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How Good Are Memory Foam Mattresses

Advantages Of Memory Foam

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review – A Good Value?

Some people have insisted that these types of mattresses are the reason that they started sleeping well at night again. But is this true? Overall, it is very difficult to measure because sleep is so subjective. It varies for every single person, so it is hard to judge what a good sleep looks like. However, there are some key benefits to memory foam that are known to us.

How Can I Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress can suit all types of sleeping positions, whether you sleep on your back, on your side or on your front. However, it’s important to choose the correct firmness level for your sleeping position. The best firmness rating for you also depends on many other factors, too, including your weight and comfort preferences.

Here are the main benefits of memory foam mattresses for each sleeping position:

  • Back sleepers
    Memory foam conforms to your spine to offer excellent lumbar support.
  • Side sleepers
    Memory foam distributes body weight away from your hips and shoulders while supporting your waist to keep your spine in healthy alignment.
  • Front sleepers
    Memory foam helps support the natural curve in your back to reduce pressure on your lower back.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress

Somehow, mattress material innovation is something only astronomers work on. Heinrich Westphal was a German astronomer. Similarly, memory foam mattresses came about in 1966 through Charles Yoast’s work. He happened to be an American space engineer under contract for NASA.

It began as temper foam, and the whole point was to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers. That tells consumers a significant fact: memory foam is designed for motion and shock absorption, and to protect the body from impact.

Today, memory foam mattresses offer superior comfort and pressure point support. Many of them are designed to align the spine for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

In fact, theyre so popular that those who are more familiar with innerspring systems will often opt for a hybrid mattress. This allows sleepers to experience the therapeutic benefits of a memory foam mattress through a spring mattress construction. Its the best of both worlds.

Now, there is a lot of confusion about memory foam mattresses because there are quite a few types of foam materials incorporated into the construction of these mattresses. Some manufacturers use uniform foam materials, while others use a combination. With an innerspring mattress, the frame is always a set of pocketed or open coils.

You can opt for latex, polyurethane, gel, or combinations of these layers, based on your budget and sleep needs.

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The Pros And The Cons

Lets explore the pros and cons of each type of mattress to help you decide which best suits your needs.

Memory foam can make for a great sleeping service as long as youre aware of the drawbacks as well as the benefits before committing to one. There are several pros to memory foam. These include:

  • The ability to isolate motion, making it perfect for bed sharing
  • How it hugs the curves of the body to offer support where you need it
  • The soft material that helps relieve pressure and promotes comfort
  • Great for allergies since theres nowhere for dust mites and other allergens to accumulate

Of course, there are a few things that memory foam has going against it, such as:

  • Can be hot to sleep on since it absorbs body heat
  • A slight odor when first set up as it off-gasses
  • Can be more expensive than other types of mattresses
  • Difficult to move since it can be quite heavy
  • Vulnerable to moisture since it can cause the foam to deteriorate and mold to grow
  • Lack of springiness to the material

When it comes to spring mattresses, there are some definite pluses such as:

  • Theyre affordable since they are available with as many bells and whistles as you need
  • You know what to expect because youve probably slept on one before
  • Very durable if constructed properly
  • Come in many styles so youre bound to find one that works for you
  • Theyre easy to move around on due to their bounce

What Does It Feel Like

Simmons Beautyrest ComforPedic from Beautyrest 12

Memory foam mattresses are known for creating the sensation of softly sinking into the bed, and early models had a reputation for being too soft. Todays advanced memory foam is able to spring back to its original shape more quickly, allowing you to easily move around and get comfortable in any position. Open-cell construction and cooling materials have helped address another early complaint, that memory foam has a tendency to trap body heat and sleep hot.

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Who May Not Love A Memory Foam Mattress

  • People who sleep very hot should be aware that memory foam often sleeps warmer than other mattress materials, like latex and innerspring. Thats because the thick foam layers can trap heat instead of allowing it to escape. That said, many companies have made vast improvements in memory foam cooling technology, such as gel and copper infusions that help to regulate temperature. You can also use accessories such as cooling sheets to help keep things chill. If keeping cool is your biggest concern, head over to our best cooling mattresses page.

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  • People who do not like to feel in a mattress. The main selling point to some may be a drawback to others. If you dont like to feel as though your mattress is hugging you, then something with a bit more firmness may be the way to go. Check out our best firm mattresses for some good fits.

Is The Smell Of Memory Foam Toxic

Memory foam is a petroleum product, and like other types of foams, some consumers complain of off-gassing or chemical smells, especially when a mattress is new. In our testing, we often note a ‘new mattress’ smell that dissipates over a few days. But for those with acute sensitivities, it’s worth consideration.

