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What Is A Gel Foam Mattress

Gel Memory Foam Pillows

Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review (UPDATED)

Memory foam is one of the best pillow materials. Its conforming power means it can follow the curve of your neck and head to offer support without tilting your head forward or bending your neck out of its natural alignment. High-quality memory foam pillows have cooling features, such as gel-infusions, air channels, and ventilated covers.

Are Cool Gel Mattresses Comfortable

Because a traditional memory foam mattress molds to the shape of your body, some sleepers feel like they are stuck in a permanent rut on the bed while sleeping. A gel memory foam mattress springs back quicker after you apply pressure. That also means that when you are sleeping it conforms to your body faster.

So, if you move around a lot in your sleep, a cool gel mattress is not going to stay compressed when switching from one position to another. No matter how often you move, it will keep conforming to your body. That can be more comfortable and keep you from getting that stuck feeling you might have with a traditional memory foam mattress. A cool gel mattress is also more comfortable for many because it allows for airflow and breathability. Those two are beneficial if youre looking for ways to cool down when sleeping.

Buyer Beware: Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A few years ago we saw the introduction of the gel memory foam mattress into the bedding industry. Some thought these new incarnations of the old would be the future of the industry. Though these mattresses do sometimes fair better than their gel-less counterparts in some areas, they share several faults.

If you think developments in mattress technology are keeping pace with computers, mobile communication devices and other rapidly changing industries, you are absolutely right. While it is an exciting time to buy a new mattress, the vast amount of choices available can make it an overwhelming endeavor without the proper knowledge base to make good decisions.

What are the advantages of a gel memory foam mattress? How is memory foam better than a spring mattress? These are the important questions that need to be asked when considering the best path to a good nights sleep. There are many options available on the market. With the advent of latex foam, plant-based memory foam, and now the memory foam gel mattress, consumers can experience analysis paralysis.

Often when faced with staggering amounts of information, people stop processing it. That can lead to a poor decision and less satisfaction. To help you with your decision and decrease the likelihood of regretful purchase, we have done some analysis for you.

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Nest Bedding Flip Hybrid

Ideal for a range of sleeping positions, the Nest Bedding FLIP Hybrid mattress has two sides to offer — the top has a medium feel while the bottom has a firm feel. This unique bed combines Visco gel foam with supportive coils to create ergonomic support for optimal slumber.

When selecting your firmness, keep in mind that medium is best for back, side and combination sleepers and people of average weight. Firm is best if you prefer back or stomach sleeping as a rule, need lower back support or if you like a firm feel to your mattress.

This mattress’s five layers include a breathable quilted foam cover, an inch of Visco cooling gel support foam, 6 inches of reinforced edge coils and another inch of thick base foam followed by the final base layer for stability.

This mattress sets up easily, has environmental and safety certifications and is made in the USA.

If you purchase a Nest FLIP Hybrid mattress, you’ll get free shipping, a 100-night trial and a lifetime warranty.

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Memory Foam Vs Gel Foam: What’s The Difference

Simmons Beautyrest ComforPedic from Beautyrest Choose Your ...

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you may be wondering whether a traditional memory foam mattress or a gel-infused memory foam mattress is best for you. When buying a memory foam mattress, keep in mind that the majority of mattresses are constructed from several different layers of foam in varying densities, so you won’t necessarily have to choose between the two different types of foam.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Advantages: Gel memory foam keeps you cooler. The dissipation of heat is much quicker when compared to any other mattress out there. Gel memory foam gives you all the benefits of memory foam.

Disadvantages: Not any that I could find through a lot of users claim that it doesnt have the cooling effect. The cooling effect is present for a while but eventually fades with some time. Many questions the price difference between the two due to this reason.

What Is Better Gel Or Memory Foam

Cooling gel helps in dissipating heat, allowing you to sleep cool while retaining memory foams original body-conforming and pressure-relieving features. Gel memory foam in a hybrid performs better than in an all-foam mattress because the layer of coils in the hybrid enhances the mattresses breathability.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Me

There are so many types of memory foam beds, hybrid beds and traditional ones. Do you want a mattress with springs? When youre choosing a mattress, there are so many choices, so its important you do your research, so you get the mattress for your lifestyle. When youre looking for a new mattress, consider size, comfort and support. When youre mattress shopping, start here. Leesa is here to help weigh the pros and cons of your options so you can make the right decision.

A memory foam mattress will give your body the support it needs while you sleep, without the creaks, squeaks and sagging a traditional spring mattress can have. While you sleep, a memory foam mattress reduces stress on your pressure points, including your shoulder and hip, cradling your body so that you get the rest you need.

Our hybrid mattress combines memory foam with individually-wrapped pocket springs for a luxury feel and superior support. The memory foam provides body contouring and bounce while the pocket springs adjust to your body type and sleeping style for a better nights rest.

