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Where To Throw Away Old Mattress

Can You Donate A Mattress

How to Dispose of a Mattress – Get Rid of your Old Mattress!

Absolutely! As long as your mattress is in good condition, it can be donated. This means your mattress should be free from stains, rips, or tears, and not be broken in any way. Each local charitable organization that accepts mattress donations will have slightly different standards for what they take, so its best to check with them before you drop it off.

How To Find A Mattress Disposal Nearby

Below are the steps to find mattress disposal nearby.

  • Check your warranty.
  • Calculate the weight of your mattress. Some companies offer prices per product, but some consider the weight of the item.
  • Search for local or national mattress disposal companies. You can find one easily through a quick google search.
  • You can try typing Mattress Disposal Company 10006 .

  • Shortlist the companies and conduct a cost comparison.
  • Common national mattress disposal companies are Load Up and 1-800-Got-Junk.
  • Rent A Roll Off Dumpster

    If youâre getting rid of an old mattress as part of a home cleanout, renting a dumpster is a great option for disposing of all your junk at once. With a dumpster rental on your property, you can easily carry your mattress, box spring and other materials into the container and have it all hauled away when youâre done cleaning up. Budget Dumpsterâs services are a cost-effective junk removal option, and you can keep your dumpster on-site for a weekend or longer and work at your own pace.

    – No need to be home for delivery or pickup. – Not ideal for disposing of only one mattress.
    – Offers a guaranteed, scheduled disposal of your mattresses and box springs. – In some cities, mattresses and box springs are not allowed in dumpsters or will incur an additional disposal fee. Call our team to learn more about accepted materials in your area.
    – A low, upfront rate is provided ahead of time.
    – Allows you to throw away mattresses and other household junk at one time.

    Ready to Rent a Dumpster?

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    The Complete Mattress Disposal Guide

    Wondering how to get rid of that old mattress? Despite being bulky and heavy, there are several convenient ways to dispose of mattresses, including renting a dumpster, donating and recycling it.

    A gently-used mattress can be donated, but if yours is old and worn out, youâll need to throw it away. Weâve compiled the best mattress and box spring disposal options so you can find the most efficient method for your needs.

    How To Dispose Of A Mattress: Complete Mattress Disposal Guide

    7 Things to Do With an Old Mattress Before Throwing it Out ...

    Getting a new mattress can relieve you of many health problems. Shopping for a new mattress is tough, but its more challenging to dispose of an old mattress. There are laws and so many other things you need to consider before disposing of a mattress.

    But first, do you need to get rid of your mattress? Ideally, you should change your mattress every ten years. But that depends on several factors, which we will discuss later in this blog.

    If you are bugged by questions like how to dispose of a mattress, how to get rid of a mattress, what to do with an old mattress, then take a seat and relax as we answer all your questions in this blog.

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    Options For Mattress & Box Spring Recycling

    Donate to a Charity. Use MassDEP’s Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory to find organizations near you that accept mattresses.

    Find Out if Your City or Town Has a Program. The map below indicates which communities are enrolled in the MassDEP Mattress Recycling Incentive grant program, which subsidizes mattress recycling. An alphabetical listing of communities is also available.

    See SMRP Municipal Grants and Additional Resources below to learn more.

    Please Note: If your town or city is not part of the MRI program, please contact your local health or public works department to learn about your community’s mattress disposal requirements and/or available recycling options.

    Use a Recycler on State Contract. Municipalities and certain public entities may use the FAC90 Statewide Carpet & Mattress Recycling Services Contract to select a vendor to either accept mattresses on a per-unit basis or provide collection container rental and hauling.The following mattress recyclers are currently on state contract:

    How Casper Can Help

    One of the best things about Casper mattresses is that our limited warranty covers the full 10 years. So, youre guaranteed to have restful sleep for a full decade. We believe that improving the way the world sleeps also means improving our impact on the environment. Thats why we created a bedding recycling program called Resnooze & Recycle. If youre looking to get rid of your old bedding, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

  • Bring in your old bedding to a participating Casper sleep shop.
  • Well give the sheets a second life.
  • Well offer you a discount on new Casper bedding.
  • Its a win, win. If youre looking to buy a new mattress, Casper mattresses are specifically designed to last long-term, with comfort in mind.

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    Recycling Mattresses With Bedbugs

    Mattresses with bedbugs can be recycled at the transfer station and landfilldepending on the level of contaminationfor the mattress recycling fee.

    Prepare a mattress with bedbugs for safe transport, handling, and recycling.

  • Wrap it in a plastic mattress bag or plastic sheeting .
  • Seal it.
  • Label it contains bedbugs.
  • Learn about controlling bedbugs External website, opens in new tab in a Vancouver Coastal Health guide.

