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How To Get Piss Stains Out Of Mattress

How To Get Dog Pee Out Of A Mattress

How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress

Our furry friends bring so much joy to our lives and like us, can have little mishaps now and then. Dog urine on mattress is best cleaned as soon as possible, as with cat pee. Getting urine smell out of mattress is best tackled as soon as you can. The steps for getting urine out of mattress are similar to the steps above.

How to get animal pee out of mattress:

  • Pour some undiluted vinegar into the spray bottle
  • Spray the vinegar onto the stain
  • Allow the vinegar to sit for 10-20 minutes
  • Blot the excess vinegar with the dry towel
  • Sprinkle the baking soda over the stain
  • Allow the baking soda to sit for as long as possible
  • Vacuum the stain, use this opportunity to vacuum the entire mattress and base, dont forget under the bed too
  • Repeat process if necessary
  • How To Clean A Mattress

  • Saturate that mattress with vinegar. You can use a spray bottle or just gently drizzle it right on. . Let the vinegar sit for 5-10 minutes. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on, or run a stand alone fan if you can. At the very least open the windows. The increased air flow helps to speed up the process. . Ive seen a lot of methods that call for diluting the vinegar but that just didnt seem to work as well. The straight vinegar is very strong and really helps to pull out that nasty urine odor.
  • Using paper towels or rags, soak up the vinegar. Press several layers of paper towels into the mattress for this step.
  • Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. You can get real fancy and use a sieve or a sifter for this step, but I dont think its necessary. If there are a lot of clumps just break them up with your fingers. Were going for simple and quick with this mattress cleaner. Let the baking soda sit for several hours. The longer the better, but Ive gone from two to five hours and both times it worked perfectly. After a couple of hours, youll begin to see the baking soda caking as it soaks up the vinegar .
  • Vacuum up the baking soda from the mattress. Make sure to go over the crevices several times. It makes me kinda happy making those lines in the powder with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Thats it! If you have some really difficult stains, rub the vinegar into them with your fingers or even use an old toothbrush to really rub it in.

    Now if I could just get him to make the bed

    Best For Strong Smelling Stains

    Sometimes urine contains a high concentration of ammoniaan unhealthy waste product caused by dehydration, bladder stones, infections, or other health conditions. Accidents from pets may have a stronger ammonia smell, as well.

    Ammonia carries a lingering scent pungent enough to disturb sleep. Luckily, enzymatic cleaners were specifically designed to combat such odors.

    These types of cleaners contain enzymes called protease as well as safe and natural bacteria. The protease enzymes break down protein-based stains, such as urine, into small particles for the natural bacteria to digest. Once the bacteria absorb the small particles of urine, they transform into carbon dioxide and water to evaporate.

    Enzymatic cleaners are the most effective way to remove urine stains and smell, but be sure to conduct a spot test on a non-visible area of the mattress before applying it to the affected area. If your enzyme cleaner does not discolor your mattress, carefully follow the cleaning tips listed on the product.

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    When You Feel All Hope Is Gone

    When you really feel like youve tried everything, but nothing has worked, then it is time to pull out the harsh chemicals!

    This method involves using a chemical called borax. You will want rubber gloves for this one!

    Follow these steps for the fourth method.

    Step 1 Get the area lightly wet by using a cloth and water. Dont use

    Step 2 Cover the area thoroughly with borax.

    Borax can irritate your skin, so definitely wear gloves while working with this product.

    Step 3 Rub the borax into the mattress . Work it into the fabric really well.

    Step 4 Let it dry for several hours. Use a ceiling fan if you have one or at least open a window.

    Step 5 Once it is completely dry, use your vacuum and sweep the entire area. You may need to go over it 2 or 3 times.

    Step 6 Repeat if the stain or odor persists.

    Does This Clean Cement Or Tile Grout Urine Stains

    How to remove urine stains out of mattress ...

    Yes, some readers successfully used it to clean cement or grout stains.

    The same mixture is great for removing the pee smell from bathrooms and it cleans the grout too! I watched it on MythBusters. They removed skunk spray and I thought well I wonder if it works for little boys too. It does and the grout was a bonus!

    Last night my husband and I asked each other Whats that smell? It turned out one of our cats was peeing in her cat bed, so much that it soaked through to the stone tile in front of the fire place.

    We threw the bed out, but there were stains on the tile. Ewwwww! Nothing I used worked. I tried this and it is working! I will try on the mattress next!

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    Blotting Gets Pee Out Of The Mattress

    If the stain is still wet start blotting not rubbing the stain and soak as much of the pee out of the mattress with the towel you can. If you rub its just going to make the stain bigger. If its dry, theres not a lot you can do.

    From this point, its time to soak the stain with white vinegar, be pretty generous here, then use a towel to blot as much of the vinegar out of the mattress as possible. Take your time here and be as thorough as you can.

