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How To Remove Urine Smell From Foam Mattress

How Do I Remove Existing Urine Stains

Urine Stained Mattress? How to Clean it!

Existing urine stains may require more substantial cleaning solutions. In most cases, a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap should suffice.

In a spray bottle, combine:

  • 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 to 4 drops of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent

Using the spray bottle, generously apply the solution to the stained areas of the mattress. Allow the solution to soak in, and wait several hours for it to dry. You will start to see a solid layer of baking soda forming on the mattress surface. Once dry, vacuum off the baking soda, and repeat as necessary. If moisture remains, you can spread a layer of baking soda out on the bed to help absorb it.

While hydrogen peroxide can help loosen set-in stains, it can also bleach certain materials, and it may damage or discolor delicate materials like memory foam. To avoid bleaching your bedding, remove any colored materials before using this cleaning solution. If you have a memory foam mattress, you may wish to avoid using a peroxide-based cleaning solution, and instead opt for a commercial enzyme cleaner.

How To Get Smell Out Of A Mattress

No one wants to sleep on a stinky mattress. So, we have a couple of tips on how to remove smell from mattress and freshen up a mattress so you can sleep without worrying about a nasty smell.

Whichever way you choose to disinfect a mattress, you will be able to sleep snuggly and comfortably in your bed once again. Here are three ideas on how to get smell out of a mattress.

Advantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

Listed below are a few notable reasons why many choose a memory foam mattress over other variants.

  • Durability

As far as mattress lifespans go, memory foam is among the longest-lasting in the market.

Well-maintained, premium memory foam mattresses could last decades.

In comparison, spring mattresses are usually fully functional for about five or six years.

Memory foam mattresses may last up to three times more than that.

One of the reasons for their longevity is that they dont have any springs that eventually wear out.

  • Comfort and Support

Due to its ability to fill gaps throughout the body, memory foam mattresses offer comfort and support, regardless of your sleeping position.

It provides waist support for side sleepers while reducing pressure on the shoulders and hips as well.

For stomach sleepers, it will preserve the natural curve of your spine and prevent pressure on your back.

To provide ideal spinal alignment and tailored support, memory foam conforms to the shape of your body.

As a result, it will feel as if it was custom-made because of the personalized comfort it offers.

  • Motion Transfer-Resistant

If you are frequently awakened by your partner constantly tossing and turning during sleep, opting for a memory foam mattress is ideal.

The material absorbs pressure and movement, effectively minimizing the disturbances you or your partner makes.

  • Hypoallergenic

Therefore, memory foam mattresses help reduce allergy flare-ups or other allergy-related symptoms.

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Soak The Excess Urine

The urine smell on the mattress should be easier to remove if you ensure no more pee on the bed. If the urine is still fresh, soak up as much liquid as possible because the odor will be harder to eradicate if it sets deeper into the mattress. Then, use several paper towels to blot and absorb the pee.

Do not rub or scrub the urine because you might spread it on the other areas of the mattress. Avoid pressing hard when dabbing the liquid, as you might push it deeper into the mattress fibers. Next, sprinkle baking soda in the affected area to soak up the residual moisture further.

How To Get Odor Out Of A Mattress

How To Clean Pee From Mattress

A few things are sitting in your kitchen cupboard that can help you solve your mattress cleaning problem. This particular method is ideal for getting rid of mattress smells. It can also be helpful when you need to know how to get smell out of carpet.

Vinegar and baking soda are a great remover of smells such as cigarette smoke, sweat, and urine. This cleaning technique will deodorize your smelly mattress and remove those unpleasant odors. It can also be used to remove smell from shoes.

  • Spray bottle

Mix equal parts vinegar and water in the spray bottle to make a disinfectant spray for mattresses. Spray the surface of the mattress thoroughly, making sure to spray the top and sides.

The mattress should feel damp to the touch, but not soaked. Too much liquid can lead to mold and mildew forming within the mattress that is almost impossible to remove. Allow the mattress to air dry.

Flip the mattress over and spray the solution onto the bottom. Once dried, sprinkle baking soda onto all areas of the mattress. Allow it to sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb leftover smell out of a stinky mattress. Finish by vacuuming up any of the powder.

You can also set the mattress in the sun to help it dry faster. UV rays are natures way of getting rid of bad odors. Once dried, you can bring the clean bed in the house.

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Why Did My Dog Pee On My Bed

Peeing in beds can happen with any dog and the root of the behavior is more notable than the dog’s breed. Your dog could be leaving his scent in your sheets for several reasons. He might have a medical condition, be anxious, excited, or nervous, not be properly house trained, marking, or just like your scent.

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Recommended Cleaning Kit To Clean Pet Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress

For your convenience, we created below custom cleaning kit including all the recommended products required to clean pet urine from a memory foam mattress.

