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How To Open Purple Mattress

Purple Vs Casper Mattress Reviews

Purple Mattress Unboxing | How to Unroll Your Purple Mattress | Purple

The Purple vs Casper Mattresses are just two of the top-rated bed-in-a-box mattresses. With vastly different sleeping surfaces, these mattresses provide exceptional advantages, making each a much better fit for specific sleepers.

Casper supplies a whole lot on a foam mattress that excels in movement isolation, the Casper Element. Purple mattresses include the companys Purple Grid top comfort layer, a somewhat elastic gel grid that works nicely for pressure point relief and sleeping trends. However, Which is ideal for you?

Inside this guide, we will provide a comprehensive summary of the way Casper vs Purple mattresses compare, such as their sizing, construction, firmness, and much more.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Performance For Couples

Couples often prefer beds that isolate motion transfer, are responsive enough for sex, are cooling, and feature good edge support. Read on below to see how the Purple Hybrids stack up in those areas.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is the amount of movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other. This is an important factor for all sleepers, but especially for couples or folks who share a bed with a child or furry best friend.

To illustrate motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

Considering how bouncy these mattresses are, Im not that surprised to see they dont offer great motion isolation. What this tells me is that youre likely to feel movement across all three mattresses, which means they may not be the best fit for couples, especially if one partner is easily disturbed at night.


The best mattress for sex usually combines good motion isolation with enough bounce to make it easy to move around. Personally, I think the Purple Hybrids are a bit too bouncy to share if youre a light sleeper. But if youre not easily disturbed at night, they could be nice options for sex thanks to their lift and mobility.


Edge Support

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

Back sleepers must also get the support of your lumbar area and a little bit of pressure relief. In addition, those who sleep more often may need to choose a firmer mattress as Purple could feel too soft, and these people may sink too much into the bed. If you are between 130 to 230 points, this is a decent pick for you. Still, preferences will definitely differ from person to.

The issue of support is becoming more frequent in stomach sleepers. Theyll certainly require an even more firm foundation to avoid the build-up of pressure points that could strain necks, shoulders, as well as lower backs. Being a heavier stomach sleeper more than 130 poundsis certain to require a much firmer bed type.

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Purple Mattress Discounts Deals And Coupons

From time-to-time discounts, coupons, or freebies from Purple pop up. One of the best ways to learn about these opportunities is to check out Purples discounts page which essentially directs viewers to follow their social media for special announcements. As of the time of this writing, Purple mattress purchases also include a free Purple seat cushion . Other sleep product review pages also occasionally have offers for their viewers. In the past or currently the following sleep product review sites have discounts, deals or coupons for Purple products:

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress

With a hybrid construction, the Purple Premier provides superior comfort, support, and pressure relief. It’s offered in two comfort options where sleepers can choose from either a medium-firm 3 comfort layer or a medium 4 layer.

See our full Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review for more information.

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Price Of Purple Hybrid

Last we checked, Purple Hybrid had a moderate price tag. It was more expensive than the Purple mattress, but cheaper than Purple Hybrid Premier. Heres a look at the price by size:

Split King $2,798

As you can see, you wont exactly be impulse purchasing Purple Hybrid, but its not a bed that requires your lifetime savings to afford.

The company will also, from time to time, run specials on this bed as well. For the current deals, check

How Much Do Purple Mattresses Cost When There Isn’t A Sale

The Purple Mattress Original is the cheapest in the range, and is excellent value compared to other bed-in-a-box companies who don’t have the same level of technology in their entry-level mattresses.

Without a Purple mattress deal or other discount, the Original costs: $599 for Twin | $849 Twin XL | $1,049 Full | $1,199 Queen | $1,499 King and Cal King | $1,698 Split King.

The price of the Purple Hybrid mattress, as this is Purple’s equivalent of an intermediate mattress: $1,499 for Twin XL | $1,699 Full | $1,799 Queen | $2,199 King | $2,199 Cal King | $2,998 Split King.

If you want the ultimate Purple mattress, head for the Purple Hybrid Premium, available in various thicknesses. The three-inch costs: $2,099 Twin XL | $2,299 Full | $2,399 Queen | $2,999 King and Cal King | $4,198 Split King. The four-inch model costs: $2,599 Twin XL | $2,799 Full | $3,099 Queen | $3,699 King and Cal King | $5,198 Split King.

You won’t always find a Purple mattress discount code or sale on the Purple site itself, but the brand often runs free gift promotions. For example, it will add a pillow, sheets or other gift to your order when you buy a Purple mattress, increasing the value of your purchase. Plenty of retailers offer Purple mattress deals and sales too, so there’s usually a way to reduce the price.

