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How To Clean Cat Urine Out Of A Mattress

Avoid Accidents With Pet Repellents

How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress

Even after youve successfully cleaned your mattress, your pet may be able to smell traces of the urines chemical footprint that are imperceptible to you. Since many animals will return to places theyve peed before to pee again, its wise to use a pet-friendly repellent to prevent future accidents. You can make an inexpensive, all-natural pet deterrent by mixing 1.5 cups of cold water, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and about 20 drops of any citrus-scented essential oil. You should also consider purchasing a mattress protector, which will defend your bed against future accidents as well as dust, dander, and other contaminants.

If you want to prevent future accidents on your bed, you might want to consider a pup-friendly dog bed for your furry friend. Dog beds with a removable cover make cleaning your pets sleep spot a breeze, so you can toss it in the washing machine and continue with your sleep, worry-free.

Cover The Stain In Baking Soda

Your first goal is to soak up as much of the pee as possible. Instead of blotting paper towels into the stain, which could push urine deeper into your mattress, you need to sprinkle baking soda over the top of the affected area.

The baking soda will draw the liquid up without you applying any pressure. Youll see the baking soda darken as it absorbs the urine.

How To Clean Dry Urine From A Tempur

Sometimes you dont realize that theres urine on your mattress until it dries on. Dried-on urine is much more difficult to remove than wet, but it is still possible if you have the right tools to handmost of the compounds that you need you can buy from the dollar store.

Heres how to clean dry urine from a Tempur-pedic mattress:

  • Create a high-strength cleaning spray using the following dollar store ingredients: 8 oz hydrogen peroxide, three tablespoons of baking soda, two to three drops of liquid detergent , and a few drops of essential oil. Lavender is a popular choice here.
  • Place all of the ingredients in a spray bottle and then start dispensing over the affected area anywhere you can see pee stains.
  • Leave the cleaning fluid to dry on the mattress until the baking soda residue forms.
  • Use a vacuum to clean up the excess. The process should remove visible urine marks and prevent them from smelling in the future.
  • If you notice that the smell persists, continue repeating the process. It might seem like a bit of a hassle, but once youve made up the solution, your work is almost done. Continue spraying and vacuuming until you get the results you want.
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    How To Clean Dog Or Cat Urine Stains From Your Mattress

    Time to get rid of those pesky pet stains for good.

    As a pet parent, you love your furry family members. However, if your cat or dog peed on your mattress, you may be struggling to locate those warm, fuzzy feelings at the moment. When you find yourself with pet pee on your bed, don’t stress! Instead, read up on the best way to remove those urine stains with the products pet professionals and cleaning experts recommend.

    Once you’ve cleaned your mattress, take a look at some ways to help prevent your pet from having an accident again. Both you and your cat or dog will appreciate this low-hassle approach to cleaning up those pet stains!

    Spray Onto The Stain And Leave For Three To Five Minutes

    The 25+ best Remove stains from mattress ideas on ...

    Spray your chosen solution onto the stain and leave to sit for 3-5 minutes. You should use enough of the stain remover to counterbalance the amount of urine that has soaked into the mattress before leaving to air-dry.

    If using a commercial stain remover, always carefully follow the instructions on the product packaging, be sure to wear protective gloves, and open the windows for ventilation.

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    How To Clean Cat Urine On A Mattress

    by Erin Ringwald / in Home

    Cats urinate on furniture for different reasons. Sometimes a cat will urinate because the litter box is inaccessible or too dirty. Other cats spray urine to mark their territory. Cat urine has a pungent smell that can be offensive. This is especially true when they urinate on a mattress that you sleep on. Luckily, there are ways to remove cat urine smells from your mattress using household products and a little effort from you.

    • Cats urinate on furniture for different reasons.
    • This is especially true when they urinate on a mattress that you sleep on.

    Remove any damp urine as soon as possible using clean paper towels. Press the paper towels on to the spot to soak it up. If the spot is dry and you are unsure where it is, use a black light to find it. Pass the black light over the mattress and it the spot will glow under the black light.

    Use a plastic squirt bottle to make a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part white distilled vinegar.

    Spray the spot from Step 1 with your vinegar mixture. You want the spot completely saturated. Leave the spot to dry until it is just damp. If you need to dry the spot quicker, use some dry paper towels to dab the area or use the upholstery attachment on a steam cleaner to suck up the moisture.

    • Use a plastic squirt bottle to make a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part white distilled vinegar.
    • Leave the spot to dry until it is just damp.

    Leave the spot to dry completely. Vacuum up the dried baking soda spot.



    Pet Stain Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need To Get Started

    The products you’ll need depends on your personal preferences, so let’s explore two of the best options for cleaning pet stains from a mattress.

    You could use a DIY 50/50 solution of water and vinegar on pet urine. However, many experts recommend enzyme-based cleaners instead. Caitlin Sole, Senior Associate Home Editor with, shares her tips for cleaning up pet messes. Sole relies on enzyme-based cleaners for any stains her Great Pyrenees leaves. “he enzymes work to break down the urine to eliminate odors and stains, whereas vinegar might remove the stain but mask any odors,” Sole says.

