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How Much Does A Nectar Queen Mattress Weigh

You Might Not Like The Nectar If:

Nectar Mattress Queen Size Review – Great for Side Sleepers!
  • You want a responsive foam mattress like Casper, or an ultrabouncy bed like Avocado.
  • You favor your side when you sleep.
  • If you weigh over 230 lbs. larger body types would be more accommodated on a supportive hybrid bed.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

Ideal Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

The Eco Terra mattress model is a latex hybrid and the only mattress model marketed by American producer Eco Terra.

The business was founded in 2016 with the objective of supplying green mattress models, which is reflected in Eco Terras use all-natural as well as lasting materials.

The Eco Terra mattress is handmade in the United States without the use of harmful chemicals or artificial products.

It is a hybrid mattress model, integrating elements of both an innerspring mattress as well as a latex mattress.

The mattress model has an elevation of 11 inches, which has to do with average for a hybrid mattress..

Mattress Kind: Latex Hybrid

Consumer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium and Medium-firm

Test Duration for Returns: 90 nights

To buy: How Much Does A Nectar Queen Mattress Weigh

Breathability And Temperature Regulation

We got a look at how Nectar incorporates the polyethylene cooling cover, Lush Foam, and circulation ventilation techniques to facilitate a cool sleep. Using my thermal imaging camera, I watched to see how long it would take the mattress to cool down after laying on it for 30 minutes in a room temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

In my experience this takes about 10 minutes on average. It took Nectar twelve and a half minutes, so, its a little bit higher than average. Its important to understand that since Nectar uses memory foam, this time actually isnt bad, and I was able to sleep cool through the night. However, if sleeping hot is major problem for you, seek out a product designed with heat transfer capability as a primary goal.

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Is The Nectar A Good Mattress For You

Before we dig into this review, Id like to share some of the basic characteristics about the Nectar and who its best for. Depending on your body weight, preferred sleeping position, and whether or not you sleep with a partner or pet, this mattress may or may not work for you.

Who I recommend the Nectar mattress for

  • Memory foam lovers are likely to be happy on the Nectar. This bed has a classic memory foam feel meaning lots of sinkage, contouring, and pressure relief.
  • I think back sleepers and side sleepers over about 130 pounds would be happy on this bed. Theyll get some nice sinkage, but not so much that they feel trapped in the mattress.
  • I think anyone with shoulder pain or hip pain would be happy on the Nectar. Its likely to give them the cushioning they need at sensitive pressure points.
  • The Nectar comes at a really affordable price, making it a great choice for budget-savvy shoppers.

Who I dont recommend the Nectar mattress for

How Do The Policies Measure Up

How Much Does A Tempurpedic Mattress Weigh

Shipping & Unboxing

The Nectar should arrive compressed after five to 10 business days of ordering. Shipping is free in the contiguous U.S. While unboxing the Nectar mattress, expect it to be heavier than some of the otherbed-in-a-box mattresses because of its 11 height. Fortunately, Nectar also offers white glove delivery service for an additional cost. This includes the set up of the new mattress and removal of the old mattress.

The Nectar mattress is a little heavier than some other bed-in-a-box brands, but with the extra weight comes extra layers of comfort. Depending on the size of the mattress you buy, the box it arrives in will vary in weight from 45 pounds to around 100 pounds, so we recommend finding an extra set of hands to help you carry the box to the room its going in.


The Nectar comes with a Lifetime warranty, which runs as long as the original owner has the mattresses. Still, be sure to use a bed frame thats appropriate for the mattress. For more information, see ourNectar mattresswarranty breakdown.

Trial Period

Nectar offers a year-long trial period for the mattress, one of the longer trial periods available in the industry. Nectar suggests a 30-day break-in period to allow your mattress to adjust to your body.

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Side Sleepers:The Nectar Mattress has an all-foam design and a medium firm feel, meaning it will accommodate side sleepers across most weight groups. The 3-inch memory foam layer provides even contouring from head to toe, ensuring good spinal support and cushioning for the shoulders and hips. Uneven alignment is a common issue for the side position, so these sleepers should feel less pressure along the spine as a result.

Our testing shows side sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds will be most comfortable. These individuals sink more deeply beneath the surface for more cradling and fewer pressure points. Those who weigh less than 130 pounds may find the Nectar Mattress too firm, since side sleepers in this weight group often prefer a soft to medium feel.

Back Sleepers:Back sleeping promotes even alignment, so people who favor this position dont need as much softness or contouring from their mattress as side sleepers. This makes the medium firm feel of this mattress best suited to back sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds. The transitional and support layers should maintain an even surface with minimal sinkage around the torso, hips, and other areas where people typically carry a disproportionate amount of weight.


Is A Queen Bigger Than A Full Size Mattress How Many People Can Sleep On A King Size

Find the answer to such questions as we take you through which mattress size is right for you and why. Each popular mattress size is made for unique sleeping and personal needs. To understand what dimensions suit your needs or which size will get you to that sweet spot every night, read this comprehensive mattress size guide.

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Nectar Mattress Review Overview

The Nectar is one of the best best bed-in-a-box mattress, and it contains multiple layers of high-quality memory foam. This medium-firm mattress provides that quicksand-like comfortable experience so many people associate with memory foam.

