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How Long Does It Take To Break In New Mattress

Invest In A Mattress Topper

How long does it take to get used to a new mattress?

A mattress topper is a layer of memory foam, polyfoam, or latex which you put on top of your mattress to add more cushioning. There are many different types of mattress toppers today, and each of them comes with different features. But theyre all similar in one thing they can make your bed more comfortable and mask possible imperfections of your mattress surface.If you want to change how your mattress feels, be sure to choose a thicker topper with a soft feel, and youre all set.

How Long Does It Take For A Mattress To Break In

The answer is completely dependent on factors such as body build, sleeping habits, firmness preferences of both sides of the bed, and the type of mattress that has been chosen. Your specific needs may dictate the time for breaking into your bed, ranging from as little as one night to several weeks or even months.

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According to experts, the initial break-in period for a new mattress is 30 to 90 days. This timeframe allows the body to adjust to a new mattresss support level, firmness, and thickness while it also gives the springs time to loosen up and become less stiff.

During this time, you may experience a little back pain or stiffness as your body adjusts to your new mattress. This is normal but will only last for a short while before you start sleeping comfortably on your new mattress. You should also sleep soundly through the night without waking up because of pain or stiffness in your back or hips.

Backache Especially In The Morning

Millions of adults around the world suffer from back pain. If a new mattress brings pain and discomfort in the spinal region, no need for a psychic to tell you that it may be too firm for you.

If you have a long history of back pain, a firm mattress can also aggravate the symptoms. This can result in higher levels of pain in the morning.

You can read this article from The Joint or you can check out our article we wrote on how to find the best mattress for back pain relief.

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Can You Return A Mattress If You Dont Like It

If after persevering with your old mattress, youre not happy with how it feels, you may have the option to send it back. Many manufacturers offer an extended trial period, where you may be able to return or exchange an uncomfortable mattress. But remember to check the full terms and conditions beforehand.

Why Is My New Bed Hurting My Back

How Long Does It Take To Adjust To A New Mattress

If you feel your back hurting or aching, then the mattress is likely too soft or too firm for you.

If you use your mattress regularly, it will become more comfortable even if it is in a standard medium firmness. If it is still too soft or painful, then you may want to consider buying a firm or medium-firm mattress.

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Turn Up The Temperature

We definitely recommend sleeping in a cool room its good for you and your health. But its also good to know that an increase of only a few degrees can make a mattress softer.

It should be more noticeable on a memory foam mattress, but other mattresses also tend to soften up at a higher temperature.

However, please dont hang onto this tip as your only solution and go crazy on the temperature, especially not if youre a temperature-sensitive person.

Invest In A Softer Mattress

If you think your mattress is too firm for any of these steps to provide long-term results, it might be time to invest in a new mattress.

Ideally, your mattress should be replaced every seven years so you can always get a great nights sleep. However, if your mattress is damaged or lumpy or is too uncomfortable to sleep on, investing in a softer mattress is the best option.

If youre looking to replace your firm mattress, check out these options:

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How Long Does It Take For Purple Mattress To Break In

If youve just purchased a new Purple mattress, you might be wondering how long it will take to break it in. The answer, unfortunately, is not a simple one. Depending on a variety of factors from your sleep habits to the type of mattress youve chosen it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to fully break in your new bed.

That said, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. First, make sure youre using the right sheets and bedding. Thick, quilted mattresses will take longer to break in than thinner ones, so its important to use sheets that wont bunch up and cause discomfort.

Second, take some time to adjust to your new sleeping surface. It might feel strange at first, but the more you sleep on it, the more comfortable it will become.

Finally, be patient! It might take a little while, but eventually, your new mattress will feel like it was made just for you.

Furthermore, A Purple mattress usually takes about 60 to 90 days to break in. This is why they offer a 100-night sleep trial with all of their mattresses. This way, you can try out the mattress and see if its comfortable for you before you make a final decision.

How Long Does It Take To Adjust To A New Mattress

How To Re-Fluff Your Comforter

In general, it can take at least a month to get used to a new mattress. By then, it should start to feel softer and more comfortable.

It can take some time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Some people adapt quicker than others. Its going to feel significantly different to your old, worn-out mattress. Furthermore, its not uncommon to find a new mattress uncomfortable or even cause back pain, even though it may be supporting your body correctly. This is because you would have become accustomed to the feel of your old mattress.

