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Where To Test Avocado Mattress

Price Trial And Warranty

Avocado Mattress Review (UPDATE) – Testing The Natural Organic Latex Bed!

Starting at $999 for a twin size, this natural mattress is slightly pricier than some other bed-in-a-box brands. But the high-quality materials and eco-conscious perks make it worth the price, if you can afford it. You can pay extra for in-home service if you’d like Avocado workers to assemble your new bed and remove your old mattress for you.

When you purchase an Avocado mattress, you get a fullone-year sleep trial. This means you can try sleeping on it for an entire year before you decide whether you really want to keep it or not — yep, that’s 365 days. If you don’t like it, get in touch with Avocado and it will make arrangements for your refund and mattress pickup. Be sure to keep the mattress in good condition, because it will most likely be donated to someone else. You also get a 25-year warranty, free shipping and returns.

The Avocado Green mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes.

Lab Tested Published Results

At Leggett & Platt’s International Testing Center, they use specialized equipment to measure a mattress’s durability and performance over time. Their ASTM certified tests which are similar to those used by Consumer Reports® provide results rich with data. Yes, we publish everything. Modesty aside, theyre impressive. Example: An Avocado mattress only loses 1 percent of its height after 10 years of hard usage.

Verdict: Avocado Green Mattress Review

For health-conscious consumers, youll be hard pressed to find a company that takes manufacturing safe, eco-friendly beds more seriously than Avocado. Its one of the few 100 percent organic certified beds on the market.

Besides its high-quality construction, the bed also happens to be ultra-supportive and quite comfortable, especially for back and stomach sleepers.

With that said, the Avocado mattress is not going to be right for everyone. First, lets face it, if youre not overly concerned with the materials inside your mattress, then Avocado is probably not worth it considering thats why its priced at a premium.

Next, if you spend the majority of the night on your side, the bed may be too firm for your liking.

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Construction: Whats Inside Botanical Bliss Test An Avocado Mattress

The cover is made from GOTS accredited organic cotton and wool. This material is circular knit for added elasticity and breathability, while up to 10 pounds of wool batting assists to cushion the surface and wick away moisture. Wool assists to manage body temperature level, withstand mildew and allergen, and is naturally flame-resistant.

This review is for the 10-inch Medium bed mattress, however there are various comfort levels and thicknesses offered that will alter the measurements, layering, and requirements.

  • The first layer is a medium 3-inch Arpico Dunlop Latex, a material that was designed to gently contour to the sleeper and foster pressure relief. The instant response and bounce ease repositioning, and the material is naturally resistant to mold, dust, and mildew mites. Arpico is among the worlds leading service providers of natural latex.
  • The 2nd layer is 3 inches of this same Dunlop latex, though it is a little more thick with a medium-firm feel.
  • The third layer is 3 more inches of an even denser Dunlop latex. This firm foundation supplies terrific assistance as the body sinks into the much deeper layers.

For a different feel, the cover can be unzipped so that you can rearrange the internal layers.

Latex foams are really responsive however cradle the body without leaving you feeling stuck. With layers of finished firmness that can be rearranged, you can customize the amount of pressure relief you require based on your body size, sleeping position, and choice.

The Avocado Delivery Process

Avocado Green Mattress Review (2021)
Will trying Avocado mattress in-store allow me to use free-delivery and at-home mattress trial?

Yes, of course. You can still get all the perks of online mattress shopping even if you test the mattress in-store.

What is Avocado mattress delivery policy?

Avocado mattresses are handmade in their So. Cali factory and than across the US. Depending on where youre located in the country, your order will usually arrive within 710 business days with free shipping.

Does Avocado offer White Glove Delivery?

Yes. Avocado offers the option to upgrade your shipping to White Glove Delivery for a fee of $199.

Does the brand offer Old Mattress Removal service?

Currently Avocado does not offer mattress removal services.

Can I finance my mattress though Avocado?

Yes, you can. Avocado has partnered with Affirm financing to help you get your new mattress sooner if you need financial help. You could start sleeping on your new mattress for as little as $80 a month.

What are Avocados return and refund policy?

You may request to return your Avocado mattress after sleeping on it between 30 and 365 nights. Youll get a full refund for the cost of the mattress.

Can I take the Avocado mattress home directly from the showroom?

No. All items will be purchased through and shipped directly to you.

We would love to help you find your new mattress! Stop by the Our Sleep Guide Austin Mattress Store today. Find directions below!

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What Is The Avocado Green Mattress Made Of

The Avocado Green Mattress features a straightforward, two-layer design of latex and pocketed coils. While theres not a lot to the beds 11 inch profile, the simplicity is meant to create a structure thats bouncy, taut, and ultra-supportive.

Need more deets? I gotchu! Lets take a look at this bed, layer by layer.

Cover Crafted with organic cotton and hand-tufted withGlobal Organic Textile Standard wool from their co-owned wool collective, this cover is soft, breathable, and designed to wick moisture away from the body.

