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Where To Buy Tulo Mattress

How We Picked And Tested Memory

Tulo Mattress Review 2022 (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)

Choosing a mattress is a highly personal endeavorand that makes reviewing them tricky. Youll find plenty of online reviews that may say a particular mattress offered just the right amount of support or that another mattress gave me back pain, but thats just a reflection of what the mattress did for that reviewer. Unless youre that writers clone, those impressions may have little bearing on what the mattress will do for you.

So in making our picks, we focused on objective criteriafactors that should remain consistent for anyone considering a mattress. These included:

Our reviews of foam mattresses began about five years ago. We set up models from some of the most popular brands at the time in our Los Angeles office, where we invited staffers to try the mattresses informally and to provide feedback. Kevin Purdy, Wirecutters mattress writer at the time, spent a week sleeping on the mattresses, and the best of the bunch appeared in our first guide, which we published in 2016. Kevin then slept on additional models at home and updated the guide with each new review, based on his experience and online surveys.

In fall 2020, associate staff writer Justin Redman assessed a range of under-$400 mattresses for our guide to the best cheap mattresses, testing them on his own in Wirecutters New York City office . He then slept on the best of the bunch at home for about a week each.

How Does The Tulo Mattress Feel To Sleep On

This all-foam design is meant to help relieve pressure and get you sleeping all night comfortably long. The Tulo mattress is available in three soft, medium, and firm options. You can try each one out and find out which is best for you and your sleeping habits. However, because each mattress is made entirely of foam, you may experience similar feelings regardless of the firmness. If you like being hugged by your bed and that traditional memory foam feel, then you will love the Tulo mattress.

The all-foam makeup will have you sinking quite a bit, with not a lot to bring you back up. This mattress will keep you supported and comfortable regardless of your sleeping position. While back sleepers may find this mattress to be perfect for them, the memory foam will cradle your spine and keep it aligned in whichever position you sleep in. If you suffer from back pain or scoliosis, there is an excellent chance that you will find this bed highly beneficial.

In the morning my back felt a little sore & at first I was worried! But it actually felt sore as if my muscles had been worked almost like I feel after a body balancing massage. Turns out this bed has helped my body find its own balance by conforming to me. Ali JS

We bought this in a king-size and the first night we slept on it, the kids came in the bed and I was again stuck in the corner of the bed but it was fantastic! It felt firm but still soft. Rose S.

You Like The Tulo Mattress If You:

  • Want the option to choose between soft, medium, and firm. With Tulo, you dont need to resign yourself to sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard for you you can pick the firmness level that you want and need for a restful nights sleep .
  • Want a fairly priced mattress. As far as high quality memory foam mattresses go, Tulo is very affordable. you can also rest easy knowing that you wont be charged extra for a firm mattress versus a soft mattress all mattresses of one size are priced equally. Furthermore, Tulo mattresses are price-locked, meaning that you wont need to waste time scouring the internet for better deals: the price for a Tulo mattress will always be the same.
  • Want free and fast shipping. Thanks to Tulo being produced by Mattress Firm , this mattress can be delivered in two days after you place your order. Furthermore, shipping is entirely free within the United States, and the delivery drivers can even help you unpack and set up your new mattress entirely free of charge .
  • Want to buy straight from the manufacturer. Tulo mattresses are only available online through the official website, or through parent company Mattress Firm . This exclusivity helps to maintain the affordable prices of the mattresses as well as ensure the continued high quality of the product.

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Tulo Liv Mattress Review

In this Tulo Liv Mattress Review, well learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this model. The Tulo Livs three layers of foam provide comfort and pressure point relief. The top layer is made of a breathable knit polyester and Tencel blend fabric. The second layer is made of a supportive memory foam. This bottom layer is a durable polyfoam base.

The Tulo Liv is a hybrid mattress made up of different layers, allowing for greater durability. This hybrid design allows the manufacturer to use the different benefits of each material. Its the perfect blend of support, durability, and comfort. Tulo mattresses feature a 120-night trial, a generous warranty period, and a 120-night sleep trial. Whether youre interested in a Tulo mattress or not, you can rest assured that youll be happy with your purchase.

If youre not satisfied with the Tulo Liv, you can return it for a full refund. The company will refund you, minus shipping and handling. Tulo offers a free 120-night trial. Youll have at least 30 days to break in the new bed. If youre not happy with your purchase, Tulo will work with you to get a replacement. And if youre unhappy, the company will even help you return it.

Green Tea Memory Foam Comfort Layer

tulo Mattress Review

The green tea memory foam comfort layer sits below the beds cover. This is the first foam layer of the mattress. This layer contains memory foam infused with green tea. The memory foam cradles the body to relieve sensitive pressure points. Tulo infuses green tea in this foam to help keep the mattress smelling fresh. The thickness of the memory foam comfort layer depends on the mattress height you purchase.