    Enzyme-based cleaners work on other pet stains and on a variety of surfaces as well. Just be sure to read the label’s instructions before use, Sole cautions.

    Sole recommends Puracy Pet Urine Eliminator for getting a deeper clean, and Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator for spot treatments.

    Aside from a cleaning solution, you’ll also need absorbent paper towels and a vacuum cleaner.

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    Spray Rubbing Alcohol On Your Bed

    You need to get a spray bottle and fill it with water and rubbing alcohol. Then, spray it onto the affected areas and dry it off using a clean rag after.

    Rubbing alcohol is best used because of its ability to kill bacteria.

    Aside from that, it also has some properties that can help dry the urine out of the futon mattress faster.

    After cleaning the area, which has been recently sprayed with rubbing alcohol, you now have to wipe it again using a wet rag to eliminate any residue.

    But if you ask why you need to dilute it with water instead of applying it directly, rubbing alcohol is flammable.

    Also, remember to provide it ample time for drying before you sleep on it again.

    That is why it is recommended that you wipe the area first using a wet rag to dilute the rubbing alcohol further or soak it up.

    Removing Cat Urine Smells From The Subflooring

    How to Get Cat or Dog Pee out of Mattress | Carpet Cleaner? Baking Soda? Nature’s Miracle?

    Urine can often soak through the carpet and into the subflooring, leaving a stain and a stench that cant be lifted with carpet cleaner and elbow grease.

    If you have pet odor that will not go away despite your best carpet-cleaning efforts, neutralize the scent by using an oil-based, stain-blocking primer on the subfloor beneath the carpeting. Replace the padding as well as that area of carpet.

    Here a few easy steps you can take to remove the cat pee smell from a cushion.

    1. Soak the Area in Water

    Soak the affected area of the cushion with water. Blot up as much of the cat urine as possible with a towel.

    2. Soak the Area With an Enzyme Cleaner

    Then soak the cushion by very slowly, pouring the enzyme cleaner on and around the affected area.

    3. Let It Sit Before Blotting With Towels

    Let it sit for 15 minutes, then squish out as much of the excess enzyme cleaner as possible before blotting with towels.

    4. Let the Cushion Dry

    If possible, leave the cushion outside as long as possible while it dries. Since cushions take days to dry, lay aluminum foil down before putting the cushion back, then put a second layer of foil over the top of the cushion to discourage your cat from peeing on the cushion again.

    Mattresses require almost the same process as cushions.

    1. Soak the Area in Water

    Soak the affected area of the mattress with water. Blot up as much of the cat urine as possible with a towel.

    2. Soak the Area With Enzyme Cleaner

    3. Let It Sit Before Blotting With Towels

    5. Rewash

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    How Long Does It Take For Pee To Dry On A Mattress

    Pee on a mattress can dry in as quickly as two to four hours, so its important to treat it immediately. How long it takes for liquid to dry on a mattress will depend on the quantity of liquid present and how deeply the liquid soaks. A smaller spill or accident will dry more quickly, while a mattress will require 8-10 hours to dry fully after being treated thoroughly with a vinegar solution.

    Behavioral Issues Could Be The Cause

    Once youve ruled out any illness, determine if theres a behavioral reason why your cat isnt going in their usual spot.

    You need to be a detective and take the time to figure out why the cats behavior has changed, says Sandra DeFeo, executive director of the Humane Society of New York.

    According to DeFeo, not using the litter box is one of the most common reasons cats are relinquished to animal shelters. Fortunately, if you can pinpoint the reason behind your cats outside-the-litter-box behavior, you can often deter your cat from staining your carpet or bed linens.

    If there is not a medical problem and the problem truly is behavioral, early intervention is key, Dr. George says. Behavioral issues can sometimes be resolved by adding additional litter boxes around the home, scooping frequently to remove waste, or by moving a litter box from one space in the home to another.

    As a general rule, you should keep as many litter boxes as you have cats in the house, plus one. So, if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes.

    You can also try removing the cover of your cats litter box or changing the type of litter you use to encourage your cat to use his or her box.

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    Are Enzymatic Cleaners Safe

    Most enzymatic cleaners do not contain toxic chemicals. Enzymatic cleaning products are usually composed of biological compounds called enzymesnaturally occurring proteins that speed up chemical reactions necessary to eliminating stains. However, we advise double-checking ingredients lists to ensure your enzyme cleaner does not contain toxic chemicals. Certain brands may add unnatural oxidizing, or stain removing agents to enhance their products ability.

    If Your Cat Pees On The Rug Or Furniture

    Effective DIY Method for Removing Urine Stains and Smell ...

    After youve blotted up as much cat urine from the carpet or furniture as you can, spray the stain with an enzyme-based cleaner. I am a big fan of enzymatic cleaners, Lund says.

