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How To Make A Round Mattress

How To Make A Round Bed Frame

How to Build A Stone Garden Bed (Easy & Cheap)

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Five Different Ways To Arrange Pillows On Your Bed

Styling your bed can seem like a daunting task – its not always easy to know how many pillows to use, what sizes to choose, and how to make it all look good together. A couple of months ago, I took a poll on asking about this very topic, and the overwhelming response was that YES, youd love some tips. Clearly theres a need for some easy, actionable tips on how to pull together a great-looking bed!

Well, good news – Ive got some for you!

Note that the examples I put together are for a queen bed, but Ill add some notes below each one on how you can apply the same look to a king bed.

Before we dive into my five go-to formulas, I want to define some terms to make sure were all on the same page on the vocabulary part of things. If you already know these, feel free to skip on down!

  • Standard sham: a decorative rectangular pillowcase that fits a standard sleeping pillow ,

  • Euro sham: a decorative square pillowcase that fits a 26×26 pillow insert,

  • King sham: a decorative rectangular pillowcase that fits a king size sleeping pillow .

  • Lumbar pillow: a small, rectangular decorative pillow that can vary in size – 12×20 or 14×20 are two examples of ones you might see.

All right, now that thats out of the way, lets go through these bedding ideas!

What Height Are You Going For

First, you have to settle on the height you want for your new bed. Try to visualize how this new height of your raised bed will look relative to the other furniture in the room. You can always reverse the process if you end up not liking it, of course, but why go through all the effort? Be mindful of how your new raised bed will affect you and the people around you. Maybe you have a toddler who will not appreciate the extra inches added to the height of the bed because he or she will have difficulty climbing on top of it. Perhaps you live with older generations or you, yourself, experience back issues that can benefit from a raised bed. One thing is true, its certainly easier to get in and out of bed the farther the top of the bed is from the floor.

UPDATE: If you would like to check out Nectar mattresses in a store, a quick search for mattress stores near me can lead to our store locator.

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Only Ever Pocket Sprung

Our bespoke, round mattresses are always pocket sprung using the highest quality British manufactured steel springs. At The Odd Company we only make fully sprung mattresses as in our view no other system offers your body a comparable level of support while you sleep.

Together with the soft natural fillings, a pocket sprung round mattress provides the ultimate level of comfort as well as posture alignment and muscle and joint relieving support.

How To Make A Round Mattress

Round Mattress &  Round Beds

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  • 2 full-size, high-density foam pads, 4 inches thick

  • Gloves

  • Sharp carving knife, utility knife or electric carving knife

  • 2 full-size egg crate foam pads

  • 2 full-size memory foam pads, 2 to 3 inches thick

  • Round sheets

Whether you’re evoking the groovy vibe of the 1960s or the decadent luxuriousness of a Las Vegas hotel, a round bed can be the centerpiece of your bedroom. While round bed mattresses are available, the cost of the mattress plus shipping may be outside your comfort zone. With high-density foam, egg crate foam and memory foam pads, however, building your own custom-sized round mattress is a relatively simple process.

  • Tape newspapers or kraft paper together to make an 80-inch square. Tape a string to the exact center of the square. Tie a pencil to the end of the string at exactly 80 inches. Using the string and pencil as a compass, draw an 80-inch-diameter circle on the paper. Cut out the circle with scissors.

  • Lay the paper circle on the floor in the bedroom. Determine if there is enough room for an 80-inch round bed plus your other furniture. If not, cut the circle down to 70 inches.

  • Put on gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask before working with foam, especially if you are cutting with an electric carving knife.

  • Repeat the process with the egg crate foam, cutting it into an 80-inch-circle. Then cut the memory foam into an 80-inch-circle.

  • Tip

    Lay the foam flat and allow it to breath for two days to eliminate the smell and expand to its full size.

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    Designing A Circular Flower Bed

    A flower bed circle design can be trickier than you realize.Most other types of beds have some kind of backdrop such as a wall, fence,walkway, tree, or simply the edge of your garden. A round flower bed standsalone and that means it requires special design considerations.

    Startwith a plan for where youll construct the bed and the size. Place a woodenstake in the center of the chosen location. Tie a string to the stake and useit to mark out a perfect circle. With an easy to move stake and a long piece ofstring, you can play around with size and location until you get it right.