    A: Vinegar And Baking Soda

    Vinegar and baking soda are both powerhouse natural cleaners that help neutralize the ammonia smell of urine. Vinegar also helps break down the uric acid found in urine, making it easier to remove. This method is best for if you are cleaning a fresh urine stain on your mattress.

    What you’ll need:

    • Dry rag or paper towels
    • Empty spray bottle
    • Vacuum with upholstery attachment

    The Steps:

    • 1. Pour full-strength vinegar into your spray bottle and spray enough to thoroughly saturate the stains. Let sit for 10 minutes.
    • 2. Press rags or paper towels on top of the stains to blot out excess vinegar.
    • 3. Sprinkle baking soda over the stains, making sure it spreads out. Let sit for several hours, or a full day if you can! You should see the baking soda clumping up as it soaks in the vinegar at this point.
    • 4. Use a vacuum to remove the dried baking soda.

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    Sprinkle With Baking Soda

    Baking soda is excellent for odor removal, so if the stain carries a stubborn smell, baking soda may be precisely what you need to neutralize it. Baking soda is also adept in absorbing moisture.

    To apply the baking soda, sprinkle liberally on the surface of the mattress, making sure that it covers both the stains and outside the edges of it. If your bed is the victim of frequent accidents, you may want to also regularly apply a thin layer underneath the sheets to keep things fresh.

    Key Spray Bottle Helpful Hints:

    Remove Pee STAIN/SMELL (Out of Mattress)
  • Use the heaviest-duty spray bottle you can find.
  • Remove the bottom siphon straw filter, if present.
  • Do not shake the mixture, swirl gently instead.
  • If you still have issues with clogging, then try what these readers did successfully:

    My sprayer clogged too, but I simply took a thin rag/washcloth and dabbed/rubbed it on the stains. All of it disappeared. UH-mazing!

    I had trouble with it clogging too, so I put it in a squirt bottle, like a ketchup bottle and squirted it onto the area. Then I spread it around some with a white washcloth. Worked wonders!

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    How To Remove Fresh Urine

  • Try to treat the stain as soon as you notice it
  • In a spray bottle, make a mixture thats 50/50 water and white vinegar
  • Blot the excess liquid with a clean dry rag, but try not to rub as itll push it deeper into the mattress
  • Spray a good amount of the mixture on the stain. Then sprinkle baking soda on top and let it sit for 8+ hours
  • Once its dry, vacuum the area and inspect. If theres still some visible urine go ahead and repeat until you clean up as much as you can.

    Preventing Mattress Urine Damage

    A waterproof mattress protector is the very first thing you can do to keep the mattress protected from urine stains. Some mattress protectors are designed with a bottom waterproof layer that stops all sorts of liquids in their tracks and prevents moisture from reaching the top of the bed.

    Aside from that, you can also have children or elders use diapers that are appropriate for their age, which is another safety precaution that you can turn to when you want to protect the bed.

    It also helps if you always have urine-cleaning solutions at hand. In case of an accident, you can quickly proceed to cleaning the bed and limiting the urine-induced damage that could eventually make you have to spend money on a new mattress.

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    Does This Work To Remove Pet Urine Stains And Smell

    Wow this definitely works on pet stains! I have 4 ferrets and my oldest fuzz butt has problems with his back legs, and he doesnt always hit the puppy pad in the corner, which is on carpet.

    I used this yesterday and I was amazed. I sprayed this on the stain, and within 2 or 3 minutes it was gone. I didnt even have to get down on all fours and scrub. Thank you for sharing this.

    Thank you so much. I tried this and on an old dog urine stain on my carpet and it made it better, but did not take it all away.

    Then, I re-read your instructions, and realized I did not leave it on long enough. I went back and reapplied it and left it on a bit longer than the time you indicated.

    The horrible stain the commercial pet urine cleaner would not remove was almost invisible. I cannot thank you enough for posting this!

    NOTE: One caveat, this mixture works well for dog stains, but cat stains often present challenges, especially the lingering smell. After you get out urine stains, you can use an enzymatic cleaner for cat urine or other pet odors.

    From Permanent Marker To Bolognese Sauce Here’s How To Remove The Most Common Stains

    How to Get Pee Stains &  Smell Out of Mattress Easy Steps ...

    I imagine that being woken in the middle of the night by, say, a cat burglar would be pretty bad, but surely not as horrific as being roused from slumber by a small voice saying, Mummy, I wet the bed? Mummy, I wet the bed. The child may as well be saying, Mummy, the dam has broken and we are under flood. Get out while you can – night-time wees are huge.

