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What Is Inside A Mattress

Pocket Spring Vs Memory Foam: Which Is Better

What’s inside a Mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses have both been around for a while now as alternatives to standard innerspring mattresses. While the two mattress types do offer some similarities, there are some very important differences to consider before choosing one over the other.

Whats inside

The first and most obvious difference between a pocket spring mattress and a memory foam mattress is what they are made of.

Pocket spring mattresses are made up of hundreds of individual tempered springs, standing upright inside individual sleeves or pockets. Layers of comfort foam padding sit on top of this spring system, making for a comfortable, supportive mattress.

Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are made up of treated polyurethane foam. The foam is dense, and absorbs energy and body weight very well.

Who they help

Another difference to consider is what type of sleeper you are and how each bed may help you. Both mattresses offer firm, supportive options for many sleeping needs, but differ in how this support feels while sleeping.

Pocket spring mattresses are great for people who like supportive mattresses with a more firm feeling to them. The springs have a lot of positive response, and feel like they hold you up more than many other mattress types.

How long they last


Motion transfer

Whats A Support System

When youre on the hunt for a new mattress, its important to consider the three types of support systems available to you: coil spring, pocket spring and foam. This is where a lot of the hard work in supporting your body as your sleep takes place. Understanding the basics of each of these support systems will serve as an important start when you begin the search for your new mattress.

Mattress Types On The Market

Buying a new mattress is exciting, especially if its been a while since you last shopped for one. Science has come a long way in just the past few years, and new innovations can allow you to find just the product that will work best for your specific sleep needs.

However, it would be pretty costly to determine which is best for you based strictly on personal experience. There are many different mattress types available on the market, and you owe it to yourself to understand the differences in order to find the one that offers what youre looking for. Here, we will analyze 15 of some of the most common to help you make a more educated purchasing decision.

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How To Shop For A New Mattress

In a research study sponsored by Restonic and published in Furniture Today, consumers say theyre plugged into learning about the construction of a mattress during the purchase process. The best part about shopping is the variety of types, sizes and comfort levels, said a 39 year-year-old shopper. Of the 750 consumers surveyed, 78% were very concerned with comfort, 65% with firmness/support and 53% with the construction of their mattress. The research also showed 8 out of 10 consumers enjoyed lying on the mattress before purchasing.

When you visit a mattress store and we recommend you visit a few before making your final decision plan to spend time testing out mattresses. Some people like to take their pillow from home so that each mattress they lie is being judged based on the same criteria not a different pillow on each one. Whether you bring your own pillow or use the stores pillow, pay attention to how well the mattresses youre testing conforms to your shape as well.

Youll have a better buying experience when you set your own pace and guidelines. The Better Sleep Council uses the acronym S.L.E.E.P. to outline the best way to test a mattress:

  • Select a mattress

Nectar Mattress And Sex

How To Choose A Mattress in 5 Easy Steps

The majority of couples believe that a bouncing mattress permits much better sex. Although the Nectar mattress isnt as springy as most innerspring or hybrid mattresses, the transition layer adds some bounce. As a result, it outshines most memory foam mattresses.

The Nectar memory foam mattress also offers the best combination of support, softness, and firmness. As such, you can easily experiment with various sex positions. The gel foam will keep you cool, making sure that you do not overheat during sex.

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Stays Quiet And Maintains The Mattress Feel

While mattress toppers and pads modify your bed for added comfort and customization, mattress protectors shouldn’t impact the feel of your mattress at all.

However, low-quality mattress protectors tend to be thick and plasticky, which can interfere with your mattress’s contouring capabilities. They also tend to make a lot of noise, creating a crinkling sound whenever you shift positions.

To ensure your mattress protector doesn’t make a sound or affect the feel of your bed, look for a model that’s soft and thin but still durable. We recommend one made with cotton or bamboo and a polyethylene backing.

Before buying, you should also read reviews to see if other customers mention the protector making noise or changing mattress feel.

Types Of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers offer greater protection from wear and tear, but the materials they contain may not be effective in blocking spills and stains.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress toppers are popular for contouring, pressure point relief. If you are waking up with body aches, a memory foam mattress topper may help you. Theyre also available in gel memory foam.

Latex Mattress Topper

Latex toppers are responsive and provide additional support to your bed. Natural latex is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and mildewa good option for those with allergies.

Wool Mattress Topper

Wool mattress toppers are soft and supportive and excellent at regulating temperature. Wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer by wicking away moisture.

Featherbed Mattress Topper

If you want the cloud-like fluffy feel of a pillowtop mattress, then featherbed mattress toppers are for you. Pillow top mattresses may feel matted after prolonged use, but featherbed mattress toppers can be shaken and fluffed up periodically for prolonged use.

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How The Spring Mattress Is Born And Evolved

Posted in Mattresses

The spring mattress, in its many version, is 60 years old. Its among the most sold kinds of mattress, and in these years has allowed those who were looking for the classic mattress spring sleep pleasure, to find this kind of pleasure.

