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Where Can I Buy A Single Mattress

How Much Do Mattresses Cost

Mattress Buying Guide – How To Buy A Mattress And What To Look For!

Even within a particular category, theres usually a wide price range. But you can expect retail prices varying between $100 and $6,000, depending on the type of mattress. Generally speaking, you will get what you pay for, but that doesnt mean you should just go out and buy the most expensive mattress you can find. Respondents to our survey spent an average of $998 on their most recent purchase. Below is a ballpark price range for each broad type. Bear in mind that both of the coil types include prices for hybrids .

Mattress type
$1,299 $9,499

General Guide Only

As you can see, theres a wide range of prices depending on type, so youll need to carefully weigh up how much youre willing to spend versus the features you want in your mattress.

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Choose The Convenience Of Afterpay And Laybuy For A Better Bed Now

Investing in a bed is about more than the time you’re asleep. Ensuring your bed is up to scratch can mean you have more energy during the day and you can live the life you choose. Afterpay and Laybuy ensure you can look further ahead that payday and buy the mattress that will be the best for your needs. These payment innovations split your total into more manageable instalments and allow you to receive your product and pay it off no credit checks, no interest and no fees.

Afterpay and Laybuy are available across our entire site and make it easy to invest in quality. Check out our range of quilts and sheets, mattress toppers, jewellery cabinets and other bedroom furniture to complete your space. Factory Buys also has a complete range of homewares and furniture for every room in the house.

You can also pay all the usual ways including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Zip Pay.

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What Size Is A Single Mattress

If youre wondering what the standard size for a single mattress is, the answer will largely depend on the country you are in.

You may be surprised to learn that not all single mattresses share a standardised measurement system.

Therefore, its especially important to understand the measurements of your mattress before making a purchase.

If your single mattress is too big or too small for the bed frame you own, it is likely to cause complications.

How Big Is A Single

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Cool I

A single bed is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. Its main designation is to fit one person. Obviously, this is where the name single bed stems from. These are comfortable and convenient for kid’s rooms and are likely going to be suited for the kid until he hits high-school age as the 75 inches might not be enough at that point. It’s one of the most preferred options when it comes to furnishing children’s rooms.

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Supportive And Comfortable High Quality Single Mattresses

They may be the smallest size bed mattress you can buy, but single mattresses can be just as big on high quality design features as king size mattresses! A good nights sleep is crucial to good health, so even if the dimensions are small choose a single mattress which delivers big things when it comes to comfort and support.

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Q: Which Is Better Open Coil Or Pocket Sprung Mattress

Spring mattresses come in open coils or pocketed coil varieties.

Open coil mattresses are the best if you are on a budget as these mattresses are easily mass-produced at low cost. They are constructed from one continuous length of wire, formed in individual springs, and padded with various fabrics.

With pocketed coils or pocket sprung options, the springs move independently, so there is limited motion transfer and they contour around your individual shape and size, so tend to be a bit more comfortable. Motion isolation also means that you are less likely to be disturbed if your partner moves around, compared to an open coil model.

Hybrid innerspring mattress types also exist which give you a high number of coils plus layers of foam on top of the mattress which are great options for pressure points relief.

How Thick Is A Single Mattress

How many pocket springs do I need in a mattress?

The thickness – described by mattress manufacturers as height or depth – of a single bed mattress will vary quite significantly depending on the specific designs available within each leading brand mattress collection. For example:

The thickness of King Single mattresses and Single Extra Long mattresses vary the same as single bed mattresses. If you want to create more thickness to your King Single Mattress, browse our range of mattress protectors and overlays to discover memory foam and gel King Single Mattress Toppers, also available in single bed, double bed, queen bed and king bed sizes.

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Foam And Latex Mattresses

Foam and latex mattresses mold to the shape of your body and distribute your weight evenly. These mattresses provide support for your whole body without putting extra pressure on any specific body parts. They are also silent and absorb the shock of movement. This makes foam and latex mattresses a great choice if you have a partner who tosses and turns in their sleep.

