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What Can I Use To Make My Mattress Firmer

Place The Mattress On The Floor

How can I make my firm mattress softer?

If you want an immediate solution for your problem, then try moving your mattress on the floor. Just like a plywood board, a hard floor can provide consistent support and is the simplest method for firming up your mattress without spending a penny.

This is not a permanent or long-term solution as it has its drawbacks. It will absorb moisture from the ground and attract dust and mites. Again, air circulation is prevented.

Tip: In cases where you need to keep the mattress on the floor, then lift it every week to rest on the side of the wall and let it breathe.

Place It On The Floor

If it is not possible to follow the above methods, then you can place the mattress on the floor instead. Of course, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when placing on the floor, such as dust and bugs from the carpet, or colder temperatures emitting from tiled or laminate flooring, or even cold drafts from nearby doors. If done correctly, this can be a cheap way to make any mattress that is soft to become firm. For more information, check our latest post on floor mattresses.

Place Your Mattress On The Floor

Placing your sagging mattress directly on the floor can help you sleep better, especially because floors offer even firmness and wont jostle around like plywood. This is certainly the cheaper alternative to getting a new mattress foundation, but it does come with its pitfalls.

Having your mattress on the floor can actually weaken support over time and leave it vulnerable to damage from dust and allergens.

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#use A Firm Mattress Topper

Using a firm mattress topper is one of the easiest ways to get the firm mattress surface. You should use a latex mattress topper or a high-density memory foam mattress topper for a firm yet adjustable support. Latex and memory foam toppers are the best choices to make mattress firmer.

If your existing mattress is too soft, you should buy a latex topper, because naturally, latex is firmer than memory foam.

In case you need soft yet form upper layer, you may choose a cotton filled mattress topper. A well-fitted mattress pad and cover can also supplement in retaining and enhancement of mattress firmness.

A mattress topper acts in protecting your mattress in many different ways.

  • One is that your mattress will have an extra layer which will be affected when you use your mattress and in the way and the actual mattress does not get direct affect on its surface.
  • It gives an extra soft or firm layer on the top of your bed, keeping it firm and in the actual form of the mattress, the way the mattress was before.
  • You should use a memory foam mattress topper if you have to get the firmness back for your side sleeping habit. This will give you medium firmness and a very good nights sleep.
  • For those who need to transform into a new mattress through a mattress topper, a latex mattress topper would be the best.

Are You Waking Up With Aches And Pains Is Your Mattress Too Hard Cant Afford A New One This Is The Best Mattress Topper To Soften A Firm Mattress

10 Tricks to Make Your Mattress Firmer

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best mattress topper is to soften a hard mattress, I recommend the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper.

Its no surprise that your mattress greatly affects the quality of your sleep.

But then, this also depends on how you sleep, or should I say your sleeping style?

I can confirm the misery that comes from sleeping on your side on a hard mattress.

Im positive thats the reason why experts advise against it.

And against sleeping on a soft mattress if you sleep on your stomach or back.

Now, it is unfortunate that while we can decide how we start our trip to shuteye, we dont always have control over what happens for the rest of the night.

I prefer to sleep on my side or back but there are times I have found myself in the weirdest sleeping positionsquite often, these positions are unforgiving on my body.

At such times, I wish I could just sleep anyhow and get away with it

I mean, doesnt everyone yearn for the assurance of a good nights sleep regardless of their sleeping style?

If it all comes down to the firmness or softness of my mattress, I think we can always find some middle ground.

And as usual, I went shopping and landed on the compromise

What if I get to keep my firm mattress but also enjoy the support and comfort of a soft mattress?

Im talking about a mattress topper that is soft, snuggly, and therapeutic to put over a firm mattress

And voila! Here you go

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How To Make A Mattress Firmer: Your Step

Do you prefer firm mattresses, but have somehow ended up sleeping on a mattress far too soft? Learn how to make a mattress firmer in 7 steps.

Helpful Resources

At Mattress Advisor, youll find comprehensive, unbiased reviews on the best mattresses and bedding products and thoroughly researched tips for getting your best sleep.

Sinking too far into a mattress is a sure-fire way to get a poor nights sleep. Whether your new mattress is softer than you expected or an old one is becoming a bit too snuggly with age, there are ways to up a mattresss support. Follow these 7 steps if youre ready to make your bed firmer.

The Right Firmness Level For You

The firmness level is subjective, and understanding how it might differ from one person’s body type to another will help you find the right bed. We have mentioned that firm beds are ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers but not for side sleepers. Or that a heavy-weight person might benefit more from a firmer surface.

