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Is A Pillow Top Mattress Better

What Is A Hybrid Mattress

What is the difference between a Pillowtop and a Eurotop mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are a modern variation of innerspring mattresses. Both hybrid beds and innerspring mattresses have a spring coil base. However, hybrid mattresses have pocketed coilsmeaning each steel coil is individually wrapped in fabricwhile innerspring coils are not pocketed. Its unlikely youll find pocketed coils with Euro-top or pillow-top mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses have a thick comfort layer sewn into the mattress, which can be made from memory foam, latex, or poly-foam. They also come in multiple firmness levels, whereas Euro and pillow tops are just soft. Hybrid mattresses are more durable compared to innerspring mattresses, but theyre also much more expensive.

Avocado Green Pillow Top Mattress


  • Made from Latex, Wool, Cotton & Pocketed Coils
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King
  • Free Shipping & Return
  • 0% APR Financing
  • Price of Queen $1399

The Avocado Green mattress is a mattress with a pillow-top that utilizes entirely green materials in its design. Thats not a description of the color as you have no-doubt guessed, but rather the fact that it steers away entirely from synthetic materials. Instead, everything is made from natural rubber, wool, cotton and more.

It also combines that with an incredible 1,414 pocketed support coils. In case you hadnt noticed, thats twice the number found in the already-impressive Serta.

The pillow top comes as an extra cost and is a euro-pillow top that adds two more inches of plush natural latex. Theres an 1 year free trial on the mattress so you can make absolutely sure that you enjoy the experience before you buy. The mattress is hand made and it is very highly regarded in the industry. Not specifically designed with back troubles in mind however. This is one that many consider to be the best pillow top mattress.

What Is The Alternative To A Pillow Top Mattress

We would advise there is no need to use a pillow top when you can buy a separate topper that can be turned and rotated. This also means you can buy a decent handmade two-sided mattress which can also be turned. This method ensures you get all the benefits of a pillowtop with zero of the drawbacks. These separate toppers can be turned and rotated like a regular mattress. As and when they require replacing its only this one part and not the entire mattress that you have to replace.

None of our mattress range use pillow tops as they are a serious design flaw when it comes to making a quality mattress that lasts. Where we do use toppers you can completely remove them turn and rotate them.

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Find The Best Pillow Top Mattress For You

Pillow top mattresses come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. How are you to know which one is best?

Mattress Warehouses diagnostic sleep system bedMATCH takes all the guesswork out of mattress shopping. Using advanced technology, bedMATCH assigns you the best bed to suit your sleeping position, body type, sleep preferences and needs.

Using 18 statistical measurements and thousands of scientific calculations, this quick and effective analysis will inform you of the mattress you never knew you needed. Take the online bedMATCH quiz today or visit us in store to have your testing conducted in-person with the help of our team members.

Memory Foam Vs Pillow Top: Which One Is Better

Better Homes &  Gardens Plush Comfort Independently Encased ...

If you are after a new mattress that is both comfortable and supportive, you have come to the right place. Both memory foam and pillow top beds are plush and have just the right amount of give, so you can experience pressure relief without sinking. The top layer of both pillow top and memory foam mattresses feels quite similar, but the support systems underneath really set these beds apart from each other.

Most memory foam mattresses feature a high-density poly-foam core. It provides longevity, stability, and support. This dense foam is firm and is always the thickest layer in the mattress. By supporting the memory foam layers above, the base foam ensures long-lasting pressure point support and pain relief.

When it comes to pillow top mattresses, the support system we find inside is usually innerspring coils. Occasionally, the core of pillow top beds can feature a transition layer made with latex or even memory foam, but thats rare. Most often, its just a spring support system inside that offers targeted pressure point relief and keeps the spine aligned as you sleep.

Now that weve discussed the key difference between memory foam and pillow top beds, lets have a look at both mattress types in more detail.

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Can Pillow Top Mattresses Be Flipped

Pillow tops are only sewn to the surface of the bed, so flipping your mattress will require you to sleep directly on top of a rigid coil support core, resulting in discomfort. Instead of flipping your mattress and sleeping on the coils of your bed, rotate your mattress 180 degrees once every three months to even out wear and tear.

To rotate a mattress, you simply turn the mattress so the foot of your bed becomes the head of your bed and vice versa. Consistently rotating your mattress will curb sagging by preventing profound body imprints from you and your partners sleeping position.

Drawbacks Of A Pillow Top Mattress

  • Innerspring mattresses are known to be breathable, but a top layer of foam, wool, or fiberfill will decrease airflow, creating a hotter sleeping environment than expected.
  • The pillow top bears the brunt of movement because it rests on top of your mattress. This may cause it to lose shape, sag, or shift too soon.