    With your circle marked out, you can remove any grass orweeds and then turn and prepare the soil. Now its ready for planting, butcreate a plan first. Here are some ideas:

    • Create a border of some type. An edge around the circle will help define it, but you can use just about anything including traditional garden edging, stones, bricks, a low hedge, or low clustered flowers to create a border.
    • Choose a centerpiece for the circle. An existing tree is a great center for a flower bed but isnt necessary. There should be something, though, to anchor the circle like a shrub, a taller flower type, or a plant with interesting foliage.
    • Design a pattern. Dont simply put in flowers at random. A circle calls for more order. Try designs like concentric rings of different flower types or wedges, like a pie. Repetition works well.

    Our Reviews Of The 2 Best Round Mattresses

    • gel memory foam comfort layer to eliminate night sweats
    • extra-long warranty for unparalleled customer protection
    • open-cell design to contribute to the cooling effect.

    The memory foam round mattress by Mattress Insider is here to prove that eye-catching looks can easily be combined with comfort. This is an all-foam model that uses 4 layers to achieve a balanced feel. I especially appreciate the combination of adaptive foam and cooling components. The Cool-Max round mattress was gentle on my protruding shoulder and hip and adjusted to the shape of my body perfectly . At the same time, the generous hug did not make me feel overly hot. To me, that sounds like a perfect combination of mattress features!

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    How To Make A Round Decorative Neck Pillow

    A round neck pillow, also called a neck roll, adds interest to a collection of pillows on a bed or a couch. It also offers another canvas for adding contrasting or coordinating colors and patterns to a rooms decor. Functional as a neck support and beautiful as an accessory, the round decorative neck pillow is a project that an intermediate-level home sewer can attempt with confidence.



    Multiply the thickness of the pillow by 3.14, and round up the figure for the circumference measurement. For example, a 12-inch thick pillows circumference is 38 inches.


    Cut the pillow fabric length equal to the length of the pillow, plus 1 inch. Cut the width equal to the circumference of the pillow, plus 1 inch. Following the example, cut the fabric 25 inches long and 39 inches wide.


    Cut the two end sections equal in width to the circumference of the pillow, plus 1 inch and the width equal to the depth of the pillow, plus 1 inch. Following the example, cut the end sections 39 inches long and 13 inches wide.


    Fold the end sections, matching the long edges and with the wrong sides together. Press the fold. Reposition the end pieces, right sides together, aligning the short ends. Sew with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Press the seam open, and refold the section along the first fold, creating a ring of fabric.






    Roll the filler to the required thickness, and insert it into the pillow.





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    How To Make Round Flower Beds That Will Beautify Your Yard

    How to make round bed

    Flower beds can be found in different shapes and sizes and can be also made of different materials. When it comes to shapes, rectangular ones may be the easiest ones for building. But how about the round ones? Round flower beds can be tricky for building and today we want to give you some tips of how to make some for your yard.

    • Start by choosing where you want your flower bed to be. If you need help ask the Elk Grove professional tree and garden care service for help.
    • Then, drive a long spike into the ground where you want the center of the circle to be.
    • Measure a piece of string a foot longer than half the width. Cut it and tie one end loosely so that it can swivel freely around the spike about 6 above the ground.
    • Stretch the string out and measure it from the center to the exact length of the radius you have decided.

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    Introduction: How To Make Your Foam Mattress Round

    In this Instructable I’ll show you how I made my foam mattress round from one side, and also made the support it had underneath match the mattress. I don’t know how to modify a normal bed frame to match a custom mattress, my bed support comes from a construction site’s lifting pallets. My mattress is made from foam, but I suppose similarly and with a little imagination you could modify a mattress that is made from other material too. I chose a half round shape because that fit my living room/bedroom best but as you’ll see you can do any shape you like, the sky’s the limit!! 🙂

    How To Raise Your Bed Height With Two Simple Hacks

    Raise Bed Height If, after watching the HGTV channel, you get a strong urge to redecorate, you are not alone. Its easy to get inspired and embark on some new home improvement project of your own when looking at beautiful rooms, spaces, and homes.

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    Get The Perfect Fit For Your Round Bed Base With A Custom Round Mattress

    As four-poster beds were once sought after by the elite of Renaissance Europe for their sophistication and class, the round bed is recognised as its modern counterpart, representing a piece of bedroom furniture for those who want something truly extraordinary.

