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Where To Buy Full Size Mattress And Box Spring

Comparison To Other Sizes

5 Best box spring mattress

The full size set is 15 inches wider than the smallest size bed, which is the twin size. The twin size is often called a single mattress, and the full size is often called a double mattress. The standard mattress size directly above full is a queen size, which measures 60 inches by 80 inches. Sometimes a size is also offered that falls between full and queen, called the full XL, or full extra-large mattress. It measures 54 inches by 80 inches, giving it the same length as a queen size.

Compact Fit Boundless Comfort

Want to save space without sacrificing legroom? Look no further than a full mattress. To help you find your perfect fit, weve curated a large collection of beds that are fine-tuned to every sleepers unique needs. Whether you prefer memory foam, pillow-top, firm, or ultra-soft, our products will set you up for a good nights rest.

Don’t toss and turn any longer. Come in-store and test out our bedMATCH sleep diagnostic system. This amazing test-bed will provide recommendations for you in just a few short minutes and have you walking away with a mattress scientifically proven to give you a better nights sleep. Cant make it to the store? Take the quiz online and get your recommendation now.

The beauty of a full size mattress is that it can be dressed up with statement-making frames and bedding like larger beds, but it doesnt take over the room. Personalize your sleeping space with our vast collection of bed frames, adjustable bases, headboards, mattress protectors, sheets and bedding, mattress toppers, and pillows.

Shop for your best nights sleep online today or stop in at any of our 250+ conveniently located Mattress Warehouse stores to test out a bed in-person.

Adjust Your Way To Comfort

Whether you’re watching a movie or responding to work e-mails, and adjustable base transforms your mattress so you can work, relax and play. If sinus pressure, back pain or a snoring partner is keeping you awake, simply adjust your bed with the wireless remote control. Based on your preference, you can raise or lower the base for premium lumbar support, or relax even deeper with a massage feature for your head and lower body.

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Mattress Warehouse Features Many Box Spring Only Options

At Mattress Warehouse, youll quickly find out we believe the box spring serves a vital role in delivering a great nights sleep. These mattress foundations will enhance your satisfaction with the bed you own. A box spring will also positively impact the longevity of the mattress you already own or have just purchased.

Complement your mattress with a new box spring from Mattress Warehouse. It is a savvy sleep product that will help shoppers secure the full measure of value from their mattress.

Our mattress foundations construction consists of durable metal, wood, and fabric components. These design options assure your foundation is an appealing companion piece to your mattresss look and feel. They will also add functional support to your mattress and enhance its performance as part of the bed you have in your home.

With a range of styles to choose from, a foundation from Mattress Warehouse can also be selected based on height requirements: standard or low profile. With the height of many mattresses varying considerably from one model to the next, its worth noting that a low-profile can help the owner get in and out of bed more easily if the mattress it is paired with has a taller profile. Popular values include models from Eclipse, Spring Air, and Royal.

A new box spring can play an integral role in helping you get the most from your investment in a new mattress. Let us show you how here at Mattress Warehouse, we can make sure sleep happens for you!

Dont Overlook The Included Box Spring

Madison Gentle Plush Pillowtop King Size Mattress and Box ...

Always take a good look at the mattress and box spring set. Often, manufacturers sell these combinations according to consumer popularity or as a promotional offer. With these packaged deals, its possible to get a box spring for significantly less than retail price. Plus, the set may be under the same warranty terms, making maintenance easy and affordable.

Investing in a high-quality mattress is a smart move. If you make a well-informed decision, your box spring mattress will last many years. Still not sure if a box spring is for you? Explore all your options to find a mattress that suits your sleep style in our full Mattress Buying Guide.

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What Does A Box Spring Do

The term box spring is now more or less interchangeable with the term foundation. Both are designed to perform certain functions:

  • Give support and stability to a mattress
  • Create a firm, flat surface on which the mattress can rest
  • Raise the mattress height and keep it off the floor

However, box spring is somewhat misleading since most newer designs have no actual springs in their construction.

Through the 1800s and the early- to mid-1900s, mattress foundations were constructed by placing metal coils in rows on thin iron straps held in place by and connected to each other with thick wire. This construction design was known as bedsprings rather than box springs. While the design served its purpose of acting as a shock absorber for the mattress, it was flawed.

Because there were so many connecting points among the iron straps, metal springs, and wire, the noise factor was significant. And since the coils were typically far apart, the bedsprings began to sag very quickly. Later, as the coils were placed closer together, housed in wooden frames, and then covered in cloth to provide better functionality, the term bedsprings was replaced with box springs.

