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Can You Use Box Springs With A Memory Foam Mattress

Can I Use Plywood On A Box Spring For A Memory Mattress

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, you can use plywood on a box spring for your memory mattress. In fact, it is highly suggested that you use plywood as your base. This is because memory mattresses are heavier than the ordinary spring mattresses.

However, you can still use your old box spring as your base given that it is not older than ten years. This means that the bed will feel uneven once you lay down on it. Test out your current box spring by placing the mattress on top and check if you can clearly feel the uneven bumps. If you dont, then it should be good enough to use.

How To Protect My Memory Foam Mattress

While providing a solid base for your memory foam mattress is essential to extending its lifespan, caring for your bed does not stop there. Check out these tips on how you can protect your foam mattress.

  • Do not jump on your foam mattress
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight
  • Use a mattress cover
  • Let it breathe
  • Rotate it every six months

If you already have a box spring in place, you can get away with a new memory mattress on top of your older one. Usually, a mattress needs a solid foundation, like a box spring, so that the beds structure does not break down. Most newer mattresses need a sturdy metal frame to keep their overall firm structure and solid shape.

Keeps Your Mattress Clean

The floor is typically the dirtiness spot in the housethis is where dirt, hair, dead skin cells, bugs, dust mites, pet hair and dander, and other allergens collect. Moisture and humidity also tend to gather near the floor, which can encourage mold and mildew to form in the mattress.

To ensure these things stay on the floor and not in your bed, you will need to keep your mattress lifted off the ground.

Innerspring mattresses tend to have open space between spring coils where bacteria and dirt can collect. So these beds should remain lifted off the floor.

Because latex foam and memory foam mattresses are so dense, they are more resistant to dust mites and bacteria. However, moisture can cause foam to deteriorate, so these beds should also rest on a raised platform.

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What’s Special About Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is special because it adjusts to the exact contours of your body and bounces back slowly .

Pros of memory foam mattresses:

  • Ideal for back and side sleepers because in these positions, memory foam aids spine and neck-bone alignment and provides better hip and shoulder comfort than traditional mattresses.
  • Ideal for couples who are light sleepers, as movement on one side of the bed will hardly be felt on the other.
  • Ideal for people with allergies, as memory foam is hypoallergenic and dense enough to keep dust mites, dirt, and bacteria from penetrating the mattress.

I bought a Zinus Memory Foam mattress back in 2012, and it’s still going strong! The odor was minimal upon opening, and the foam has proven durable.

Two Basic Types Of Mattress Foundations

Top 10 Best Box Springs for Memory Foam Mattresses in ...

There are two basic types of mattress foundations in the mattress world today: box springs and foundations.

  • Box springs are, for the most part, a combination of wood and steel springs that act like shock absorbers for a traditional innerspring mattress.
  • Foundations are a more solid structure, for use with memory foam or latex mattresses, and are typically a solid wood top or wood-slatted system with a cover.

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Can You Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

While a Murphy bed can cause extra strain, there are some ways to keep it protected. The number one thing to remember is that you will want to make sure you are using the correct mattress. You can do this by properly measuring your bed frame as well as the mattress to ensure they are a fit.

You will also want to make sure to regularly clean and rotate your mattress. This way the pressure points are in constant rotation.

This will help to prevent your mattress from sagging or springs from breaking easily. Another option is to invest in a great mattress protector.

Mattress protectors will not only help increase your comfort but will also protect your mattress from staining. Another reason why a mattress protector is a great investment is that is can help reduce the chance of your mattress tearing. This is important with a unique style of bed frame like a Murphy bed.

It also depends on how much space you have for your Murphy bed.

Are Adjustable Beds Good For Side Sleepers

In short, adjustable beds are ideal for side sleepers. Because they only exert pressure on one side of their bodies, they can become sensitive to pressure during their sleep cycle. The adjustable bed allows you to position your upper body in a comfortable position, reducing the strain on your hips, neck and shoulders.

Best time to buy a mattress

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Murphy Bed Have Become More Affordable

As they have become more popular and widespread the prices have also gone down a lot!

Check the prices here at the main online stores with Murphy beds:


Heres a list of the 9 best Murphy beds we have found online .

A Murphy Bed is often times referred to as a wall bed. This is because you lift the bed up to fit flat against the wall when not in use. This is possible because of the special hinges that attach to the bottom and the top of the bed. These hinges adhere to the wall for a quick and smooth transition.

