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What Company Makes Beautyrest Mattresses

Era Of Corporate Change

Beautyrest Platinum Mattress Review – Is It The Best Beautyrest Mattress Model???

In 1975, the Simmons corporate headquarters moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly thereafter, the company research and development team also relocated to Georgia, to a building in what is today Peachtree Corners but was then an unincorporated part of Gwinnett County, near Norcross. In 1995, the company’s R& D division moved into a new home, the Simmons Institute for Technology and Education .

Simmons underwent the first in a series of corporate mergers and acquisitions in 1979, when the company was acquired by Gulf+Western. Six years later, Gulf+Western sold Simmons to Wickes Corporation.Wesray Capital bought the business in 1986, and sold it to the Simmons employee stock ownership plan in 1989.Merrill Lynch Capital Partners obtained a majority interest in Simmons in 1991, and sold to Investcorp in about 1996. Fenway Partners bought the company about two years later, then sold to Thomas H. Lee Partners in 2003.

In the 1990s, a commercial for the Simmons Beautyrest featured a bowling ball being dropped on a Beautyrest mattress and a standard open-coil mattress to illustrate the company’s claim that a person’s nighttime movements are less likely to disturb a sleep partner if their mattress is a Beautyrest. The bowling ball demonstration, which was popular with Simmons dealers, consumers, and industry experts, was revived in 2006.

What Works And What Doesnt


  • Great for Couples: Thanks to sturdy BeautyEdge coils, you and your partner can spread out comfortably. And with generous foam layers, the Beautyrest Black minimizes motion transfer, supporting deep, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Perfect Spine Alignment: The Beautyrest Black supports a healthy spine in every sleeping position, so you can wake up without new neck or back pain.
  • Impressive Pressure Relief: Generous foam layers provide contouring that dissipates excess pressure. This means less pain at pressure points like the shoulders and hips.
  • Sleeps Cool: The base Beautyrest Black model sleeps cool thanks to the breathability of the thick coil layers. But if youre an extra-hot sleeper, you should opt for one of the two cooling upgrades for an even cooler sleeping experience.
  • Durability: With 1315 of cushion and support, including one of the thickest support layers that weve encountered, this mattress is very durable. This durability makes it a good choice for plus-size people.


Which Beautyrest Mattress Is Best

The Black Mattress is the best Beautyrest mattress. At the time of writing, it has more reviews than the Hybrid Mattress and a higher score .

Its also the more expensive mattress of the two and has upgrades available to add extra plushness and cooling technology to make the mattress up to 20% cooler than the Black Original.

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Beautyrest & Serta At A Glance

Beautyrest sells high-quality luxury mattresses. Their mattresses include CertiPUR-US certified materials and Pocketed Coil® technology. Model specific features like DualCool⢠Technology Fiber and AirCool® Gel Memory Foam give you lots of options. Beautyrest assembles their mattresses in the USA. Since their start, theyve provided quality and innovation.

Serta was established in 1930 and is the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States as well as a leading brand across the globe. Serta has eco-friendly mattress components and makes their products in the USA. Some special features they offer in their mattresses include the iComfort® Sleep System and the iconic Perfect Sleeper®.

While offering a well-made luxury hybrid mattress, is Beautyrest really worth the hype? Lets take a look at Beautyrest and their closest competitor to see which mattress brand reigns supreme.

Sealy Vs Serta Vs Beautyrest: Which Mattress Brand Is Best

Simmons Beautyrest Debuts Two New Collections
  • Where Can I Buy a Beautyrest Mattress?
  • If our most recent blogs arent enough of a proclamation, your friends in the business at Spencers TV & Appliance profess our love for Beautyrest mattresses. And as weve touted these mattresses reliable support and luxurious feel, it begs the question: How does Beautyrest stand up to the competition?

    In our latest installment, were taking a look at how Beautyrest mattresses compare to Sealy and Serta collections. From respective price range to available mattress types to warranty options, weve got the lowdown on the most in-demand features for the best nights sleep.

