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When To Replace Foam Mattress

Needs Too Much Cleaning

Replacement Mattress Covers for Latex – Memory Foam – Air Beds – Waterbeds

Youd be surprised to learn just how much moisture your mattress absorbs, as we can release up to 2 litres of sweat every night. If youve washed a mattress thats been around for years, you know how hard it is to get it to dry.

Sure, you can try airing it out and letting the sun do its thing, but that can take a long time, even leaving you sleeping on the couch for a night while it dries.

People should clean their mattresses regularly, but when yours starts needing it more and more, thats a bad sign. The older a mattress is, the more it accumulates dirt and the harder it is to clean.

Amore Hybrid Mattress Graphite Infused Memory Foam

  • 100 night risk-free trial

The Amore Hybrid mattress has high-density foam and a pocket coil support system. It comes in three levels of firmness and is 12 thick.

One may choose between organic cotton or copper ion infused bamboo fabric, which is anti-microbial and keeps you cooler. 2-inch graphite-infused memory foam with an open cell structure naturally diffuses heat. It also contours the body.

A breathable transitional foam layer is there to help disperse heat. The thickness of this layer varies depending on the firmness level. Above the pocket coil matrix is a layer of high density open cell foam.The individually wrapped pocket coils softly adapt to your sleeping position and the high density foam provides structure and durability.

Worsening Allergies Or Asthma

If its not allergy season and theres no alternate explanation for an uptick in allergy or asthma symptoms, your mattress might be the culprit. Slate interviewed an expert on dust mites that said your mattress is a crime scene in terms of how it gets inoculated with mites over time.

The protein in dust mite feces may cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks and so can the dust that accumulates in your mattress. Vacuuming, steaming, and flipping your mattress might reduce dust and mites to ease your symptoms. If these steps dont help, a new mattress might be the solution.

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What Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

May is often considered the best month to buy a mattress because many mattress companies release their new models in June. That means mattress stores will be eager to clear out their older stock to make way for the new mattresses. Some of the big mattress sales days include Presidents Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday.

Your Mattress Has A Bad Smell

When should I replace my memory foam mattress?  Grady ...

This may not be the most pleasant thing to consider, but your mattress may just start to smell. This can happen over time as mildew, mold, and fungi build up in the mattress it can happen even more quickly if you live in a humid climate.

If you take a whiff of your mattress and smell some serious must, it might be time to get rid of it.

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Use A Mattress Protector

Keep spills, dust and dirt from damaging your mattress by covering it with a great mattress protector. Many of these will extend the life of your mattress while making it cushion-y soft and cozy at the same time. Look for fun features like cooling properties in your mattress protector if you’d benefit from them.

Large Change In Weight

It is common for people to go through weight changes in a mattresses lifespan of 7 to 10 years. This does not include small changes, but life changing ones such as pregnancy, health, etc.

The firmness of a mattress that feels comfortable to you is often influenced by your weight. So something that felt comfortable a year ago could no longer be supporting you.

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Top 10 Signs You Need A New Mattress

Your mattress is an essential part of your everyday life, and you put a lot of thought into selectingjust the right one for you. So it can be easyand temptingto believe that you and your mattress will be together forever. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your mattress may be, this is one relationship that must come to an end.

You can expect a good 7-10 years out of a premium mattress, before it eventually succumbs to the wear and tear of supporting your body every night. At that point, it stops providing you with proper support, leading to aches, pains, less-than-stellar sleepand the need to find a replacement.

But how do you know for sure when you need a new mattress? Here are 10 telltale signs:

Is Gel Memory Foam Effective

Sleep Innovations Novaform Memory Foam Mattress Topper Install

The response varies from mattress to mattress. In some mattresses, it is effective, but in others, it isn’t.


  • In a foam mattress, it is usually not so effective.
  • In hybrid and innerspring versions, it is rather effective.
  • The reason is also that coils or individually wrapped inner springs improve airflow, so the problem of heat retention is less.

    Besides in models in which gel is layered on top are found to be cooler. For example Bear Mattress which is infused with graphite gel. The reason being that when a person lies down on a bed to sleep, the gel layer feels cooler. So the initial experience is good and such consumers who are not very sensitive to sleeping hot feel satisfied.

    It’s also worth noting that gel memory foam degrades over time and loses part of its cooling qualities.

    Despite this, some consumers say their gel memory foam mattresses keep them cool. Everyone’s experience on a bed will be unique.

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    Now the gel memory foam mattress is also available in newer avatars. There are various types of gel memory foam mattresses available now. For example,

    Copper-infused memory gel Copper is extremely conductive, helping to disperse body heat and offer a cool and comfortable memory foam mattress. The Healthy Bed Store mattresses are copper gel infused.

