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Can You Sleep On A Box Mattress The First Night

Signs Your Mattress Is Too Firm

Bringing Home a Bed-in-a-Box? (50 sec) – Mancini’s Sleepworld
  • You wake up with upper back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Discomfort in your shoulders, hips or knees
  • Numbness or tingling in your arms, hands, legs or feet
  • The mattress doesn’t contour to your body, or there’s no give on your pressure points

If you’re experiencing any or all of these things, it’s a good sign that you need to swap your mattress out for a softer one.

Finding The Right Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice for those seeking a pain-free night. Memory foam contours to the body, relieving pressure points and reducing aches and pains. While memory foam may run the risk of overheating, cooling materials can alleviate this problem.

Choosing a memory foam model based on your sleeping position and body weight can provide you with a better nights sleep.

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How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

This post has affiliate/referral links. Learn more.Memory foam can be so comfortable. The memory foam molds around your body when you sleep on it and helps you relax better.

Memory foam is widely used all around the world for its benefits and comfort. The mattress often comes in thicknesses from under 7 inches to over 15 inches.

Read on to find out how you could make memory foam expand faster.

Most memory foam mattresses arrive while not looking like a proper mattress. Because the manufacturers produce it that way. The mattress was compressed, machine-rolled, and folded for easy transport to you.

The foam mattress is then easier to get inside a box and delivered. When you buy the mattress, it comes compressed and packed inside a box. Its good to know the compressing process doesnt harm the foam.

The recommended times for the rolled mattress expansion differ between brands and sizes. On average, it takes about 24-72 hours.

For most mattresses like this one by Zinus, you can sleep on it right after unpacking.

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How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Expand

The main reason why compressed bed in a box memory foam mattresses dont expand fully after unboxing is due to foam pockets.

If you watch the video below, you can see for yourself how mattresses are compressed, folded, and rolled allowing them to be put inside the neat little box that arrived at your door.

Foam pockets happen due to the mattress being cramped inside the box.

This is one of the dangers of leaving your memory foam mattress in the box for too long .

However, the good news is that these foam pockets can often be removed by following the steps below.

And you dont need to buy anything extra either.

But you MUST check the warranty or return policy FIRST to ensure that youre not voiding it by following the steps below and if you are, then you might be better off just going straight to step 5 to ensure that you dont end up out of pocket.

Otherwise, follow the steps in the order below.

You can also combine some of the steps to save time.

Mint Mattress By Tuft & Needle

The " First

Made of three layers of Tuft & Needles signature T& N Adaptive foam with 30% extra heat-wicking graphite and more gel beads for added breathability compared to theOriginal Mattress. 100-night sleep trial, 10-year limited warranty, and free shipping and returns.

Mattress tester: AD PRO features editor Anna Fixsen

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Why Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor Is Bad

When putting mattress on floor, youre denying air circulation through the mattress. However, dont be discouraged from sleeping on a mattress on floor without box spring or base. All you need to do is put your mattress on its side against the wall for a short time once per week to allow it to breathe.

Put The Mattress On The Floor And Wait 72 Hours

Time is often the most effective solution here.

Most modern memory foam mattresses are designed to expand fully in just a few hours so that you can sleep on them the same night.

However, youll find that many brands will say that it can take up to 72 hours for complete expansion.

Now, if youve already tried this then you might have some better luck if you move the mattress on to a hard surface like the floor because this can encourage expansion.

If youve yet to wait 72 hours and you have nowhere else to sleep then you should be fine sleeping on it on the first night this can actually help expansion in many cases as described in step 4.

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How Long Do You Let A New Mattress Air Out

New mattresses may take between 24 to 48 hours to air out according to most manufacturers. However, this is not guaranteed as mattresses are made of various materials, thickness, and firmness. Some memory foam mattresses tale more time to expand than other products. If youre lucky, your new mattress may take less than 24 hours to completely air out.

More importantly, you can sleep on your new mattress straight away. But this might give you an inconvenient experience while sleeping, especially if the foam hasnt expand much yet. The key here is to allow at least 4 to 6 hours for your mattress to air out so that you can at least have a comfortable sleep.

Best For Pressure Relief Puffy Mattress

How To SLEEP with BOX BRAIDS! Box Braid Night Routine

  • 3 firmness options to choose from, suited for different types of users and sleeping positions
  • natural Tencel cover for improved breathability
  • close conforming for targeted pressure relief and effective weight distribution
  • machine-washable cover for fuss-free maintenance
  • open-cell comfort foam for cooler sleep.

Allow me to share another awesome model in my review of the best online mattresses in Canada. The Novosbed is a great example of affordable luxury and user-oriented design. This mattress is perfect for memory foam fans and people who appreciate customization.