  • Cough and cold due to bad odor
  • Presence of insect bites due to urine smell and stains

Keeping the bedding and mattress clean is essential. The fungi and moisture make it almost impossible to wake up with a foul smell. Moreover, if left untreated for a long time your mattress may tear apart during washing.

Cleaning the mattress topper along with the mattress at least once a year regardless of whether the mattress has urine stains or not is an ideal thing to do.

A clean mattress topper is free from dust, bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and other types of allergens that are not too friendly with humans as well as pets.

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How To Clean Fresh Urine From A Mattress

Getting pee out of mattress is not as difficult as it seems. Its always best to tackle the stain as soon as it occurs but a dried stain can be cleaned too. For a fresh stain follow these steps.

What you need to get pee out of mattress:

  • Vinegar

How to get fresh pee out of mattress:

  • Remove bed sheets and bedding and wash as soon as possible
  • Using a 50/50 mixture, put vinegar and water into the spray bottle
  • Using one of your dry, clean towels, blot the excess urine without scrubbing as this will push the urine further into the mattress
  • Spray your vinegar/water mix over the stain while blotting out the excess liquid
  • Sprinkle your baking soda over the stain and allow to sit for as long as possible
  • When ready, vacuum the stain to clean the baking soda off the mattress, use this opportunity to vacuum the entire mattress and base, dont forget under the bed too
  • Repeat process if necessary
  • Can Oxiclean Be Used On Mattresses

    How to get PEE Stains (and SMELL) out of a MATTRESS! â¡ Amazing

    You cant just throw your mattress or pillows in the washing machine, but you can remove sweat stains from your mattress using a solution of OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover and a clean white cloth. Continue applying solution to the cloth and the cloth to the mattress or pillow until the stain is no longer visible.

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    How Do You Clean A Mattress With Dog Urine On It

    You will need white vinegar, baking soda, water, a spray bottle, a vacuum, and a few cleaning towels. Using a cleaning towel or paper towels, gently blot the moist areas to soak up as much liquid as possible. Do not rub or scrub the mattress, as this risks pushing the urine further into the bed.

    Use A Waterproof Mattress Pad

    A surprising number of people whove experienced accidents already had a mattress pad, but it didnt perform to expectations. If youve had a leak, then its time to invest in a new one thats waterproof. And, it goes without saying that if you dont have a mattress pad, this should be your very next purchase. Even if youre not worried about accidents, the right protector will keep your bed feeling new and fresh longer.

    This concept is especially true if you ever need to file a warranty claim with your mattress manufacturer. Not many people know this, but having a stained mattress often voids any warranties.

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    Banish Urine From Your Mattress With Simple Cheap Ingredients

    There are safe, easy and effective ways to remove urine stains and odors with items that you already have around the house or can buy cheaply. Common household ingredients like distilled white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can work just as well and are safer for humans, pets and the environment than commercial products with harmful chemicals.

    Removing Urine Stains And Odor

    How to remove urine stains from your mattress (With images ...

    To remove urine stains or odor from a foam mattress, you’ll need an enzymatic cleaner or distilled white vinegar and baking soda.

    Enzymatic commercial cleaners work well, but they are very expensive.

    Vinegar, on the other hand, is inexpensive and it is a natural deodorizer that absorbs odors by breaking down bacteria. Vinegar does not leave any kind of residue, and the smell goes away when it dries.

    Note that neither is guaranteed to completely remove stains and odors from a foam mattress, and that you should never saturate the area with any liquid, even water.

    It’s important to be cautious when removing stains because you don’t want to risk pushing the urine further inside the foam.

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    Ways To Get Rid Of Slugs In Your House Getting Rid Of

    Baking soda is also adept in absorbing moisture. Baking soda is excellent for odor removal, so if the stain carries a stubborn smell, baking soda may be precisely what you need to neutralize it.

    6 ways to get rid of slugs in your house getting rid of. A spray bottle and a towel distilled vinegar

    Effective diy method for removing urine stains and smell. All of the products that are needed for this cleaning hack are fairly cheap.

    How to clean memory foam mattress in 2020 clean memory. Cover the stain with vinegar.

    How to clean urine from a memory foam mattress overstock. Dampen the area on the mattress with a cloth where you want to get the urine out.

    S To Clean Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    1. Vacuum often

    Regularly vacuuming the mattress topper helps to get rid of the smell and dirt caused by urine. Vacuuming also takes away the micro-organisms released from the urine.

    You need to place the mattress topper on a flat surface and clean all the spots and corners using your vacuum cleaner.

    Use a strong handheld vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to pick all the dust. Handheld vacuum cleaners help to clean the mattress nicely in circular motions.

    For dry and tough urine stains, use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner and let the topper dry for some hours under the fan or sun to use it again.

    2. Use a detergent

    As soon as the vacuum process is completed, spray some detergent to get rid of any odor or smell of urine. Pour a small amount of detergent in lukewarm water and mix it well.

    Shift the liquid in the spray bottle to store the detergent water and spray on the mattress topper gently. Do not wet or soak the mattress topper too much with the liquid.