How Big Is A Twin

The twin measurements are practically identical to the single. However, it is intended to be one of a pair of single beds. They are usually put in guest rooms which would be shared by more than just one person. They are also commonly chosen by couples who prefer to sleep together but not to share their bed as they don’t feel comfortable.

It’s also important to note that there are a few different variations of the twin size bed and the most popular one of them is the Twin XL.

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Single Mattress Buyers Guide

AVI Single Mattress Topper White Cotton Mattress Protector ...

That wraps up our list of the ten best single mattresses on the market. However, were not out of the woods yet. Just knowing about the brands doesnt mean youll make the best choice regarding which mattress you need.

To make that choice efficiently, you have to keep in mind several factors, ranging from sleeper types to mattress firmness levels, and more. Its only by factoring in all these aspects can the right decision be made.

Thats why, to ensure that you do so, weve put together this handy buyers guide that delineates everything you must keep in mind about mattresses. By incorporating these points in your decision-making process, youll end up with the right bed without a hassle.

Lets see what these factors are.

Know When You Need A Replacement

The first factor that you need to keep in mind is whether you need to change the mattress or not.

Common signs such as sagging of the sleeping areas, development of pressure points, and molds are surefire indicators that your mattress needs replacing. Other considerations that you might have to take into account are physical ailments, orthopedic complications, and sleeping discomfort.

Finally, a lot depends on the age of your mattress as well. In general, its a good idea to consider replacing your mattress in case its anywhere between 8-10 years old. However, depending on usage, you might need to replace it earlier.

Understand The Sleeper Type

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Combination sleepers

Mattress Material


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Space Saving Single Mattresses

A small mattress is ideal for a small bedroom. Because it takes up limited space, if you do want to furnish the room with a wardrobe or chest of drawers too, then you can do so without overfilling the bedroom.

Because we design and create our mattresses ourselves from our UK factories, you can get a great nights sleep on a single mattress without breaking the bank. Shop our wide range of single mattresses today.

Items 1-24 of 87

Items 1-24 of 87

Ready For A Good Nights Sleep

Youll spend as much as a third of your life in bed, so its worth investing in a good quality mattress, taking the time and care to make the best choice for you. Before you go into the shop, understand what different types of mattresses do and what kind of sleep needs theyre best for, so that you dont end up paying thousands of dollars only to get an aching back. Look into all of your options, and take good care of your mattress and it will take good care of you.

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Is A Single Mattress Too Small For An Adult

A single or twin mattress measures 75 inches in length, while larger mattresses like a twin XL, queen or king measure 80 long. Shorter individuals and children will fit perfectly fine on a single/twin size mattress but if the mattress will be sleeping taller people you should probably opt for a size up or for a twin XL, which is the same width as a single mattress but is just 5 longer.

Q: Are Pocket Coil Mattresses Better Than Foam

How to Fit a Double Mattress in to a Car

Both memory foam and pocket coil mattresses shape themselves around your individual physic, making them some of the more comfortable options when it comes to sleep and support. Memory foam will absorb the pressure from your body weight, creating a sinking feeling, whereas springs will feel more bouncy, so it depends on which feeling you prefer.

Foam mattresses can retain heat more readily than a coil option, so if you want to remain cooler while sleeping, then a pocket coil is a better option. If you suffer from back pain, both memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses are equally suitable.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was edited and researched by Cristina Sanza, a lifestyle writer specializing in home products and organization hacks. She has contributed to The Spruce since 2020. To research our retail selections, she reads customer reviews, third-party articles, and brand websites to help you choose a new mattress you’ll love sleeping on night after night.

Who Should Own A Twin

Twin beds are designed to go in matching pairs, as we already explained above. The most common application for them is the regular double room in a hotel. A lot of hotels use this instead of a common king-sized or regular two single in order to accommodate the versatile demand of clients who are single and those who are a couple.

