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What Is The Best Luxury Mattress Brand

Best Mattresses For Side

Best Luxury Mattresses (TOP 6 BEDS)

Side-sleepers generally feel most comfortable on medium-soft to medium mattresses. These are plush enough to cushion the shoulders and hips, but supportive enough to keep the spine aligned. The all-foam Loom & Leaf has a cradling, not-too-sinky feel, and the Leesa Hybrid is slightly firmer and more resilient. And those who insist on a really pillowy mattress might like the Serta Perfect Sleeper Kleinmon II . Our guide to the best mattresses for side-sleepers has more recommendations.

Our pick

*At the time of publishing, the price was $2,200.

The Best Types Of Luxury Mattresses

The way that a mattress is built is central to its performance and has direct implications for its durability and price. As outlined below, there are five main mattress types, and each carries certain benefits and downsides. Remember, though, that while there are common characteristics among mattresses of a particular type, there can still be notable variation within a category.

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable

Hotels often invest in thick, plush mattresses that can accommodate a wide range of sleepers. These mattresses may be replaced every few years to ensure the bed feels comfortable and supportive, rather than old and worn out. Hotels also increase their beds comfort with luxurious toppers, quality bedding, and an assortment of pillows.

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Is It Worth Spending Money On A High

We love great products, but were also realistic, and we know not everyone can afford a $5,000 mattress, never mind one that costs $1.6 million!

As weve seen in previous RAVE rankings, there are some good budget mattresses out there. But the consensus is that spending less than $200 is generally a false economy: such a cheap mattress is very unlikely to last long, and youll just end up spending money as the years go by, without reaping the benefits of a quality mattress.

Spend just a little bit more, and youll have a great mattress for longer. But what about mattresses that cost upwards of $3,000?

The general rule, as with everything in life, should be only to spend what you can. If you get yourself into debt to buy a $10,000 mattress, youll just be having plenty of restless nights! But if you are able to, widening your budget just that little bit more can make all the difference.

This is especially true if you suffer from any joint, back, or neck problems. In that case, we say, dont spare on anything, and go ahead and buy the best that you can. A good mattress can have a huge impact on your overall quality of life, and you cant put a price tag on that.

But even if you are fit and healthy, and can afford a high-end luxury mattress, then why not go for it? Its an investment that you wont regret.

Best Mattresses Reviewed : Casper Nectar And More

Best Luxury Mattress 2020

All products featured on Architectural Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

A mattress purchase is a big deal: Its an investment, and its the foundation of your sleep for yearswhich is why familiarizing yourself with the best mattresses should be the first step when picking out a new mattress. Weve started the legwork for you. AD staffers have put several leading mattress brands to the test, and ahead, theyll report on their experiences. Theres a different model out there for everyone, as these pro mattress-testing editors have noted. Find out what they loved about these mattresses, and what they were still left wanting.

Here is the complete list of the mattress brands we covered. Click through if you’d like to jump straight to a specific mattress review:

Please note that all prices are for queen-size mattresses. Check retailers for additional price and size information.

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The Best Mattress Brands

When it comes to your bed, picking the right mattress is one of the most important decisions you can make. Its something you use every day, which makes it more of a necessity than most of your other furniture. The mattress for a bed is like the beef in a burger. Its the star of the show and makes it whole. Despite the number of mattresses you can find almost anywhere of various prices and sizes, deciding what brand to buy your mattress from can be tricky. Fear not, because below is a list of the best mattress brands you can choose from. If you want to support national manufacturers, there is a great list of the best mattresses made in Canada from John Breese.

1 Tempur-PedicTempurPedic, founded in 1922, is perhaps one of the most famous mattress brands around. Although they are known for their remarkable mattresses, they also sell bed bases, pillows, bedding, cushions, slippers, and many other products. What separates them from the bunch is that most of their products are made with a special foam described as viscoelastic, which is also known as memory foam.

You get more bang for your buck when it comes to Tempur-Pedic. When looking for amazing brands that master quality over price, such as Choose Mattress, you’ll never be disappointed. Any fears of unredeemable high spending should be dismissed, as their products have a higher quality than most.

Sealy offers innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.

5 SertaIf

7 Novaform

8 Tuft & Needle

How Long Do High

The lifespan of a mattress varies depending on the quality of the material, the design of the mattress, and the way you take care of it. Its important to take lifespan into consideration, because an old mattress that sags or no longer supports us in the right way can really affect our health and quality of sleep.

Several studies show that old mattresses can cause back pain or exacerbate it, and, generally, you wont be getting the best possible sleep on a lumpy or sagging mattress, and this can affect the way you perform and feel during the day.

Different materials have different longevities: innerspring mattresses tend to sag in the middle, and wont last 10 years if not correctly taken care of memory foam can last a bit longer, but will need to be flipped regularly hybrid mattresses have a similar lifespan, but it varies a lot depending on the model latex is the most durable, and can last upwards of 15 years.

Those are the average lifespans for mid-range mattresses, but the more you spend on a mattress, the more it is likely to last. This is because of higher quality materials, intelligent design, and better customer care. Some high-end mattresses are meant to last upwards of 20 years. Always look at the warranty period, as this should give you an idea of how long the mattress will provide you with the best sleep.

