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Can You Store A Mattress On Its Side

Optional Step : Consider The Addition Of A Waterproof Mattress Storage Cover

How To Move And Store A Mattress

Depending on the length of time you plan on storing your mattress, you may want to apply an additional mattress cover or encasement. This is especially true if you need to plan for longer periods of time to provide peace of mind. Even the best-wrapped plastic may allow fine dirt and dust in overtime through small cracks and folds. The addition of another layer will help provide extra protection that will keep fine dust and dirt from getting too far into any available openings. When placed over a wrapped mattress, it also helps keep your plastic in place and snug up against the mattress itself and also keeps any tape that may have not quite sealed well from peeling back and exposing your material.

What to Remember: Where you choose to store your mattress is also very important, as Ill explain below, but this extra cover may be what you need if you are limited in storage choices. This is also good for extra protection during transportation.

Use A Soft Resting Spot

Where is the memory foam mattress going to be stored?You will want to find a spot that is soft for the mattress to rest on. The goal is for the mattress to be cushioned as that is the only way it is not going to lose its shape after a few months.

There is a balancing act with something like this and you are going to have to be careful.

Choose a spot where nothing is put on top of the memory foam mattress and it has enough space to rest easily.

This is the only way it is going to function the same way it did before getting stored away.

Positioning The Mattress For Storage

Finally, you have to consider how you’re going to position the mattress while you store it. The best storage position for optimal mattress upkeep is flat on the floor. That’s because storing a mattress on its side for an extended period can cause springs to shift and fabric to sag. Make sure to place a tarp on the floor before laying your mattress down to keep it from getting dirtyand avoid placing objects on top of the mattress to prevent damage.

If you’re keeping a mattress on its side, then you’ll want to limit the amount of time it’s in storage to prevent damage.

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Keeping It From The Elements

When we are talking about keeping it from the elements, wedont mean that you should keep it from getting wet. You should make sure thatthe place of storage isnt too warm, too cold or having too much moist. Thiscan damage the mattress and make it unusable over time. Rather spend more moneyon renting a storage unit that is weather-proved.

Now, you know exactly how to store your mattress correctly. This is the only way to ensure that you are going to have a usable mattress when you need to use the mattress again.

Transport Your Mattress Properly

What are the best storage beds?

Transporting your mattress means protecting it from all the dirt and filth that it will be exposed to during the journey. Cover it with bed covers, fabrics, and plastic wrapping you have. Alternately, you can use a mattress storage bag or a vacuum storage bag. A vacuum storage bag will suck out all the air and protect the mattress from moisture.

Always remember to ship your mattress in a covered truck. It is best to place it flat on the truck floor. Keeping it on its side might dislodge the springs from their place. Take care not to place heavy objects on your mattress while it is flat.

Using a car may not be a good idea to transport a mattress. Tying a mattress to the roof of vehicles might destroy the mattresss shape. Moreover, rains might permanently damage the mattress.

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Move Your Mattress In A Covered Truck

The best way to transport your mattress is to use a covered pickup truck that ensures the protection of your bed from dust, storm, thunder, hail, snow, and rain. Fixing your mattress at the top of your car may damage the internal springs of the mattress.

Check out our blog on how to move a mattress to understand the insights of transporting a mattress effectively.

Do Not Stack Other Objects Upon Your Mattress

Even though mattresses are made to lay upon, even with nightly use it is suggested to rotate your mattress every 3 to 4 months to keep it wearing evenly. The reason behind this is due to how materials settle over time and compress under your body weight. This is especially true if you sleep with a particularly sized partner. The same concept applies to placing weight upon it when in storage. When you do this, it becomes a continual pressure that never allows the material to rest and, coincidentally, will result in less mattress life in the long run. Mattresses will compress naturally under your weight over time, so its best if you dont speed up this process.

What to Remember: Because mattresses are large and take up a lot of room when laid flat, if you are worried about storage space for all your items, try to place your mattress on top of your flat boxes. You may even consider investing in a cheap plywood board to rest on top of your boxes to place your mattress on to keep it lasting for years to come once its time to remove it from storage.

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Keep Your Mattress Flat

This is the main reason this blog post exists. Not to point fingers, but other blog posts and websites often say to store the mattress on its side.

If you stand it up, the padding and coils can settle and the mattress will never be the same. Dont forget, gravitys not always our friend, according to Frank Massaro, a co-owner of Mattrezzz Guys in Austin, TX.

