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When To Change Your Mattress

Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

When to Replace Your Matresss – GoodBed.com

You might be ready to replace your mattress if you notice or experience the following issues:

  • There are deep body impressions on the surface that make the bed feel less supportive. Keep in mind impressions may be covered under warranty if they reach a certain depth .
  • You notice new aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and other sensitive areas of the body. These can arise from insufficient mattress support.
  • You have started to sleep hot, whereas temperature regulation wasn’t an issue before. As comfort layer materials soften with age, you may find yourself sinking more deeply into the mattress. This can restrict airflow across the surface and cause you to feel uncomfortably warm.
  • When getting in and out of bed, you notice significant sinkage along the edges. The perimeter of your mattress is especially vulnerable to wear and tear.
  • The coils have become louder in your innerspring or hybrid mattress. You’ll probably hear more squeaks and creaks from the springs as the bed nears the end of its lifespan.
  • You and your partner feel less comfortable during sex. Loss of support and surface-level body impressions can make certain movements more awkward for couples.
  • Your mattress is seven years old. Even if you don’t notice any sagging or other structural issues, you should consider replacing your mattress after reaching the eight-year benchmark. Some latex and airbed models may last longer.

Match It With The Proper Base

Support your mattress by pairing it with the proper foundation, base or box spring. Do a bit of research to find out what works best with your mattress, and definitely consider the foundations made by the same brand. Sometimes these are the best possible options because they’re made to go together, even though they may cost a bit more.

Warning Signs That You Need A New Mattress

  • Sagging. If your mattress is sagging, you notice dents or lopsidedness then its definitely time for a new one, as the lack of spinal support can lead to a host of orthopedic conditions.
  • Allergic reactions. Along with spinal pain, an old mattress can also trigger or intensify allergic reactions. Over time, your mattress can accumulate dust, mildew and other allergens and negatively affect overall health.
  • Joint pain. Waking up with sore muscles, a stiff back and/or joint pain or weakness is another sign that the innerspring or foam cells are starting to break down and not providing the proper spinal support.
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    Your Favorite Show Just Had A Reunion Special

    This is probably a good sign its time to think about changing your mattress. Some mattresses have a lifespan of around 10 years. So, if youre watching the reunion special of your favorite show on the same mattress that you had when the show started, well, its probably a good idea to think about getting a new mattress.

    Muscle Stiffness In The Morning

    How to Make Your Bedroom Smell Good Naturally

    If youre waking up with a stiff back, shoulders or neck, its a good indication that your mattress simply isnt giving you the support you need to keep your spine in a neutral position. If you can eliminate all other reasons for your aches and pains. Or if they keep happening, its time to look at changing your mattress.

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    I Wake Up Stiff And Uncomfortable

    Similarly, if you’re waking up feeling like youve just had a workout rather than a restorative slumber, this could be the result of using a tired mattress. That’s particularly the case if you wake up stiff or sore, and then the discomfort alleviates after some stretching and into the morning.

    When seeking out a new mattress, be aware that firm models aren’t always the solution to uncomfortable limbs or back pain – sometimes a medium-firm can be a better option. Sleep testing different mattresses is highly recommended to find the best for your specific requirements, and many companies now offer this service. We’d recommend reading our Saatva Classic Mattress review for a model that’s highly rated for back pain support.

    An Analog Mattress In A Digital World

    If you were watching movies on VHS when you purchased your last mattress, then its probably time for a new one. Mattress technology continues to evolve over the years, and probably the coolest innovation Ive seen in a long time is phase change material. Called PCM for short, its really just a fancy way of saying that some of my mattresses have a cool-to-the-touch cover. You can literally feel the difference when you touch the top of a mattress that has a cover with PCM.

    Stop by your nearest store and test out my Bob-O-Pedic Sky mattress, just one of my mattresses with PCM.

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    Is A New Mattress Worth The Investment

    Generally speaking, yes, a new mattress is worth the cost because quality sleep can directly contribute to your overall well being. You should consider buying a mattress a long-term investment and avoid low-quality beds.

    There are many high-quality online mattresses priced near $1,000 USD. If the mattress lasts 5 years it will cost a single person approximately $0.55 per day. In comparison, a lower-quality mattress may cost you less right now. However, it could ending costing you more in the long-term if you have to replace it immediately and/or your health suffers.

    Buying a high-quality mattress may make a improve your life in these areas:

    • More focus / energy

    Our team covers as many areas of expertise as we do time zones, but none of us started here as a so-called expert on sleep. What we do share is a willingness to ask questions , seek experts, and dig deep into conventional wisdom to see if maybe there might be a better path towards healthy living. We apply what we learn not only to our company culture, but also how we deliver information to our over 12.7M readers.