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What You Need To Know

THE GOOD. Pillow top mattresses have above-average initial comfort. Tops that include memory foam tend to have above average pain-relief potential and conforming ability.

THE BAD. Pillow top mattresses overall are at least two times more likely than non-pillow top mattresses to have problems with durability, off gassing, and heat retention.

WHAT IS A PILLOW TOP MATTRESS. Pillow tops are most often found on innerspring beds and perhaps airbeds. A pillow top mattress is generally defined as a mattress with several inches of additional padding sewn into the top. This padding can consist of regular foam, memory foam, latex, fiberfill, cotton, wool. Some tops have an integrated appearance with the mattress while others appear to be merely lying on top. A non-pillow top mattress, by contrast, often has only minimal to moderate padding.

What Are Pillow Top Mattresses

why buy a pillow-top mattress?

Pillowtop mattresses have started to appear more and more often in bed showrooms offering the allure of super soft sleeping comfort. It is a construction method whereby a layer of sumptuous upholstery is permanently stitched upon the mattress. It gives the illusion of a super deep mattress with a deep soft fluffy topper layer which is on tp of the core mattress.

It is invariably always going to be one-sided. It will invariably be high-loft They invariably tend to look absolutely glorious. The Premier Inn uses a Hypnos Pillow top mattress that we recently reviewed here. If you can grab the top layer of a mattress in your hand and separate it slightly from the core mattress then its a pillowtop youre looking at.

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Benefits Of A Euro Top Mattress

  • Unlike pillow tops, there is no gap or v-shaped indentation to sink further into because Euro tops are stitched beneath the mattress cover. The construction results in a more supportive feel.
  • Euro tops are better supported by the bottom layers of the mattress because they lie directly atop them, making them less likely to shift out of place. They are also protected by the mattress cover, enhancing durability.
  • Euro tops are designed to be even in width with each layer of the mattress, offering better edge support and a cleaner look.

Best Pillow Top Mattresses For 2021

A pillow top mattress gives the support of an innerspring bed with the comfort of a thick, soft cushion. Here are the best ones you can buy.

The industry’s answer to traditional innerspring beds is the pillow top mattress, once a popular choice because of their durability and support but lacking the snuggly comfort of foam mattresses. In the past, these mattresses had a thin comfort layer made of cotton or wool, but were almost entirely made of innersprings. You had to invest in a separate mattress topper if you wanted a cozy plush layer, whether that be a memory foam mattress topper or a quilted mattress pad of some kind. Today, pillow top mattresses typically include a small but fair amount of foam, a supportive pocketed coil base layer and a fluffy pillow top that softens up the feel of the firm steel below.

I personally love pillow top mattresses and have been sleeping on one for a few years now. Spoiler alert: It might be listed as one of my picks below. I don’t love the feel of memory foam, but I really enjoy the airy pillow-like cushioning pillow top mattresses provide. In this mattress roundup, I reveal the best pillow top mattress options from my experience as a mattress tester, including the top picks for side sleepers and the best eco-friendly pillow top mattress.

The prices below are for queen size models and were recently updated.

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About Our Pillow Top Mattresses

A pillow top mattress is the softest mattress you can find at most mattress companies. Pillow top mattresses get their name from their thick extra layer of cushioning, which looks like a big pillow that was sewn on top of the mattress. These mattresses are great for back sleepers, side sleepers, or anyone who prefers an extra soft and cushioned surface to sleep on. The softness of the mattress allows the heaviest parts of the body to sink into the surface, evenly distributing weight and relieving pressure points that could be causing hip, shoulder or back pain. The contouring quality of the soft top layer also helps to keep the spine in alignment. At City Mattress, we dont just care about selling our product. We understand the importance of a good nights sleep, and we care about helping you get one with the right pillow top mattress.

What Is A Pillow Top Mattress

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Pillow tops have an extra layer of padding sewn directly to the top of the mattress cover. The stitch attaching the extra layer to the mattress cover is placed just before each edge of the bed. Therefore, the edges of the pillow top are not perfectly aligned with the edges of the actual mattress. This type of construction creates a slight gap and v-shaped indentation between the additional layer and surface of the mattress. If you are having trouble picturing it, imagine a giant pillow, resting on the top of your bed, hence the name pillow top.

Pillow tops can be found on all types of mattresses, but are most common on beds with naturally firm support cores, like innerspring coils. This is because the extra padding enhances the softness and cushioning of spring beds to provide pressure relief for heavier body parts, such as the hips and shoulders. Designed with contouring in mind, pillow tops are generally crafted from softer materials, like memory foam, latex foam, wool, or fiberfill.

Lets take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of a pillow top mattress.