The best part about Murphy beds is that you can get multiple purposes out of your bed.

Some beds are flat on the underneath. This way when it is folded up, it will flush with the wall seamlessly. However, other beds feature extra storage and space.

Some beds feature bookshelves or cabinets on the underside. This means when the bed is up against the wood, you will have a neat place to store your things. When the bed is pull down for use, all of your stuff will be protected and safe under the bed.

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Should You Buy A Memory Foam Mattress Queen

How To Set Up A Mattress In A Box – Top Rated Best Memory Foam Mattress

The queen size memory foam mattress is the most popular of all bed sizes. At 60 x 80, it’s roomy enough for two, fits most rooms, and isn’t suitable for real budgets. Queen-size memory foam mattresses are denser than other types of beds and provide better support by responding to body weight and heat.

Foam vs spring mattressWhat is better, a foam mattress or a spring mattress? The downside is that there is a lot of motion transfer and your mattress may not have the same shape as a foam mattress. Foam is the perfect choice for couples with a partner in difficulty. They isolate movement, which is the main cause of sleep problems. The foam contours the springs better and provides better pressure relief.Which is better memor

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Using Plywood Instead Of A Box Spring For My Mattress: Is It Possible

Soyou just bought a new mattress. Whether it is just a replacement forthe old one or a new and comfy addition to your room, you willdefinitely need something to support it. A box spring can help youwith that however, it can be a little on the pricier side. There areactually so many alternatives out there, but, is plywood a goodchoice?

Box Springs Vs Platform: Key Differences

Platform beds are sturdy, supportive and affordable. They look pretty stylish too, combining a foundation with a frame. They also tend to be lower to the ground with a height of anything from a few inches up to 1ft. So if you struggle to get in or out of bed easily, then a platform might not be for you.

Platform beds typically have a stable surface with wooden slats, and provide adequate airflow for most types of mattresses. However, if you are using an innerspring model, you might prefer the feel of a box spring as a platform bed can be quite firm. Many platform beds also come with added storage drawers built in, which is ideal if youre short on space in your bedroom.

Sleep innovator Purple makes a Platform Bed Frame thats suitable for use with hybrid and foam models, including its own .

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Can Accommodate Different Positions

Whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back or stomach, a memory foam bed can accommodate any sleep position. The visco foam, or more commonly referred to as memory foam, is designed to evenly cradle and mold each part of your body, allowing you to settle into your comfiest position sans the pressure points.

For those who are like to sleep on their back, the foam mattress curves to your spine, which provides great lumbar support and allows your back to relax.

The Most Trending Findings

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Scientific References

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Bed Slats: What Are They

Bed slats come in wooden and metallic varieties. These wooden or metal planks stretch horizontally across the inside of your bed frame. There should be no more than a 2- or 3-inch gap between your bed slats. Too large of a gap can lead to support issues and cause premature mattress sagging.

These slats provide your mattress with a more even body weight distribution and minimize the potential for mattress sinking. Bed slats can be attached to the side of the bed one by one or connected in one solid piece covered with a cloth.

What Is The Best Plywood To Use Under A Mattress

As long as it is structurally sound then you are good to go with any type of plywood. Although Baltic birch is a good choice, it can be on the pricier side. Using veneered-hardwood plywood is good enough to use as a bed base.

Justremember that most plywood sold on big hardware stores arent ofgood quality. Look for a supplier that sells plywood to cabinetcompanies. You will be sure that the plywood you get from there issturdy enough to use as a bed base.

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What About A Bunkie Board

If youve been Googling bed bases, youve probably come across a bunkie board. Typically found in bunk beds, thus the name bunkie, these boards are designed to work with traditional metal bed frames and provide support to mattresses that are being used without a foundation. A bunkie board is thick piece of plywood used to increase the firmness of box springs. Because of its solid, smooth surface, a bunkie board could be used to support your foam mattress, but may not be as good of an option as something more solid like a foundation, platform bed or adjustable base.

What Mattresses Can You Use With An Adjustable Bed

Ashley Chime 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review 2020

When you’re shopping for an adjustable bed, you’ll want to avoid mattresses that require a box spring. Usually, the adjustable base itself functions as the box spring. If you put a box spring under your mattress, there’s no room for the adjustable base.