    El Cajon Transfer Station

    How to throw away old mattress Part 1.

    Address: 915 OConner St., El Cajon, CA 92020

    This is another location that partners with the Mattress Recycling Council, located just northeast of San Diego. Drop-off is free and available for city residents only, no businesses.

    Mattresses are accepted at the scalehouse from 8:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:00am-11:00am Saturday. For more information, call 619-596-5100.

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    Take The Mattress Apart Yourself And Recycle

    If you aren’t able to find a recycling or donation site for your old mattress, there’s always a chance you can take it apart and recycle the components yourself. For example, you could take out the metal springs or coils in the mattress and take them in for scrap recycling , or you could take the foam in to be shredded in order to make new memory foam or other products. The wooden frame as well as any natural or synthetic fabrics used may also be recyclable.

    Before you start hacking up your mattress, it’s probably a good idea to consult a DIY site to get full details on how to disassemble your mattress. It’s no easy task, and the pros can show you how to streamline the process.

    Creative repurposing can turn old mattresses into new furniture, holiday decorations or even works of art.

    Mattress Disposal Service By Naturenite

    Naturenite provides old mattress disposal service for all Naturenite customers. We will pick your old mattress up on the day your brand new Naturenite mattress is delivered to your home. This service are only available for all Naturenite mattress purchased customer. For the time being, our old mattress disposal service is only available within KL/Klang Valley. An additional small fee of RM150 per location will be charge for this service. All this fee will go to the driver for the disposal service.

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    Mattress Is No Longer Usable

    It may no longer be in usable condition if it is:

    • Older then 7 to 8 years
    • Ripped, torn or has exposed coils
    • Heavily stained or discolored
    • Smells of urine, smoke or mildew

    Or if youre getting rid of it because:

    • You can no longer sleep on it without experiencing aches and pains
    • There are noticeable lumps and indentations when lying on it
    • It creaks and squeaks
    • Cost: $10 to $30 recycling fee
    • Method: They pick up or you drop off
    MattCanada $10

    If your mattress is not in reusable condition, the most environmentally friendly disposal method is to recycle it which reduces waste, energy usage and the use of natural resources.

    Around 75% to99% of a mattresses can be broken down and recycled into its raw materials. However, recycling laws, regulations, and standards vary significantly by province and municipality and the wide variety of materials in a mattress

    A mattress recycling center will dismantle mattresses and box springs piece by piece and sort them by material:

    • Foam: Shredded and used as carpet padding, pet bedding, car headrests or insulation
    • Upholstery: Incinerated to produce electricity
    • Wood: Shredded and used as mulch or an alternative fuel source
    • Metal springs: Melted down and reused

    Where To Buy Mattress Disposal Bags

    What happens to your mattress after you throw it away ...

    Some of these junk removal services may require that you bag up your used mattress for sanitation purposes. Mattress disposal bags may also be required if your local waste management accepts mattresses. You will want to check to be sure to avoid a fee if you are utilizing the bulk pick up through your normal trash services. Mattress disposal bags are available at your local home improvement stores or wherever moving supplies are sold.

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    Learn The Best Mattress Disposal Options

    Moving into a new place often comes with upgrades: new home, new appliances, new furniture. If your move includes a new mattress, youre faced with a unique challenge: How do you get rid of your old mattress? While you might have seen old mattresses casually tossed in a dumpster or lying on the side of a road, there are better options for disposing mattresses without adding to landfills. Since close to 20 million mattresses end up in landfills each year, and just one mattress can take up to 40 cubic feet in a landfill, its important to find a responsible mattress disposal option.

    The first thing to consider when disposing your mattress is its condition. If your mattress is relatively new and still in good shape, you might be able to sell or donate it so that it doesnt go to waste. If youve gotten all the use out of your mattress that it has to offer, youre probably better off recycling it. Up to 90 percent of your mattress can be broken down and recycled, so recycling is definitely a better option for the environment than tossing your mattress in the dumpster.

    If you’re looking to buy a new mattress, be sure to read our mattress buyers guide, or explore options from our authorized partners.

    Shop Now

    Addremove What Other Options Are There For Mattress Recycling In Orange County

    Residential and commercial customers may find additional recycling options through the Bye Bye Mattress locator search tool here. Keep in mind that some events and recycling options may be impacted by COVID-19 and may have limited services. It is recommended you contact the location prior to bringing a mattress for recycling.