    Sleep research is changing all the time, and we are 100% dedicated to keeping up with breakthroughs and innovations. You live better if you sleep better. Whatever has brought you here, we wish you luck on your journey towards better rest.

    • Sleep Advisor

    So How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress

    When to replace your mattress?

    The Better Sleep Council recommends changing your mattress every seven years. You’ll find slightly different advice from expert to expert, but most agree on a window between six-ten years, depending on how often the mattress is used and what level of quality it is.

    However, as the specialists at the Better Sleep Council point out, your body changes over time, and your need for comfort and support increases as you age. “Your body may be ready for a new mattress before the seven-year mark,” they say, “so listen to what its telling you.”

    The good news is that if you do need to invest in a new mattress, most of the leading brands run sales throughout the year. We’ve rounded up today’s best mattress deals elsewhere on the site – plus, each company will be launching its own Labor Day mattress sale in the next few weeks.

    So is it time to change your mattress? If any of the issues below sound familiar, then yes, it probably is…

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    How Often Should You Change A Hybrid Mattress

    Hybrid mattresses are made of foam and springs, and can last around eight years depending on the quality of the components and how durable the core is.

    Some high-end brands, such as Saatva in the US and Simba in the UK, use premium materials and guarantee their hybrids for up to 10 years. So you won’t have to change these mattresses as often as cheaper foam models.

    Because hybrids are built with a foundation layer and a softer top, they should never be flipped. If you do this, it could damage your mattress and void the warranty. They can be rotated though, unless there’s specific zoning support inside.

    The Saatva Classic is our top pick of American hybrids. For the latest offers, use our guide to the best Saatva Black Friday mattress sales and early deals.

    It Feels Like A Cheap Island Vacation

    Youve always dreamed of how peaceful it would be to just laze around the beach all day in a hammock, soaking up all the sun, waves, and tequila that your vacation destination had to offer. Hammocks are very comfortable, the banana-like position that they put you in kind of stretches your body out in a way that helps relieve tension. Its a very chill position, but chilling isnt exactly want your body to do through the night. Sleep is meant to be restorative, and any positions that put undue stress on the body are going to interrupt that process. A co-founder of the Texas Back Institute echoes that sentiment in saying that the position can be comfortable but it doesnt support the natural S-shaped curve in our spines.

    Mattress firmness is something that the jury is still out on, but a mattress that is too soft or has lost its firmness with age is universally regarded as a no-go. The idea of sinking into a fluffy bed at the end of the day is a divine one actually sinking into a bed that dips drastically like a hammock would is a sign that its too worn out to be rescued. If you keep sleeping that way, it will wear you out as well and lead to poor sleep quality, new or exacerbated lower back pain, and also that pesky dent that warps the pattern on your comforter when the bed is made so it just doesnt look right. Its all annoying, and once you start sleeping better, youll have the energy to work towards an actual beach vacation instead of a sad saggy mattress.

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    I’m Tired All The Time

    There are many factors that can contribute to feeling tired. However, taking a look at your mattress is a good first step. A good quality mattress should be comfortable, support your body correctly, prevent aches and pains and help you achieve deeper sleep. This all helps you to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day ahead.

    Secret Signs That You Need To Change Your Mattress

    When to Change Your Bed Sheets

    Most people know the importance of sleeping on the right mattress, but how will you know that the one you have isnt doing a good job? Sure, there can be obvious signs such as a stiff neck or back in the morning, or interrupted sleeping throughout the night, but not all symptoms are so apparent.

    Also most of us have to make purchasing decisions every day, but you might think that buying a new mattress wont be a big deal.

    However, when the time comes its often a lot more difficult to part with your old mattress. This might be a separation anxiety or unhealthy attachment, but most people tend to ignore the signs that their mattress is dying until it is too late.

    Then when you have finally made the decision to buy a new one, you may not have enough time to carry out proper research as well as testing. In the end you may end up buying an expensive product which doesnt fulfil your sleeping needs because there are several products out there.

    To make sure that youre not compromising on your sleep and health by sleeping on the wrong mattress, here are four secret signs that might signal the need for a new bed.

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    This Is How Often You Should Change Your Mattress For Healthy Sleep

    ByDavina Frankslast updated 03 November 2021

    The lowdown on when its time to change your mattress, depending on what its made of

    How often should you change your mattress is a common question, and the answer depends on what the mattress is made. Most have an average lifespan of six to eight years, but some of the very best mattresses last longer.

