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Is A Tempurpedic Mattress Memory Foam

How The Specs Compare

Difference Between a Tempurpedic Mattress- and a Normal Memory Foam Mattress
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What Are Memory Foam Mattresses

TEMPUR® Material is the original memory foam, but no other memory foam is TEMPUR® Material. Memory foam is a high-density foam that is predominantly used in mattresses and pillows. Youre probably thinking, well thats not exactly rocket science, but youwould be quite wrong

TEMPUR® was first created by NASA in the 1970s to cushion astronauts during lift-off as they journeyed into space. TEMPUR® sleep scientists realised the potentialof this unique material and were the very first to introduce this revolutionary product to the world. Since then, we have been making mattresses and pillows with theaim of transforming the sleep of our owners across the globe.

We invest millions each year to constantly improve our formulas and innovate new products. In fact, only a handful of highly trained scientists know our secretformula!

If you are not convinced TEMPUR® is right for you then why not put us to the test? We offer a 100 night mattress home trial on all models when you order direct. Plus we deliver to all Mainland UK addresses for FREE! If you dont love it, send it back and we will refund you.

So if you want to know more about the history of TEMPUR® and memory foam? Click here.

Someone Looking For Pain Reduction

The mattresses are great at providing pain relief and thats a big reason people love TEMPUR-Pedic. The high-quality memory foam reduces the pressure points, allowing for a comfortable sleeping experience that doesnt hurt the hips, shoulders, or neck.

At the same time, their collection of models, especially the higher density models, do a great job of conforming to the contours of a persons body. That promotes spinal alignment and ensures the back can be in its natural, healthy position throughout the night. If people are looking for a mattress that can provide pain reduction, TEMPUR-Pedic might be a good place to look.


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Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, was originally designed by NASA to use as cushioning in aircraft seats. Thanks to its close-conforming pressure relief, memory foam has become a popular material in the mattress industry.

While each model is different, most memory foam mattresses consist of a memory foam comfort system over a high-density polyfoam support core. Some memory foam mattresses also incorporate other materials, such as latex and specialty polyfoam, into their construction to increase durability, responsiveness, and/or temperature neutrality.

Memory foam mattresses cradle the body, which can help distribute weight away from pressure points. However, these conforming properties can also trap heat, which may be uncomfortable for some sleepers. That is why many manufacturers infuse the foam with substances like gel or copper, which are intended to draw heat away from the body. Covers designed for cooling and other materials engineered to wick away heat may also enhance the temperature neutrality.

Memory foam beds are popular and widely available. While prices vary, the average cost of a queen size all-foam mattress is between $800 and $2,500.

What Is The Right Price Point For Tempurpedic Foam

Tempur Mattresses Tempur Cloud Elite

This is where Nectar really shines. Our mattresses on average cost less than half the price of a tempurpedic. Compare our queen sizes, $799 for a Nectar, and $3599 for a tempurpedic. That, plus the forever warranty and free trial from Nectar, make it the clear winner in our minds, but dont take our word for it. Try one out today and see for yourself.

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Those Who Are Used To The Traditional Innerspring Feel

Generally speaking, people tend to either love or hate the feeling of memory foam. There are memory foam people and those who just dont like the feeling. The traditional innerspring feel is quite different from what people get from most TEMPUR-Pedic models If people prefer a more traditional style mattress that includes an innerspring coil system, they can look at a TEMPUR-Pedic hybrid model but even that may have too much foam.

Summary Of The Luxe Breeze

While we acknowledge their position in the industry, and its founder status as the king of the memory foam mattress, the price compared to hungry upstarts and direct-to-consumer eCommerce retailers has weakened their position in our opinion to a degree lately.

In the past, when they were pretty much the only or best choice for memory foam mattresses, they simply were the only horse in the show.

Now, however, new entrants that are under $1000 are really taking a run at Tempur Pedic and saving a lot with the direct-to-consumer model, saving a lot for the consumer by cutting out the store distribution model.

Many of these new mattress companies have as good quality and materials if not in some cases better with liberal sleep trials , great warranties, and delivered to your door with minimal hassle.

But it is hard to beat the king of the memory foam mattress especially when they run some of their heavily discounts online.

The high density foam, direct-delivery model, and now reduced sale prices online, makes this much more affordable model for what you get and the Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze definitely delivers for what you get.

For reduced motion transfer, a soft, comfortable bed, and one that gives you the highest quality on the market from the original innovators, it is hard to argue with not choosing this mattress.

Hopefully this review of the TempurPedic Luxe Breeze helps you in your next purchase of a new memory foam mattress!

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What Is A Memory Foam Mattress

Developed by NASA to absorb shock in airplane seats, this versatile high-density mattress foam has found its way into the best memory foam mattresses on the market. Made with soft, heat-sensitive material, memory foam mattresses take shape around your body. This provides pressure relief and guarantees a more comfortable and restful nights sleep.