    To give you a brief glimpse into each mattress brand we are discussing in our Sealy vs Serta vs Beautyrest breakdown, Sealy is considered the most budget-friendly selection of the trio with additional orthopedic support for your back, muscles, and joints. Serta is a great middle-of-the-road option with a wide selection of quality mattresses that boast nice-to-have features beyond the essentials. Finally, Beautyrest caters to sleepers who yearn for a luxurious experience and who may not necessarily have serious orthopedic requirements.

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    Who Makes Beautyrest Mattress

    Zalmon G. Simmons, the firms owner, started mass-producing mattresses in 1876, and the company says to have been a bedding market innovation ever since.

    Beautyrest mattresses were debuted in 1925 by the business. Simmons was the first major company in the 1950s to make King and queen-sized mattresses.

    Mattresses from Simmons Beautyrest have continued to thrive since then. In addition, Innerspring, hybrid, and all-foam mattresses are all manufactured by Beautyrest.

    What Is The Difference Between Serta And Beautyrest

    Although Beautyrest offers ultra-plush and ultra-firm options, Serta only offers mattresses in comfort levels ranging from plush to firm. This is a good thing for sleepers who may require a little more cushioning or a little less cushioning to treat symptoms of sleep disorders or support a body weight that is greater than the average.

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    Beautyrest Black Mattress Review Highlights

    • Luxury: Beautyrest is known as a high-end mattress brand, and the Beautyrest Black is their most luxurious mattress.
    • Universal Firmness or Plush Pillow Top: The Black mattress Original and Cooling Upgrade models are both medium-firm mattresses, the preferred firmness of most people. With the Cooling + Comfort Upgrade, it becomes a soft pillowtop mattress.
    • Extreme Cooling: This high-end mattress was designed to sleep cool. With the Cooling or Cooling + Comfort Upgrade, you have one of the best hybrid mattresses for hot sleepers.
    • Good for Aches and Pains: The Beautyrest Black earned a 9.5/10 in our pressure relief test and a 10/10 in our spine alignment evaluation. Combined, these results show us that the Black is one of the best mattresses for people with body pain.

    Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Mattress

    Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Review – Will Side Sleepers Like This Bed?

    People purchasing this 13.5-inch mattress can select their preferred level of firmness: plush, medium, or extra firm.

    Comprising gel memory foam and the companys Wave Foam, this mattress provides contouring support.

    The environmentally friendly cover uses recovered plastics from the ocean to make it both soft and durable.

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    What Type Of Beds/frames Do These Mattresses Work With

    The Simmons website recommends that people use a new Beautyrest® or Simmons® foundation or a supportive, rigid, non-yielding foundation, noting that an old foundation unit might not properly support the mattress.

    If used with a foundation, use a frame that provides rigid center support as well as support for the head, foot, and sides, the site says. For any queen or king frame that does not have a metal center support, you must use at least 5 hardwood or metal slats and add legs to the 3 center slats. By not providing a sufficient supportive frame, damage can occur to the product that will void your warranty.

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    What Is The Best Beautyrest Bed

    Best Beautyrest Mattress For Adjustable Bed. Saatva Mattress. Saatva is an eco-conscious company that uses environmentally friendly materials during their mattress. As a green option, Saatva has also cornered the market with free White Glove delivery, further establishing themselves as one of the pre-eminent, direct-to-consumer luxury … …

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    Sealy Vs Serta Vs Beautyrest Which Should You Choose

    March 26, 2020// by Terry Cralle//

    When it comes to selecting a mattress, we often find ourselves in a The Good, The Bad and The Ugly stand-off. These three top mattress brands Sealy, Serta, and Beautyrest are battling it out for customers, each with unique features that make them the best in the industry.

    So, how do you pick?

    Usually, youd need to spend a good hour at least to research each brand and then youd need to spend even more time selecting just one mattress from the ranges available.