Now, heres the deal:

The Novosbed uses memory foam for comfort layers and high-density polyfoam for the base. This results in a very balanced feel, with a good amount of cradling and strong support. The edges are a bit on the weaker side though, which is common for foam mattresses.

But heres the kicker:

This mattress comes in 3 firmness options. Therefore, the Novosbed can cover the needs of all types of sleepers, regardless of the sleeping position.

It gets even better:

If you dont feel comfortable enough sleeping on your new Novosbed, the company will send you an adjustment layer with more suitable firmness. This works great for those who dont know their sleep needs precisely and dont want to bother with returns. You can adjust the firmness of your mattress and find that perfect spot, where you feel comfortable in all sleeping positions.

Bottom line:

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What Is A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses contour to the sleepers body. Theyre hefty, high-density, heavy mattresses. The heavier the weight of a mattress, the greater the densityand the greater the density, the longer it tends to last without starting to sink or sag. Memory foam can be ideal for side sleepers, as well as people who suffer from joint pain memory foam offers solid pressure relief, so you might want to make sure that any mattress you purchase has at least a layer of two of it. Memory foam can also work well for couples, since it minimizes motion transfer . If you like a bed you can literally sink into, you might love a memory foam mattress.

Can Memory Foam Cause Back Problems

A memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses for back pain since it conforms well to the curves of your body. However, a mattress can cause back issues if you dont choose a firmness that matches your sleeping position. Side sleepers need a soft to medium mattress, while back and stomach sleepers need a medium-firm to firm mattress.

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The Mattress Might Not Expand Fully

The biggest risk of leaving your memory foam mattress in its box for too long is that it might not expand to its full size after opening.

This is because the compression forces being applied to the mattress for an excessive amount of time may inhibit the materials ability to fully decompress.

If your memory foam mattress isnt expanding to its maximum capacity then see the related questions section below for a possible solution.

Sleep On It Every Night

My Bed Capsule Sleep Box Hostel

No matter how uncomfortable you feel, resist the urge to sleep somewhere else or go back to your old mattress for the first 30 to 60 days. Consistently sleeping on your new mattress not only breaks in the materials faster, but it also helps your body adjust. If you keep going back and forth between your new mattress and the old one, it can actually delay the process.

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Your Mattress Needs 24

We use machines that vacuum seal our mattresses at over 1000 pounds a square inch. Thats so we can ship it cost effectively AND quickly. Its how we make sure that you can get your mattress in a timely manner without breaking the bank. That being said, it also means that your mattress might need a little time to decompress after arriving at your house. You know how after you take a long trip you need a day or two to unwind and feel like yourself? Thats exactly what your mattress is going through.

There are a couple of different factors that go into how long it takes your mattress to expand. First, air pressure is a big factor. If youre living in a location that is high in pressure, it may take a bit longer to get it into full shape. Humidity and the natural ventilation in your room also can affect the length of time it takes. The better your ventilation the quicker you can use the mattress. So how do you know when its ready to sleep on?

Dusk And Dawn Signature

The Dusk and Dawn Signature mattress has a total of 6 layer mattress and an impressive 38 cm thickness and weight of approximately 60 kg .

If that’s not enough, itâs also made in Australia with Australian wool and materials. The main drawback of this mattress is that itâs a luxury choice and not budget-friendly .

If youâre looking for an Aussie made mattress with all the bells and whistles that will last ten years, then paying $2,500 will equal 0.68 a day over its lifespan, isn’t too bad a choice.

Unlike the others on our list, this mattress is not packaged in a box. However, they only ship directly to you, not through a store so you still benefit from the savings.

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Warm The Room Up To At Least 20c

You can do this at the same time as step 1.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive.

Cold inhibits expansion whilst warmth encourages it.

So if your room is cold, then you should heat it up until youve hit the average room temperature of 20°C or slightly more.

If the mattress still hasnt expanded fully after 72 hours using the temperature and floor technique then move on to step 3.

The Warranty Could Be Voided

Review and unboxing of Night Therapy Elite 13″ MyGel Prestige Memory Foam Mattress

Its possible that leaving your memory foam mattress inside the box for longer than the manufacturer recommends could end up voiding the warranty in some cases.

This could be an issue both in the long term and the short term.

For example, if you have a defective mattress that wouldnt have expanded fully anyway you might not be able to get a replacement because the manufacturer might say that your mattress didnt fully expand because you left it in the box for too long.

Always read through the terms of the warranty for your mattress just to be sure.

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What Are The Possible Reasons Why Your Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Expanding

If your Lucid memory foam mattress is not expanding, there might be an essential step you havent performed after unrolling it. First, it needs time to develop, typically within 72 hours before you can finally use the mattress. So wait for it until it becomes entirely usable in its original size.