    Which is exactly why wet mattresses are just a fact of life. You try to protect the mattress and bedding all you can, but that dam is going to burst at some point. Most kids I know have weed straight through a mattress protector, set of flannel sheets and a Brolly sheet at some point. Mattresses are vulnerable things.

    Once the river has flown, getting wee out of a mattress requires a three-pronged attack: science, speed, and sunlight. Youll also need two magical wee-busting formulas.

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    How To Clean Urine Odor And Stains From Your Mattress

    I have broken this post up into a few pages to make is easier to read since there is a lot of text. Be sure to read my favorite comments and tips from readers at the end of this post. You wont believe #5!

    *DISCLAIMER My son loves to help and asked to help with this cleaning project. Since the products I used are completely safe, I said yes. He loves to be my model!

    Can I Use Other Types Of Vinegar

    I recommend Distilled White Vinegar. I keep it on hand in the gallon bottles because it is amazing with so many different household cleaning tasks like this mattress cleaner, and its super cheap. Other vinegars are for cooking and are more expensive, and really just wont work as well. However I did have a reader mention that she used apple cider vinegar and it worked great. The vinegar is just a strong acid that breaks down the odor causing proteins.

    Why dont you just use a waterproof mattress cover?

    We do I actually have 3 of THIS ONE. It works really well, except for that time you are so tired that you forget to put it on, or it rips and you didnt know, or your son makes his own bed and forgets to put it on, or it slips off the corner because he thrashes around too much at night, or he just doesnt like the sound/feel of it so he takes it off without telling you, or he wets more than once in a night and you dont have a back-up, or sometimes, they just fail. Its not for lack of trying, believe me. Sometimes these accidents just happen and are totally random and its always good to have a great mattress cleaner method ready to go.

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    Dont Use Expired Baking Soda

    At first I used old generic baking soda I had. It lightened the stain, but didnt remove it. Then I thought, Use a little common sense here. So I purchased Arm & Hammer baking soda , a great spray bottle from a lawn care store, Dawn and a funnel.

    Once all ingredients were in the bottle, I shook it up and sprayed away liberally. It worked. I swear it was the fresh box of Arm & Hammer and Dawn liquid dish soap that did the trick the second time around.

    Thank you for this great idea. Its affordable, non-toxic and works with the correct measurements and ingredients.

    This method on how to get pee stains out of a mattress is simple, safe and works great! If your kids are like mine they usually also maintain an army of stuffed animals in bed with them.

    Here are my tips to wash the pee and grime safely off your stuffed animals and make them look and smell like new again.

    Do you have any other methods for how to get pee stains out of a mattress? Have you discovered other uses for this simple, but effective recipe?

    Keeping Your Mattress Clean No Matter What Life Throws At It

    How to Clean Pee Off a Memory Foam Mattress

    Life is messy, and even the most careful, neat person can end up with a mattress with stains on it. Although removing a urine stain from a mattress isnt how anyone wants to spend their day, its an easy fix that involves a little elbow grease and a few supplies you likely already have around the house. To help protect from future stains, invest in a mattress protector that will help keep your mattress clean and comfortable far into the future.

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    Faq When Trying To Get Pee Out Of A Mattress

    What types of mattresses will this work on?

    Traditional spring, pillow top, and hybrid beds should all respond well to this method of removing urine from mattresses, but ALWAYS TEST A SMALL SPOT FIRST.I have had a handful of people who said it didnt work on their mattress, mostly those with foam or memory foam mattresses.

    Will this tutorial work on a dark-colored mattress or a printed mattress?

    While I used this on a white mattress, many have used this same method on colored mattresses and mattresses with prints. You will want to spot test it for color-fastness, but thankfully, you cover up mattresses with sheets and never see it.

    My spray bottle is clogging, what do I do?

    If you have problems with clogging, try the following:1. Use less baking soda, mix it in the peroxide really well first, then pour it into the spray bottle.2. Pour the solution directly onto the bed and scrub it gently in with a cloth or carpet brush.3. Mix the solution in a bowl, then saturated with a rag and blot it onto the mattress, making sure every time you blot, you use a clean area of the rag so youre not putting urine back on the mattress.

    For a really good terry cloth topped, waterproof mattress protector, for not much money, !For a 100% waterproof mattress protector that also protects against dust mites and allergens, with a soft top, and its still very affordable!If you are cleaning toddler beds, you can also look into the 100% washable crib mattress from Newton Baby .

    How To Get Pee Smell Out Of A Mattress

    While you can remove pee from a mattress pretty quickly, the unwelcome smell can linger for weeks. So what neutralizes urine smell, and how can you get the urine smell out of a mattress?

    What youll need:

    • Baking soda
    • Vacuum

    Because baking soda has a basic pH, it can actually remove the pee smell instead of masking it. To neutralize the urine smell, try out this easy two-ingredient method:

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