Pillow Top Layer What Im calling the pillow top layer is made up of GOLS organic certified latex. This material has some fantastic bounce to it, so it works to keep the sleeper positioned more on top of the structure than in it. Buoyancy aside, latex is also known for its cooling properties, which will help to regulate temperatures throughout the night.

Support Layer The bulk of the mattress is a tall pocketed coil system. The individually wrapped coils here double down on the bounce of the mattress, bringing a pleasant lift to the structure. Though pocketed coil systems are nothing new, whats unique about Avocados is that its broken down into five strategic zones, which, according to the brand, help to support the shoulders, hips, and lower back in different ways.

How Did We Test The Avocado Green Mattress

We tested the Avocado Green Mattress at home and in our Cambridge labs.

Im the sleep specialist here at Reviewed and have tested my share of mattresses. My main test is just what a regular person would dosleeping on it for 30 days. But thats where the similarities end: I also test mattresses for motion transfer using a Newtons cradle balanced on the mattress, I consider the edge support and whether the mattress would be easy to fall off of in the night, and more.

After a month-long stint in my apartment, the mattress is sent to our lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, our senior scientist, Julia MacDougall, tests mattresses for heat retention and performs additional motion transfer and responsiveness tests, like dropping a bowling ball in the center of the mattress. These tests provide standardized data on how mattresses dissipate or hold onto heat and capture information about how a mattress responds to movement that may be difficult to assess in subjective, personal tests.

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Firm Support Healthy Back

A hybrid mattress is only as good as its innerspring support system. At Avocado, we use the best ergonomic support system available today. It enables our mattress to effortlessly contour to your body’s natural curves to deliver pressure-point relief, ensure proper spinal alignment, and deliver improved weight distribution even when used on an adjustable base.

What Is Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress Review | An Organic & Supportive Hybrid Mattress

Is Avocado Green Mattress Legit? Can I buy this mattress for my bedroom? Well talking about this brand avocado it is existence since 2016. It keeps on introducing one or the other kind of mattress.

These green sleeping cushions are made of GOLS natural latex, which is collected by their elastic ranches. To give cooling and to soak properties to the Sleeping cushion, it has utilized GOTS natural fleece. Their grouping cooperatives gather the string.

This item has an affirmation that guarantees that no harmful material has been utilized in making it. This is the best nature of the Bedding, because of which individuals love to get it, and we can investigate Avocado Green Sleeping cushion Surveys.

As there are numerous beddings accessible in the market that utilization poisonous substances, however, Avocado green sleeping cushions are made of natural latex, fleece, and cotton. The Bedding has no synthetic smell and has no danger of off-gassing. According to Avocado Green Mattress Reviews, the handles accessible in the Sleeping cushion make it simple to change it.

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Tested To Be Harmless

Our organic-certified latex, wool, and cotton have also received STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Class 1 certifications . This is their most stringent product class. It requires annual lab testing to ensure no harmful substances are present, to include banned substances, toxic chemicals, pesticides and dyes all of which can be absorbed by your body.

Made with 100-percent organic Dunlop latex, organic wool, and organic cotton, this GOTS-certified, flame retardant-free mattress checks all the boxes for a healthier sleep with no off-gassing. The natural and organic materials also wick away moisture and allow for better airflow than polyurethane-based foams, making for a cooler nights sleep.

Edge Support And Motion Transfer

I tried sitting on and lying close to the edges of the Avocado Green to test the edge support, and felt nicely supported on each area of the mattress. I didn’t feel like I was going to roll off at any point while I slept on it, either. This didn’t really surprise me after reading about the Avocado Green mattress on the company website, where it describes that the supportive coils are arranged all the way to the edges of the mattress.

But the mattress didn’t perform extremely well for my motion isolation testing, which clashed with my expectations from others’ reviews about it. As I slowly moved around or rose to stand up from the bed, I noticed the flat-bottomed glass of water I had placed beside me could not be trusted to remain upright. The Avocado Green had very little to brag about motion transfer-wise, at least in the twin size. This is fine with me as I sleep alone, but may not be a great attribute if your sleeping partner is restless on a larger mattress.

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About The Author Josh Hurst

Josh Hurst lives and writes in Knoxville, TN. A recovering insomniac, he has a long-standing appreciation for the power of a good night’s sleep.

Mattress Comparisons

Mattress Reviews

Overview Of Avocado Customer Policies

Green Mattress

If youve never purchased a bed online before, youre probably wondering how the whole process works. How do I try the bed before buying? Do I pick up the mattress or does it get delivered? How do returns work? These are common questions that we will answer shortly.

First, though, let us just say that buying a mattress online really isnt that scary and Avocado offers some of the most generous policies in the industry. Allow us to explain.

First, the Avocado mattress comes with free shipping. You dont have to worry about paying some high fee just to have the bed delivered. The mattress will arrive roll-packed in a cardboard box about the size of a teenager.

Once you see the box has been delivered, simply move it your room, remove the bed from the box, cut the plastic, and unroll it onto your frame or foundation. Youll immediately notice the mattress start to inflate and take its natural shape.