Are memory foam mattresses good?

Memory foam mattresses are high-quality beds suitable for people who want a good night’s sleep on a hypoallergenic bed that will comfortably function for years to come. From a full size memory foam mattress to a king size memory foam mattress, options abound for all types of sleepers.

How much are memory foam mattresses?

Depending on the features, a memory foam mattresses can be expensive. A memory foam mattress with box spring will be more costly than a memory foam mattress plush. If you are looking for a low price on a memory foam mattress, search our selection at Sam’s Club to find a variety of members-only pricing.

Are memory foam mattresses worth it?

They can be! Not all queen memory or twin memory foam mattress are created equal. When you are looking to replace your old mattress with a new all-foam sleep surface, make sure to research and read memory foam mattress reviews.

Is a memory foam mattress a good fit for me?

Which memory foam mattress is best for me?

Buy a memory foam mattress at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers a wide selection of memory support foam mattresses at members-only prices.

Other Considerations For Side Sleepers

TempurPedic Vs Puffy Mattress Review – Which Memory Foam Mattress Is BEST??

Weight: A sleepers weight plays a role in how a mattress feels, but this is often particularly true for side sleepers. In general, individuals who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds usually prefer a medium to medium firm model. Those that weigh less tend to like a softer option, while those that weigh more generally favor a firmer feel. If the mattress is too firm for a side sleepers weight group, they may not sink in enough to enjoy pressure-relieving contouring. However, if it is too soft for their weight group, their hips and shoulders may dip too deeply into the mattress and put a strain on their lumbar region.

Pelvic Rotation: Side sleepers should pay attention to how they position themselves to avoid pelvic rotation. Some side sleepers tend to twist their bodies, which can rotate their pelvis and put their spine out of alignment. Sleeping with the legs fully extended usually helps minimize pelvic rotation.

Shoulder Pain: Side sleepers may experience shoulder pain for a number of reasons. It can occur as a result of pressure buildup from sleeping on a mattress without enough contouring. Additionally, the shoulder underneath your body may also collapse against the mattress, pushing it up towards your neck and potentially straining the area.

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Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill Ps

This modern-looking mattress is medium-soft, ensuring an even sleeping experience for the majority of people.

The Silver Chill offers great all-over support. What makes this one truly great though is the double chill technology, offering you a cool nights sleep. It uses DuoChill technology along with a ChillTech Ultra Stretch to offer you great airflow and heat release throughout the night.

The knit quality of the mattress is beautiful, and the mattress is soft and cool to the touch. Youll get deep body contouring due to the Advanced Memory Foam design, and the gel infusion is a dream. If youre a hot sleeper, prepare to have that changed.

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What Are The Differences Between Tempur And Other Memory Foams

Are you looking for a Tempur mattress but wondering what the difference between Tempur and Memory foam is? Youre not alone! This article will aim to simplify things for you. Explaining exactly what Tempurpedic foam is and whether or not it will be suitable for you or a memory foam alternative.

Tempur the market leader who are charging in the region of £1500 £3000 for the mattress alone which makes it a really considered purchase. Especially when there are Memory foam mattress alternatives out there for a fraction of the cost! Then theres a whole dizzying array of new Tempur mattress models with slightly different foams, covers and feels. Enough to make your head spin if youve just started looking for a new mattress!

Lets delve a bit deeper to see if how Tempur and memory foam mattresses compare.

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What Exactly Is Tempurpedic Foam

Tempurpedic is a brand of mattress that claims to be the only true memory foam mattress on the market. But the truth is, ALL foam mattresses are Tempurpedic, they just cant use the brand name . Tempurpedics claim to fame is using NASA-inspired technology, which distinctly molds to the body for a more comfortable and pain relieving sleep. And although many alternate-brand products also use NASA-inspired technology, Tempurpedics aggressive advertising campaigns have dominated the market for many years. Tempurpedic first emerged in the early 1990s. They became known by their use of viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The Polyurethane Foam Association says, viscoelastic foam is typified by its slow recovery after compression. When a weighted object is positioned on viscoelastic foam, the foam progressively conforms to the shape of the object, and after the weight is removed, the foam slowly reassumes its initial shape. Due to this gradual recovery, viscoelastic foam also can be described as slow recovery foam. This type of foam has revolutionized the mattress industry and was first discovered by the company Tempurpedic.

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

Tempur Cloud Luxe 30 Memory Foam Mattress, Soft, King Size ...

Do memory foam mattresses wear out?

It is recommended to purchase a new mattress every 7-10 years. The average memory foam mattress can last up to 8 years or more depending on the brand and its care at home.

When should I buy a new memory foam mattress?

When your current mattress is starting to get old, sag or lose shape, look to purchase a new memory foam mattress on sale.