    Enzymes break down the uric acid in cat pee into carbon dioxide and ammonia, gases that easily evaporate. This process eliminates the smell, which is part of the organic molecule in the pee, Lund says. You can find enzyme cleaners at most pet stores. There are also green or non-toxic enzyme cleaners available, adds Marrinan.

    Spray the urine stain thoroughly and let the cleaner sink into the carpet for 10-15 minutes, and blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Repeat this process if necessary. You will have to use enough enzymatic cleaner to thoroughly soak all areas that have been dampened by cat pee. Dont worry if the smell actually gets worse for a while. The enzymatic process is not complete until all materials are completely dry, says Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM. This can take weeks under certain conditions. Do not use traditional cleaning solutions in conjunction with enzymatic cleaners, she says. Soaps and detergents can actually deactivate the very enzymes necessary to get rid of the smell of cat pee.

    This same cleaning process can be used on furniture such as couches and mattresses.

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    Use An Enzymatic Cleaner

    If youre dealing with a pet accident, you may need to use an enzymatic cleaner, which is better at neutralizing odors. Since pets have an acutely strong sense of smell, theyll keep urinating on the same spot if theres a lingering odor that signals your pet that its a sanctioned potty area.

    While our DIY solution works wonders, theres still a chance that there will be a lingering odor. This is where the enzymatic cleaner comes in. Urine, whether it originates from a human or animal, contains uric acid crystals. Regular formulas wont be able to break down these crystals, which is why an enzyme-based cleaner is sometimes the only solution.

    Why Cats Urinate Outside Of The Litter Box

    There are a number of reasons why a cat may start peeing outside the litter box. While some owners may think that their cat does it as a way of getting even for something, cats lack the sophisticated cognitive abilities needed to concoct that type of revenge strategy.

    Despite popular belief, cats do not urinate outside the box to ‘get back’ at the owner for something, said Dr. Laura George, DVM at Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center in Shoreline, Washington.

    If your cats not using the litter box, its likely that he or she is trying to tell you something important.

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    Is It The Same Process For Pet Urine

    Yes, with one exception. If your pet has urinated on the bed, youll have to be extra diligent in getting rid of the smell. Pets sensitive noses mean that if they smell even the hint of urine , theyll continue to urinate there because they think its somewhere theyre supposed to go.

    So, if it was a tiny human who made the accident, youre not likely to smell anything lingering once you remove the stain. However, if your pet was responsible for the accident, you have to make sure you eliminate any trace of an odor. Thats why I recommend an enzymatic cleaner in the case of a pet accident.

    How To Clean Up Pet Urine From A Mattress

    How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress

    Cleaning up human urine is relatively straightforward. Mopping up after pets, however, is a different story. Pet urine, especially from cats, tends to smell much more strongly than human pee. Their bodies remove different types of compounds from their bloodstreams, many of which smell far more than ours.

    If you notice fresh pet urine on your bed, you may need to take a different approach from the one we discussed above. A mixture of vinegar and water might not be sufficient to deal with the problem.

    We recommend skipping straight to the hydrogen peroxide formula described above for dealing with dried-on urine stains. This formula contains powerful agents that help to neutralize bedding and remove the effects of the smell of the pee entirely.

    If you notice a recent accident, put on some gloves, blot the area and then sprinkle with baking soda. The baking soda will turn darker over time as it absorbs the pee inside the mattress and draws it out. Then vacuum the mattress and remove all of the baking soda from the bedding. If the smell persists, then try using the above method for removing dried-on urine.

    In summary, cleaning urine from a Tempur-pedic mattress is possible. Whats more, it is something that you can do with regular dollar-store equipment and materials. You dont have to throw out your old mattress and start again, helping to keep your bank balance healthy.

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    How To Get Pee Smell Out Of A Mattress

    While you can remove pee from a mattress pretty quickly, the unwelcome smell can linger for weeks. So what neutralizes urine smell, and how can you get the urine smell out of a mattress?

    What youll need:

    • Baking soda
    • Vacuum

    Because baking soda has a basic pH, it can actually remove the pee smell instead of masking it. To neutralize the urine smell, try out this easy two-ingredient method:

    Can Urine On A Mattress Cause Mold

    Urine may dry, but if not properly removed, it leaves behind the salt found in uric acid. If you experience night sweats or simply live in a humid or rainy climate, this salt will continually draw in moisture. When the affected area becomes filled with moisture, it reactivates, disturbing odors and creating a breeding ground for bacteria-causing mold.

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    How To Get Cat Pee Out Of A Mattress

    If your kitty has mistaken your mattress as a good spot to squat, get to cleaning the mess as soon as possible to prevent the stain from sinking in or setting. If you catch it after its dried out, try a baking powder paste or vinegar to try and break up the odor-causing stain.

    The cleaning method weve laid out is also a great way to get fresh cat urine smell out of your cushions. Follow these steps for thorough clean-up:


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