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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Have Springs

Finding A Great Memory Foam Mattress

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

The idea memory foam mattress has a combination of memory, latex foam, hybrid or upholstery foam materials. These materials can greatly reduce the mattresses compression over time, protecting your bed from harm. Also, seek a mattress with about 5cm of foam. High-thickness memory foam mattresses have multiple layers, protecting the mattress, and the users back, over many years. Sags can be dangerous to your health. Fortunately, memory foam mattresses are good for your back, experts believe. Because a foam mattress bends, softens and relaxes to fit your backs contours, it can relieve back pain issues caused by poor sleep alignment. Take advantage of the benefits, and consider switching to memory foam soonerrather than later.

Why Not Have A Box Spring

Bedding experts actually agree that memory foam reduces the requirement of a box spring. Memory foam is sturdy and firm enough that it can lie flat on a floor, bunkie board, or any other level foundation.

Some people want to just sleep on the most comfortable mattress as soon as they get it. If thats you, then Nectar has you covered. Its sleep ready as soon as you take it out of the packaging and put some sheets on it.

Theres also the question of a bad box spring. Sometimes as they get worn, box springs can have stray springs that shoot out and could risk puncturing or pinching the memory foam. While the foam will still work, this definitely isnt optimal for sleeping conditions. If youre worried about this, ditch your old box spring and get a bunkie board.

The small, compact structure will make sure that your mattress stays in one place, and you wont have to worry about old springs causing problems. So in short, a Nectar mattress is great because you can use it in any configuration that feels best to you, the sleeper.

The most comfortable mattress turns out to also be the most flexible mattress. So can we judge the winner in that equation? Box spring vs no spring? Well sure we can. The answer is you, the sleeper.

Since memory foam mattress provides lumbar support better than any previous mattress material, you do not need a box spring. To find out why, visit Nectarsleep.

What Are Pocket Springs

More recently, pocket spring technology has emerged in the mattress space. With pocket springs, the coils are individually wrapped within their own fabric housing to promote more responsiveness, freedom of movement and enhanced support. The coils are housed in a padded shell and encased with various quilted, padded and fabric layers. Leesas luxury hybrid mattress contains 1,000 premium-grade steel springs that are engineered from about 20-feet of recycled steel billet.

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Traditional Memory Foam Mattress

A traditional memory foam mattress adjusts to the shape and weight of your body. This will help cradle your pressure points, as well as improve circulation throughout the body.

These mattresses work well for those who are restless sleepersor if youre sleeping with a restless partner. They can also provide relief for those with chronic pain or aching muscles.

Memory Foams Are Hypoallergenic

Memory Foam Orthopaedic Spring Mattress

This is a matter of debate. Some websites claims that Memory foam mattresses are better for allergy sufferers as they are made from manmade materials, whereas pocket springs are often made from wool or cotton. This isnt really a one size fits all rule, though. Make sure that you find out what your mattress is made of regardless of which type it is before you buy it. Particularly if you have allergies.

Some websites like for example John Lewis often will list the materials in their mattresses but alas sadly, many websites dont. Silentnight however has a special page for hypoallergenic mattresses.

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Your Guide To Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam offers one of the biggest breakthroughs in mattress technology of the past 50 years. They provide support for your pressure points like no other mattress in history. You probably know them best for their contouring effectwhich means when you lay down on the mattress, youll sink into the material as it adjusts to the contours of your body.

Depending on your preferences, you can find memory foam mattresses ranging from soft to firm. They also vary in terms of thickness, size, and density.

With all the different types out there, how do you know what type is right for you?

Which Mattress Type Is Best For Me

There is a lot to consider before choosing between spring vs foam mattresses. Here is a quick recap:

If you sleep on your side, you will likely enjoy foam beds more than spring mattresses. Many side sleepers find that, with innerspring beds, their shoulders sink into their mattress enough to feel compressed against metal springs. Foam mattresses, on the other hand, generally accommodate side sleepers very well.

If you sleep on your stomach, an innerspring bed will generally be a better fit, although you may also find a very firm foam mattress to be suitable. Stomach sleepers typically need very firm support, and many foam beds just dont provide that.

If you sleep on your back, either mattress type could work well. We recommend that back sleepers avoid softer foam beds, but other than that, both innerspring and all-foam beds can be comfortable for those who sleep on their backs.

If you are heavier, an innerspring bed may be a better choice. Spring mattresses can provide more support and prevent the kind of sinkage that some people experience with all-foam beds. With that said, a firm or very firm all-foam mattress can still be suitable for heavier sleepers.

If you are on a tight budget, both innerspring beds and all-foam beds can be found at very affordable prices. The choice here boils down to whether or not you find foam beds or innerspring beds to be more comfortable.