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What Are The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Could the special properties of memory foam enhance your sleep? Sleep specialist Donna L. Arand, PhD, says that objective studies supporting the claimed benefits of memory foam — or the effects of any particular type of sleeping surface — are lacking.

This is true for a variety of reasons, she says. This type of sleep study can be expensive, if conducted independently. Or it is “chased” by a shadow of bias, if supported by industry.

Also, some sleep technology, such as memory foam, is relatively new, so it hasn’t been well studied. But perhaps one of the more difficult stumbling blocks to testing the health benefits of mattresses such as memory foam is the subjective nature of sleep. It is simply difficult to measure.

Sometimes the brain’s electrical activity, measured with an electroencephalogram , and other findings recorded during a sleep test don’t always match up perfectly with a person’s subjective experience, says Arand, who is the clinical director of the Kettering Sleep Disorders Center in Dayton, Ohio. “They might say, âI had a great night’s sleep,’ but the EEG parameters might not really indicate that.”

Sleep is not only subjective, but preferences for sleep surfaces are individual, Arand says. “There’s quite a bit of variability between individuals in terms of what type of surface — whether it’s firm, hard, or soft — they prefer when they’re sleeping,” she says. “As far as we know, there is no rhyme or reason for that.”

Dont Cut Corners With Memory Foam

Not all memory foam is created equal. Price should not be the only factor considered when determining your next memory foam mattress. The increased availability of memory foam material has also spawned cheap manufacturers, selling lower quality products incapable of fulfilling the same pain relieving benefits that made the material so popular to begin with. While you can save money by avoiding Tempurpedic, you also skip out on overall quality by purchasing on the opposite end of the spectrum. Check out verified reviews for any retailer before making your final purchase.

Any claim that Tempurpedic is the only true memory foam is completely false. Such a claim is purely intended to discredit worthy competitors, competitors who offer a comparable product for a fraction of the price. Tempurpedics effort to set themselves apart from the competition actually serves to discredit their brand, evident to anyone willing to do their homework. What makes something truly unique? In the case of Tempurpedic, inflated prices and a laundry list of consumer complaints.

If youre looking for the highest rated Tempurpedic alternative, be sure to check Amerisleep. This exclusively online retailer adopts an eco-friendly design for the most progressive memory foam mattress on the market. The natural materials of Amerisleep ensure you wont spend a fortune to have the best sleep possible.

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All You Need To Know About Tempur

  • Construction and Firmness

Like you probably already guessed, Tempur-Pedic mattresses are constructed with Tempur material. This is a sort of high-density memory foam like the ones found in foam pillows. The producers of these mattresses make use of a layered construction technique.

Usually, varied Tempur foams are used to create the first two layers of the mattress to give different comfort options. The rest of the mattress is then constructed with two to three more layers of varying foam quality and thickness.

The Tempur material used is what makes it easy for the bed to conform to the contours and body shape of the sleeper. It also helps to distribute the sleepers weight evenly, and as such, sleepers do not tend to wake up with body pains.

  • Sizing and Pricing

The prices of Tempur-Pedic mattresses differ depending on the particular model and size. These mattresses are a little on the pricey side, especially when compared to the prices of other standard beds.

However, they are worth the cost when you consider their advantages. Meanwhile, Tempur-Pedic mattresses come in all the different standard mattress sizes.

How to Clean a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper?

Tempur Pedic mattresses usually come with an anti-microbial removable mattress cover. Whenever youre ready to clean it, all you need do is unzip the cover and wash it in cold water.

  • Availability

How Long Does a TempurPedic Mattress typically last?

Bottom line

Top Post

How Does Body Weight Impact The Tempur

Nectar vs TempurPedic | Memory Foam Mattress Review (MUST WATCH)

The weight of each sleeper will also affect the performance of a mattress. Heavier people will sink in more, and typically prefer firmer beds. Lighter people may find that medium and firm mattresses feel too firm, and do not provide enough contouring. For the TEMPUR-Adapt, here is what our testers found:

For sleepers under 130 pounds, the TEMPUR-Adapt performed well. This models superior conforming, combined with a relatively soft feel, is well suited to sleepers of this weight class. The TEMPUR-Adapt scored very well for side sleepers in this category, well for back sleepers, and fair for stomach sleepers.

For sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds, the TEMPUR-Adapt performed fairly well. Side sleepers rated it very well, as they found that the mattress provided the right mix of contouring, while still providing the deep support needed. Back and stomach sleepers of this category rated this model below-average, however. Many test subjects found that the TEMPUR-Adapt felt too soft, and allowed the body to sink in too much for proper support.

For sleepers over 230 pounds, the TEMPUR-Adapt performed poorly. Most sleepers in this category found that they sank into the soft memory foam too much, leading to back pain and improper support. While some side sleepers in this category still found the TEMPUR-Adapt to be comfortable, back and stomach sleepers rated this model poorly.

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