Let’s find out which firmness level is suitable for different body types and sleeping positions. Please keep in mind that the “right” level of firmness is subjective, and it depends on your personal preferences and specific needs.

Lightweight Sleepers

Lightweight sleepers who weigh no heavier than 130 pounds will find a soft to medium soft mattress comfortable . A soft-range bed might give them the preferred firmness level. When a lightweight sleeper lays on a firm mattress, they might feel the pressure near their joints. They need a softer surface that provides more compression to protect their bodys curves.

Average Weight Sleepers

A medium-soft to medium mattress is recommended for an average weight sleeper, basically someone who weighs anywhere from 130 to 230 pounds. If you are a side sleeper, you might consider a medium soft mattress . If you sleep on your back or stomach, a medium might be the best choice.

Plus-Size Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Back And Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers benefit most from firm mattresses to keep their bodies aligned

Combo Sleepers

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Consider A Split King Mattress

For couples with different sleep preferences, a split king mattress is a perfect solution. Split king beds are two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. Each person can choose their mattress with customized comfort and support without having to compromise.

To enhance comfort, you may want to think about purchasing an adjustable base. An adjustable base allows you and your sleep partner to elevate your side of the bed without disturbing each other. Adjustable beds are more expensive than other mattress foundations, but you may find its worth it.

S To Make A Mattress Softer

My mattress is too firm, how can I make it softer?

If you dont get the cloud-like feel you expected from your mattress, you dont sleep well. When you dont sleep well, you wake up feeling irritable and exhausted. Lack of sleep affects your daytime productivity and efficiency, but that doesnt mean you have to buy a new bed. Here are a few steps to soften your mattress so you get a good nights rest to rejuvenate yourself.

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Does Everyone Need A Firm Mattress

Everyone needs a bed with the right balance of plushness and firmness meant for their body type and sleeping position. Firmness is a relative term and its perception is subjective. We recommend a firm bed especially for plus-size sleepers, those who have back pain, or those recovering from a back injury.

The Benefits Of A Firm Mattress

If youre searching for how to make your memory foam mattress firmer, youre probably no stranger to the specific comfort that a firm mattress offers.

A structured mattress holds your body in a neutral position, supporting the natural curve of your spine to promote spinal alignment and aligning your head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels. The ideal mattress should also provide pressure relief because of how it equally distributes your weight across its surface area.

The perfect mattress for your body can:

  • Relax your muscles
  • Help you sleep better
  • Improve your posture.

On the other hand, if you sleep on the wrong type of mattress, it will interfere with your sleep, and you might even wake up with back pain.

On a firmer surface, your bones absorb most of the pressure of your body weight, putting less stress on your muscles, veins, and arteries. A reduction in this strain improves your circulation and allows you to sleep deeply. For many individuals, this is the perfect option!

Mattresses with a greater firmness level also prevent your lower back from collapsing, which can allow for more oxygen intake while sleeping and ensure the weight of your body is evenly distributed. Different sleepers usually prefer different types of mattresses. Because firm mattresses provide a more stable, even surface, they tend to be a better fit for:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

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Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress Regularly

Turning your mattress is important as it ensures the fillings are evenly distributed. It can help keep it firmer for longer and keep your mattress in good condition.

You should check the care booklet to see whether it needs flipping or rotating and how often. If you’d like to know more about turning your mattress, we have more information in our helpful guide.

Rotate And Flip The Mattress

How to Make a Memory Foam Bed

Do you tend to lie down on the same spot night after night? Many of us do, and the repeated wear and tear can cause that section of the mattress to sag. Rotating your mattress will change where youre lying on the bed, evening out the mattresss feel.

Not all mattresses made are flippable, including most foam and hybrid mattresses. But if you have one of the rare flippable foam or hybrid mattresses, flipping the mattress can even out the wear and tear on your bed.

You should rotate and, if possible, flip your mattress every three to six months.

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Where Can I Find A Firm Mattress

You can easily find a firm bed right here. Firmness, adequate support, great sleep. Its all there. Weve made a selection of mattress brands that offer really firm mattresses. These companies will also have the mattress delivered to your door and if you dont like it, theyll take it back according to their free sleep trial policy. So without further ado, check them out:

  • Amerisleeps AS1 model is their firmest mattress and its definitely not intended for side sleepers. Whats an uncomfortable mattress for them is the real deal for heavy people and back sleepers. Their AS2 is also firm, but not as much.
  • Saatvas Loom & Leaf is a mattress that comes in two firmness options Relaxed Firm and Firm. Loom & Leaf is the way to go if youre into eco-friendly options.
  • Sleepys Rest mattress is a really firm innerspring that make a perfect mattress for back sleepers .
  • Natural Form makes unusual adjustable mattresses. Sleepers can change the settings and make a mattress firmer or softer.
  • Noa Lite mattress offers a firmer surface than most mattresses but is not the firmest one out there. Its great for those who like a firmer bed but dont have high body weight.