Even with memory foam mattresses, storing a mattress on its side could cause it to fall out of shape if left that way for long periods.

If you intend on keeping this mattress in good shape, youll want to mimic its natural positioningmaybe even setting up your bed frame inside your storage space. Another way to achieve this is to build a loft or perch using your moving boxes and placing your mattress on top.

Do not lay your mattress directly on the ground. Not only does this waste space, but in the unlikely event of a flood your mattress will be soaked.

Search for storage units near you

Dont Store A Mattress On Its Side

The Problem With Memory Foam Mattresses Video

You may think of storing a mattress on its side to leave more room for other items around it, but this is not good for the quality of your RV or boat mattress. When a foam mattress stands on its side for too long, the foam can start to sag and lose its shape. If your mattress is made of coils, they will also start to shift and sink, affecting quality and comfort. Always lay a mattress flat in storage and avoid putting anything else on top of it.

If your mattress is old and deteriorating, dont even go to the trouble of storing it this off-season. Instead, upgrade to a brand-new, high-quality RV or marine mattress from Replacement Mattress! We have a huge online selection of mattresses in both standard and custom shapes, sizes, and thickness levels.

Order online today or contact our team for help choosing your perfect replacement mattress!

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How Long You Can Store A Mattress On Its Side

When you want to store a mattress on its side, it should not last a long time due to particular circumstances.

So, how long can you store a mattress on its side?

A typical quality mattress could last 10-15 years if you are careful with it.

A mattress is built differently depending on the material, size, type, etc. And what you need to do is to take care of it.

If you upgraded your mattress and want the old to be stored while thinking of what to do with it, then it is okay.

You can store your mattress on its side for about two months and a half as the maximum time for you.

Do not go beyond that suggested time because you might cause trouble and ruin your mattress in the long run.

As you can see, the mattress is sometimes made of springs and foam, which should be laid flat on the floor.

Arent you curious why it is being stored lying flat on the floor when you go into the mall or some furniture shops near you?

It is not advised for it to be stored sideways since it may ruin its foundation.

You will also need to consider when you can do something about it when it is still in good condition.

Dont wait for your mattress to just stuck up in your storage room and get ruined as time flies.

I can share with you few ways of doing with your mattress since it is no longer needed.

Should I Store My Mattress Or Just Toss It

If your mattress has visible sagging or you feel like youre sinking when you lay down, it could mean that the coils, springs, or foam have broken or bent. This can happen over time and ultimately cause back and joint pain due to inadequate support. If this is the case, theres no point in keeping it any longer and you shouldnt bother storing it.

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With Items On Top Of It

Heavy items stored on top of your mattress can cause major damage to its material and structure, making it unusable in the future. The weight can ruin springs and coils and cause permanent impressions. Sharp objects and pointed corners can puncture or tear the mattress as well. Instead, store your mattress on top of an even surface. For example, moving boxes, flat-topped furniture, or a palette would work well.

Clear Items Off Your Mattress

Murphy Bed Guide And 25 Examples

Once youve found a flat surface to lay your mattress down in your storage unit, its essential to avoid placing any additional items you have in storage on top of your bed. Storing heavy objects on a mattress can eventually damage the inner workings of your mattress.

Placing furniture pieces or heavy items on your mattress can cause permanent damage and leave it dented. No one wants to sleep on a warped mattress, so its best not to take the risk.

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How To Store A Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are much less flexible compared to other mattress types. This comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to storing a spring mattress. Bending these mattresses while loading them into a storage unit can cause damage to the foundation and internal structure.

Spring mattresses wear out quicker than other mattresses in general, making it even more important to clear any items off your mattress. Allow extra room in your storage unit to avoid these issues when storing a spring mattress.

How To Store A Mattress Topper

Although there are many similarities between storing a mattress and storing a mattress topper, there are also distinct differences. Start by cleaning your mattress topper the same way you would clean your mattress with baking soda.

After your mattress topper is dry and sanitized, you can roll up the mattress topper so it takes up less space in your storage unit. Unlike a regular mattress, this will not damage the interior of the topper.

Next, place your rolled-up mattress topper into a storage bag or wrap it in thin plastic. Like mattresses, its best to store your mattress topper in a climate-controlled room to avoid moisture.