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What Bedding Do 5 Star Hotels Use

Speaking of wonderful cocoons, the velvety but crisp sheets that you slip into in luxury hotels tend to have a thread count of approximately 300, which is considered to be the sweet spot. Make certain that they are always made of cotton since it is the most breathable and helps you keep cool avoid the less expensive microfiber variants.

What Is The Most Luxurious Mattress

Best Luxury Mattress 2021 – The Best 5 Beds!

It really depends on your definition of luxury. If a plush, cloud-like bed calls to you, then the plush version of the Saatva Classic may qualify as the most luxurious mattress. If you have something firmer in mind, then the WinkBeds EcoCloud could be your ticket to a more luxurious life.

Do some soul searching and identify the aspects in a mattress that make you most happy. Once you do that, finding your ideal of luxury will be much easier.

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Best Luxury Mattress Overall: Amerisleep As5 Hybrid

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid is a luxury hybrid mattress, but it isnt nearly as expensive as some other luxury beds you might come across. The AS5 Hybrid is 14 inches tall and has a soft feel. It contains a combination of pocketed coils, flexible latex-like foam, and plush, plant-based memory foam.

The beds comfort layer is 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, an eco-friendly memory foam built to provide full-body pressure relief. Since the memory foam is plant-based, its more breathable and durable compared to any standard memory foam.

Next is the beds transition layer, Active Flex, which minimizes painful sinkage and spinal misalignment. Along with that, the Active Flex layer prevents you from feeling stuck and unable to switch positions when lying in bed.

The mattresss pocketed coils are quiet, durable, and limit motion transfer so as not to disturb your partner. Both sides of the pocketed coils are reinforced, making getting in and out of bed easier.

Finally, there is a thin layer of durable foam that supports the upper layers of the bed.

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid is made in the USA and is certified by CertiPUR-US®, meaning the bed is free from heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, and is low in VOCs. Essentially, the bed wont release an unpleasant odor and doesnt contain harmful chemicals.

If you go with the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid, you also receive a 100-night risk-free sleep trial, a 20-year warranty, and free shipping and returns.

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

What Is The Best Mattress To Buy In 2020

Best Mattress Ratings

  • Best Overall: Avocado Green Mattress »
  • Best Spring Mattress: Saatva Classic »
  • Best Firm Mattress: The WinkBed »
  • Best Memory Foam Mattress: Layla Memory Foam »
  • Best Medium-Soft Hybrid Mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid »
  • Best High-End Memory Foam Mattress: Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud »

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Best Luxury Foam Alternative Mattress: Purple Hybrid Premier

The last luxury mattress on our list is the Purple Hybrid Premier. Its a pressure-relieving bed with advanced construction.

The bed contains the brands proprietary Purple Grid, pocketed coils, and a thin transition foam on both sides of the coils. The StretchMax mattress cover is soft and built to promote airflow for cool nights.

Purple Grid is a temperature-neutral foam built to instantly conform under your body and provide both support and pressure relief. Every Purple mattress contains a layer of Purple Grid for flexible comfort.

You can choose between two Purple Grid thicknesses: 3 inches or 4 inches. The 3-inch layer works well for couples and combination sleepers. The 4-inch layer is a good choice for sleepers looking for extra cradling at night. Based on which Purple Grid thickness you choose, the bed is either 12 or 13 inches thick.

The support layer contains stainless steel coils wrapped in fabric to stay quiet and durable. The coils provide adaptive pressure relief and support so you wake up pain-free.

The Hybrid Premiers transition layers protect the coils and increase the beds overall durability.

The Purple Hybrid Premier includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Purple Hybrid Premier

Our Best Mattress For Heavy People

Best (and Worst) Mattress Brands in Australia

In its review of the Saatva HD, gives the mattress 5/5 stars for temperature control. According to the review, “The Saatva HD excels in preventing sleeping hot. Its effective temperature regulation starts with the top two layers of cotton and latex. Cotton is naturally breathable, helping to wick moisture away from the body for comfort cooling. Latex retains minimal heat, combining with the cotton to keep the surface cool.”

Chubstr, a style website for plus-size people, calls out the Saatva HD’s perfect blend of comfort and support. “We’ve covered a number of mattresses for heavy people and the Saatva HD feels like a great fit for people who want support and luxury comfort,” writes Chubstr founder Bruce Sturgell in his review. “It offers the sturdiness and durability of the Big Fig, while the organic cotton pillow top gives it the plushness of the Helix Nightfall.”

The Lineal adjustable base is top-rated for people with health conditions or mobility issues.

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What Mattress Brand Does Westin Use

In addition to Westin Hotels, the Heavenly® Bed is created specifically for them by Simmons. It is made up of 13 parts There is no need to flip the pillow top mattress, and the coils are individually pocketed. The basic box spring unit measures 8 34 inches in height .. They are sold as a mattress and box spring combo and are created specifically for the Westin StoreTM by the Westin Corporation.