    Pssh. Aint nobody got time for that. Instead, weve done some of the hard work for you, comparing Sealy, Serta, and Beautyrest comprehensively so you can jump straight to the fun bit ordering your new mattress.

    Simmons Beautyrest Black Pain Relief Performance

    Beautyrest Black L

    No, were not talking about chilling on the couch after a pressure-packed day . In this case, pain/pressure relief refers to a beds ability to alleviate tension at sensitive areas such as the hips, lower back, and shoulders. It tells you whether a mattress will ease pressure on relevant parts of your body so you can sleep comfortably in your position of choice.

    To test the pressure relief on the Beautyrest Black, I enlisted the help of my trusty pressure map. Putting the pressure map on top of the mattress and laying on top let me see where pressure was relieved and where it wasnt.For reference, blue and green indicate areas of low pressure, while yellow and red indicate areas of high pressure.

    Back Pain When Im on my back, I feel like my weight is evenly distributed, and Im not experiencing any pressure points. The foam in the cover lets me sink in just a touch for some nice pressure relief at the lumbar region. At the same time, my hips dont sink in too far so my spine stays aligned and I feel on top of the bed . Because of all of this, I would highly recommend any sleeper with back pain consider the Beautyrest Black mattress.

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    Which Is Better Serta Or Beautyrest

    Serta is best if you dont want to spend excessive amounts of money, but still care about choosing a high-quality mattress. Beautyrest is best if want luxury and arent afraid to pay for it.

    Wed recommend looking at Beautyrest first, simply because there are only two mattresses in the range, and youll know very quickly if theyre going to be right for you!

    Serta has a much wider selection of mattresses to choose from, however, so youre more likely to find a mattress that suits you by shopping there.

    Who Makes Beautyrest Mattresses

    The Beautyrest Black Collection is , which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Simmons was founded in 1870 by Zalmon G. Simmons in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Beautyrest is one of Simmons flagship brands and was introduced in 1925.

    To learn about other Simmons mattresses, take a look at our Simmons Foam mattress review.

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    Trying Out The Mattress

    You have 100 nights to try the Beautyrest Black mattress. If you decide that it isnt the right fit for you during the 100-night trial, you can return it for a full refund. Just contact Simmons Beautyrest at to get started.

    The 100-night trial is the most common sleep trial that youll find. However, one thing makes this policy stand out. Unlike most companies that require you to wait 30 days before initiating a return, Simmons will accept your return at any time during the trial period. We do recommend giving your new mattress at least 24 weeks before deciding for or against it. This gives your body time to adjust to the unfamiliar sleeping surface.

    Buying A Mattress Made In Usa: The Ultimate Source List

    HSN | Beautyrest Mattresses 09.21.2020 – 03 AM

    Many of the companies on this list are online-only stores. This list is always growing, so check back often. If you have a favorite American-made mattress company that you dont see on our list, let us know in the comments and we will add it.

    • Agility hybrid mattress was designed with moms in mind.
    • Amerisleepis a maker of natural memory foam mattresses.
    • Amore Beds mattresses are available with organic cotton fabric, split mattress firmness. Also available: 2 sided flippable mattresses and coil hybrid mattresses.
    • Aslan GEL infused memory foam Certi-pure USA-certified mattresses are made in the USA and come with a 365 Night Trial. Learn more about Aslan mattresses at the top of this post. Save 10% on Aslan mattress and pillow orders with promo code USALOVE.

    Save 10% on Aslan mattress and pillow orders with promo code USALOVE.

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    Made In The Usa Mattresses And More

    On this page you will find all of our made in America products. We specify on each one of our products whether or not it is made in America, and are usually able to give you the country it was manufactured in if not. We are proud to support local business, and know how important it is to some of our customers to know where their products are coming from, and especially if it is American-made.