Please note, its recommended you give roll-packed beds at least 24 hours to fully inflate before sleeping on them. If you dont feel like setting up the mattress yourself, you can always opt for white glove delivery for an additional fee. All this means is that a local logistics company will personally deliver the bed and set it up for you.

Whats also nice about the Avocado mattress is that doesnt off-gas, or give off odors, like beds made with petroleum-based polyurethane or chemical adhesives.

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Are Avocado Mattresses Environmentally Friendly

While neither sleep expert I interviewed specifically endorses the Avocado Green mattress , Dr. Hsu encourages shoppers interested in organic mattresses to look for safety and organic certifications. Avocados long list of organic certifications includes Global Organic Textile Standard , Global Organic Latex Standard , and the Department of Agriculture National Organic Program.

Along with using organic materials such as GOTS-certified cotton and wool, Avocado as a company emits net-zero carbon emissions, making its Avocado Green mattress and PETA-approved Avocado Vegan mattress solid mattress choices for eco-conscious shoppers like myself.

Avocado Crib Mattress Review: Worth The Cost

The Avocado crib mattress brings quality and comfort to an entirely new level, with GOTS certified organic cotton and wool, dual-sided construction, Greenguard GOLD and MADE SAFE certification, and hand-made construction in California.

But is it worth the cost? We put the Avocado crib mattress through our hands-on testing, and came away with a very positive impression!

The Avocado has nearly everything you could look for in a mattress, plus about 50 things to feel really good about. For parents looking for the highest quality crib mattresses on the market, the Avocado baby mattresses are a top choice.

You might be comparing the Avocado to its competitors made by Newton and Naturepedic if so, be sure to check out our Newton Crib Mattress Review and our list of the best crib mattresses of the year, and see how they all stack up!

  • Table of Contents
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    Average Weight Sleepers 130lbs 230lbs

    Average weight sleepers should find the Avocado mattress is quite comfortable while back sleeping. The pillow top allows hips to sink in, and the comfort layers gently contour the body.

    The Avocado Green mattress is also a good option for average weight side sleepers. With the addition of the plush pillow top, sleepers should feel little pain on their pressure points.

    Stomach sleeping, average weight sleepers may find the Avocado Green mattress doesnt provide enough support. Stomach sleepers will want to look for a firmer mattress that will prevent their hips from getting out of alignment.

    Avocado Bed With Or Without Pillowtop

    Avocado Green Mattress Review | As Good and Green as Advertised? (2019)

    If youre trying to decide between the Avocado with or without the pillow top. Heres a detailed explanation from Avocado about the differences between the two:

    On our standard Avocado mattress, we use two seamless layers of Dunlop latex: 2 inches in the comfort layer and a denser 1-inch layer as a core base component under the innerspring support coil unit.

    On the Avocado Mattress with the optional Pillow-Top, we use three seamless layers of Dunlop latex 2 inches in the Euro-top layer , 2 more inches in the comfort layer , and a denser 1-inch layer as a core base component. No blended or synthetic latex is used, and there are no seams to break down over time and no chemical adhesives are used between the comfort layers.

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    Construction And Materials Comparison

    If youre buying a car, you dont just look at its paint job you need to see under the hood. In the same way, when shopping for a mattress, its essential to see how its built. The materials that are used, their quality, how thick the layers are, and how the layers come together as a whole are the primary determinants of how well a mattress will perform and how long you can expect it to last.

    In almost any mattress, you can break the construction down into two parts: the support core and the comfort system. The support core is the bottom section and is usually the thickest part, meant to generate sturdiness and dependability. The comfort system is one or more layers meant to most immediately impact the way the bed feels and how it reacts to the bodys weight.

    The Awara and Avocado mattress offerings are latex hybrid mattresses. Hybrids have a support core made with metal innerspring coils and a thick comfort system. In a latex hybrid, the comfort system is made predominantly or exclusively with latex.

    Because they share a similar design, the Awara and Avocado mattresses have quite a bit in common in their construction. That said, by looking closely at how each is built, its easier to spot the ways in which they are different.

    What Is An Avocado Green Mattress

    Avocado brought organic mattresses to the mainstream. Each mattress is handcrafted in Los Angeles using 100 percent certified organic materialsmost sourced from their own farms. Unlike conventional mattresses, organic mattresses are made with natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex. Theyre free of potentially toxic foams, chemical fire retardants, and off-gassing materials. Each Avocado Green mattress is screened against 6,500 known and suspected harmful chemicals. Avocado is on its way to becoming the worlds first zero-waste certified mattress factory and runs on renewable energy.

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    The Three Zones In Action

    We can actually get a look at the three comfort zones using our sinkage test. Using my kitchen broom, I applied my 130 pounds to an area of around nine by seven inches. When I stood at the bottom third of the mattress, I sunk in about six inches. However, I experienced a depression of five inches in the middle . So, its easy to see that the product is slightly firmer to accommodate your lumbar area. Finally, the sinkage was six inches on the top third of the product.

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