Put A Plywood Board Underneath

Another method to firm a sagging mattress is to place a plywood board beneath it. If the mattress is right on the bed frame, the board should go between them but if a box spring is used, it should be placed above the box spring and below the mattress. This will give you the best support possible since it is right beneath the piece you actually lay on.

As well as keeping the mattress rigid and straight, the plywood also has the benefit of protecting the mattress from dust and allergens, keeping it clean and healthy. There is a downside to this though, depending on the type of mattress youre using. A plywood board will block airflow through a mattress. This could lead to mold growth, so this may not be the best option of youre trying to make a foam mattress firmer since these mattresses need to breathe.

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Ways To Make A Soft Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

Get a mattress topper

Latex toppers are a great choice. They usually have holes that allow for air flow and separate you and your body from your bed. You can get a denser non memory foam topper to add firmness. We recommend the firm option from Nestled brand latex mattress toppers.

Change your foundation

Firm foundation, solid like a bungee board, plywood or the floor. You can even put the plywood between the mattress and box springs or base.

Keep your room cooler

Consider a bed cooler or a BedJet if you have the budget. The more you can disperse body heat the better because the warmer the memory foam gets the more it sinks in and feels softer.

Flip your bed over

Most memory foam beds have softer memory foam on top with denser foam on the bottom. Even though theyre made to sleep with the soft side up, try switching it up. Sleep on the bottom layer.

Buy a Firmer Bed

Sometimes your mattress is too soft no matter what you do. It might be time to invest in a new bed. There are financing options available for an affordable monthly fee. Consider how much sleep loss affects the quality of your life and what it means to wake up refreshed instead of dragging through your day.

You may not realize how much your bed affects you until you get a new one that you love.

Flippable bedsConsider a flippable bed made so you can sleep on either side, depending on your firmness preference. Beds like the Layla mattress are specifically made to be flipped. So is the affordable Nest Flip.

Mattress Too Firm 5 Tips For How To Soften Up A Firm Mattress

Tricks for Firming Up a Mattress : Mattresses

We all know that feeling of lying down on a mattress expecting that comforting give, but instead, you receive rock hard resistance. Although some sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress, too firm of a mattress can mean waking up with serious aches and pains. Maybe youve had the misfortune of sleeping on a mattress from the Flinstone era and you dont want to repeat it. Well, youre in luck, reader. Below, well explore what you can do to soften your mattress and when you might want to replace it altogether.

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How To Make Your Soft Mattress More Firm

If your new mattress lacks the support you need, try these tips before buying another one

If your new mattress is too soft, you don’t have to buy a new one to fix the problem.

Do you feel like you can relate to Goldilocks when it comes to finding the right mattress? You don’t want one that’s too firm, and a mattress that’s too soft can be just as uncomfortable. When your mattress is too soft, it can lack the support that you need, which is a recipe for sleep disaster.

For some, the perfect mattress just does not exist and that’s OK. If you’ve found yourself with a new mattress that is pretty good, but is just not quite as firm you’d like, there are several things you can do to make your mattress more firm.

Keep reading for several ideas you can try to make your soft mattress more firm and supportive.

Consider Getting A Mattress Protector

Its a wise choice to use a mattress protector with your mattress from the beginning of its use.

Thats because it protects your mattress from all sorts of things like dust mites, bacteria, and its waterproof. Which means it protects your mattress from spills. As a result, the firmness of your mattress will last for a longer time.

If you dont have a mattress protector on your memory foam mattress yet, then I definitely recommend Amerisleeps protector. This is the one me and my spouse sleep on and its very comfortable. You can learn more about the protector here.

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Use Tight Fitted Sheets

A tightly-fitted sheet can help make your mattress feel firmer by squeezing it around the sides, helping to prevent the mattresss comfort layer from overly compressing when you lie down on the bed.

Since fitted sheets lose their tautness over time, too, youll have to replace your fitted sheet every now and again to keep it compressing on your mattress. The compression provided by your fitted sheet also may not make much of a difference in firmness, depending on your mattresss age, condition, and material. If you want a little more firmness, the fitted sheet should work just fine. If you want a lot more firmness, you may need to go for a different option like a new base or topper.


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