    Next, you will see we have all of our American-made products broken down into convenient categories so you can find exactly what youre looking for. Whether its a mattress, bedding, or furniture, or one of the hundreds of subcategories youll find within those categories, we have just about everything you need from an American-made source. And as always, US-Mattress offers all of their products at the best prices available anywhere, online or in-store, so you can shop American-made and still get big savings with us! If you have any questions about an item and whether or not it is made in America, just give us a call or shoot us an email and well be happy to help! Shop now, patriot!

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    What Makes Beautyrest Different To Serta And Sealy

    In one word? Luxury. Compared to Serta and Sealy, Beautyrest by Simmons is all about luxury.

    Rather than offering many customizable features and a hundred different models, Beautyrest is saying we have developed two mattresses that are so luxurious that every type of sleeper will love them.

    Key features unique to Beautyrest include pocketed coil technology, cool-to-the-touch fiber fabric surfaces, and Technoluxe memory foam a higher quality memory foam than standard.

    Rather than have multiple options for each mattress type like Serta and Sealy, Beautyrest offers little choice in the way of customization.

    But you can upgrade the Black Original mattress to add extra memory foam and cooling carbon fiber layers .


    • Only medium-firm feel available unless you upgrade
    • Notably higher prices than Serta and Sealy

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    About Beautyrest Platinum And Exclusive Mattresses

    When you are going through the Beautyrest range, you are likely to come across the Beautyrest Platinum and Exclusive collections and Im going to touch on these briefly.

    The Beautyrest Platinum collection comprises 11 different mattresses, but there are a few core similarities between them. The first of these common features is InfiniCool and this is situated under the cover. All Platinum mattresses incorporate Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam, which is responsive and supportive. The range here varies from Extra Firm to Plush Pillow Top, giving sleepers in all positions and of all body shapes the chance to buy in to the Platinum collection.

    The upper mattresses in the Platinum range include a feature called BackCare 3X. Using nano coil technology, these mattresses over exceptional spinal alignment by offering added conformity. As with the Silver, Black, and Hybrid collections, even the entry level mattresses in the Platinum collection provide great value and materials for comfort.

    The Beautyrest Exclusive collection ranges from Extra-Firm to Plush Pillow Top. As with the other collections, there are features designed to aid with cooling and comfort, but all the mattresses in the collection include PressureSmart Gel Memory Foam. According to Beautyrest, this foam provides an additional 21% pressure relief. This is an attractive feature for side sleepers or anyone specifically looking for conforming and relieving qualities while shopping for a mattress.

    What Is The Biggest Difference Between Sealy Serta And Beautyrest Mattresses


    It comes down to price and materials, mostly. Nearly all mattresses are built the same layers of foam, latex, and/or springs to provide support, wrapped in comfortable fabric.

    If you compare the hybrid Sealy option with hybrid mattresses from Serta and Beautyrest, youll see that theyre all roughly the same. The difference is the number of layers, the quality of materials used, and the price tag attached.

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    Free Shipping With White Glove Delivery

    The Beautyrest Black mattress comes standard with free white glove delivery anywhere in the contiguous United States. With white glove delivery, a Simmons representative will deliver, carry, unbox, and set up the mattress for you. If you have an old mattress that you dont want, they can also dispose of it.

    Currently, Simmons does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

    Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Mattress

    The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond offers plush or medium firmness and helps conduct heat away from the body while a person is sleeping.

    This mattress contains sustainable fabric and advanced pressure-relieving foams.

    Reviewers say that this mattress is suitable for those who share a bed, as the mattress absorbs sounds and movements.

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    Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

    This edition of our Brand Overview series looks at Simmons Beautyrest mattress reviews to see what consumers have to say about the brand and how it compares to others in the market. Simmons is one of the major companies in the industry, with a recognizable name and long-standing reputation.

    However, name isnt always enough to determine how mattresses perform thus it is important for consumers to consider the good and bad qualities in order to decide if this mattress line may be a good option. Keep reading to learn about the brand and about the pros and cons consumers highlight in Simmons Beautyrests best mattress reviews.


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