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About The Purple Beds Design

The Purple mattress has only three layers and measures in at between 9 and 10 inches thick. Lets discuss the exact layers in the bed:

  • Support layer: dense polyurethane foam
  • Transition layer: more poly foam, but slightly softer this time
  • Comfort layer: 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer
  • Cover: stretchy material made of viscose, polyester, and Lycra

The first two layers of the bed are really common to see with any online mattress, whether it is Casper, Leesa, Tuft and Needle, or Nectar.

The dense poly foam acts as your primary support layer, while the middle layer is just a transitional piece of foam, so you dont feel the support core.

Obviously, the star of the show is Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Like Purple Hybrid, the Purple bed has 2 inches of the material.

In terms of certifications, the bed has the CertiPUR-US certification thats a must-have for any bed that uses poly foam. That ensures that the bed is free of certain harmful metals and chemicals.

But how do you care for the cover?

According to Purples website, you should spot clean the cover without removing it. Its advisable to use mild detergent and lukewarm water, but you should only hand clean. Dont machine wash or dry the cover on the Purple mattress.

Should You Buy A Purple Mattress Deal

Purple Mattress Unboxing by

Purple mattresses are powered by Purple Grid Technology, designed to reduce pressure on high-impact areas of your body . This innovative setup boosts airflow and draws away excess heat, which is why Purple is also our top pick for the best cooling mattress.

While the Purple Original Mattress is the cheapest, its still infused with Purple Grid Technology, just like its more expensive siblings. Happily, all three are included in this months best Purple mattress deals and discounts.

Wed recommend jumping on these savings if you want a mattress that:

  • Relieves pressure on your back and hips
  • Is cooling all-night long
  • Comes on a reasonably decent trial
  • Offers free shipping and returns
  • Comes with luxury free sleep gifts or a big cash discount

The trial period and warranty are still valid when you shop the best Purple mattress deals, so you wont miss any perks or coverage just because youre getting a cheaper price. The price of a Purple mattress without discounts is as follows:

  • Purple Kids Mattress – $499

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Purple Mattress Return Policy

If youre like many other Purple customers, youll want to keep your Purple mattress forever. But just in case, let us help you break down the return policy fine print.

Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Fingers crossed that youre reading this breakdown just to familiarize yourself with the Purple mattress return policy, not because you want to return your Purple mattress.

If youre in the former category, good choice! Purple is one of the most innovative mattress companies on the market. The brands Hyper-Elastic PolymerPurple Grid is praised for its pressure relief, and we consider it one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. This return policy break down will be good to know just in case you end up needing a different mattress.

If youre in the latter category, we totally get it. There is no mattress that fits all sleepers, and were here to take some stress out of the return process. In this break down, well cover the full Purple mattress return policy, including the 100-night sleep trial, the return and exchange process, and any fine print.

New Purple Mattress Reviews

On top of the addition of bedding basics, Purple has also added to their lineup of mattresses. Introduced in 2018 was the NEW Purple Mattresses offered in three hybrid options. The Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4. These new beds offer a coil system as the core support opposed to dense layers of base foam. Giving the mattress a more sturdy, durable and long lasting build.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Your first option of the newest Purple hybrid will be the most similar to the original with the exception of a coil system instead. The New Purple 2 offers a more medium-firm feel with 2 of polymer similar to the original Purple bed. This feel should be great for many sleepers and especially anyone who likes a slightly firmer feel.

Learn more about the New Purple 2 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress

The most popular option of the new hybrid Purple beds is the Purple 3. This mattress not only uses the same durable and supportive coil system but has a more universal medium feel. Giving you that perfect middle of the road comfort that works for the majority of sleepers.

Learn more about the New Purple 3 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress

Learn more about the New Purple 4 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

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The Purple Mattress Price

Traditionally, Purple Mattresses have come in one model known as the Purple Mattress in sizes from an XL Twin through a California King. Today, Purple offers the Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4 in the same sizes . These new generations of Purple Mattresses differ in the thickness of their Comfort Grid. At 2, 3, and 4 inch Comfort Grids respectively the newer generations of Purple mattresses provide additional plushness with each successively higher numbered mattress softer than those before it. Additionally, Purple 2, 3, and 4 mattresses have enhanced edge support and 7.5 pocketed coils for better distribution of weight. As of the time of writing of this article the price of Purples mattress products may be found below.

Original Purple Mattress Price

  • Purple PowerBase: $1,399-$2,798
  • Purple Platform Base: $129-$189
  • Purple Pet Bed: $129-$229

Financing for Purple Mattress Products is available through Affirm at checkout. Input a few pieces of information to receive your financing decision in real time. Financing is available for those who quality and would like to make monthly payments on 6, 12, and 18 month plans. APR varies from 0-30% based on credit score. Down payments may be required for items of over $50. Estimated monthly prices above assume a 12 month repayment period at 10% APR. Checking to see if you qualify for financing through Affirm will not affect your credit score.