Additionally, a twin mattress, as we mentioned above, are preferred for rooms which have to be shared by siblings, for example.

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Can You Use A Twin Mattress On A Bunk Bed

Most bunk beds are designed for twin mattresses, so the answer is usually yesâ it makes for a great bunk bed mattress size! However, some bunk bed models accommodate a twin XL mattress , and others have varied upper and lower bunks, usually with a twin on top and a double bed on the bottom. Before purchasing, make sure to double-check all bed frame dimensions.

Mattresses For Bad Backs

How to buy a mattress

If you have back problems or other issues with aches and pains, you need to be particularly careful with your mattress choice. Too firm might put too much pressure on the body which can enhance or trigger pain, while too soft may give insufficient support for your bones and joints. Latex and memory foam are pressure relieving materials, primarily designed for comfort.

Latex mattresses rate well for back pain because of their springy action. The spongy material contours well with the body and maximises body contact to relieve the pressure points and better align the spine. Memory foam mattresses can also be a good choice for bad backs, particularly high-density foam types. Low-density memory foam provides poorer support and pain relief.

Injured or mobility-impaired people may prefer a firmer option, as it makes it easier to get out of bed, compared to soft sink-in mattresses.

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Where Can I Buy A Single Bed Near Me

Make your first point of call, when looking for the best beds in town, your nearest DialaBed store or DialaBed online now. We guarantee, that once youve had a look at our excellent range of leading bedding brands, you wont have to look anywhere else.

Here are a few other reasons to shop at DialaBed today

Biggest Range

Thanks to our presence on the ground and online, along with our large warehouse capabilities, we are able to keep a range of one of the biggest stocks in the country. We stock beds from leading brands like Dunlopillo, King Koil, Restonic, Sealy, Simmons, SlumberKing, Tempur and Forty Winks.

How To Pick The Best Mattress For You

Its a good idea to do your research first, reading product details and online reviews to help you make a shortlist based on your needs. Then you can go into a retail store or display room to test out mattresses with a clear idea of what youre looking for. Its also important to note that some manufacturers will only produce product lines exclusively for certain retailers, or have a line of products operate under different names depending on the retailer.

When you go into a retail store or showroom to test mattresses, dont let the salesperson rush you 30 seconds of lying on a bed is not enough. Get a pillow and relax properly, as you would if you were going to sleep.

For more specialty types of mattresses, you may find it easier to buy online. But this can be a bit risky, especially if youre looking to buy something quite different from your previous mattress. Before buying online, check the retailers returns policy to make sure that if you dont like it, youre easily able to pack it up and return it. In our latest survey, 12% of respondents who purchased their mattress online wish that they had tried it out first. A similar portion of people said the mattress they bought online did offer a trial period, where they could try it and send it back for a refund if they didnt like it.

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The Standard Single Mattress Sizes: Know The Dimensions Before You Buy

As part of your research into buying a new mattress, you need to know the single bed dimensions that are available. In South Africa, we have the following standard single bed dimensions:

  • 91 cm in width
  • 188 cm in length

For singles beds, these centimetres are not just standard in South Africa but they are in fact, the global standard for the single mattress. Should you need the bit of extra length, it can always be added to give the mattress a length of 200cm. This makes it the ideal bed for growing children reaching their teenage years as well as adults who need some extra legroom.

Are you asking, Where can I buy single beds near me? You can find one of the biggest ranges of single mattresses in South Africa at The Mattress Warehouse, giving you the opportunity to review models and make a comparison, read up on reviews and find the specials.

Where does the single mattress fit best?

The answer to this, is just about anywhere you could possibly need it to. The single mattress is the best for all types of sleeping situations. As a childs bed to the perfect bed for school and backpackers hostels, the single mattress has a place everywhere. If you are using a single bed for your child and you are wondering what you will do with it once your child has outgrown it, or wants a bigger bed, dont fret! A single mattress is a perfect excuse to have your very own day bed. The single bed and mattress are also great for the guest bedroom!


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