    If yours is looking worse for wear, thats just one sign that it needs upgrading. Have you slept on it for over seven years or youre always waking up feeling achy? Those are bigger signs that you need something more supportive.

    In this guide, we explain how long each type of mattress should last on average. We also look at the telltale signs that its time to change yours. And with all those early Black Friday mattress deals beginning to surface, now is actually a good time to nab a bargain.

    Are You Supposed To Flip Your Mattress

    You can flip your mattress only if it is a double-sided mattress. Double-sided mattresses need to be flipped at least twice a year and rotated every three months, for even wear. Most mattresses are usually one-sided. Ask the salespersons or customer service representatives of the mattress manufacturers if the mattress is two-sided.

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    Funny But True Signs Its Time To Change Your Mattress

    Knowing when its time to change your mattress is important to your health for a variety of reasons. Review this list to decide if it is time to replace yours.

    Even the highest quality mattresses get tired, and that is why it is extremely important to plan ahead when it comes to mattress purchases you want to ensure that you get the right one and that you start preparing in advance for its inevitable end. They are a pretty major expense in most households, and sometimes you may not feel like anything is wrong but your bed and body are screaming at you that its time. Replacing your mattress is important for many reasons. The mattress can simply wear out and not be providing you with adequate support anymore, lifestyle and body changes might affect your needs in a mattress, and worst of all is that your mattress becomes home to dead skin, dust, bodily fluid, and more. Cleaning your mattress only takes you so far though, because some reports say that a mattress can double in weight over the course of a decade because of all the matter that it accumulates.

    When To Replace Your Mattress

    How to choose the RIGHT mattress for you? When to replace your mattress?

    Regardless of how long you’ve had your mattress, there are some signs that can help you decide when it needs replacing. These include:

    • You’ve started to regularly have trouble sleeping for no other identifiable reason
    • Your mattress has begun to show visible sagging or damage, especially in the middle or corners
    • It has become asymmetrical in its shape, with possible lumps and bumps throughout
    • When you wake up, you feel pain, soreness or stiffness in the joints or muscles
    • Imprints of your body linger indefinitely in the memory foam
    • You experience an increase in the number of days you suffer from allergies or asthma
    • Your mattress feels either harder or softer than when it was purchased
    • You start to realize you sleep better at other people’s homes or in hotels
    • You can’t fall asleep on your mattress anymore, or it takes much longer than usual
    • The mattress is starting to get noisier
    • It has noticeably frayed edges
    • You start to feel your partner moving more and more as your bed loses its ability to reduce motion transfer

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    You Wake Stiff And Sore

    Poor sleep can contribute to chronic back pain. If you wake up stiff and sore every day, your mattress could be part of the problem. If your back pain is worse when you wake but subsides when you stretch and move around, thats a sign that the mattress is causing or contributing to your pain.

    A firm mattress may not be the answer. A study from the Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca found that medium-firm mattresses provided better comfort for chronic low-back pain. Experts recommend sleep testing different types of mattresses before buying if you suffer pain while sleeping or when waking.

    Mattress Myth 5 A Mattress Should Be Flipped Every Few Months To Keep It In Good Condition

    Most mattresses today are made one-sided, which means they should never be flipped. So, how can you ensure maximum enjoyment of your mattress and reduce body impressions?

    • Sleep in a variety of positions and places on the mattress so the entire surface compresses evenly.
    • Rotate your mattress monthly for the first 6 months and quarterly after that.

    Please note: when you first start sleeping on your new mattress, rotate every two weeks for the first two months. And remember that body impression is normal up to 1 ½ inch and not a structural defect. The upholstery materials are conforming to the weight and shape of your body, which is a good thing.

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    Mattress Myth 4 Your New Mattress Should Be A Perfect Fit From The First Time You Sleep On It

    Most people need at least a month to adjust their bodies to a new sleep surface. Considering how long we spend in bed in a 24 hour period, its no wonder that our muscles and joints have a memory of how to find the most comfortable spot on the mattress. Does that mean you should only buy from a mattress retailer that offers a comfort guarantee? Not necessarily. If youve done your research, shopped around and spent time testing out a variety of mattresses, your mattress purchase should be a natural progression of those activities.

    Use A Mattress Protector

    how often are you supposed to change your mattress

    Keep spills, dust and dirt from damaging your mattress by covering it with a great mattress protector. Many of these will extend the life of your mattress while making it cushion-y soft and cozy at the same time. Look for fun features like cooling properties in your mattress protector if you’d benefit from them.

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