Find out in this article the fascinating story behind the design, the realization and the continuous improvement of the spring mattress Manifattura Falomo!

The Spring Mattress in 60s

At the end of 50s, with flakes and wool stuffed, took shape the steel spring mattress with the Italian manufacture fabric. These characteristics have allowed the first sales and distribution of this kind of mattress.

The Spring Mattress in 80s

During these years the spring mattress has changed, both outside and inside. In fact, the first quilted mattress without flakes were born. Inside of them was placed an enveloping casing to protect the suspension, made of expanded polyurethane foam.

The Spring Mattress in 90s

In the 90s, with the increasing spread of dust mite allergies, the spring mattress was equipped with a special hypoallergenic lining and it became removable thanks to perimeter zips to allow high temperature washability and so to allow anyone to wash it in the washing machine, and so fight week after week the mites proliferation, while maintaining its hygiene.

The Spring Mattress During the XXI Century!

What About The Spring Mattress Today?

A Few Potential Flaws

Whats Inside a Mattress – Open Spring Materials

Its just as important to know what you dont want in a mattress as to be aware of the features youre looking for. If you think you may want to explore this option further, a few downsides include:

  • Sometimes more expensive than comparable products quality-wise due to their current trending status
  • With many people confused as to exactly what comprises a hybrid, you may have to do some research before purchasing a product to verify that it is, indeed, a hybrid

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Main Questions About Mattress

When considering how to organize the content for this resource, I chose to divide it into 5 sections, each one concentrating on responding to one of the primary concerns you need to inquire about mattresses. Here are the 5 questions you ought to address:

  • How old is your mattress?
  • What Sleep Position Do You Prefer?
  • What firmness do you require?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • What type of mattress do you require?

Last Decision: Is It Worth The Purchase

Have you watched for a soft, firm, and supportive mattress? Possibly one that accommodates all your sleeping positions while also easing pressure points? If thats the case, I hope this review has actually addressed your concerns.

The Nectar mattress boasts continuous edge support, absolutely no motion transfer, and does not sleep hot, to name a few of its important qualities. You will value the Nectar mattresss versatility if you are a set! It undoubtedly has a lot to provide which is why I concur that it is worth the buy. What Is Inside Of A Nectar Mattress?

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What Did I Learn From Dissecting My Mattress

I learned that:

  • I know my mattress materials pretty well now
  • That we paid a premium price for some cheap materials when we bought this mattress in store
  • That second point is quite a biggie. It goes to show that you should always do thorough research before you make a mattress purchase . You might find a great mattress in a store for a reasonable price.

    Or you could find a really fantastic mattress online for a lot less.

    I live in New Zealand, and I really wish that DreamCloud and Avocado would ship here, because Im pretty well convinced of the quality of their mattresses and would buy one in a heartbeat over purchasing this mattress again. It served us well for about 6 years, but there are so many mattresses out there with far superior materials for about half the price. DreamCloud and Avocado are both hybrids with latex in the comfort layer, DreamCloud also has memory foam. They are a very similar type of mattress to what this ripped up one is, but much better quality and price.

    If you want to read my reviews of the DreamCloud and Avocado mattresses, youll find DreamCloud here and Avocado here. Theyre both amazing hybrids available to you lucky folk in the United States.

    Traditional Foam & Fiber Layers Of A Mattress

    The Best Mattresses for Seniors

    Your mattresss innerspring system typically has several layers of foam on top and underneath. The most immediate layers are usually high-density foams designed to provide a supportive base for the other layers. This incorporates numerous foam and fiber layers to create the perfect amount of cushioning, in addition to other benefits, like improved air flow, temperature regulation and fire blocking.

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    Bacteria Mold And Other Allergens

    You may not want to think about it, but mattresses are hotbeds for bacteria, pun intended.

    Even if your mattress doesn’t sustain liquid from an accident or spill, sweat, body oils, and water from humid air can still make their way into your mattress. As previously mentioned, bacteria thrive in dark and moist environments. Many mattresses lack ventilation, meaning the inside never gets a chance to dry.

    Mildew, mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, dead skin cells, dust, pet dander, you name itthey all gather in your bed. It depends on what exactly lives inside your mattress, but contaminants can create a musky odor, set off allergies, irritate your skin, and even get you sick or cause an infection.

    Mold, bacteria, and other growth inside your bed isn’t just unhygienic. It also degrades your mattress, shortening its lifespan.

    Can Bed Bugs Live Inside Your Mattress

    The short answer is Yes, They Can! Discovering a bed bug infestation in your mattress is frightening. Who would want to share their bed with annoying, bloodsucking pests? The answer is no one. While your first thought might be to throw your mattress away, there is no reason you need to go to that extreme. For some, replacing a mattress is not feasible. Fortunately, there are ways to treat your mattress.