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    When Should I Replace My Mattress: The Definitive Guide

    When to replace your mattress is a common question. Your mattress may have become an oasis that you can count on for you to rest your weary body, but there does come a time when you should switch it for a new one. Beyond the dreaded sag of an old coil mattress there are other factors that answer the question When should I replace my mattress? Even a memory foam mattress will need to be replaced for various reasons.

    What Impacts The Lifespan Of My Mattress

    The most obvious factor in the lifespan of your memory foam mattress is body weight. If youre a lone sleeper, there shouldnt be too many issues concerning body weight and the longevity of your mattress. However, if there are two sleepers using the mattress you should consider your choice more carefully.

    A decent memory foam mattress will typically have a density of 3.5 lbs/ft³. Very cheap mattresses are likely to fall under this standard and therefore the mattress wont last as long. But, if you want a much higher quality mattress you should look out for a minimum foam density of 5 lbs/ft³.

    Your sleeping position can also impact your mattress. For example, the pressure points created by a side sleeper are much more forceful than those of a back sleeper, and so your mattress may begin to sag quicker on certain pressure points, such as the shoulder or hip of a side sleeper.

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    I Lost Or Gained Weight

    A mattress needs be attuned to your body for optimal sleep. Heavier bodies cause deeper wear and tear on a mattress, so if you’ve gained weight, or a new co-sleeper, then it’s essential to consider a mattress that can accommodate you both.

    Similarly, if you have lost weight, your mattress may no longer be able to support your body as it used to. Upgrading at this point will help to promote good sleep.

    Match It With The Proper Base

    Snuggle Home Memory Foam Twin Sleep Sofa Replacement ...

    Support your mattress by pairing it with the proper foundation, base or box spring. Do a bit of research to find out what works best with your mattress, and definitely consider the foundations made by the same brand. Sometimes these are the best possible options because they’re made to go together, even though they may cost a bit more.

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    When Your Old Mattress Loses Its Elasticity:

    Yes! Mattress loses elasticity over a period of time and starts to sag. Sometimes sagging is also a cause of too much moisture present in the mattress.

    Spillage of liquids and when placed on an uneven surface. Unequal distribution of weight on the mattress, which means using just one part of the mattress while sleeping can all lead to sagging.

    Using a memory foam mattress is highly recommended. This mattress does not sag, comes with different densities and provides great support to your back, neck, and shoulders. A high- density patented memory foam mattress is recommended.

    Memory Foam Mattresses 8 To 10 Years

    Memory foam mattresses are typically made of polyurethane foam that has added chemicals to increase its viscosity and density, giving it the conforming properties it is known for.

    Memory foam mattresses traditionally have a longer lifespan than spring mattresses they are made of dense synthetic material and dont have coils that can wear out over time.

    Due to typically having a layered construction, memory foam mattresses are usually not flippable but can be rotated head to foot to prevent wear in one concentrated spot. The main issue with memory foam mattresses is permanent depressions and sagging.

    The life expectancy of memory foam mattresses can vary greatly a good one may last 10 to 15 years, sometimes longer.

    The quality of foam is generally measured by its density, and denser foams typically last longer. Dont expect that as a rule, but do expect a slightly longer life than a spring mattress.

    Expect a lifespan of: 8 to 10 years

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    Mattress Construction And Materials

    The comfort layers sit right on top of your mattress, and as a result, they take the brunt of the damage you inflict. Comfort layer composition and materials vary across brands, but typically they look like this for different types of mattresses:

    Innerspring comfort layer: Innersprings most often utilize polyfoam, foam, or cotton in a quilted pillow top comfort layer. Innerspring mattresses are still some of the most popular mattress types, but they also rank the lowest as far as durability goes.

    Hybrid comfort layer: A hybrid mattress is made using 50% foam and 50% coils. The coils are almost always found in the core base layer, and the layers of foam are placed throughout, including at the top. Hybrids most often use memory foam, latex foam, or polyfoam as their top layers.

    Memory foam comfort layer: Memory foam mattresses use low-density foams in the comfort layer and higher-density foams in the transition and core layers. The most durable memory foam mattresses should have a high-density foam core thats thicker than the lower-density foam layers.

    Latex foam comfort layer: Latex mattresses usually use aerated latex foam in their top layers and higher density latex foam in the bottom support layers. Latex is one of the most durable materials youll find in mattresses, which accounts for the extra cost.

    Getting Past The Gimmicks To The Truth About Your Mattress

    Upgrading to a Denver Mattress for my RV

    Buying a new mattress is a lot like buying car insurance. Comparing features and prices from brand to brand is challenging because there are so many variables. Innerspring or latex, organic or natural, euro-top, pillow-top or luxury-plush the combinations of whats inside your mattress are endless. And because buying a new bed isnt a frequent purchase , the learning curve will always be painful.