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Which Model Is Best For Me

Tulo Soft Might Be Good For You If:
  • You are a side sleeper
  • You want pressure relief on your shoulders and hips
Tulo Medium Might Be Good For You If.
  • You sleep on your stomach or in all positions
  • You and your partner have different sleep positions
Tulo Firm Might Be Good For You If.
  • You are a back sleeper
  • You need more spinal alignment

Who Are Tulo Mattresses Right For

Tulo is a fine cost conscious option for those looking for multiple firmness options, although there are some who mention issues with firmness and durability. That being said, cost-conscious shoppers who are looking for affordable options may want to check out our list of top 10 mattresses for cheap.

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Tulo Reviews And Customer Service

Reviewers have mixed reports on Tulo customer service.

The majority of reviewers say that they had positive experiences with customer service, especially when it comes to returns.

However, some lower reviews report that customer service kept them on the phone for an extended period of time and was not helpful in dealing with mattress issues.

What Is The Best Type Of Memory

Tulo Mattress Review (Watch Before Buying)

In general, a mattresss firmness level will determine how comfortable you feel sleeping in a particular position. The idea is to keep your spine aligned , and your pressure points cushioned.

Most side-sleepers should do well with a mattress thats medium-soft to medium-firm. You should be able to draw a straight line connecting the midpoints of your ears, shoulders, and hips. Your shoulders and hips should feel some give, as opposed to feeling pressed by the bed.

Back-sleepers tend to gravitate toward medium-firm mattresses. Lie on your back and try to slide your hand under your lower back. If you can just fit your hand through, the mattress is probably a good fit. If its too snug, the bed is probably too soft. If theres too much space, the mattress may be too firm.

Stomach-sleepers may prefer a mattress thats on the firmer side of medium-firm. If you feel an exaggerated pull, causing your back to over-arch, then the mattress may be too soft. If you feel the mattress pressing against your ribs, its probably too firm.

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Find Where To Buy Tulo Mattresses 2021

Looking for Where To Buy Tulo Mattresses

Zotto is a disruptive bed mattress in a box business. It crafts an all-foam mattress with additional cooling versus many other mattress brands. Its 4 layer design with additional cooling in the leading layer puts it at a pressure-point eliminating medium firmness. Consumers find comfortable overall, but some had problems with the product worth and the toughness.

Quality of Materials

This led them to use products such as their ThermaPhase ¢ convenience layer, which is a hybrid of stage change product. Well go through the layers in detail below:

Layer 1: ThermaPhase Convenience layer cradles the body and is soft, however controls temperature so it doesnt sleep too hot.

Layer 2: CoolFlow Support layer is an open cell polyurethane foam that is firmer than the top layer, but supplies pressure point relief.

Layer 3: The shift layer is a firmer piece of foam that is more responsive, and offers support without being ultra-firm.

Layer 4: The base layer is ultra-dense and ultra-firm, supplying structure and support to the mattress.

Cover- The cover is made from a polyester-rayon mix. The embossed design makes it a thicker material, which develops a relaxing sensation. Its also completely detachable, which implies youll be able to wash it with the rest of your bedding.

What To Look Forward To

Were testing a new round of sub-$400 mattresses to replace our budget pick. Were testing two new hybrid mattresses: the Zinus Green Tea Hybrid and the Wayfair Medium Hybrid, and we are retesting the 12-inch version of the Linenspa Memory Hybrid Plush. We will also be testing two new foam mattresses: the Wayfair Medium Memory Foam and the Tulo Memory Foam Lavender, and retesting the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam. We plan to update this guide soon with our results.

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Tulo Reputation And Transparency

While Tulos website is user-friendly, it doesnt provide much information about the company. For example, Tulo is the child company of the mattress store chain Mattress Firm, but they dont mention it on their site.

Tulo is a relatively new company, so there isnt a ton of information about their reputation online yet. Instead, we dug into Mattress Firms reputation to get a better understanding of the companys business practices and how customers perceive them:

  • While Tulo doesnt have a Better Business Bureau listing, Mattress Firm has a rating of C+. Most complaints revolve around poor product quality, not fulfilling mattress guarantees, and poor communication of policies like warranties and in-home sleep trials.
  • In 2018, Mattress Firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing a large portion of their stores.
  • Tulo has not been involved in any lawsuits or product recalls in the last 3 years.

In terms of transparency, Tulo lets consumers know that the mattresses are made in the United States and lists the materials used in all foam layers.

While the company uses CertiPUR-US certified foams in their mattresses, they dont provide any indication of whether their mattresses meet federal flammability standards.

What Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Tulo Mattress Review

There are numerous ways to enhance your sleep quality. These consist of practicing excellent sleep hygiene, taking supplements, meditation, and workout.

Some of the very best ways to improve your sleep quality are:

  • Practice good sleep health such as restricting caffeine intake, avoiding screens an hour prior to bedtime, and having a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Take a supplement that helps you relax, such as magnesium or melatonin
  • Practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation or deep breathing workouts
  • Workout regularly

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How Thick Of A Memory

During our past tests, people tended to like mattresses in the 10- to 14-inch thickness range. Mattresses that are thinner than the standard 10 inches are likely to feel flimsyespecially if the materials are cheap, which can make you feel like youre dropping into the beds bottom layer right away. Beyond that, however, thicker isnt necessarily better. Picking the best mattress is really about the quality of the materials and how it feels to you personally.