Five: Load Your Mattress Onto The Truck

Win a FREE Purple " Smart Comfort Grid"  mattress from ...

If youre moving your mattress a short distance, you more than likely wont need a moving truck. Instead, youll just need to follow the above steps and ensure you have someone available to help if need be.

However, if youre moving your bed long-distance, you will need to use a truck with a bed big enough to hold your mattress. You will want to be sure to cover your mattress either in a mattress bag or other plastic wrapping before loading your mattress into the truck bed.

Some mattresses, such as a Purple mattress, can even be folded in half. These types of beds are helpful for those who dont have a large enough truck bed.

How To Move a Mattress Without a Truck

Understandably, not everyone will have access to a truck. However, this doesnt mean you cant move your bed. Instead, you can put smaller mattresses in the back of a hatchback or SUV with the hatch open. If this is what you choose to do, be sure to properly secure it with ropes or straps.

If youre not able to use a hatchback or SUV, you may consider strapping mattresses to the roof of your car. If this is not an option, researching truck rentals in your area may be the next best thing.

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What Type Of Sleeper Is The Purple Hybrid Mattress Best For

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses are well-suited to a variety of shoppers, especially side and back sleepers. Purple is one of many mattress brands that offers multiple firmness and thickness options for its hybrid models. By doing this, they can appeal to a wider range of sleepers, depending on sleep position, body type, and firmness preferences. First, well look at how the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier models cater to different sleep positions.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers generally feel very comfortable on the three Purple hybrids. The Purple Grid material conforms closely enough to cushion the shoulders and hips, which can improve your spinal alignment and reduce pressure points. The material is also supportive and responsive enough to prevent you from sagging too deeply while lying on your side.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers utilize more than one sleep position on a regular basis. People who partially sleep on their stomachs may find the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses a bit too soft and prone to sagging around the midsection. However, the mattresses perform very well with back and side sleepers. If youre a combination side and back sleeper, then any of these Purple models may be suitable.

Back Sleepers

Storing A Mattress After You Move It

Clean your mattress before you put it in storage. Sprinkle baking powder across the exterior of your mattress to soak up orders and remove stains. Vacuum baking soda from the mattress and let sit for an hour.

Cover your mattress in plastic wrap. Keep your mattress in the mattress bag you used to move it. This helps protect from dust and dust mites. Ensure the mattress is completely dry before covering it.

Avoid storing your mattress in extreme temperatures. Avoid storing your mattress in freezing, high humidity, or high temperatures due to damage. For this reason avoid storing your mattress in a basement, attic or garage. When using a storage unit, be sure to speak with the storage unit manager to understand the temperature range and humidity control.

Store your mattress flat. Storing your mattress on its side regardless of what type of mattress can ruin the integrity and feel of the mattress. If you must store it on its side. Be sure to rotate it at least once a month.

Do not store anything on top of the mattress. This can cause your mattress to sag and ruin its integrity.

Moving can be stressful, yet rewarding. No matter how difficult it may be to move a mattress, just know itll pay off in the end when you finally get to enjoy your new space with your comfortable mattress.

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What Does The Purple Hybrid Feel Like

If youve seen any of Purples advertising, then youll know that the topmost layer of the bed is not made of typical bedding materials such as memory or latex foams. Instead, it is made of Purples own invention which they refer to as a Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid. In the Purple Hybrids case, there are two inches of the Purple Grid sitting atop a thin cushioning of transitional foam and 7.5 inch pocketed coils.

The coils definitely gave this bed a bit of bounce, but its really the Purple Grid that youre going to feel. Let me tell you, the first time you ever feel it, its probably going to feel strange. In the store, I could definitely feel the waffle texture of the Grid. However, once I got sheets on my Hybrid at home, I didnt feel that anymore. I also got used to the Grid probably within 30 minutes at the store, so when I got my own bed set up at home, it didnt feel foreign to me at all.

Purple Hybrids Vs Casper Hybrid

PURPLE mattress unboxing(start to finish) ll first impressions

Caspers zoned support is unlike the Purples. It is firmer at the hips and softer at the shoulders, providing optimal lumbar support.

The Purples are bouncier than the Casper Hybrid, which combination sleepers might appreciate.

The Purple 3 are slightly more pressure relieving than the Casper Hybrid. How To Open Purple Mattress

Purple Hybrids Vs. Original Purple

Support layers for the Original Purple mattress are made from high-density foam and not pocketed coils.

The Original Purple is supportive, firm, and buoyant. This is a great feeling for combination sleepers.

The Original Purple mattress, like the Purple Hybrids is extremely cooling. It could also be a good choice for people who sleep hot at night.

The Original Purple costs less than either Purple Hybrid Premier .

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