Select Materials That Suit Your Lifestyle

Box springs are generally made from wood and contain a steel reinforcement to provide strength. A thick fabric called ticking is applied to the sides, a skid-resistant fabric is added to the top, and the bottom is covered with a fabric dust barrier.

Box springs come with many options, including ones with densely packed coils as well as boxes with hypoallergenic fabrics, organic fabrics, and natural fillers. Mattresses and box springs are ideal places for dust mites and allergens. If you have allergies, select a box spring mattress that comes with an allergen-blocking cover to reduce the likelihood of an allergy attack. Other options include box springs that are designed for specific needs, such as extra support for those with back problems.

If you come across a cheap box spring that looks very similar to a higher-priced one, read the fine print. There could be major differences in spring type, fibers, or other parts of the box spring.

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What Size Is A 3/4 Mattress

Generally, for a three quarter mattress, the dimensions tend to be 48 x 75. However, we do on occasion get calls for 48 x 72 mattress replacements or other weird sizes and shapes .

In the end, your antique bed may have a non-traditional 3/4 size. Not to worry! We can make our mattresses in almost any size or shape!

If your size is not on our website, please contact us at 888-488-1468 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Where Can I Find A 3/4 Mattress Size

Top 5 Best Mattress & Box Spring Sets

Did you buy an antique 3/4 size bed at an auction or an estate sale? Maybe one was handed down to you as a family heirloom. Antique beds can be beautiful pieces of decor for a spare bedroom.

The only problem?

To state the obvious, the mattresses are so old that they are extremely uncomfortable to sleep on, and you wont find a 3/4 mattress size at your local mattress store!

If youre like most people who own a 3/4 size bed, youve spent countless hours trying to track down a replacement three quarter size mattress with little or no luck. Dont worry, youre not alone. Unfortunately, most mattress stores and sleep shops dont stock or offer this odd antique mattress size. The few that do, want to charge you ridiculous sums of money to do a custom order with long lead times and no return policy.

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Plan For Your Desired Bed Height

A benefit of a box spring is the added height to your bed. However, this means you need to take into account the total height of both the box spring and mattress. The two most common box spring heights are a standard 9-inch box spring and a low profile 5-inch box spring. With the popularity of memory foam toppers and high-profile deluxe mattresses, the addition of an average 9-inch box spring can make a rather tall bed.

If your mattress is already at the desired height, look for a low-profile box spring. Although the low-profile box spring is much smaller in size, it still provides the same support and durability as a 9-inch box spring. The height of your box spring wont affect your mattresss performance in any way. Its merely a matter of preference and aesthetic value.

How Do I Pick A Good Full

See our Mattress Buying Guide for more info on how to pick the best full size mattress for your needs. We also have a great selection of King, California King, Queen, Twin XL and Twin mattress sets. After you’ve selected the best mattress, it’ll be time to check out comforters. So remember when buying furnishings for your home at Sam’s Club, remember that you always get members-only pricing and special delivery options.

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Full Size Comfort Considerations

Because of its dimensions, a full size mattress is only suitably comfortable for sleepers up to a certain height and is not usually suitable for men in particular. Because it is 75 inches long, a full size mattress is recommended for a shorter adult, with a height of 5 feet 5 inches and under, or a child. The 54-inch width is basically only enough room for one person to be comfortable. If two people sleep in the bed, it divides the space into only 27 inches for each person.

Where Can I Buy A Box Spring

Buy Luxury Hotel Bedding from Marriott Hotels

You can purchase box springs in a variety of stores, from mattress showrooms to big box discount stores, but the best source may be wherever you bought your mattress. If you purchased your mattress from a brick-and-mortar store, the staff there can guide you in selecting a box spring that works well with your existing mattress or a brand new one.

If you purchased your mattress online, be sure to research what types of box springs will work with the model you selected. Many brands manufacturer and offer their own foundations made specifically for each mattress model they sell. If not, they will provide details and information about what sorts of foundations will work with each mattress model.

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Dimensions Of A Full Size Mattress & Boxspring

People often shop for a mattress based on its comfort level or based on the offerings of specific manufacturers. But the mattress size is also a factor you should consider, especially if you are part of a couple who will share the mattress. A matching box spring is important to your comfort on the mattress and contributes to the life span of the mattress.

Full Size Mattress Features

The perfect not-too-big, not-too-small bed, a full size mattress clocks in at 54 x 74, making it an ideal choice for single sleepers of all ages. While this size can also accommodate couples, keep in mind that its a cozier fit than the more spacious queen-sized mattress. On the plus side, the compact nature of this bed makes it easier to fit into any bedroomand easier on your wallet. Whether youre looking to upgrade from a twin bed or simply wanting a versatile space-saver, this is the size for you.