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    Option : Throw It Away

    If youve exhausted all your options and are unable to recycle, donate, resell, or repurpose your old mattress, the last option is to throw it out. However, that doesnt mean leaving it next to your dumpster. Many cities and states have specific rules and regulations in place around throwing away mattresses. Several cities dont allow you to leave a mattress in the trash doing so can result in a ticket or fine. Some areas will allow you to throw out a mattress in the Dumpster however, there may be specific rules around it. For example, some cities may require you to wrap the mattress in a plastic mattress bag. Its always best to check the regulations of your area before throwing out your mattress. If you live in an area that doesnt allow you to throw out your mattress with your regular trash, there are a couple of other options available.

    Throwing out your mattress should be your last option. However, if you have to do it, make sure to do it responsibly.

    Return The Mattress To The Manufacturer

    How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

    If youre purchasing a new mattress to replace the one you want to get rid of, ask the retailer if you can take your old one and return it to the manufacturer. With an estimated 50,000 mattresses being disposed of each day in the United States, many manufacturers are taking on the task of mattress recycling themselves.

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    Option : Fix Up Your Mattress

    Are you wanting a new mattress, but maybe its not quite in the budget yet? Its understandable that you are so ready to get rid of the old mattress you cant stand, but have you gone through all the possibilities for fixing it up? You just may be able to fix your mattress enough to get a few more good years out of it.

    Gel Mattress Pads: Add a gel mattress topper or pad for a cool to the touch improvement. Simply unroll to fit your mattress exactly, while still allowing your mattress pad and sheets to fit nicely over everything and the bed is much more comfortable and can even help reduce heat and sweating during your nights sleep.

    Mattress Covers & Protectors: Adding a mattress cover and protector to your mattress could not only aid in fixing a sagging mattress by compressing it together but would also help keep your mattress clean as well as hiding any nasty stains. A mattress cover will also contribute to a more comfortable nights sleep.

    Under Mattress Helpers: These types of items are not very common at many stores, so you may not know about this product, but you can purchase props that you place underneath the exact areas of your mattress that is sagging. These are not 100% helpful but do offer some extra support when other options dont do the trick.

    How Do I Know If Im Ready For A New Mattress

    First things first: how do you know its time to get a new mattress?

    The general consensus is that mattresses should be replaced, on average, every 8 years.

    However, some types of mattresses tend to last longer than others. For instance, hybrid innerspring-foam mattresses tend to need replacing sooner, at around 6 years, while plain innerspring mattresses can last up to 10 years . Meanwhile, memory foam and latex mattresses can last up to 15 years with the right care.

    These figures are only the average lifespans of each type of mattress: some individual mattresses can last for less time than their mattress-type average, while some can last longer. The lifespan of a mattress can vary significantly, depending on factors like the design of the mattress, the materials its made of, how well you take care of it, and what sort of atmosphere it is exposed to in your bedroom.

    The best and most accurate way to tell if your mattress needs to be replaced is how it feels, and what sort of rest you get when you sleep on it. Are you still getting the support and comfort from the mattress that you got from it in the past?

    Signs Your Mattress Needs to Be Replaced
    Wear and Tear
    Sounds make wake you when you or your partner move around

    Once youve decided its time for a new mattress, have shopped around and picked out your new model, and are all set to bring it home, theres one final hurdle to face: what do you do with your old mattress?

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    Addremove Is There A Limit To The Number Of Mattresses That Can Be Brought To The Landfill For Recycling

    Residents are not limited to the number of recyclable mattresses they can bring to the Olinda Alpha and Prima Deschecha landfills. For details on acceptable or non-acceptable items, click here.

    Commercial customers can drop off unlimited mattresses to any of our three active landfills for free as long as the load contains mattresses only. Mixed loads, containing waste and mattresses, will be charged standard waste fees. For details on acceptable or non-acceptable items, click here.

    Local Recycling Centers That Accept Mattresses

    Where To Throw Away Mattresses Near Me

    There is an excellent chance that a recycling center in your area accepts mattresses. As a matter of fact, you may even be able to find a facility that will pick up your old mattress for you. Get in touch with a few different facilities. Ask them about mattress recycling and see what they say. There are many facilities that will take mattresses. However, you shouldnt just assume that your mattress will be accepted. Its always a good idea to confirm things first to avoid an unnecessary trip. Call your local recycle center to see if they will take your old bed and mattress or know of another facility in the area that will. Many people are surprised to learn you can recycle used mattress, but many times this is a viable option that should be explored.

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    Disposing Of A Mattress In Other States

    The Bye Bye Mattress program is run by the Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization formed by the mattress industry to operate recycling programs in those states that have enacted mattress recycling laws. The program is currently running in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island and funded by a recycling fee collected when consumers buy a mattress or box spring.

    If you are living in a state without a mattress recycling law, you still have options for disposing of your used mattress! Check out our directory of whats available in your state here.

    Disposing your mattress doesnt have to be hard! And you can do it while being environmentally conscious.


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