Some memory foam mattresses take one week to air out, but they lose the new-foam smell at the same time. It is already fully plumped when you noticed that the smell is gone. And you can use a mattress topper to retain the plumpness of your new memory foam.

Unpack And First Impression

The Tempur cloud arrived in a large box. The mattress was heavy and required two people to move it to the upstairs bedroom. After we have opened the box and rolled out the Tempur-Pedic mattress, we let it outgas for a few days. We placed the Tempur Cloud on a Modway June queen bed frame and it fitted well.

Our first impression of the mattress was how firm it felt. It gave in to our weight and body shape for comfortable support. The Tempur cloud was much more comfortable than our previous mattress.

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Which Frame Should I Use For My Bed In A Box

Most of the time, any frame will do, but there are exceptions and a few limitations.

Each brand will tell you specifically which types of frames are suitable and which ones to avoid, but well get you started with some things youll need to consider.

Some frames have slats that are too far apart. If youre looking for pure memory foam beds, you should get slats that are closer together to prevent dipping.

Also, if you want an adjustable base, keep in mind that not all mattresses will accommodate that, particularly hybrid/innerspring models. However, this isnt universal, and there are several hybrid brands that do indeed work well with adjustable bases.

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When To Consider A Return

How To Buy A Mattress

But what if you’ve been sleeping on your new mattress consistently for 60 days and you’ve tried all of these tricks but you still can’t get comfortable? It may just be a sign that you bought the wrong mattress for you and it’s time to go back to square one. This is common enough that most mattress companies and furniture stores offer returns or exchanges, even on used mattresses.

At this point, you may not trust your mattress instincts, since you’ve already made the wrong choice once, but there are some easy ways to diagnose your mattress woes.

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What To Do With A New Mattress

Once you received your new mattress, its important to consider some practical tips to help it expand more quickly. One of the best ways to make sure that you will have a good nights sleep with your new memory foam is to let the off-gassing finish first. Then you need to wait until it expands to the exact inches that is indicated in the box.

If your memory foam has a 10-inch profile, you should wait until it has completely expanded with corners in full shape. You may only put the sheets and mattress cover once the bed has reached 10 inches in height. Before you sleep on it, the corners should have taken shape to avoid damaged or distorted mattress.

The following are some expert suggestions to speed up your new memory foams expansion process:

  • Place it in a room with higher temperature. Heat is important in helping new mattresses to expand more quickly. A cold room will only stiffen your new mattress and cause longer time to fully expand. Therefore, cranking the heat in your bedroom slightly is a huge help in the process.
  • Roll on your mattress to help the foam expand more. This doesnt mean that you need to sleep on your new mattress right away. Applying some weight on the memory foam can speed up its expansion process. Just make sure you dont overdo it to prevent damaging the foam.

Whats So Great About A Mattress In A Box

In Canada, buying a mattress in a store can be a chore. More than that, you end up spending a lot more for a box store mattress than one purchased online. Why? Youre paying for all that overhead!

Online purchase doesnt have to lease a massive, expensive showroom. No need to pay utilities on that space, and certainly dont have to hire commission sales associates. Instead, the storefront is the website plus, these mattresses basically sell themselves! In addition, you can purchase mattress protectors, pillows, pillow protectors and other great products online.

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How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Take To Inflate

Generally, manufacturers say it takes 24-48 hours for a memory foam mattress to fully inflate. This time frame is not set in stone as each memory foam mattress is unique. Some new mattresses will take longer or even less time. You also do not have to wait a full 24 hours to put on your mattress protector or topper. Also, you can sleep on a mattress on the first night, just know the bed may feel different on night two or three.

Unbox Your Memory Foam Mattress Within 3 Days

Cabinet bed comparision Night and Day, Arason Enterprises, CabinetBed

The best advice that I can give you here is to unpack your mattress as soon as is possible.

If you cant, then Id say that you should be able to leave your memory foam mattress in the box for up to 3 days without any damage occurring.

However, some manufacturers allow for a longer time frame.

I did some detective work, and I managed to find out how long you can leave a memory foam mattress in its box for a number of the most popular brands that make memory foam mattresses.

And as you can see from the table below, some brands like Zinus say that you should unbox your mattress within a week whilst Casper will give you up to 3 months.

The rest of the brands provide varying time frames.

I found this information on the manufacturers websites so I assume that its accurate.

However, its important to note that the exact amount of time may be different for hybrid and innerspring mattresses whilst further variation may arise between models.

If in doubt, I recommend contacting the manufacturer directly for further clarification for your exact mattress.

1 week

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