Why Do People Choose Gel

Cutting open a gel-infused memory foam mattress see what happens

Gel-infused mattresses are popular because of their comfort and breathability. By contrast, many people complain that plain memory foam mattresses are too hot, or that they create a stuck feeling because of the way they shape around someone lying on it.

Gel-Infused Mattresses Are Cooler to Sleep On

Gel-infused mattresses are reportedly cooler to sleep on because they enhance air circulation, which allows body heat to escape rather than trapping it inside the mattress.

Gel-Infused Mattresses Spring Back Faster

Gel-infused mattresses spring back to their normal shape quickly after pressure is removed. This means that it shapes around bodies faster if you move a lot in your sleep, the mattress wont stay compressed as long after you move off of it, and will instead shape around where you move to.

This factor makes gel-infused mattresses more comfortable, and lessens the stuck feeling that some people complain about with regular memory foam mattresses.

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Most Customizable Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Pillow Top

  • Price: $$
  • Best for: Anyone wanting to try their mattress at a store before buying

This Serta Perfect Sleeper model is an innerspring, pillow top mattress featuring a top memory foam layer.

It appeals to a wide customer base with customizable firmness and layer choices. You can choose from plus, medium or firm.

Regardless of the gel foam top, this might not be for you if youre looking to avoid traditional mattress coils. The coils may compress over the years and affect some peoples backs.

Loom And Leaf Best Luxury Gel Foam Mattress


  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Layers: Organic cotton cover quilted with 5/8 foam layer natural thistle flame retardant, 2 inch convoluted memory foam layer with a gel-swirl, 2 ½ inches high-density memory foam, 2 inch transition loft pad, 5 ½ inch high-density foam core
  • Weight: Not available

If you need a mattress that will last, its best to make the investment when you have at least around $1,000 to spend when utilizing the online business model. Loom and Leaf by Saatva is a luxury product that offers the 5 pound density youre looking for in memory foam, and it incorporates breathable channels with its cooling gel to help you get a good nights rest. When we put it through our heat transfer test, this product was able to cool down in just 7 ½ minutes. This is 2 ½ minutes faster than average of the products Ive tested.


  • Warranty: 10 year full coverage
  • Layers: 3 inches eLux gel memory foam,7 inch high-density support foam base
  • Weight: Twin- 46.6 lbs., Twin XL- 49.5 lbs., Full- 89.9 lbs., Queen- 75 lbs., King- 90 lbs., California King- 90 lbs.

Another great option for those on a budget is the eLuxury Supply 10 inch mattress. This is an eco-gel mattress that made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and, no matter what size you choose, you can expect to spend less than $800. It incorporates the use of millions of cooling gel beads in the comfort layer to help keep you cool. The plush-medium firmness is a good fit for the majority of shoppers.

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Best Gel Mattress For Pressure Point Relief

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

  • Type: Gel hybrid
  • Height: 13 inches

Designed with supportive gel pods in ergonomic zones, the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress is made to relieve aches and pains. The company says the three layers of perforated, gel-infused foam help you sleep cool, while an innerspring system offers stability and lift.

All foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. Reviewers compare it to sleeping on a cloud.

The mattress has a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year limited warranty, and free shipping and returns.

  • Type: Gel foam
  • Height: 14 inches

The Idle Plush is designed for those who sleep best on a softer surface. The mattress has 14 inches of cooling technology, with gel in both the quilted, removable cover and the first comfort layer. Foams in the Idle Plush are CertiPUR-US certified.

The company offers a generous 18-month sleep trial, free returns, and a lifetime warranty that covers body impressions.

The Gel Mattress Advantage

Contura 4 Inch GelLux Gel Infused Cooling Foam Mattress ...

Gel-infused mattresses are popular mainly due to their breathability and comfort. Many customers have complained that plain memory foam mattresses become too hot, or that they get a sunken or stuck feeling because of how the mattresses shape around the body while lying on it.

Gel-infused mattresses are cooler: Since gel mattresses enhance air circulation in the mattress, they are cooler to sleep on, essentially allowing the body heat to escape instead of trapping it inside the mattress.

Gel mattresses spring back faster: Gel-infused mattresses typically spring back to their original shape much faster after pressure is applied. As such, the mattress shapes around the body faster. This means that for sleepers who move a lot in their sleep, the mattress wont stay compressed after you switch from a position to another, and will instead shape around your body no matter where you move to. This makes gel mattresses more comfortable and reduces the feeling of being stuck that some customers have often complained about with conventional memory foam mattresses.

Many people choose gel mattresses for this spring-like feel how quickly the mattress returns to its normal shape after you get up. Gel mattresses also offer a better cooling effect, though some users complain that the cooling effect wears off with time.