    Sorting through the clutter of information in the mattress industry and hone in on what matters to you a GREAT nights sleep will help you make an informed purchase. Before visiting a mattress retailer, arm yourself with common sense and learn the difference between myth and truth. And if youre curious about what mattress is best for your age and stage of life, these Restonic recommendations will help.

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    Nest Bedding Phase Change Cover

    • 100 Nights Sleep Trial

    The Nest Alexander Hybrid is an excellent cooling mattress. It also features a cooling cover and perforated foam for better ventilation.

    The encased mattress with Thermic Phase Change fabric which is cool to the touch is designed to keep you cool while you sleep.

    A 1-inch layer of 4 PCF memory foam is stitched into the cover to provide plushness. This high-density memory foam conforms to the body and relieves pressure gently. Cooling the surface with a gel infusion helps wick away heat.

    Your Mattress Will Tell You

    Just like anything else a mattress will show its age as well, wrinkles, sags and all. Take a good look at your existing mattress to evaluate it. There is no fixing a mattress if it is worn and broken then it is time to replace it.

    • Are you rolling towards the center of your mattress every time you try to lie down flat? This is because you are trying to sleep on a sagging bed. A mattress sagging is definitely shouting to be replaced.
    • Disgusting stains are shouting that you have slept, sweated and have spent way too much time on that bed for it to be used anymore.
    • If lying down on your bed is filled with trying to find the smooth spot between the lumps, then your mattress is saying it is time to be replaced.

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    Your Allergies Flare Up

    Every normal human sheds dead skin cells. Considering we spent 7 to 9 hours on the bed, numerous skin cells accumulate in our mattress. Dead skin cells attract dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and other indoor allergens. These allergens can trigger symptoms such as itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulties, and skin irritation. Old mattresses may have a lot of allergen build-up. If its not allergy season and you are waking up with aggravated allergies, then its time to consider replacing your mattress.

    How Long Does A Mattress Last

    4.5"  Memory Foam Sleep Sofa Replacement Mattress, Twin

    The average mattress will perform for at least seven years before a replacement is needed. Some beds are made from materials that are susceptible to early wear and tear, causing them to lose support and become uncomfortable before the seven-year mark. Others are constructed from durable components with an expected lifespan of eight years or longer.

    Mattress longevity is largely tied to the bed’s material components. Although each model is unique, most mattresses sold today fall into one of five categories: foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, or airbed. The table below lists construction details and expected lifespans for each category.

    Mattress Category

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    Is Your Mattress Showing Signs Of Wear And Tear

    You should check your mattress for visible signs of wear and tear whenever you change your bed sheets. If it looks worn, is lumpy, or has a visible dip where you tend to lie, it’s time to replace it. You should also pay attention to whether your mattress has become noisy. If it creaks, groans, or pings when you’re trying to get to sleep at night, this is also a sign that you should be looking to invest in a new mattress.

    Become An Informed Consumer

    If you suspect you need a new mattress, do your homework, and educate yourself before you buy. Understand the lingo and gimmicks employed by mattress firms so that you get the product you need that fits your budget and gives you the best nights sleep. Theres no prescription for which mattress will best fit your unique needs.

    Look for a mattress that offers adequate support for spinal alignment. Comfort is subjective its how a bed feels to you. You might find a firmer mattress superior to a softer one or vice-versa. Mattress selection is highly personal and should be your preference at the cross-section of proper alignment, support, and comfort.

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    Feeling More Tired Than Usual

    Its normal to wake up feeling tired with an older mattress, although that doesnt mean you should resign yourself to being tired. Once youve ruled out any medical or lifestyle reasons, like poor sleep hygiene or a sleeping disorder, consider the condition of your mattress.

    An overly worn mattress can affect your comfort due to overly compressed materials and poor airflow, which makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. If your sleep cycles are disturbed, youre less likely to wake up feeling rested.

    Before Replacing Your Murphy Bed Mattress Remove Sheets Pillows And Covers

    Homylink Memory Foam Mattress Review

    Before removing your old Murphy bed mattress, make sure to remove all pillows, sheets, and covers from your Murphy bed. Then remove your Murphy bed mattress from the frame. Some mattresses have straps that help them stay tight to the bed whenever it opens or closes. Free your mattress from the straps and lift it clear of the bed frame.

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    When To Replace Your Memory Foam Mattress

    One of the best reasons to buy a memory foam mattress, aside from the unparalleled comfort and support the material is known for, is the longevity of the product. With proper care and maintenance, a quality memory foam mattress can easily last for 8-10 years or more. However, this 10-year lifespan is not a hard and fast rule, but rather a general guideline. There are other, more reliable indicators that will tell you when to replace your memory foam mattress, including the following.

    Under normal circumstances a memory foam mattress is one of the most durable and long-lasting products you will ever buy. But not all mattresses make it to the 10-year service mark, so if your mattress starts to show any of the above signs of premature wear, then replace it ASAP.


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