The type of mattress you choose can also make a difference in the adjustment period. For instance, if youre switching from a traditional sprung mattress to a memory foam mattress, it may take longer to adapt due to the unique feel of the memory foam material. A memory foam mattress reacts to body heat and gradually moulds to the body. Some people may find this sinking in feeling strange at first. Some memory foam mattresses may also feel warmer to sleep on. As memory foam cradles the body, heat can sometimes get trapped within the mattress. In contrast, a traditional sprung mattress will immediately conform to the body and will generally feel cooler to sleep on.

Likewise, if youre moving from a soft to a firm mattress or vice versa, it can also take some time for the body to adjust to a different feel.

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Why Your New Mattress Feels Different Than In Store

Texas Mattress Makers

When it comes to buying a mattress, getting just the right fit is crucial. Mattresses are a major investment and they play a critical role in your quality of life. Unfortunately, many people have purchased a new bed only to find that it feels entirely different in their home than it did in the showroom when they first tried it. For some, it may feel softer, but for most, it may feel firmer. This can actually be a good thing depending on the cause. Continue reading to learn the cause and how to fix it!

When Should You Give Up

Sometimes, after you have tried a hundred different methods, your mattress might still feel too stiff. That can be a sign that you have chosen the wrong mattress type or have picked an unsuitable firmness level. And thats when you might want to start thinking about returning it .

Now, most manufacturers offer a sleep trial that typically lasts for around 100 nights. Additionally, theres almost always a mandatory break-in period . So, if after those 30 days your mattress still feels uncomfortable, you can return it. Dont rush to apply for a refund only after a couple of weeks.

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Use A Quality Mattress Topper

Using a quality mattress topper , you can save yourself from the backaches of the first few nights as your new bed is breaking in. It needs to be a high-conforming and soft surface that you can comfortably place on your bed to enhance your comfort and support .

These toppers are mostly made of gel-infused memory foam. They can provide you with the comfort you have always wanted, especially during the break-in period.

These toppers can slow down the breaking-in process, and your mattress is not directly exposed to your body temperature and weight.

If you go for a thicker topper, a very minimal amount of your body heat will reach your Tempur-Pedic mattress. With a thicker topper, your sleep surface will also feel firmer, and you will have to deal with minimal conforming. So, you are bringing your break-in process to a halt.

Breaking In A New Mattress

The Part of the Plane You Never Get to See: What Do Cabin Crews ...

If you just got a new bed, and youre wondering why it doesnt feel as comfortable as you were expecting, dont worry! Its normal to experience some discomfort at first. Mattresses take some time to break in and feel the way theyre designed to feel.

The break-in period for a mattress comes in two forms. The bed has to be broken in and your body has to adjust to the new feel. Youre used to the way your old mattress felt, with all its imperfections. So, itll feel strange at first to lay on a new mattress compared to the old one.

The mattress itself also needs time for the materials to soften and start contouring to your body. The break-in process for a mattress is often compared to the process of breaking into a new pair of shoes. Depending on the type of mattress and the materials used, the break-in time will vary.

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What Is The Difference Between It And What Is The Usual Mattress

Purple is available in a variety of sizes starting from twin size to California king, and provides the famous cushioning their unique technology for fabric provides. This Purple Grid is a fundamental element of what makes Purple an exceptional mattress since it functions as a memory foam, but provides an even more responsive bounce. This layer is manufactured with a grid structure that allows airflow to pass through the gaps between the foam, regulating temperature , without compromising your overall cushion.

The mattresss construction is exemplary. Each mattress is constructed with a 2-inch Purple proprietary grid on top of an additional 3.5-inch foam layer. This is supported by four inches of high-density polyfoam. the standard for all full-foam mattresses that provide the complete cushion form and form.

This construction is enhanced by a poly-viscose blended fabric that assists in regulating temperature and provides a great cool feel. The mattress should be around 9.25 inches high and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and suitable to most sheet sets.

To put it in laymans terms, look for a mattress thats semi-firm for an affordable price, while also providing quality and advanced materials. Moreover, Purple comes with several distinct variants, such as Hybrid, Hybrid or the Hybrid Premier. People who are used to coil-support mattresses are able to choose hybrids to get a similar experience, but with the added benefit of Purples exclusive technologies.

Exchange For A New Mattress

If youve spent most of your Helix sleep trial tossing and turning, you may have the wrong mattress firmness. After trying all the steps above, you may decide to exchange your bed for another mattress that better suits your needs.

With the Helix return policy, you can send your mattress back any time during the 100-night trial period. You can then select a different mattress with the proper supportperhaps a lower firmnessand give that a try. Have questions about which mattress is right for you? Take the Helix sleep quiz to find out what is best.

