rather than get lost in minutiae, consider which of these factors is most important in your decision-making.

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Buy A Memory Foam Topper

The new kid on the block, memory foam is what the astronauts sit on during takeoff. Memory foam is made of polyurethane that’s chemically altered to be very dense. It’s also responsive to heat, making it softer in warm spots and harder in cool areas. Because memory foam is so dense, it can be very heavy, but it is also very supportive.

Memory foam, unlike feather beds, does not have as large a range of quality. Yes, some memory foams may be softer than others , but there aren’t factors like down percentage to encounter. The key quality to consider while searching for a memory foam topper is thickness. The thicker the memory foam, the more support, and the further you are away from your hard mattress. Memory foam runs from about $110 for a 1/2″topper to $800 for a full-on mattress. Many in-between sizes exist, usually made in half-inch increments.

Memory foam can also be considered a good investment because it retains its shape and lasts a very long time. .

How Heavy Are You

Best Mattress In A Box (TOP 8 BEDS ONLINE)

Your body weight plays a huge part in choosing the right mattress. Without considering this you are simply guessing as to which spring and tension you need. Retailers rarely ask this and will want to avoid getting into too much detail with you. They do this to keep the sale quick and simple. This often results in you ending up with a really unsuitable mattress and a nightmare trying to exchange it with them.

A light person will find an orthopaedic mattress rock hard, whereas a heavier person may find it just right. So what kind of mattress would be chosen for the heavier person who is asking for a firm mattress believing that this would be the only option for them?

This is where the expertise of the retailer should come into play.

We can help identify the correct spring tensions for you – no more guessing

Another thing to bear in mind is that mattress tension is also relative to the size of the mattress a single mattress will be firmer than a double mattress, a lot firmer than a king size and much firmer than a super king, and of course vice-versa. The bigger the span of the mattress the softer it will feel. So going out to buy a mattress bigger or smaller than the one you are looking to replace will have a direct influence on the mattress tension. This is where you may need specialist advice and we can help prevent you from guessing.

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Mattress Firmness: Harder Is Usually Better

If youre going to spend a big chunk of your money on a mattress, its worth getting one with a guarantee. Many mattress companies will take yours back within 90 days if its not the right choice.

You can always exchange it for something with a different mattress firmness.

Whatever you choose, we hope you have sweet dreams and you get it right on the first try. The better the sleep you get, the more energy youll have to do things in the yard, and finally get through your honey-do list.

Mattress Layers Whats Inside Yours

The layers of your mattress contribute to thickness. Most mattresses consist of layers that can be broken into two different simple categories: the foundation or base layer, and the comfort layer or layers. Lets take a look at what this means and how they differ so you can have a better understanding of what is in your mattress and what it means for the thickness of mattresses overall.

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Some Unfortunate Facts About Innerspring Mattresses

There are a number of reasons why you might make the decision to invest in a standard innerspring mattress. Whether a new mattress is necessary and you have a limited budget or you appreciate that they do offer considerable overall support at a low price, it can be the right choice for some.

Before you consider pursuing the purchase of this mattress type, there are a few potential cons that may be deal-breakers that are well worth taking into consideration including:

  • Low overall owner satisfaction rating when used on a consistent basis
  • Limited durability as sagging can begin to occur within just a few years in cheaper innerspring types
  • Typically are one-sided and are therefore unable to be flipped

Back And Stomach Sleepers

How to Dress a Bed

Both back and stomach sleepers will benefit from a firmer bed. Back sleepers need a mattress that keeps the spine in alignment with their natural curves while they are stretched out at night. Similarly, stomach sleepers need a mattress with enough support to prevent their stomach from sinking too far into the mattress and pulling the spine into an unnatural “U” shape. Since a firmer mattress supports the entire length of the body, it can help back and stomach sleepers enjoy nights of pain-free rest.

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How Do Air Mattresses For Hospital Bed Work

As mentioned above, the air cylinders in the alternating pressure mattresses are placed parallel to each other. The air moves in a sequence from one cylinder to another to perfuse the blood in areas which are at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers. When one cell gets inflated, the other one gets deflated. This motion of air within the pneumatic mattress relieves the pressure on problematic areas of the body regularly, stimulating blood flow.

Know Your Rights When Buying A Mattress

If you change your mind, youre entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period from the date you receive goods. This means you can cancel your order at any time from the moment you place your order up to 14 days from the date it arrives, and the seller is obliged to refund you. Find out your rights to returns and refunds.

Now you know what to look for, check ourbest mattressrecommendations for a Best Buy that will support your spine and last for years.

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Queen King California King Split King

So, if king, queen, and twin XL mattresses are all the same length, how are their sizes differentiated? Width! We typically recommend queen size and up for couples as this will give each sleeper at least 30 of space to themselves.

