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Does Sit N Sleep Take Old Mattress

Sit ‘n Sleep Alternatives

Bed in a Box Mattress Deals. Save $100 on a Hybrid Infinity Mattress!

Something that a lot of folks don’t know: this is one of the most exciting times to buy a mattress. There are hundreds of brands that are coming into the market and selling direct to customers like never before and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars.If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2021 Mattress Buying Guide!

…or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

F is for Fantastic Fred

F is for Fantastic Fred :o)I went in for a good foam mattress and tried about 8 of them. Great selection. Knowledgeable and patient sales rep.

I wouldn’t think that buying a new mattress would be so pleasant

I wouldn’t think that buying a new mattress would be so pleasant . I bought it 5 minutes before they closed the store and I am extremely happy with my purchase . Scott helped to choose one, and he was quick and made sure that I am satisfied with my purchase . I also needed to return the box spring and that was so easy to do . Thank you Scott ! 🙂

Shel Day made my day

We just purchased our new mattress

My boyfriend and I came in to get a mattress

Walked in with my girlfriend to browse

Ask for Benny

Where Does Your Unwanted Mattress Go

If youve have recently bought a mattress from a reputable vendor, you can rest assured that it is new unless otherwise clearly indicted. If you are unsatisfied with your mattress and want to return it, you dont have to feel bad about cluttering up landfills with practically new mattresses.

Your returned mattress will still find a good home with someone who needs and wants it. In most cases, when state law allows it, returned mattresses are donated to charities like the Salvation Army, women resource centers, or homeless shelters. When donations are not allowed, the discarded mattresses are disassembled and cut up for other products like carpet padding, roofing material, or gymnastic mat foam inserts.

Some states do allow reselling pre-owned mattresses after theyve been cleaned and/or refurbished and relabeled. In fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission, as long as mattresses meet certain labeling and processing requirements, used mattresses can be resold. These mattresses are often sold as clearance items, or in Scuff and Tear sales. So, if youre getting a clearance price for your mattress, you might actually be buying a pre-owned mattress.

Unfortunately, if youre looking for a bargain, you may not be able to tell if your mattress has been broken-in already by someone else until its too late.

Why Should I Buy From Sit N Sleep

At Sit N Sleep, they offer sleep experts to cater to their guests in their store.

They will help you in choosing the appropriate bed.

These people know that every person has a unique sleep pattern where they listen carefully and assess your case.

You are also able to try their mattresses to figure out your preference.

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Tips To Get A Free Mattress From Sit N Sleep

The company is famous for its tagline, Well beat anyones advertised price What makes it even better is the phrase, or your mattress is free!

You read it right, my dear friends.

This motto established their business in 1978!

If you want to discover more about companies staying in the market, go here.

As an interested buyer in mattresses, I discovered these tips to learn how to get a free mattress from Sit N Sleep.

Can You Get A Free Mattress From Sit N Sleep

Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Many people wonder whether Sit n Sleep offers a free mattress.

Sit n Sleep doesnt offer free mattresses per se, but it does provide a price guarantee. Basically, if you find a mattress cheaper from another company, then Sit n Sleep will beat that price or the mattress is free.

So it doesnt give out free mattresses but instead gives you the best price.

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The Right Way Egg Crate Mattress Pad How To Use

Do you know whats an egg crate mattress pad how to use it? Laying down on a mattress makes us feel comfortable, indeed.

But we can always add something to that, like a topper, so how do we use an egg crate mattress pad?

There are so many egg crate foam UK mattresses that you can find in stores, online shops, and even furniture shops.

But then have you already found the right one for you?

When you are buying a good quality mattress, you are also buying something pricy.

Of course, that is given. But then you can always look for affordable ones.

In an instance that you would want to add something to make a simple mattress feel luxurious and more comfortable, go for egg crate mattress topper UK-manufactured on top of it.

These famous egg crate mattress pads are one good topper.

But people get confused about how you should use it. Isnt it upside down?

Egg crate mattress is famous for the surface it has on one side.

It indeed looks and feels like an egg crate, which is why it has so much comfort.

You want to follow these steps to put the pad on the top of your bed successfully.

One and for most, this is your choice, so it is always up to you if you would want to follow these or not.

What Mattresses Does Sit N Sleep Offer

With their free bed catchline, they also offer many beds that may find their new home on you.

Here are some primarily reviewed mattresses from Sit N Sleep.

This type is a group of their Tempur-Sealy bed line.

The group includes 4 models: the Reserve, Lux Estate Hybrid, Lux Estate, and Estate.

All models have outlets to improve airflow and are covered by stretch-knitted fibers called Tencel.

Moreover, these mattresses are more preferred than hybrid model mattresses.

