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Can You Test A Purple Mattress In A Store

The Nerds Take: Whats The Bottom Line

Purple Mattress Review – What YOU Should Know (Before You Buy!)

The Purple mattress utilizes an innovative design for pressure-relieving sleep without the typical heat retention of an all-foam mattress. The top layer is a gel grid that responds to weight, creating a floating sensation and evenly distributing body weight. The level of support is best for back and side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. The bed is responsive and does a good job minimizing motion transfer, so its also a good choice for people who share the bed.

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Purple Vs Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid features the original Purple mattresss comfort grid but adds responsive support coils at the core for improved airflow, responsiveness and durability. The Purple Hybrid is a slightly firmer mattress, which leads us to recommend it for stomach sleepers.

The original Purple is more affordable and does a better job dampening motion, which makes it a better choice for most budget shoppers and light sleepers who share the bed. However, the springy feel of the Purple Hybrid is excellent for adult activities.

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Not For Stomach Sleepers

Many reviewers who sleep on their stomach find the Purple mattress to be uncomfortable. While a plushtopper will cushion a stomach sleepers rib cage, hips, and knees, too much sinkage can cause neck kinks.

In the same vain, too much firmness also isnt good for stomach sleepers, who need a combination of support and cushion for the best nights sleep. This sleeping position already twists the neck to a harsh angle, so too much firmness can cause the neck and spine to arc beyond their natural curve.

While no mattress is perfect for stomach, back, and side sleepers alike, a medium-firm bed with a cushioned top is the best mattress option for stomach sleepers.

A heavily cushioned mattress protector can also offer extra softness and act as a barrier to the unique feel of the polymer material grid. If youre not willing to try the Purple mattress, memory-foam mattresses are good options for stomach sleepers. Memory foam contours around your curves and provides the right combination of support and cushion.


180 days

How Firm Is The Purple

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We ranked the Purple around a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The market requirement for medium firmness is 6.5, so this suggests the Purple is right around medium-firm.

That stated, note that a sleepers understanding of a beds firmness will differ a bit depending upon their weight. In this case, heavier-weight sleepers might find that the original Purple feels softer, while light- and medium-weight folks might find it to be on the firmer side.

Is the Purple a Good Mattress Model for You?

Depending upon factors like your body weight, preferred sleeping position, and whether you sleep with a partner or animal, the Purple might or may not be right for you.

Have a look at a few of my recommendations listed below. Test Purple Mattress In Store

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The One The Only Purple

The mattress that broke the internet just got an upgrade.

Our innovative cushioning products all start here. Made from hyper-elastic polymer for stretch and durablility, the ultra-breathable Grid borrows from engineering used to support bridges – and bridges the fab beterrn eh and amazing sleep.

Airflow-focused, designed with hundreds of air channels, the Purple Grid encourages airflow so you don’t overheat during the night. Plus, its stretchy gel material won’t absorb your body head – unlike some other traditional mattress materials.

Instant Response

  • It flexes to support all sleep positions – back, side, stomach, and flopping starfish.
  • Our grid immediately flexes to support your position and spring back into place as you readjust and move during the night.

No-Pressure Support

  • It supports broad surfaces while gently cradling areas like the shoulders and hips.
  • The Grid is designed to bolster broad surfaces like your back and legs while gently cradling where weight is more focused – like at the shoulders and hips

Neutral Temperature

  • Hundreds of air channels + a material that dissipates body heat? Cool.
  • The Grid is 80% air by design, so circulation is a breeze . Plus, our nifty polymer dissipates heat rather than absorbing it.

What Is Purple Mattress Purple Test Mattress In Store

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is an all-foam mattress, meaning it does not have springs, and uses Purples own grid layer which uses a hyper-elastic polymer. This layer, also known by the name of Purple Grid Layer, is composed of a comfort layer and a support layer made from polyfoam.

The Purple comes in at only one firmness level- medium-firm and is sold in different sizes delivered straight to your door. This is in line with the growing tendency in DTC or direct-to-consumer mattress firms with lower overheads to enhance the product the mattress itself.

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Pros Of Idle Sleep Mattress

  • Lengthy house trial. You can experiment with a mattress for over a year, which is plenty of time to get acquainted with and determine whether you love it or not.
  • Movement isolation. The mattresses may be terrific if you sleep with a partner. If you get up frequently during the night or toss and turn, a mattress that isolates motion is essential to prevent nighttime sleep disruptions including those from nighttime family pets.
  • Flippable styles. Flipping your mattress a couple of times a year can increase its life span, however not all bed mattress are flippable. Idle Sleep has several two-sided designs available.
  • Strong company policies. Shipping and returns are free. This can assist you conserve a little bit of cash, particularly if you anticipate some trial and error with mattress choice.
  • Idle Sleep mattresses likewise include a life time warranty.