  • Queen Queen mattresses are a bit narrower than kings and cal kings, at 60, and full sized mattresses are narrower still, at 54.
  • King King size beds are the widest type of mattress, at 76 wide.
  • California King If you happen to be on the taller side though, there is also the option of a California king size mattress, which is 4 inches longer than a normal king size. This means it is 7 feet long! California kings, which have the same surface area as typical kings but have the dimensions distributed slighted differently, are 4 inches narrower, at 72.

Now, to answer the question that weve all been waiting for, what are the dimensions of a split king bed? Well, if you were paying attention to the numbers above, you might have already figured it out, but a split king is actually two twin XL mattresses put together on a king size bed frame. Twin XL mattresses and king mattresses are both 80 long, and twin mattresses are half as wide as king mattresses. Take two 38 wide twin XL mattresses, stick them together, do a little bit of math magic and voila, youve got a 76 king size mattress. Whoever decided on the standard mattress sizes was pretty clever with this one, wouldnt you say?

The Right Degree Of Firmness For Couples

Visiting a Japanese Hardware Store!

Couples should pay special attention to the degree of firmness before buying a mattress.

This is simply because not every degree of firmness will be equally suitable for both partners

In general, we’d recommend sticking to medium-firm mattresses and making use of risk-free trial periods to make sure both partners sleep comfortably.

If you and your partner are of largely varying heights or body weights, though, you may need to make a different plan.

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Why Is The Right Degree Of Firmness So Important

Choosing the right degree of firmness is important for healthy spinal alignment

If your chosen mattress is too firm, then your body will be forced to remain unnaturally straight, resulting in a misalignment of the spinal column.

On the flip side, if your mattress is too soft, you’ll sink into the mattress too deeply, resulting in a hollow back.

In both cases, your spine will be misaligned, which can lead to tension and lower back pain.

Your sleep will also be impacted and you’ll be far less comfortable.

If you choose the right mattress with the right degree of firmness, though, your body will sink in at the centres of gravity but remain well-supported everywhere else.

This allows your spine to remain straight throughout the night, easing tension and allowing for a comfortable night’s rest.

Choosing the right degree of firmness, then, is essential for a good night’s sleep

If you already struggle with severe back, neck, or joint pain, it’s even more important to be aware of firmness levels and choose a mattress with the right level of support.

We’d strongly recommend choosing a mattress that meets orthopaedic requirements.

Which Firmness Is Right For You

So how do you know which firmness is best for you? Some sources explain that finding your personal preference is as simple as asking yourself, Do I prefer a soft or firm bed? While it might seem like a simple question to answer, there are actually a variety of reasons behind our mattress firmness preferences. If you arent sure what firmness level you need, exploring these reasons will help you with your selection.

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Eve Sleep Premium Hybrid: 782 Evesleepcouk

Sizes available: Double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 28cm

Material: Memory foam and springs

Trial period: 100 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

This extra-deep, vacuum-packed hybrid mattress is next level, in our opinion, especially when it comes to people who sleep at least part of the night on their backs and, unlike the Emma hybrid that goes for folk of any shape and size. This is particularly good news for tall and/or overweight back sleepers, for whom no other mattress came close in our tests.

The durability is outstanding, so it should last you longer than other mattresses. It also gets 10 out of 10 from us on breathability, comfort and support, being just slightly firmer than medium. Eve says its down to the combination of special layers and years of product development, focus groups and testing. The top provides a comfy lift, followed by a contouring memory foam layer, then a firmer foam support layer and a sturdy foam base layer that also encloses full-sized pocket springs. You wont disturb your partner when you roll over and the cover is washable. It does smell a bit at first, but not for long, and no mattress scored higher for edge to edge support.

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Hard Vs Soft Mattress: What Mattress Style Fits Your Needs

Best Mattress for Back Pain

The hard mattress gives stiffness to your body while the soft mattress cushions the body. Some people choose stiffness for their back and body pain while some prefer to have softer support. The debate on the choices is endless. Sometimes it is not only the preferences but also the health issues that play a great role. The team of Flo Mattress will let you know some of the interesting facts.

Hard mattresses

The hard mattress helps keep your body straight and the spine neutral while you are sleeping. And due to this, the pressure on your internal system gets reduced and your body maintains a better flow of functions and efficient blood circulation throughout the night to give you a better sleep.

It is also said, that when you sleep aligned and straight there is greater inhalation of the oxygen in your body and you also get your food digested easily. When we see it through the health benefits it is surely a good option but at first, it takes time for some people to adjust on a hard mattress if your body is habitual to softer and comfortable ones.

You can easily buy a hard mattress onlinethrough Flo mattress and have a comfortable sleep. We have a wide range of mattresses including Posturepedic mattress where you can find yours easily with not many efforts and you get the following advantages:

Soft mattresses

Pros and cons of hard and soft mattresses

  • Pros of a hard mattress

Keeps your body straight and provides a natural spine position

  • Cons of a hard mattress

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