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Whats A Gel Memory Foam

Introduced in 2011, gel memory foam mattress toppers and mattresses take the production techniques of memory foam mattresses one step further cooling gels and gel beads are added to the polyurethane foam. Gel infusions are added to memory foam mattresses in a number of different ways swirling gel is infused right into the memory foam, gel beads are injected into the foam layer of a memory foam mattress, or an additional gel layer is added to the mattress. These infused gels cause heat to be pulled away from a persons body when they are sleeping, making these mattresses more breathable. These mattresses have less heat retention than traditional memory foam mattresses. Though gel mattresses offer the same level of support and contouring as regular memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses tend to feel more buoyant due to their additional gel layer. Additionally, gel memory foam mattresses also tend to be a bit more firm than traditional memory foam mattresses due this same added gel layer.

Gel Memory Foam Vs Regular Memory Foam

Gel and traditional memory foams offer many of the same benefits. For starters, they can both be a good solution for sleep partners as memory foam in general is known for its ability to successfully reduce motion transfer. Many of us saw the old commercials when memory foam was still a relatively new idea. A glass of red wine was placed on the mattress while someone jumped up and down next to it.

The contents of the glass didnt even move. This was not a sales gimmick. I later purchased a Tempurpedic traditional memory foam mattress, and I was very impressed with the motion isolation it was capable of providing. I was equally impressed with its ability to conform to my body and help reduce pressure points. However, there were those two notorious areas that prevailed: sleeping hot and feeling stuck.

Gel Memory Foam

Regular Memory Foam

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Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress For Extra Support

The Big Fig Mattress + Foundation

  • Price: $$$$
  • Best for: Big budgets, couples, and people in larger bodies

The Big Fig Mattress is a coil based, medium-firm mattress with gel-infused latex foam.

Designed for maximum support, the mattress is tufted in 16 places to help prevent sagging and shifting. And the company says the foundation supports five times the weight of typical foundations.

Although its expensive, the mattress features a 20-year warranty. Its worth mentioning that this mattress might be too complicated for those seeking a simple solution.

Does A Gel Foam Mattress Lead To Off

Idle Gel Foam Mattress Review – A True Bargain from Idle Sleep

Like regular memory foam mattresses, even gel memory foam beds may have some amount of off-gassing, but off-gassing is never harmful. There may be some instances of minor nausea or headache due to the smell from a new mattress, but certifications like CertiPUR-US® ensure that you get a high-quality product without harmful chemicals.

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Best Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Sleep is among the worlds fastest-growing sleep firms. Nectar assures perfect sleep through optimum levels of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort with our mattress models, cushions and also various other sleeping items.

The Nectar mattress model is an all-foam bed in a box mattress which contains several layers of top notch memory foam.

This medium-firm mattress offers that quicksand-like comfy experience so many individuals connect with memory foam.

It is excellent for light to medium weight side as well as back sleepers, looking pressure relief and also general comfort and also support.

Mattress Model Type: Memory foam

Consumer Ranking: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium

Trial Period for Returns: 365 nights

To purchase:

Country Living has actually been a household name for years..

Now, they have created their own mattress line Country Living Sleep.

The Country Living Napa is their most extravagant line of mattress models. 16 thick and also offering 7 layers, the Napa is additionally readily available in 3 firmness degrees.

Being recognized for sleeping cool and also having great side support, the Napa earns our vote for the most effective luxury mattress.

Mattress Kind: Hybrid Whats The Best Thickness For Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Client Score: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Choose your recommended firmness level, from soft to firm

Trial Duration for Returns: 18 months

To acquire:

Newer Mattress Technology Better Memory Foam Mattress

It can be tempting to buy the newest version of a product on the market. People often equate newness with value, but newer technologies often have bugs to work out. Mattresses do not escape this reality. Products that have been on the market for awhile are more likely to have been tested by a large number of people and, hopefully, improved. Newer products do not have this advantage.

Memory foam gel mattresses hit the market in 2011 and have quickly become a favorite among many consumers because they embody some of the best aspects of memory foam, including the highest level of comfort available. The gel-infused nature of these mattresses goes a step further by adding extra support while attempting to address one of the biggest drawbacks to standard memory foam heat retention.

Because memory foam contours to the sleepers body and disperses weight across the face of the mattress a highly desirable floating-like effect is created that provides total support and comfort. But it also tends to trap heat in ways that traditional mattresses do not, and that has been a problem for some users.

There are basically two types of gel memory foam mattresses. The first has gel infused throughout the top layer of foam and the second has a layer of gel near the surface. Both of these types do seem to alleviate the heat problem slightly better than traditional foam mattresses, but there are still complaints from overheated customers.

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So Which Mattress Wins

When you compare a traditional memory foam mattress with a gel memory foam bed, you can see that theres not a lot of difference. Both are excellent choices for anyone. What it comes down to is the temperature and the firmness you prefer. If you like to sleep cool on a firmer surface, then a gel memory foam mattress is the best choice. If not, then a traditional memory foam will provide you with a great nights sleep.

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