    A statement piece in the boldest of bedrooms, the circular mattress is a niche declaration of originality, style and taste. Best suited to larger rooms and bedrooms which benefit from plenty of natural light, the round mattress is the bed of choice for some of our most discerning customers. With no standard sizes available, and few if any manufactures producing fully sprung round mattresses, this type of bed embodies our desire to produce and design beds which are as unique and individual as our customers, while ensuring they remain deeply supportive and supremely comfortable.

    All our handmade round mattresses are pocket sprung and never contain foam, instead we use fillings such as cotton, lambswool, horsehair and cashmere. These natural fibres outperform synthetic substitutes in terms of breathability, hygiene and heat regulation as well as the level of comfort offered.

    Here are just some of the things which make our round mattress Odd

    A Round Mattress Made Especially For You

    How to Make Your Foam Mattress Round (or Any Other Shape ...

    At The Odd Company all our round beds are made to order. As a bespoke piece the dimensions of your round mattress can be tailored specifically to your pre-existing bed or bed base, or the size of your room, ensuring a perfect fit and ideal aesthetics. We can also make a bed base or divan for your round mattress more details of this service can be found below.

    In the case of a replacement mattress, all we require is the mattresses diameter. Be sure to measure the bed and not the mattress when taking down this size, as round mattresses are incredibly difficult to measure accurately. In order to price a round mattress we simply work out the price of a square mattress, and then charge an additional £260 to shape the corners and make it circular.

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    Truly Cool Diy Garden Bed And Planter Ideas

    For those of people who love enjoying the warm spring weather in the garden, and want to some ideas to make their garden more interesting and exciting, then creating a cool garden bed or some creative DIY planters would be nice choice. Beautiful planters are essential part of every pretty garden, and a raised garden bed provide a place to get your hands dirty and a reason to get outside more often, so why not use your imagination and a lot of creativity to build them? Take a look at the round up below and enjoy!

    Diy Moroccan Style Ottoman

    This is pretty much different from the base with wood or bucket. This is a square stuffed ottoman. You will need a mat, cushions, and a needle and thread. Place the mat and stitch together and leave the tassels so it adds to the decoration. Fold over with the cushion in between and secure completely.

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    Selecting The Right Set Of Round Bed Sheets

    Apart from color, pattern, and material, it is extremely important that you get the correct size. The first dimension that you need is the mattress diameter. You can find this by measuring across the center of the bed. The mattress depth may vary and having the correct measurement will ensure that the bottom fitted sheet stays on the bed.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to the team at pushplinen. Well be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

    Brandon is a copywriter who specializes in writing resumes and professional bios, marketing materials, and blog posts. He has a degree in Marketing and has had the opportunity to produce written content for various blogs, websites, and online publications for the past 10 years.

    Diy Bed Skirt Tutorial Or How To Make A Custom Bed Skirt Without A Pattern

    Building Round Galvanized Raised Beds for Under $50
    • I was making it up as I went along
    • I know only enough about sewing to be dangerous
    • If this doesn’t work for you, I’m very sorry – but it worked for me
    • I know I am not very good at explaining things, I’m sorry – hopefully the pictures will help you make sense of it all
    • I will give all measurements in centimetres but the point of this tutorial is that you will be measuring your own bed for an exact fit, so feel free to use inches if you prefer.

    This is measurement A.measurement Bmeasurement CStrip 1 will be Measurement A wide x Measurement B long.Strip 2 will be identical – Strip 3 will be Measurement A wide x Measurement C long.measurement E

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    How To Make A Round Mattress 7 Easy Steps

    It is indeed unusual to have a round mattress, but are you wondering how to make a round mattress?

    A round mattress is strange, but having unique pieces in your home can be charming and entertaining, right?

    Paring and styling the round bed with your preferences makes a more aesthetic and relaxed vibe look to your bedroom.

    It is much cheaper to make it yourself than to buy it in a furniture store because the mattress is so costly and the shipping fee is so high.

    All you need to do is grab the tools and materials and get started.

    With durable and high-density foam pads, you can create a luxurious Vegas-inspired round bed.

    Comfortable memory and egg crate foam pads are handy.

    Also, you can make a round mattress and make it as a small business, isnt it incredible?

    So, without a hustle, lets begin!

    • Fabric scissors
    • Two memory foam pads, full size
    • Two full-size durable foam pads
    • Carving knife or any knife with a sharp edge
    • Two egg crate foam pads, full size
    • Round sheets with desired color and design

    For safety, you can use protective equipment like working gloves, face masks, and safety goggles when working we do not want anything wrong to happen.

    So, be careful.


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