At Mattress Warehouse, you can shop for a full mattress from top-of-the-line brands such as: Bedgear, Cheswick Manor, Kingsdown, Mattress 2.0, Royal, Sealy, Serta, SomosBeds, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic.

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Why Do You Need A Box Spring

Although most modern mattresses don’t need a box spring to be comfortable some mattress warranties still require a box spring. In some cases adding a box spring to your mattress enhances the comfort and support you get from your bed. The information below should answer the question, ‘Do I Need a Boxspring?’

A box spring is necessary if:

  • Your mattress warranty requires one, helps to prevent your mattress from breaking down

  • You’re using a bed frame

  • Your mattress is a traditional double-sided innerspring

  • You need or want the extra height, to make it easier to get into and out of bed

  • You want the added bounce and support a box spring offers

Sometimes a different type of foundation works better, depending on the type of mattress and your personal preferences. Learn more about that in our Foundation Guide.

What Is The Purpose Of A Box Spring

Box Spring Vs. Motion Mattress Foundations

So, what does a box spring do? While the mattress provides support to the human body, the box spring ensures that the mattress itself is properly supported. It provides a stable surface for your mattress to rest on and absorbs shock, reducing wear on the mattress. This helps ensure your mattress maintains a long comfort life.

Box springs also raise the height of a mattress to make it easier to get in and out of bed. In a complete bed set, box springs are typically placed on top of a wooden or metal bed frame that’s connected to the headboard and footboard. It’s also common to see mattresses and box springs used together without a complete bed. Many sleepers who don’t feel the need to have a decorative looking bed will place their box spring directly on the floor, or on casters that stand on the floor. Depending on what you need, there are different types of box springs.

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All About Box Springs

When considering the purchase of a mattress these days, consumers are faced with many choices. The decision is made more complex by the mystery surrounding box springs. To buy a box spring, or not to buy a box spring that is the question. The answer is far from clear in most instances.

Given the advancements in mattress technology in recent years, new mattresses do not necessarily need a box spring for comfort. In many cases, however, one is required by the manufacturer warranty covering the mattress. And if you are still using an older, two-sided mattress or choose that design when making your next mattress purchase, the performance of the mattress will suffer without a box spring to provide optimal support and comfort.

To simplify the decision-making process, we have developed this handy box spring guide to help you determine if and when you need one based on your mattress and its warranty, your bed frame, and your bed foundation. We also provide multiple alternatives to a box spring that will serve the same purposes.

Choose Between A Split Box Spring Or Standard Box Spring

While a standard box spring comes as one whole piece, a split box spring comes in two sections to make up the size of your mattress. Unlike a mattress, a box spring cant be squished into submission to fit through narrow halls and doorways. If you have a queen size bed or larger, and narrow halls in your home, you may need to purchase a split queen box spring. A split box spring does cost slightly more than a one-piece model however, the ease of moving them makes up for the extra expense. A split box spring will require support in the center of the bed frame, so ensure your bed frame will accommodate this type of box spring.

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Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform Bed

Most mattresses require something between the mattress and the floor. While many beds actually function just fine when placed directly on the floor, this restricts airflow and can lead to unsanitary conditions. So, most people will want to use some sort of foundation whether thats a box spring, a foundation, or a platform bed depends on the type of mattress you choose, as well as personal preference.

A box spring is a simple support consisting of a wooden/metal frame, filled with metal coils/springs or a metal grid, and wrapped in fabric. They are primarily used for innerspring mattresses. Typically box springs are designed to sit on top of a bed frame.

A foundation is another type of support system that usually consists of wooden slats or flat solid frames. They function similarly to box springs, but they dont actually contain metal springs. Foundations offer a very firm surface for mattresses to rest on, making them a good choice for foam beds. Most foundations are designed to be used with a bed frame, although some companies offer free-standing versions.

A platform bed combines both a foundation for your bed as well as a frame to keep it off the ground. Most have wooden legs to elevate the frame, while some include storage drawers reaching down to the ground level. Platform beds offer an all-in-one solution, but they can be pricier than other options.

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There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep, but you need the right mattress for a great night’s sleep! Big Lots carries mattresses that are designed for the ultimate comfort and support to keep you sleeping soundly. Our mattresses are brand new, trusted brands you know and love, plus we now have mattress reviews to help you shop! So, stop tossing and turning, and let Big Lots help you find the mattress that’s right for you at prices that won’t keep you awake at night!

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