Who I Do Not Recommend The Purple Mattress For

How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful – Purple Mattress #goldilocks

I wouldnt suggest this bed to heavy people. I dont think the Purple has enough support for anybody over about 250 lb. If thats you, I d suggest taking a look at our best mattress for heavy individuals roundup, which has tons of incredibly helpful beds.

This mattress isnt firm enough for rigorous stomach sleepers. These sleepers require a company mattress model to prevent their hips from sinking out of line with their shoulders.

Anyone after a conventional feeling bed isnt going to be happy on the Purple. Its grid layer has a squishy feel, somewhat reminiscent of a waterbed. Test Purple Mattress In Store

  • Cal King: $1,449
  • Split Cal King: $1,598

There are typically Purple mattress model deals to be found that include worth to the mattress. Test Purple Mattress In Store

Purple routinely offers away a free $99 sheet set with every mattress model purchase.

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How Is It Different From What Is It That Makes This Mattress Different From Usual Mattress

Purple comes in various sizes including twin and California king, and provides the famous cushioning that their distinctive technology for fabric provides. This Purple Grid is a foundational aspect of the features that make Purple an exceptional mattress since it functions as a memory foam, but provides a more responsive bounce. The mattress is constructed in a grid system that allows airflow to pass via the spaces between the foam, regulating temperatures without degrading the overall cushion.

In terms of construction, every mattress has a 2 inches of Purple proprietary grid over a 3.5-inch foam layer. It is further supported by four inches of high-density polyfoam, which is a common feature in all full-foam mattresses to provide the complete cushion shape and shape.

The design is further enhanced by a polyester-viscose blend fabric that helps to regulate temperature and gives an excellent cool touch. Expect each mattress to be around 9.25 inches in height and thick enough to fit most body shapes and suitable for most standard sheet sets.

Nectar Vs Original Purple Comparison

Nectar and Purple mattress models have really various buildings and materials, which is most evident in their comfort layers. The Nectars comfort layers feature multiple layers of memory foam, while the Purple features a hyper-elastic gel polymer.

These materials create various feels. Thanks to its memory foam, the Nectar has a slow-moving feel that uses plenty of pressure relief and body contouring. Once again, the Purple is bouncy, responsive, and at the same time squishy and firm.

The firmness ranking for these mattresses will depend a bit on the weight of the sleeper in question, but we ranked both of these beds around a 6.5/ 10.

The Nectar and Purple are also really comparable in terms of rate, although the Purple expenses around $100 less.

Who Should Get The Nectar?

  • Folks who like a memory foam feel
  • Lighter-weight sleepers
  • Side sleepers who require a lot of body contouring

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Heavier-weight sleepers
  • Folks who want a more long lasting mattress model
  • Combination sleepers. Test Purple Mattress In Store

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Which Purple Mattress Is Right For You

As we conclude our Purple Mattress review, only you know your sleep needs and budget. To recap, heres what you should consider as you explore Purples latest lineup. Remember that mattress feel is subjective, so these general suggestions are only the first step in figuring out which Purple mattress is best for you.

Looking for something a tad on the firm side?

Wed recommend trying the original Purple or Purple Hybrid first. While both of these mattresses offer the same cushioning Purple Grid as the other models, their base comfort foam and pocketed coils respectively, create a firmer surface for most sleepers.

How about something more plush?

Wed recommend starting with the Purple 3, Purple 4, or Purple Plus. The extra GelFlex material in the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 creates a softer surface for most sleepers, while the extra layer of comfort foam in the Purple Plus serves a similar purpose.

Finally, how tight is your budget?

The original Purple Mattress is hands-down the most affordable option Purple offers. So if you want to experience Purple on a budget, this is your best bet. Purple Plus and the Purple Hybrid are mid-tier options that add additional features for a modest increase in price. Lastly, the Purple 3 and Purple 4 are excellent, top-of-the-line mattresses. As such, they may not be the best fit for those on a very tight budget. While financing options are available, these are premium mattresses priced similar to other top-end brands like Tempur-Pedic.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

Best Cooling Mattress

Back sleepers must also get some ample support for your lumbar and some modicum for pressure relief. Again, heavier sleepers might prefer a firmer mattress as Purple may feel a bit too soft. These sleepers may end up sinking too much into the bed. If you are between 130-230 points, this could be a decent pick for you. However, the preferences will vary from one person to the next.

The issue of support is becoming more prevalent with stomach sleepers. Theyll certainly require a much firmer support base to prevent the accumulation of any pressure points that can strain shoulders, necks as well as lower backs. Being a heavier stomach sleeper more than 130 pounds will definitely require a much firmer bed type.

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Dont Forget To Try Purple Mattress For Yourself

We love the convenience that mattress-in-a-box brands like Purple offer. We can even ship your new Purple mattress right to your doorstep if thats what you prefer. However, our own data on customer satisfaction shows us that shoppers who try out their new mattress before buying are much more satisfied with their purchase on average.