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How Long Does An Air Mattress Last

On average, an air mattress will last anywhere from 2 to 6 years. However, there are a number of factors that can affect how long your air mattress will last. For instance, the quality of the air mattress and how often you use it will play a role in how long it lasts. Additionally, how you care for your air mattress will also impact its lifespan.

Why Does My New Mattress Not Feel Like The One In The Store

How to bed-in your brakes | Sur Ron X with new Shimano H03C brake pads

If youve bought your mattress in-store, you may find that it feels different to the one that you tried out in the showroom. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, showroom models are typically softer due to the number of people who test them out on a regular basis. Some showroom models may be months, if not years old and will be much more worn in. You may even find that the mattress you tried in the showroom may be of a slightly different specification to the one that youve purchased. For instance, it could have a different covering, slightly changing how it feels to lie on.

Secondly, your mattress may feel different if it is paired with a different bed base to the one in the showroom. For instance, a sprung bed base will make a mattress feel softer. While a slatted or solid top bed base will make a mattress feel firmer. This is why it is generally best to buy the mattress and bed base together.

Thirdly, youll be wearing extra layers of clothing when you lie on the mattress in the showroom. This essentially creates a barrier between you and the mattress and may not give you a true feel for the mattress.

Finally, if your mattress has been on order or kept in stock for some time, it may feel different if you have put on weight.

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Apply Some Pressure To Mattress Surface

As you sleep on it at night, the frame has to do some heavy lifting to break in the mattress. In addition, it requires pressure to soften those foam layers.

Nevertheless, you can make this process faster by gently walking on it a few times daily. You can also crawl on the mattress if walking is not exciting enough. This way, you can get some exercise done on the side of your mattress and make the breaking-in process much faster.

But if these two activities are a bit out of your lane, you can also stack a pile of filled shoe boxes or hard-bound books on your mattress.

Giving Your New Mattress Time To Break

For some, finding the right replacement mattress may be difficult, as their old one had time to adjust to the shape of their body, making it seem more comfortable, that is at least before it began breaking down. Even with new mattress sales topping more than 39 million units being shipped yearly within the United States, many may not know that a new mattress still requires some time to be broken in. This is the case, even when theyve had a sleep specialist help them select their new bed.

Contrary to what some mattress and bedding stores sell, brand new mattresses can cause discomfort for a few weeks before theyve had the adequate time needed to adjust and soften the new materials. This is something a lot of businesses wont tell you. It is also why many bedding stores offer a sleep-trial for at least 30 days or more. The Bedding Mart offers a 365 day sleep trial on most of our mattresses.

So, if you have just bought a new mattress and are experiencing some discomfort, then do not worry, it most likely just hasnt had enough time to adjust and conform to your body. Think of your new mattress as a new pair of shoes, you both need time to adjust and achieve optimal comfort.

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The Texas Mattress Makers Difference

At Texas Mattress Makers, we dont want to sell you a mattress without letting you know how it will perform in the long run thats why our mattresses on our showroom floor are already broken-in so that they are ready to try! Breaking in a new mattress only takes around 30-60 days. After that, youll start to notice the comfort, the support, and the feel is just right. And if you dont, we have a 90-day comfort guarantee that allows our customers to call our showroom within the first 90 nights after purchasing their mattress to discuss problems and find solutions.

If you have any questions about a mattress or its components, our experts are happy to help whether you buy from us or not. We are happy to help you as you explore your mattress options and provide the answers you want to know about sleep! Take our Mattress Quiz today to get a mattress recommendation by one of our experts!

You can shop online by comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, and budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston-area locations today!

To Make The Mattress Firmer:

Sleeping on the Job? This Company Pays You to Do It
  • Replace the box spring. A new box spring can enhance your mattresss firmness for better joint support and less sagging.
  • Use a solid platform base. A solid platform base is another option that provides a firm foundation for the mattress and keeps it from sinking in.

Do You Need to Exchange or Replace the Mattress?

If you’ve tried the above tips without success, don’t worry. The only solution may be to exchange or replace the mattress. Sometimes, the mattress just isn’t the right fit for you and your needs.

If that’s the case, reach out to the mattress manufacturer to find out if they would be willing to exchange or replace your mattress. The best mattress companies are always willing to work with you and help you find a better mattress.

In cases where the mattress company isn’t able to offer an exchange or replacement, it’s time to start shopping around for a new mattress. Here are some tips to make the mattress selection process a little easier:

  • Make sure to do your research. Customer reviews are very telling.
  • Select the right firmness. Medium-firm is the ideal firmness for most people.
  • Invest in a high-quality mattress type, like gel memory foam. It will provide you with the comfort and support you need for a great night’s sleep.

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