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Mattress Talk: Memory Foam Mattresses

In your quest for the right new mattress for you, no doubt youve encountered memory foam. Memory foam mattresses offer a different experience from their traditional innerspring counterparts, as well as hybrid mattresses that utilize both memory foam and innersprings to offer the best of both technologies. Here, well talk about what memory foam can do for you.

Can You Store A Mattress In Your Basement

How to Fix a Dip in a Pillow Top Mattress SEALY -Don’t Buy a New Mattress!

While theres no law saying you cant store a mattress in the basement, its not recommended. Its too humid and damp down there, which is not good for a mattress at all. They will absorb that moisture and, over time, become moldy and smell badly. We recommend you store them in a cool, dry location. Better still, in a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, theyll never be in danger of getting damp and gross.

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Wrap The Mattress In Plastic

Before moving a mattress to its storage location, thoroughly wrap the mattress in plastic and secure the plastic with packing tape to create a tight seal. If possible, do not use thick plastic covers, as these are more likely to trap in the moisture. A light, breathable plastic is more ideal.

Similarly, the mattress needs to stay covered the majority of the time its in storage. For long-term storage, consider purchasing a high-quality mattress bag , which should cost less than $20. These covers are designed to prevent mold and ensure the mattress stays dry.

Bonus Tip: When storing a mattress long term, open up the plastic wrapping every few months to air out the mattress. Make sure to reseal entirely afterward.

The Dos And Donts Of Proper Mattress Storage

If you live in an area where you have to put your RV or boat away for the off-season, taking steps to protect your mattress will help keep it in good shape and maximize its lifespan. Especially if youve invested in a high-quality RV or marine mattress, you want to do everything you can to preserve it for as long as possible.

As you prepare your RV or boat for its off-season home, use these tips to get your mattress ready for storage!

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Make Sure It’s Ventilated

Another way to avoid damp issues with your mattress is to make sure that the room is well ventilated. Mattresses need air flow to stay clean and fresh.

If you’re storing your mattress at home, you can open a window or use a fan to maintain airflow. In a storage space, ensure that your unit has air conditioning to prevent the room from getting humid.

When storing your mattress for an extended period of time, you should open the seal on the bag or plastic once a week to let the mattress breathe.

Mattress Storage From Access Self Storage

How Long Can You Store A Memory Foam Mattress On Its Side ...

Theres no reason to toss a perfectly good mattress out to the curb. When you follow these best practices on how to store a mattress, you should be able to keep yours in usable condition for the future. The well-being of your mattress in storage, in part, depends on how well you store the surrounding itemswhich is why weve compiled some general packing and storage tips, too.

Need reliable storage space for your mattress any other household items? At Access Self Storage, we have a full range of unit options to fit your lifestyle. Reserve storage online today!

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Thoroughly Clean And Air Out The Mattress

Cleaning a mattress can be accomplished in many different ways, but the easiest method is vacuuming your mattress on both sides and then using upholstery cleaner . Do the following to get a mattress ready for storage:

  • Remove mattress and boxspring from the bed frame and strip all bedding.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the exterior and let sit to absorb lingering odors.
  • Vacuum up all the baking soda using an attachment.
  • Let the mattress air out for a few hours before proceeding to the next step.

Move In A Covered Moving Truck

When moving your mattress from point A to point B, cover the bed pieces with old blankets or sheets to further shield them from dirt and damage. Remember always to use a covered moving truck.

It is not only unsafe to tie a mattress to the top of your car, but the mattress could also bend to the point of no return in the process. Inclement weather could also complicate matters when moving a mattress on an open truck bed.

During the moving process, its okay to keep the mattress on its side to create more space in the moving truck. This method is preferred versus piling lots of heavy furniture on top of the mattress.

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How To Store Your Mattress At Home

To store a mattress in your garage, follow the same cleaning and storage steps that we went over above. Garages tend to have high humidity, however, creating a breeding ground for fungus and mold to accumulate on your mattress. If youre not using a climate-controlled storage unit, another option is to invest in a portable dehumidifier to place in your garage.

Move In A Covered Vehicle

Purple Mattress Review – Is It Worth The Hype??? (UPDATED!)

If you are moving your mattress to a storage area, then be sure to transport it within a covered vehicle to avoid compromising the awesome wrapping job you applied. This also helps to keep it from getting inadvertently exposed to moisture or other dirt, liquids, or sharp objects.

What to Remember: If you must transport it in the open, consider protecting it even further with the added mattress protector.

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