Yes, its true that Purple offers a 100-day, risk-free sleep trial on all Purple mattresses bought from Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet. So if you try it for 30 days, and youre not satisfied for any reason, you can bring your mattress back in and well exchange it. However, in our expert opinion, its always advisable to take a few minutes to lie on a mattress before clicking that order button. There really is no substitute to trying a mattress for yourself.

If Purple sounds like a good fit for you and youre in Metro Atlanta or North Georgia, come see us and test drive one today!

Purple Mattress Pain Relief Performance

How well a mattress alleviates pain depends on whether or not it can relieve pressure, especially at sensitive pressure points at the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

To measure pressure relief, I used a handy pressure mat. I placed the mat on top of the mattress and climbed aboard. The mat created a map of how much pressure my body exerted on the mattress in different positions. The map turns blue to green for low pressure, and yellow to red for high pressure. Youll see those graphics below.

Back Pain I think this is a nice mattress for back pain. The map is all blue at my back in each position, which shows theres low pressure there. However, if you have severe back pain I might opt for a slightly firmer bed, which will help keep your spine in a straight line.

Shoulder Pain I like the Purple for shoulder pain. The grid offers some great pressure relief and should cradle sore shoulders well.

Hip Pain I also like the Purple for hip pain. Again, that grid layer does a great job cradling the body. However, if youre a side sleeper with severe hip pain, Id go for a softer mattress that will give you even more pressure relief.

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Purple Mattress Model Overview

The secret to the Purples success is its proprietary Purple Grid. This is made of a hyper-elastic gel polymer and it actually is unlike any other mattress model material.

It is firm and pressure-relieving at the same time and, honestly, it is difficult to describe!

Because this is such a distinct mattress, its more likely to appeal to certain kinds of sleepers. Test Purple Mattress In Store

Heres a peek at who might like the Purple and who may not.

Support & Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

The Purple Mattress Passes The Raw Egg Test

Back Sleepers

Those who sleep exclusively on their backs should find adequate support on the Purple. The beds medium-firm feel gently contours to the bodys curves, which encourages healthy spinal alignment. Sleepers of average-weight and lightweight sizes should feel supported, but heavier folks may sink in a bit too far into the transitional layer, particularly those who weigh more than 300 pounds.

To find a mattress better-suited for plus-size back sleepers, check out the beds that made our best mattresses for back sleepers countdown.

Side Sleepers

The Purple mattresss gel grid collapses at areas like the hips and shoulders, delivering the pressure reduction that side sleepers need for comfortable sleep. While the Purple is a good mattress for pain relief and spinal alignment for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers, some people may still prefer a softer feel.

Heavyweight side sleepers would do better with a thicker comfort system than that found in the original Purple. These folks may want to consider the Purple Hybrid Premier or one of the beds that won a spot in our best mattresses for side sleepers list.

Stomach Sleepers

Combination Sleepers

Still, heavyweight combination sleepers might not achieve the support they need on the Purple. If youre in that category, head over to our best mattresses for combination sleepers page to find a better fit.

NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you?

Body Type:

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Do Any Stores Sell The Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses are available in various retail partners across the US. They include Mattress Firm, Macys, Raymour and Flanigan, Wichita Furniture and Mattress, Denver Mattress, City Furniture, HOM Furniture, Rooms to Go, and Gardner White, to name a few. And if youre new to selecting a retailer, here are the best stores to buy a mattress.

How Much Does A Purple Mattress Cost

A Purple mattress can cost between $599 to $2,099. The brand offers the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier. The Purple Hybrid Premier is the most expensive of the three, while the Purple Mattress starts at $599 only.

And if you are on a budget, you can try financing with 0% APR if you qualify. Purple gives you two options to pay, either with Affirm and Splitit. Affirm allows you to get a conventional loan, while Splitit and your credit card can help break up the payments for your mattress.

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How Much Is A Purple Mattress

The original Purple mattress keeps the entry cost low to its twin mattress, so that those who are hesitant can start to enjoy the Purple distinction with minimal pain on their pockets. At $599, you can take advantage of their twin mattress delivered to your door. For larger sizes, such as King and Queen, you can expect to spend more than the $1000 mark, specifically $1,199 and $1,499respectively. Purple Test Mattress In Store

If youre looking towards purchasing one of the Purple Hybrid or the Hybrid Premier, expect to pay close to twice or even triple the cost of the initial mattress. This makes the Hybrid mattresses a bit beyond the reach of those on a budget or customers who are still unsure about purchasing from Purple. Purple Test Mattress In Store

Whats great about Purple however, is that they include an overnight trial of 100 nights that allows you to try the mattress prior to making a decision to purchase. Be aware that youll have to use your mattress for 21 nights as part of their break-in duration. If you still find that youre not satisfied with the mattress, you may be assured of a full reimbursement for no cost. Contact Purple to have your purchase reversed.


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