Mattress Prices Online Vs In

Mattress shopping might look a little different than it did when you last bought a new mattress, so its important to weigh out the benefits of buying online versus in a store. For starters, not every brand is available in store. Loom & Leaf, a Saatva brand, for one, can only be purchased online. Purple, however, can be purchased in stores and online. Youre also given many different perks if you purchase from the online market because they know you arent able to feel the mattress yourself in person. As such, youll usually be granted free shipping, free returns, a lengthy risk-free trial thats at least 90-days long, and a warranty policy. Lastly, you have a ton of options to choose from, and options tend to be more affordable online.

There are a lot of fantastic luxury mattress brands out there, but a few of our favorites are Saatva, WinkBed, TempurPedic, Beautyrest, and Purple.

The bottom line is that you want to invest in a great bed that will serve your needs, especially since this is typically an 8-10 year investment.

Typically, the luxury mattresses out there are around $2,000-$3,000 for a queen.

Luxury firm is just another name for medium-firm.

Interestingly, you will not only get free shipping, but usually free returns as well.

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Jeff Rizzo is a Certified Sleep Science Coach who has helped over 5 million people with their mattress-related questions online.

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Recore Latex Mattress The Mattress Designed For Fitness And Performance Athletes: 46 Rating With Hundreds Of Reviews By Yotpo

While most Americans are not fitness oriented, Canadians thrive on extremely active outdoor lifestyles. We were excited to learn about the Recore Mattress, a uniquely designed bedding option that is designed for humans at the peak of their game.

The Recore Mattress is a dynamic and carefully engineered mattress built on a classic high density foam base, and ascends with a layer of specialized gel foam that centers and balances the body.

Up top a graphite infused latex layer helps ventilate heat away from the body and has all of the supportive elements of latex- the immediate responsiveness, the bounce factor, and the pressure distributing qualities.

The price on a queen Recore Mattress is a comfortable C$999 with free shipping, a 120 day trial period, and a solid 15 year warranty. The icing on the cake with this performance mattress is the silver infused anti-bacterial outer covering, which can even be unzipped and removed for washing. Silver infused textiles are proven to be antimicrobial, and kills viruses as well. the cover will keep the interior clean, is breathable, and has a comfortable, textured feel.

A technically designed mattress, the Recore uses next-generation cooling technology, designed specifically for active Canadian lifestyles. The channeled top layer of graphite latex foam works with the cooling gel layer below, acting as a thermal superhighway.

In addition, graphite foams reduce odors and keep your mattress fresh and inviting for decades to come.

The Juno Bed: 46 Rating Out Of 1685 Yotpo Reviews

Best Luxury Mattress 2021 (Top 6 Beds For Ultimate Comfort)

The Juno Bed is another Canadian favorite in the bed in a box category, and fits sleeper who have active lifestyles and are looking for a reasonably priced option in a gel foam/memory foam mattress. At just $C449 for a queen size, its hard to not take notice. And that includes free shipping to all provinces.

Called the no gimmick Canadian mattress, its not loaded down with a lot of unnecessary frills and bells and whistles, and is built using a tried and true design, using a 2 layer of memory foam with infused gel beads, on top of a supportive yet yielding foundation layer that is 6 thick. the finished height is 8 total.

We used to build mattresses identical to the Juno Bed when our company first entered the e-commerce marketplace. It is light in weight when compared to most other mattresses, especially latex which is much heavier.

This bed will be easy to unpack and transport to your bedroom, even if you are stuck doing it by yourself. The mattress has minimal motion transfer as well, and wont have an excessive bouncy feel.

To get the best out of your , pairing it with a Podium Adjustable Base is the best way to create a sanctuary from the daily grind.

With an infinite number of elevated head and foot options, massage feature, zero-gravity presets, and USB charging ports, using an adjustable base helps you relax, restore, refresh, and sleep better, too.

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Things To Look For When Buying A Luxury Mattress

Construction & Materials

As mentioned above, the materials inside a luxury mattress are of premium quality. Foams are usually made of organic or infused with gel, copper, or graphite. There are also specialty foams like the Hyper-Elastic Polymer of Purple. Most importantly, pay attention to the coil count of the spring system. It should also be individually encased and/or blended with offset coils.

Firmness & Feel

There is a guideline that the mattress industry follows when it comes to determining firmness. This is the 1 to 10 Firmness Scale. But in terms of weight and firmness compatibility, you may follow this one:

  • Soft Those who weigh less than 130 pounds
  • Medium Firm Those who weigh 130 to 230 pounds
  • Firm Those who weigh above 230 pounds


Temperature neutrality cannot be absent in a luxury mattress. Those infused with gel or graphite are basic in this category. But as we said, there are several techs introduced as well, such as the Hyper-Elastic Polymer and Phase Changing Technology. Individual coil casings also promote better airflow. So hybrids and innerspring win in this section. But those topped with high-density foam may sleep warm.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Motion Transfer


A good queen luxury bed is priced between $1,000 and $2,000. This model is a bit more expensive than conventional ones because of the premium materials that come with it. However, the $$$ is definitely worth the benefits.

Other Factors


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