As his mattress is the best choice for those who want a high-profile hybrid with excellent motion isolation.

Finally, these mattresses come with a reliable 10-year assurance.

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Beware Of Bed Bugs & Free Used Mattresses

If you do get a used mattress, make sure that its in good condition first.

Used mattresses can contain bedbugs, mold or mildew.

Here are the signs of bedbugs to look out for:

  • Dark spots, which are around the size of a pin-head. These can be bedbug excrement.
  • Small husks. These are the eggs or eggshells of bedbugs. These husks are about 1 mm in size.
  • Small spots of rust or red color on the top of the mattress. This can be a sign that bedbugs have been crushed on the mattress.
  • Bugs around the mattress tag, piping and seams.

If you suspect that a mattress has bedbugs, then dont accept it.

Mold and mildew, however, can be tackled!

Mold or mildew appears as grey or black marks, such as splotches or streaks.

It can be cleaned from the mattress using one part rubbing alcohol and one part warm water.

Once youve cleaned the mattress, youll need to allow it to dry outside in the sunlight. Drying the mattress in the sunlight also helps to remove any odors from the mattress.

If you dont want to put the mattress outside to dry, then use fans to dry it instead.

Construction And Materials Comparison

Introducing Casper plus $100 off Hybrid Infinity Mattresses

The construction of a mattress is of central importance to its feel, performance, and durability. The construction includes both the design of its layers and the actual materials used in those layers.

In general, a mattress can be understood as having two main sections:

  • The comfort system is the top part and offers the most immediate effect on feel. It is normally made of polyfoam, memory foam, latex, wool, cotton, and/or polyester.
  • The support core is the bottom part of the mattress. It affects the mattress feel and the performance of the comfort system. The support core also helps prevent against excessive sagging in the mattress. It can be made with polyfoam, latex, innerspring coils, or air chambers.

Both the comfort system and support core can be made up of one or more layers that can be the same or different materials. Quality components in each and every layer will help protect against a weak link that drags down the overall mattress performance.

The following sections give an overview of the construction and materials in the Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds. While we know the basics about what goes into them, neither company discloses all the specifications of their mattresses, which can at times make it difficult to fully compare their models.

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How To Speed Up The Break

We know that above all else, you bought your new Puffy to experience the amazing Comfort Cloud and a perfect night of sleep right away. It may take some time to reach that blissful level of sleep, but there are some steps you can take to help speed up the break-in process. Before you try these tips, be sure to have opened up your new mattress and allowed it to expand and breathe for a few hours before you put any bedding on it.

Let It Warm Up

Memory foam mattresses can be softer or firmer depending on the temperature. If you just brought in your Puffy from your front door on a cold day, try to adjust the temperature in your room slightly. Adjusting the room temperature even a little warmer will help your new Puffy break in and soften a little faster as it fully expands over time.

Put Some Weight On it

Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses can be walked on with your feet without the risk of damaging springs. Gently walk or crawl around on your new Puffy for a few minutes each day to help stretch out the new foam materials on your new bed more quickly. Another option is to place heavy items on your bed and shift their weight around through the day to even compress/decompress the mattress.

Spend Time On It

Tips How To Get A Free Mattress From Sit N Sleep

Have you ever thought about how to get a free mattress from Sit N Sleep?

Imagine you can go away with a bed without paying anything? That would be awesome!

You only need to provide proof that a mattress is cheaper than the ones found from Sit N Sleep.

Take note of these tips: the duration of purchase, advertising, price guarantee, and product eligibility.

I know you are very excited to learn about this topic!

So, without further waiting, scroll down and read carefully!

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What Happens To Returned Mattresses

Helpful Resources

At Mattress Advisor, youll find comprehensive, unbiased reviews on the best mattresses and bedding products and thoroughly researched tips for getting your best sleep.

Did you ever wonder if your new mattress is only new to you? Read on to learn what happens to returned mattresses and how you can be sure the new mattress you paid for is not a pre-owned model.

Even if youve done all your research youve read up on mattress construction and materials, perused countless Mattress Advisor reviews, scoured customer feedback, even tried out your favorite mattress in a showroom there is still a small chance that you will not be happy with your mattress once you set it up and sleep on it for several nights.

Mattress companies, especially those that sell directly to customers online, warn that all mattresses need to be broken in by actually sleeping on it night after night. In fact, it can take as long as a full month for your body to adapt to a new mattress and the mattress to lose its factory feel. Thats why some companies require you give their mattress a shot for a minimum number of days usually around 30 before you can return it.

But even after 30 days, you might still feel unsatisfied and want to send your mattress back.

Buy Your Egg Crate Pad

Bed Bumper for Toddlers  hiccapop

Of course, you have to find good quality and the most recommended egg crate pad to buy.