Which One Do I Choose

So, which model is the best mattress in a box for you? Remember, each model serves the best support for very specific sleeping positions. Tulos website will tell you that in general, side sleepers enjoy the Tulo Soft, stomach sleepers prefer the Tulo Medium and back sleepers benefit best from the Tulo Firm. If you want to be certain youre buying the right mattress, either stop in your local Mattress Firm or commit to the 120-night trial period Tulo offers when you order online. Still not sure? Try out their online quiz linked here.

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Overall Performance And Functions

Tulo Hybrid Mattresses specialize in one thing: pressure relief. This trait is the mattress ability to distribute pressure evenly across the body. This is important for people who sleep on their back, but it is equally important for people who sleep on their sides, as even side sleepers need their weight distributed evenly.

When you sleep on your back, your weight will be concentrated on your shoulders and hips. The tension in your body, however, will be concentrated on your back. This is something not everyone knows but everyone experiences. If you have ever woken up and had to pop your back, it is because of this.

But a Tulo Hybrid Mattress will solve this problem for you by conforming to the shape of your body. The result is that your shoulders and hips will sink into the bed, bringing the bed up to support your back.

How To Get A Great Nights Sleep Every Night

tulo Medium Mattress Preview & 1st Impression | tulo Bed Unboxing

Sleep is vital for everybody. On the other hand, you have a much better possibility of keeping a healthy lifestyle when you get enough Sleep each night.

Many factors impact how well you sleep in the evening. A few of these factors include your age and gender and your lifestyle routines like exercise or stress levels. Some things can help improve your Sleep, consisting of having a comfortable bed and space temperature level.

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How To Buy A Tulo Mattress

You can purchase a tulo Mattress online on the tulo website and on or you can get one at a Mattress Firm store near you. Prices for a tulo liv mattress start at $390 for a Twin and range up to $590 for a California King while the price for tulos comfort series begin at $575 for a Twin and range up to $750 for a California King.

Tulo Mattress Review Breakdown

The Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress is an all-foam bed available in three heights and firmness levels: a 6-inch firm , an 8-inch medium firm , and a 10-inch medium . All three options include a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer and a polyfoam support core.

The gel-infused memory foam contours to the sleeper, cradling the body to relieve pressure in key areas while the gel infusion is meant to draw away heat. The polyfoam support core beneath the comfort layer stabilizes the bed, adding durability and increasing support.

With 2 inches of memory foam in the comfort layer and 8 inches of polyfoam in the support core, the 10-inch mattress is the softest and most responsive option. The 6-inch option, on the other hand, has only 1 inch of memory foam in the comfort layer and 5 inches of polyfoam in the support core, making it the firmest choice.

The 8-inch model offers a mid-range option with a 1.5-inch memory foam comfort layer and a 6.5-inch polyfoam support core. Its firm enough to provide edge support on par with the 6-inch bed but conforming enough to relieve pressure.

All three options include a soft zippered cover made with rayon derived from bamboo. Tulo makes its mattresses in the U.S. using CertiPUR-US certified foam materials.

Height Options

5 8 Polyfoam

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Where Can You Buy Tulo Mattresses

You can buy Tulo mattresses online directly from the manufacturer, on Amazon, or in a Mattress Firm brick and mortar store. Buying directly from the manufacturer is beneficial for customers because they should save more money. Purchasing a mattress in person allows you to try it out on the spot. We will include additional details about where to purchase Tulo mattresses below.

  • Tulo Website: You can buy a Tulo mattress on the companys official website. Here, you can also learn more about the company, search for additional products, and chat with an online representative.
  • Mattress Firm Website: You can purchase a Tulo mattress on the Mattress Firm official website. The website also provides additional beds you can browse through.
  • Amazon: You can purchase a Tulo mattress on Amazon. Tulo has an official Amazon store, so you know you are buying from a trusted source.
  • In-Person: You can purchase a Tulo bed in-person at a Mattress Firm brick and mortar store. Visit the Mattress Firm website to find the store nearest you.

Excellent Matches For Tulo

Tulo Mattress Review
  • Budget Shoppers with Weight Concerns Tulo is priced considerably lower than most other bed-in-a-box brands without sacrificing much in the way of construction. This should make it a favorite among budget shoppers, and the higher weight limit could help out some who struggle to find affordability paired with good support.
  • Fans of Memory Foam This mattress will hug you back like traditional memory foam. Additionally, it should make it easier to move around and get up in the morning, thanks to its quick-response layer below the memory material.
  • Co-sleepers With reinforced edge support, the usable surface area of this mattress should be higher than most other all-foam beds, which is great news for those with a limited amount of space to put a bed.

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