Are the smells toxic? While unpleasant or off-putting, there is no evidence showing that the odor is harmful to health. For some people with sensitivities to perfumes and other smells, however, a new-mattress odor might trigger a headache or other reaction.

Most foams used in modern mattresses, including memory foam, are certified to the CertiPUR-US standard, which means the materials have been examined and certified to have minimal levels of off-gassing. Read more about mattress certifications.

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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Soften Over Time

Typically memory foam mattresses will soften over time. There is definitely a break-in period where the memory foam gets adjusted to pressure and their body. If someone feels that the mattress is a bit stiff at first, I wouldnt worry it should soften over time.

How can someone break in a mattress more quickly? They can walk on their mattress and increase the temperature in the room for a period of time. Other than that, they just need to sleep on it for a while and it will happen naturally.

A memory foam mattress might get too soft after many years of use. If youre wondering how often you should replace you

How We Picked And Tested Memory

Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Good for Your Back?

Choosing a mattress is a highly personal endeavorand that makes reviewing them tricky. Youll find plenty of online reviews that may say a particular mattress offered just the right amount of support or that another mattress gave me back pain, but thats just a reflection of what the mattress did for that reviewer. Unless youre that writers clone, those impressions may have little bearing on what the mattress will do for you.

So in making our picks, we focused on objective criteriafactors that should remain consistent for anyone considering a mattress. These included:

Our reviews of foam mattresses began about five years ago. We set up models from some of the most popular brands at the time in our Los Angeles office, where we invited staffers to try the mattresses informally and to provide feedback. Kevin Purdy, Wirecutters mattress writer at the time, spent a week sleeping on the mattresses, and the best of the bunch appeared in our first guide, which we published in 2016. Kevin then slept on additional models at home and updated the guide with each new review, based on his experience and online surveys.

In fall 2020, associate staff writer Justin Redman assessed a range of under-$400 mattresses for our guide to the best cheap mattresses, testing them on his own in Wirecutters New York City office . He then slept on the best of the bunch at home for about a week each.

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Memory Foam Density Level And Firmness

When reading memory foam mattress reviews, customers will come across density levels quite a bit. Typically, I have found that the higher the density, the following is true:

  • Pricier More materials go into a higher-density foam, so almost always one can expect to pay more for high-density memory foam.
  • More Durable Generally, the higher the density, the longer the mattress will last.
  • Less Motion Transfer The higher the density of the foam, the less motion transfer one will experience those who sleep with a partner should consider a mattress with high-density memory foam.
  • More Support/Pain Relief More density means more support higher-density foam does a better job of contouring to the body so, if someone has back pain, they will want a higher-density memory foam mattress.

What is considered a good density? Well, again it depends typically, something that is considered high-density will be higher than 4 lbs. A medium-density will be in the 3.5 to 4 lbs. range. Low-density will be anything 3 lbs. or less.

ILD, also known as Indentation Load Deflection is, simply put, a measure of how firm the memory foam is in a mattress. More specifically, it is a measure of how much weight or force must be put on the memory foam to compress it by 25%. The higher the number, the more weight has to be applied to compress that memory foam.

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What Makes The Ghostbed Luxe Mattress Special

  • The GhostBed Luxe features multiple cooling materials to keep you from overheating.
  • The mattress is a comfortable option for side sleepers.
  • The GhostBed Luxe will offer a balance of comfort and support.

Right off the bat, those mattress customers who are looking for a particularly comfortable mattress are going to want to take a look at the Layla mattress it features soft memory foam that is just extremely pressure-relieving.

Whats more, the Layla is flippable and provides two firmness options in one bed-in-a-box mattress one side is soft and is a fantastic option for side sleepers and one side is firmer and a better match for back sleepers. We can say it is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

In addition, the Laylas memory foam is infused with copper, which has two benefits it is cooling and will assist with heat dissipation, and it is also anti-microbial and will keep the mattress free of mildew and mold.

In the end, the Layla is simply one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on side sleepers and fans of soothing memory foam are going to love it!

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Aslan Mattress: The Very Best Of Everything

We have simplified buying a mattress online by being the best of everything. Aslan mattress is the only company that offers a full 365 Night Trial & Infinite Warranty on a 100% made in the USA product that features both Phase Change & GEL technology infused right into the memory foam. Ships fast + free at an unbeatable price, sleep fiercely without breaking the bank.

Pick Memory Foam Thats Easy To Clean

DreamBed Lux® 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full

Since a memory foam mattress is such a large investment, its important to treat it right to make it last as long as possible. While shopping, check product specifications and user reviews to determine if the mattress youre considering is easy to clean.