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Is A Pillow Top Mattress Good

Here are a few reasons pillow top mattresses are so widely favored.

  • There is an extra portion of padding provided in the quilt layer. This additional top-layer of foam assures comfort and softness throughout the night. What the top layer is composed of depends on the individual mattress, but it could be anything from latex, to cotton, to memory foam, and so on. You have the freedom to choose the material depending on your personal preferences.
  • A high quality pillow top mattress evenly distributes your weight. Proper weight distribution has been proven to improve sleep quality by eliminating pressure points and other potential discomforts.
  • Pillow top mattresses dont retain heat, depending on the material used. Many people struggle with temperature regulation when lying in bed at night. Pillow top mattresses dont excessively capture your body heat and therefore wont make you uncomfortably warm while youre trying to sleep.
  • Theyre affordable! Compared to other luxury mattresses, pillow top mattresses are relatively inexpensive while still providing the comfort and support you need to get a good nights rest.
  • What Is The Difference Between A Pillow

    When shopping for a new mattress, you will be presented with dozens of terms that are likely foreign to you. One question we see frequently relates to a layer of additional padding that some manufacturers sew on to the top layer of their mattresses. The terms pillow-top and Euro-top refer to different styles of this plush comfort layer. But what is the difference between a pillow-top and a Euro-top?

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    How To Choose A Pillow Top Mattress

    Whether or not the pillow top is right for you then, is likely to depend very much on your intended use and the way that you sleep. Are you generally too hot, or too cold? Do you like a mattress that is firmer or one that is softer?

    Or do you sleep on your front, back, or side? Do you have more than one person in the bed? Another advantage of the pillow-top in this regard is that it can help to absorb movement, thereby preventing movements from the other side of the bed from reaching you and potentially waking you up.

    Once youve decided that a pillow top mattress is right for you then, the next thing to think about is what the right type of pillow top mattress will be. How do you go about choosing one? Here are some things to consider:

    How Long Is It Good For

    Plush mattress, firm mattress and pillowtop mattresses – What’s the differences?

    This depends upon the company by which has been manufacturing, pillow top mattresses are usually good to use for about 8-10 years, but the thing is that their upper layer does compress sooner in years which makes it hard for people to prolong it for so many years around. Therefore, what you may do is change the top layering of your mattress and the support system actually stays fine for a long time than you would expect it to be.

    Everything comes with a price which has to be replaced sooner or later so according to the policy, the whole set must be changed after 10 years or it will start causing back or neck problems.

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    Is A Pillow Top Mattress Better

    The best mattress for every individual is subjective one might find a pillow-top better, but another prefers a tight-top bed. If you sleep on your side, youll benefit more from a pillow-top than a tight-top mattress. This way, youll provide pressure relief on the hips and shoulders that need cushioning in this position.

    If youre sharing a bed with your spouse, you also want to skip the tight-top mattress because it has more motion transfer. The base using a coil system is quite bouncy, so you might feel it noticeably if your partner gets in and out of bed. Overall, the right one-sided mattress varies per individual, so consider your habits and sleeping position when buying one.

    Drawbacks Of A Euro Top Mattress

    • Euro tops rest below the mattress cover, on top of the mattresss other layers. These layers reinforce the additional padding, and this can sometimes prevent a Euro top from contouring as effectively as a pillow top.
    • The contemporary construction enhances durability and aesthetic appearance, resulting in a higher price point than pillow tops.

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    Sleepwell Is The Key To A Good Nights Rest

    With over 85 years in business, Sleepwell has been supplying consumers and retailers with the highest quality mattresses and bedding products in the industry. Sleepwell is a family-owned company that knows the true value of a good nights rest and what it takes to achieve it. Our experts know how to match every customer with the right products. We service Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. You can reach us at 3013221000. Also, be sure to follow Sleepwell on , , and !

    Difference Between Memory Foam And Pillow Top

    Buy Serta Grandmere Plush Pillow Top King Mattress &  Low ...

    A pillow top mattress may contain memory foam, giving both beds a similar feel, but the difference in the other layers makes them stand outthe bounciness of innerspring coils or motion-restricting foam.

    More likely to off-gas due to synthetic polyurethane foam Slight off-gassing, depending on if the pillow top contains foam
    Price Usually more expensive than a pillow top with the price for a queen size ranging between $600 to $4000 Usually less expensive than memory foam with the price for a queen size ranging between $200 to $2000

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    Difference Between Plush And Pillow Top

    The plush mattress is often a favored alternative to the firm and extra-firm varieties available in the market. Due to its softer feel, a plush mattress falls somewhere in-between the firm and pillow-top mattress spectrum. However, the pillow-top mattress is fluffier and much softer when compared to the plush variety.


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