It needs to be worth it since the purpose of it is to make things better.

You can find one from local shops near you or even online.

You can ask the staff at the malls, furniture shops for their best seller egg crate mattress.

When shopping online, you can check the star ratings, comments, and reviews of those who have already bought the product.

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Contact The Red Cross

If you need a mattress because you have been the victim of a fire or a natural disaster, then contact your local Red Cross. They can help you to replace lost or damaged used furniture, including your mattress.

  • Contact Red Cross here.

Contact furniture banks in your area if you are really struggling.

These banks help those in need, such as those who are:

  • Moving out of homelessness.
  • Victims of domestic violence who are relocating.
  • Foster children who are aging out.
  • On a low income

These furniture banks may be able to get you a free mattress.

Search for your city or state, followed by the words furniture bank to find a furniture bank near you.

Another way to find banks nearby is the on the Furniture Bank Association of North America website.

  • Visit this page of the website to find your nearest furniture bank.

What Type Of Sleeper Is Best Suited To A Kingsdown Mattress

At this time, Tuck Sleep has not received enough customer feedback to accurately evaluate Kingsdown mattresses based on sleep position and sleeper weight. We will update this section as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please note that everyone has varying experiences on different mattresses. Sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most important factors when it comes to selecting a mattress. For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

The following table lists our average grades for innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid, and airbed mattresses based on different sleeper positions and weights.

Mattress Type

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Add In The Egg Crate Mattress Pad

This step confuses a lot of people who may be like you.

But then, lets end that confusion for now.

You bought the mattress pad for you to have a good sleep and a more comfortable surface to sleep on, so you might as well find out how to do it properly.

However, you might see that the rough surface that is like an egg crate should be pointed on top.

It has its reasons why you should do it that way.

You see, the spaces between the pointed things on it create space for air to flow out of the mattress.

So, it would not trap the hot air and temperature inside.

The structure provides ventilation on the mattress and proper air circulation.

Making you feel relaxed as if the bed is massaging your body.

A lot of this occurs when your egg crate mattress pad is placed rightly on top of your mattress. Make sure it is aligned well.

The next step is to find a suitable bed sheet or cover.

You have to find a bed cover covering the whole mattresss width, length, and thickness, including the topper you added.

You can use your old mattress cover if it has enough space left if it does not, you have to find another bed cover set to work well with the whole bed.

How To Get A Used Mattress For Free

Sit ‘n Sleep, Expiration Date

Above, we let you know how you could try new mattresses for free from companies.

This works out great for many people.

But, its not suited to others:

  • If you dont have the money to pay for the mattress upfront and wait until you get a refund, then free mattress trials arent an option for you.
  • With trials you have to continually order new mattresses, and some people dont want to have to do that. Theyd rather just get a mattress that they can keep for years.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other things that you can do to get a mattress for free.

Most of the tips below are ways to get a used mattress.

Some people buy a new mattress and then want to get rid of their old one, and theyre often willing to give it away for free.

Its not uncommon to find very gently used mattresses after all, some people change their mattress more than the regular recommended average, and many people simply find that a mattress just doesnt suit them, so they want to try out another one.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of people out there whore looking to donate their used mattress you just need to know where to look!

Below, we list places where you can get your hands on a donated mattress.

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Product Description From Nectar:

The Bed of Your Dreams

At Nectar, we’ve aligned all our efforts around one simple promise: The best sleep of your life, guaranteed.

  • COOL AND COMFORTABLE SLEEP: Nectars top layer of quilted memory foam stimulates air flow beneath your body, while the Tencel fabric wicks away unwanted heat and moisture.
  • IDEAL SUPPORT FOR ANY POSITION: Nectar gives you the support of a firm mattress while pampering you with the comfort of a pillow top. Premium materials ensure it perfectly contours your body.
  • DUST MITE PROTECTION: Specially designed materials mean youll never have dust mites

We’ve taken the recent advances in mattress and fabric technology and run with them. Our 4 layers of flexible foam meet the CertiPUR-US standards for being free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead. Having figured out the optimal levels of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort – we put them all into one mattress, making it the best mattress you’ve ever slept on. Period.

  • TENCEL COOLING COVER: Helps circulate air and wick away heat while you sleep.
  • QUILTED GEL MEMORY FOAM: Contours perfectly to your body while providing loft and increased air circulation.
  • GEL MEMORY FOAM: Distributes your weight evenly, offering cool, contouring support.
  • ADAPTIVE HI CORE MEMORY FOAM: Supports your body, as only recovery foam can, providing crucial rebound and bounce.
  • BREATHABLE BASE LAYER: Reinforces the contouring and support layers, giving you a stable, breathable foundation.


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