The main issue with box springs concerning an adjustable base is their rigidity. Box springs provide a foundation under your mattress, which is usually firm and inflexible. This completely obstructs any movement from the use of an adjustable base.

Luckily, the list of mattresses that work with an adjustable baseâand don’t require box springsâis pretty inclusive. Here are common comfortable mattress styles that don’t require box springs.

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Which Mattresses Need A Foundation Or Box Spring

Healthy living advocates, who often decide to go with an all-natural mattress type, may find the use of a box spring necessary. Since traditional mattress types are usually harder, these springs-in-a-wooden-frame structures add that extra bouncy comfort to natural mattresses. Not having a bed base can give you a poor sleeping experience.

Mattresses with springs on a single side ideally do well on box springs. They do not have enough inner strength to prevent sinking. No-flip coil mattresses make the bed bases a necessity in the bedrooms.

If your mattress is a thin one, it will likely need external support to boost its height. Softer mattresses without enough internal support require foundations too. They preferably need a low platform as well to complete the support structure and keep the mattress in good shape for the coming few years.

Several mattress manufacturers stress on the use of proper box springs. Not using a foundation or a bed base with your mattress can void its warranty.

Instead of wondering if your mattress type requires a box spring, you should check if the manufacturer needs you to get a foundation with the mattress for providing warranty services.

Putting The Mattress Directly On The Floor

A flat floor can be a great and supportive foundation for your mattress. You dont have to stress yourself about doing it all it takes is to put the mattress on a flat floor surface literally. The flatness of the floor is ideal for offering firm support.

You need to consider this alternative to box spring because of its many health benefits. Other than increased blood circulation throughout the body, this DIY box spring idea effectively improves posture. By putting your mattress directly on the floor, you are effectively waving goodbye to backache problems.

Some of the benefits that come with putting your mattress directly on the floor include

  • Its cost-effective
  • Its an effective solution to hot sleeping due to the natural coldness of the floor
  • Its healthy because it puts the spine in its natural position when you are sleeping.

Despite many benefits, putting your mattress directly on the floor comes with the disadvantage of risking your health due to microorganisms exposure. It also puts you at risk of having a mattress with poor air circulation, and if youre a side sleeper, it puts you at risk of backaches.

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What Is The Best Mattress Topper For Rv

Best RV Mattress Toppers LUCID 2 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Topper. Make your zippered mattress more comfortable to sleep in with the same soft mattress topper. The best price for a memory foam mattress topper. Vented is another product recommended for its performance and robustness. 3” Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Box Spring Vs Foundation: Whats The Difference

Millennium Comfort 10 Inch Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress ...

People often mistake box springs for foundations, and they really arent the same thing. They look similar from the outside, but the support materials inside are different box springs contain, yep, springs, inside, but foundations usually contain wooden slats.

Foundations are usually used to support more modern types of mattresses such as memory foam models, but box springs are used to support innerspring mattresses and create a barrier between the mattress and bed.

When we move around and lie on innerspring mattresses, we put a strain on the coils. Box springs are intended to absorb some of that shock and strain and ensure that the mattress lasts for as long as possible without weakening or sagging prematurely.

Box springs also have an aesthetic purpose because they add some real height to the bed. Some people prefer the look of a taller bed and when we add in a box spring, the mattress can rise quite far off the ground.

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Do You Think You Need A New Foundation

Box springs often do not exhibit the same levels of wear and tear as the mattresses do. Therefore, it is difficult for a user to understand when it is time to replace their old bed bases.

We often see several customers using their brand-new mattresses with their old box springs. It makes us wonder if they know how much stress they are about to expose their mattress to. The average lifespan of a box spring is usually between 8 and 10 years.

The exact level of wear at the end of a decade will depend upon the level of use, the weight of the sleeper and the quality of the mattress. Ideally, you should use your old foundation as long as your old mattress lasts.

That can be lesser than 8 years, but as soon as you get a new mattress, you should look for a new bed base as per the specifications of your new mattress and the manufacturers requirements. In many cases, people suffer from sore necks, stiffened backs and numbing shoulder pains in the mornings even after changing their old mattresses.

It might be a sign of an old sagging box spring that is crying for change. Therefore, you should consider changing your bed base if its recommended lifespan has expired to get better sleep each night.


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