    Bloat the excess water and moisture, clean with a dry cloth, and let the topper dry naturally. This will soak up all the urine and remove the bad smell from the topper.

    3. Patch cleaning

    Patch or spot cleaning involves cleaning the specific area of the topper that has become affected due to urine. Mix white or clear vinegar in water.

    Dip a dry clean towel or cloth in the solution and rub the stains gently from the topper with the solution. Rub gently in a circular motion.

    4. Odor removal

    5. Topper cover

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    How To Remove The Formaldehyde Smell In A Foam Mattress

    Foam mattresses sometimes have a smell after you remove them from their packaging. Many manufacturers suggest thoroughly airing out the mattress for at least 72 hours before you cover the mattress with your sheets and bed coverings. But if formaldehyde was used on the foam mattress, you might want to take other steps to ensure that you don’t breathe in these potentially carcinogenic fumes.

    How To Get Urine Out Of A Mattress:

    Remove Urine Odors From Your Mattress|Remove Cat Urine From Mattress
  • Create a mattress stain remover by combining 8 oz. hydrogen peroxide, 3 tbsp baking soda, 1 tsp dish soap in a spray bottle – this solution will remove urine stains on its own, just wait until the spots are gone.
  • Once the spots are gone and the mattress is dry, to disinfect, add half water and half vinegar to a spray bottle and lightly dampen the mattress to remove surface germs.
  • Wait for the cleaning solution to dry before use.
  • If there is any kind of odor lingering still, add a layer of baking soda and let sit for 10-15 minutes and vacuum away for a natural way to remove odors.
  • Want professional help cleaning a mattress? Stanley Steemer cleans mattresses, very similar to how we clean upholstery, because mattresses absorb odors, dirt and allergens. We use a hot water extraction process, often referred to as steam cleaning, to lift dirt, spots and allergens up and out of your mattress using an EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution that does not leave a residue.

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    A Clean Mattress Is A Healthy Mattress

    Knowing how to properly remove urine from a mattress is an important part of keeping your mattress in the best condition for peaceful sleep. Not only is an odor-free sleep experience essential to your comfort, but knowing how to remove stains without harming or corroding your mattresss materials will help you extend the lifespan of your bed.

    After youve gotten the pee out of your mattress and allowed it to fully dry, you can make your bed and get ready to catch some Zs. To prevent any future bed-wetting mishaps, consider investing in a waterproof mattress protector that protects against dirt, spills, and stains.

    What Gets Rid Of The Smell Of Urine

    The white vinegar solution method works to both clean urine stains and eliminate lingering smells. Baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer, and white vinegar breaks down many of urines strong-smelling chemical compounds. Though you may be tempted to try something that seems stronger, you should never, ever use harsh substances like bleach or cleaners with toxic chemicals when cleaning your mattress. Not only can this damage the fabric, but lingering toxins can be harmful to your health.

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    The Harsh Reality: Why You Shouldnt Use Chemical Cleaners On A Mattress

    Commercial cleaning products often contain potentially toxic chemicals. Even if the ingredients havent been found to be carcinogenic, many people are allergic to certain substances, have respiratory conditions or sensitive skin that can be irritated by harsh chemicals. Since your mattress is something you spend a lot of time with, be careful about the cleaning solutions you get up close and personal to!

    Dr. Weil mentions some of the toxic substances to watch out for in commercial cleaners. The American Lung Association warns of health risks from volatile organic compounds , and they suggest using safer alternatives such as vinegar and baking soda.

    Should I Clean Up This Urine Right Away

    How to Get Urine Smell Out of a Mattress Step By Step Guide

    Not only is urine on a mattress unpleasant and smelly it might also be a serious health concern. Urine contains bacteria, so if its left in a mattress, mold and fungus can grow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains the many health problems that can occur with indoor mold.

    Excreted urine contains water, urea, uric acid and other inorganic salts and organic compounds. As naturally occurring bacteria eats away at the urines residue, it releases an ammonia smell that can get trapped inside your mattress. This ammonia from old urine can irritate the nose, throat and lungs, and it may cause respiratory problems.

    Ammonia is especially dangerous for those with allergies, asthma or an existing respiratory ailment such as COPD. And what about pet urine? talks about the health risks from dog urine.

    Yes, its important to clean your urine-soaked mattress right away!

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    The Best 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Urine On A Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory foam has changed the mattress industry. The comfy material is loved by countless sleepers for its affordability and luxurious feeling. Unfortunately, memory foam has its weaknesses. Like any other foam, it has absorbent properties and when it comes to pee accidents, the results can be less than desirable.

    The good news is that there are several ways to remove urine from a memory foam mattress. We have found the top 3 methods and here they are:

  • The baking soda and vinegar method.
  • The dishwashing liquid and peroxide method.
  • Using a commercial cleaner.
  • Here are the best memory foam mattresses.


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