Whether you are cleaning spills, dust, or sweat out of your mattress, you should always follow the manufacturers instructions. If you no longer have your manufacturers instructions or they dont provide the information you need, you can visit our Memory Foam Cleaning Guide for some general cleaning tips and recommendations.

Your mattress should be uniquely perfect for you and your needs. Luckily, with all the information provided above, you can choose a memory foam mattress that completely meets your standards. Now that you know what to look for, you can confidently join the thousands of people that are opting to swap out their old mattresses for memory foam replacements.

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The Marketing Of Memory Foam

Some memory foam manufacturers label their products as all being the same. They state that memory foam is memory foam, and there is no difference at all. This is to convince you that you do not need to shop around for different types of memory foam. Do not be fooled by this form of marketing. Memory foam mattresses are all very different, and some have very distinct qualities. You will need to look around for exactly what suits your needs the best before you make a decision on which to buy.

Memory foam, as discussed earlier, is much denser than regular foam. Certain types are also firmer than others. This might be preferred if you have backaches or need more support while you sleep. Other types of foam are infused with gel. Gel-infused memory foam has a greater ability to take body heat away from the person who is sleeping in the bed. This will result in a cooler and more comfortable place to sleep.

It is important to match each individual person with their desired bed type. Simply saying one size fits all is not a good way to market to the public. People will not be getting the mattress that they truly need if this is how the marketing is going to be. Each different type of memory foam mattress should be explained and the customer should know what it is that they are purchasing. After all, good mattresses are expected to last for years. A purchase with this level of commitment should be made with all the knowledge available.

Mattress Size And Thickness

Another factor to consider while buying a mattress should be its size. It should be well aligned to the size of your bed. Generally, four types of mattress sizes are available in India, namely single, queen, king, and double. Alongside the size of the mattress, our experts also looked at the thickness and layering of the mattresses. The thickness of the mattress determines comfort, strength, and life of the mattress.

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Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress: At A Glance

  • Memory foam mattresses create a relaxing, body hug feel
  • Hybrid mattresses are more breathable and offer good support
  • Both types suit a wide range of sleeping positions

Most of the best mattresses in a box are hybrid models, which means they use a combination of foam and either springs or coils. These are normally more expensive of the two because they use more materials and often pack in higher levels of technology, but buying online can save you hundreds. Both types usually come on a trial period too, so , you’ll get anywhere from 30 to 365 nights to test drive yours at home.

If you have back problems, neck pain or issues with spinal alignment, a foam mattress is better for you because they contour your body, almost hugging it when you lie down. Memory foam models are also a good choice if you need a mattress with high levels of motion isolation so that your restless partner won’t disturb you so much with their in-bed movements during the night.

Hot sleepers are better with hybrid mattresses, as by design they are more breathable . A hybrid would also suit you if you dislike the sensation of sinking deeply into a body-hugging bed, or if you enjoy a firmer mattress with a little bounce.

Choosing The Best Memory Foam Mattress For You

$150 Amazon Memory Foam Mattress | Is it any good??

The memory foam mattresses we stock come in a range of comfort grades. To decide which foam mattress is best for you, it helps to consider your preferred sleeping position.

If you sleep on your side or vary your sleeping position during the night, consider a Medium comfort grade memory foam mattress. These provide extra cushioning that allows your body to sink further into the foam mattress while keeping your spine aligned.

For those who sleep on their front or back, a Firm or Very Firm memory foam mattress is the more suitable choice. This firmness will provide increased support for your spine and joints. The additional benefit of memory foam is that itll respond to your body shape, providing even more support and comfort while sleeping in this position.

Our memory foam mattresses are available in a range of sizes. Whether youre looking for a single memory foam mattress, a double memory foam mattress, a super king or any size in between, you can a suitable size in our range of foam mattresses.

For more information on the best memory foam mattresses, check out our top mattresses.

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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Off

All memory foam mattresses experience at least some off-gassing. Off-gassing is when the VOCs in your mattress start to break down and disperse into the air during the first few weeks or months after you purchase your new bed. Both polyurethane foam and the adhesives inside your mattress could have VOCs, which are injected into the bed during manufacturing.

Most of the time, the worst thing youll experience from off-gassing is an unpleasant smell for a little while until the off-gassing process is complete. This might be worse if youre unpacking an online mattress because vacuum sealing can trap gasses. Sometimes, off-gassing can cause symptoms like mild nausea or headache, but it should never be dangerous to your health.

Memory foam mattresses with a CertiPUR-US® certificate should not do much off-gassing. The CertiPUR-US® standard sets strict limits on the amount of VOCs that a mattress can contain. This limits its ability to off-gas.


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