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Box Spring Versus Foundations

Consumers purchasing a new mattress are going to find themselves wondering if they have the correct foundation. Because a traditional box spring is commonly known as the foundation, we need to take a minute to understand the differences in each.

As stated before, a box spring is the most known and used foundation. It does contain springs that help absorb movement. For innerspring mattresses not containing memory foam, this is an acceptable option.

A foundation is a solid or slatted piece used with memory foam and latex mattresses. They are made of particleboard or wood slats spaced strategically spaced apart. The best foundations for memory foam mattresses will be budget-friendly and designed to support you and your bed.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs

Memory Foam & Box Spring Mattresses Tempurpedic Van Wert OH: (419)-238-3399

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

If youre buying a new memory foam mattress and have a box spring youve been using for the past few years, you might be considering combining the two. And why not? Isnt it a great way to give your new bed some bounce and height?

Actually, its not. Placing your new memory foam mattress on top of a box spring will likely cause it to sag within a few short years. Plus, most companies void a mattress warranty if you pair your memory foam mattress with a box spring. If your mattress loses support or falls apart because of a box spring, you wont be able to file for a warranty claim.

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Comfort Layer In Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

The presence of gel infusions in gel memory foam mattresses make these beds cooler than traditional memory foam beds. Cooling gel is either swirled into memory foam or added on top of the comfort layer to dissipate heat. This gel is made with phase-changing materials . PCM is a combination of non-toxic chemicals that change from solid to liquid with heat.

The cooling effect of gel memory foam mattresses may be temporary because once the PCM changes from a solid to a liquid state, it cant cool anymore. The gels performance may differ because different mattress manufacturers use different chemical amounts in the PCM. Factors such as the breathability of the mattress cover and the room temperature also affect the performance of the PCM.

Gel memory foam mattresses cool you down while retaining all of the other benefits of traditional memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is excellent at isolating motion, making it a perfect option for restless sleepers.

If you dont want to invest in a gel memory foam mattress, you can buy gel memory foam mattress accessories. Gel memory foam mattress toppers and pads are an affordable option for experiencing the feel of gel memory foam.

Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress For Back Pain

As weve discussed above, traditional innersprings with a continuous coil or Bonnell coil structure will not offer any conforming support, which is necessary for alleviating the stress from your pressure points and maintaining proper spinal alignment during your sleep. This makes them unsuitable for sufferers of back pain.

The real comparison then, boils down to pocketed coil mattresses versus memory foam: and while both of them offer sufficient localized support and have the ability to adopt the shape of the sleepers body, they vary in their surface feel.

Memory foam is soft and sinking, whereas pocketed coil mattresses are springy and reactive so ultimately, it is a matter of what feels right under your aching back.

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Which Bed Frames Dont Need A Box Spring

There are also a variety of bed frames that do not require a traditional box spring, regardless of the mattress type. Weve already confirmed that slat bed frames dont need a box spring as long as the slats are appropriately distanced. The other options include:

  • Solid platform bed frame
  • Adjustable bed frame

Types Of Spring Systems

Prince Mattress SH7800 ( Ametop) 2cm Memory Foam plus 5cm ...

Different kinds of springs and coils may be used to make spring mattresses. The way these coils and springs are layered, arranged and connected within a bed determine the different typessuch as Bonnell coil, offset coil, continuous coil, pocket coil, coin-on-coil, and innerspring.

Bonnell Coil Mattress

Hourglass-shaped coils form the support layer in this innerspring mattress. These coils are the cheapest amongst spring mattresses, making these beds less durable than other types.

Offset Coil Mattress

Individual coils are connected to each other as they sit very close and tight together forming a coil layer that provides firm support to the mattress. Offset coil mattresses are durable, but the connected coils transfer motion, not making them a good option for couples.

Continuous Coil Mattress

Continuous coils comprise one big wire which is twisted into thousands of coils to form the support layer. While this arrangement makes a very durable bed, it also transfers motion because the entire support layer is very well connected.

Pocket Coil Mattress

Pocket coils mattresses contain innerspring coils individually wrapped in fabric. They are the latest version of coils and are technologically more advanced than the others, making them the most expensive in the spring mattress category. The individual wrappings reduce motion transfer significantly, making this bed one of the favored options.

Coil-on-Coil Mattress

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Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Mattress

While all memory foam mattresses are anti-microbial, hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses are resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

Gel memory foam is considered to be one of the most resistant to allergens. Latex memory foam, however, is considered the most hypoallergenic. Just keep in mind that you shouldnt use a latex memory foam mattress if you have a latex allergy.