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    Hybrid Mattresses The Newest Type Of Mattress On The Market

    The more you learn about modern mattress technology, the more youll understand that you dont have to choose between innerspring or foam. The term hybrid mattress refers to the process of combining different components that will result in a similar but more improved product. Think of a hybrid car, powered by a combustion and electric engine. The improved result is less gas and energy efficient not to mention good for your wallet.

    Hybrid mattresses begin with a base coil system with varying combinations of memory foam, latex and/or gel on top to create more resilient comfort layers. These diverse layers work together to provide significantly improved pressure point relief during sleep, which reduces tossing and turning. The spring base gives the hybrid its bounciness and contouring support . Some mattress experts feel that hybrid mattresses reduce the chance of body impressions because the construction materials support each other in ways weve never seen before.

    A Types Of Mattresses

    Whats inside a Mattress!

    Learn More as of November 9, 2021

    The five most common types of mattresses are memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, and adjustable air. Here well give you details on each one to help you weigh the pros and cons and pick which is the right fit for your bedroom.

    1. Foam

    => Check Price

    The days of hot, sweaty, non-breathable, sticky foam mattresses are over . There are some great mattress companies selling great foam mattresses that are very reasonably priced. All those mattress in a box companies sell foam mattresses.

    Memory foam is found abundantly in pillows and mattresses today, but it was actually invented back in the 1970s by NASA. Its original purpose was to provide better seat cushioning and crash protection for passengers and pilots on airplanes and is still used in that capacity today.

    The material might be the perfect bed padding for you for several reasons. Also called Visco Elastic foam, it conforms to the curves of your body while dispersing your weight evenly over the surface.

    This feature provides pain relief for sleepers with achy joints or pain in the mornings from laying in one spot for too long. Memory foam is also a heat activated material, causing it to soften and contour in direct response to body temperature.

    If youre someone who gets cold when sleeping, memory foam could help keep you warm. The same technology that makes it moldable when it touches your body can make the bed seem warmer.

    Inside of a gel foam mattress

    2. Coil

    => Check Price

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    Whats Inside A Mattress

    Have you ever wondered whats inside a mattress? Like a good book, its difficult to judge a mattress by its cover. But, just for a moment, lets imagine you have a special lens that allows you to see through to the inside. Youd see differences between certain types like coil spring, pocket spring and foam. We take a look inside these mattress types to help you take the guesswork out of buying your new mattress so you can get a better nights sleep.

    How To Choose Between Spring Foam Or Hybrid

    The first thing you need to determine is whether you want a spring mattress or a foam mattress . Heres everything you need to know to decide between spring, foam, and hybrid: Innerspring MattressesThe most traditional type of mattress, the spring mattress is made up of a layer of coils surrounded by layers of comfort material that can consist of materials like latex, natural fibers, or foam. Different types of spring mattresses use different coil types and layouts to achieve different effects.

    • Can wear out more quickly than foam
    • Older springs can become noisy
    • Offer less pressure relief on joints

    Spring mattresses are often the best choice for stomach and back sleepers, those with lower back pain, and heavier individuals who find foam mattresses dont offer sufficient support.Foam MattressesFirst popularized after NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s, foam mattresses rely on different combinations of different-density foams to provide softness and support. Though memory foam is the most well-known type of foam mattress, there are several different types that provide different benefits.Advantages

    • Softer on side sleepers and those with joint pain
    • Absorbs motion of restless sleepers
    • Lack of springs eliminates noise
    • More durable than spring mattresses long-term


    • Certain foams trap body heat
    • Softness can cause sinking feeling
    • Insufficient support for certain types of sleeper
    • More expensive than spring mattresses


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    Understanding Whats Inside Your Mattress Begins With Learning The Lingo

    Lets start with some basic mattress vocabulary youll encounter.

    • Box spring or foundation. Traditional mattresses sit on these and they can be stationary or an adjustable base. But if you prefer a platform bed, you wont need any of these as your platform doubles as your foundation.
    • Coils. In an innerspring mattress, steel springs provide support when you lie on your mattress. Continuous coils are less expensive than individually pocketed coils and they excel at making sure you dont feel movement every time your partner rolls over. The number of coils also varies the more coils, the higher the price, generally. As well thicker, more supportive coils will also increase the price.
    • Foam. There are many different types of foam, including: memory foam, latex and convoluted foam. Each type of foam offers a different comfort proposition so knowing what makes them unique will help you find the right one for you.
    • Firmness. Mattress support refers to how well a mattress maintains an equally level surface for the lighter and heavier pressure points of your body. A very soft mattress may be supportive but fail to maintain equilibrium long term.
    • Pillow-top, plush-top or euro-top mattress. Each term refers to the upper comfort level of your mattress. Pillow-top mattresses tend to be thicker and puffier looking while plush top may look and feel firmer. Euro-top mattresses are cushioned like a pillow-top but more tailored in their look.


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