Features Of Memory Foam Mattress

Theres a reason why memory foam mattresses are considered the best mattress of 2020. They are like the all-rounder delivering on comfort, support, price, and more. Check out all the much-loved features of memory foam below:

  • Cooling: Many of the most comfortable mattresses are memory foam because they sleep cool in the summer and nice and cozy in the winter. The open cell structure in memory foam promotes better airflow that ensures heat doesnt get trapped between the layers of the bed.
  • Support: The highly-contouring and body-adaptive properties in a memory foam mattress make it a great choice for sleepers who deal with aches and pains. The comfort layers of memory foam are designed to relieve pressure points and cradles muscles and joints for sleep that’s comfy and rejuvenating.
  • Motion isolation: Memory foam has a high level of viscosity which is a fancy word that simply means it resists the flow of motion very well. This is what makes memory foam the best type of mattress for couples. Movement energy gets absorbed by the material so that partners do not get disturbed by sudden movements.

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Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattresses: Which One Is Right For You

Each has unique features and benefits, but the decision comes down to your personal needs. Let me walk you through it.

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for a new mattress, you’ve probably noticed that memory foam and hybrid are two terms that come up often. But if you’re not familiar with mattress lingo, these descriptors can leave you with more questions than answers. They both sound comfy, but which one is right for you?

The answer depends on several factors, like your sleeping style, your nighttime body temperature and whether you sleep alone or with someone or something else. If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, I’ve streamlined things for you by breaking down the benefits and drawbacks of each type of mattress and how you can decide.

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Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattresses: Differences And Benefits Of Each

Homylink Memory Foam Mattress Review

Getting a good nights sleep is worth a million bucks. Or, at least it feels that way. When you turn over and realize its 3 am, youd happily pay the Sandman just to get in a REM cycle before the alarm goes off. If youre riding the white-knuckle roller coaster of insomnia every night, you might be on the wrong mattress.

There are lots of bedding systems on the market. And the battle of memory foam vs. spring mattresses is ongoing. Which type of mattress is right for you? Does it really matter whats on the inside of your mattress? Whether you get a foam or spring mattress, doing some research never hurts.

Lets explore memory foam vs. spring technology so you can make an informed decision about how to usher in a new era of peaceful sleep.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of foam and spring coils. These mattresses usually have at least 3 inches of foam in the top layer of the bed and a base made of pocketed spring coils. There are many different hybrid mattresses on the market. Some feature memory foam layers, while others rely on latex foam. Many consider hybrids to be the best of both worlds since they offer the contouring of memory foam but also have the bounce that comes with an innerspring bed.

Box Springs Vs Foundations

A traditional box spring consists of a frame with steel springs or widely spaced wooden slats and a cloth cover. Most of these bases are made with a wooden frame however, some modern models have metal components.

Box spring bases absorb shock from the sleepers movements. The coils or slats react to the sleepers weight and evenly distribute pressure to prevent wear or sagging.

When paired with a foam bed, the box spring flexes, causing the mattresses to sag in the middle, which rolls the sleepers towards each other. Box springs typically have wooden slats more than 3 inches apart. This is another issue for memory foam mattresses, as the foam can sometimes dip below the slats and unevenly distribute weight, leading to premature material disintegration.

Foundations are a completely different product from box springs. They create a solid surface with evenly spaced slats or whole pieces of hard material to reinforce the mattress. Foundations do not flex with weight. The closer spaced slats are more supportive, resulting in less shock absorption.

Because foundations are sturdy, they can pair well with memory foam mattresses. While there are many different styles of foundations, some are built into bed furniture while others come separately.

Box springs and foundations come in three different height profiles: standard , medium , and low .

All box springs and their accompanying foundations come in twin twin XL , full , queen , king , and California king sizes .

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Do You Need A Special Bed Frame For A Memory Foam Mattress

You dont need a special bed frame, so to speak, but memory foam mattresses do require a certain level of support. Most memory foam mattress warranties will specify that the mattress should be kept on a solid or slatted surface with slats no more than 3 inches apart. Most mattress foundations and platform beds meet this requirement, so its not terribly difficult to find a compatible bed frame for your foam mattress.

The Basics Of Innerspring Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress Spring Sprung Single Double Small ...

Innerspring mattresses are the most popular among consumers: theyre cheap, and have been extensively developed to cater to a wide range of consumer requirements over the years. They consist of metallic springs, either woven out of a single wire into an unbroken structure, or crafted individually and combined together using a lacing.

The firmness of an innerspring mattress is determined by the thickness of its coils . Thinner coils are better able to shape themselves to your body profile, but are also less firm. The firmness can also be modified by the shape, number of turns and height of the coil. Innersprings can generally be divided into Bonnell coils, continuous coils, offset coils, and pocket coils.

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