Based on our experience, the Nectar is indeed one of the more comfortable memory foam mattresses on the market. It should be a good fit for mattress shoppers who prioritize pressure relief and contouring.

Who Might Like The Nectar

  • Those who prefer a slow-moving memory foam feel and are looking for one of the best soft mattresses
  • Light- and medium-weight side sleepers who require pressure relief on the shoulders and hips
  • Light- and medium-weight back sleepers who are looking for a balance of comfort and support
  • People looking for one of the best mattresses for the money

Who Might Not Like The Nectar

  • Those who need a mattress for heavy people
  • Those who want a bouncy, responsive mattress
  • Hot sleepers who are afraid of overheating at night

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Final Thoughts: Where Dreams Begin How Much Does A Nectar Queen Mattress Weigh

Nectar Mattress in a Box. Review After 2 Weeks.

So is this the mattress for you?

If the bed youre looking for is one thats not too firm, as well as you arent a stomach sleeper, then the Nectar Mattress may as well be the best addition to your sleeping apparatus.

Thanks to the cost-efficient materials that supply a great price and equally as fantastic comfort, Nectars mattress is great option for your bedroom Nectars managed to make a memory foam with all of the experts, and significantly fewer drawbacks, and that in itself makes it worth giving serious consideration for.

Or should you trust us, dive in now, and sink into something special with the Nectar Mattress. Your stress levels depend on it!

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Average Weight By Size

Average mattress weight isnt easy to calculate based on size alone. You also need to consider the material used in each mattresss construction. For example, an innerspring mattress may weigh much more than a latex mattress or memory foam mattress . Meanwhile, air mattresses can be extremely light compared to higher density foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses, or hybrid mattresses. Each of these mattress types can vastly differ in terms of weight.

It can be difficult pinpointing a mattresss weight based on size alone, but the following breakdown should give you a rough idea of what to expect during your purchase.

Twin size: Twin mattresses, which are good for children, younger teenagers, and smaller adults, can weigh approximately 45 to 50 pounds. Our best mattresses for kids article has some more useful information.

Twin XL size:Twin XL mattresses, which are slightly larger than standard twin mattresses, arent much heavier, and add roughly three to five pounds to the overall weight.

Full size: Full size mattresses are meant for older adolescents and people who sleep alone. They can weigh approximately 55 to 60 pounds. See our best full-size mattresses for some of our favorites.

Queen size:Queen size mattresses are larger than full size beds and are designed to accommodate couples as well as taller adolescents and adults. You can expect a queen size mattress to weigh roughly 70 to 75 pounds. Our best queen mattresses roundup for more information.

The Four Nectar Layers

Right beneath the cover is a one-inch layer of gel quilting foam. It serves a few purposes, providing a comfortable loft for proper circulation and adding that contour you crave from memory foam. No matter what position I laid, I found that the mattress easily conformed to my body. This provide that floating feeling found in all of the best mattresses. This top comfort layer is quilted using a premium process that most mattress companies avoid due to cost. One sleep on the Nectar and youll understand why its worth the added investment.

Next, we arrive at the three-inch layer of gel memory foam. Its at this layer that weight distribution occurs, which effectively reduces painful pressure points. Nectars semi-open Lush Foam holds five patents and is the most premium gel foam available. Its expensive to produce and typically manufactured for use in the medical field. The Lush Foam directly absorbs and distributes heat and recovers perfectly to its original, untouched state after use.

The third layer is comprised of a 2 inches of adaptive hi-core memory foam. If youve never heard of this material, its probably because no other direct-to-consumer bed company builds Hi Core Adaptive foam into their mattresses. This is largely because the material is heavy and expensive to ship. Premium adaptive foam is an optimal inner layer for proper contour to your pressure points. If you carry a lot of weight, this is a feature that could significantly improve your quality of life.

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My Nectar Mattress Final Thoughts

For the money, this is one of the best dense foam mattresses I have reviewed. It is made in China but I didnt notice any major off-gassing. It is also Certipur Certified so the foams used in the construction are tested to be free of any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. This is extremely comfortable and I love how it conforms so well to your body.

A big complaint of dense foam is that they sleep hot. Thats because memory foam is an insulator and the denser the foam the more it will insulate. By incorporating a phase change material into the mattress ticking and quilting cooling gel foam into the top layer, Nectar has created a very innovative and effective to give you the best combinations of support, pressure relief, motion isolation and cooling.

I am very impressed with the quilted cover and I was very surprised at how quickly it dissipated heat. A queen size $699 which is substantially less than others of this quality and construction.

One of the biggest complaints is when they launched was problems with backorders. I dont think they quite anticipated how much demand there would be and therefore had a hard time keeping up. The company has now caught up on their backorders and you can expect to receive your package in about 10 days after placing your order.

Ideal Mattress Model For Back Sleepers

How Much Weight Can A Queen Size Bed Hold

Saatvas Zenhaven is flippable: One side is medium-firm, which interest back-sleepers who in some cases sleep on their side the opposite side is slightly stronger, which is useful for aligning the spinal columns of those that spend the majority of their time on their back.

Zenhaven is made with all-natural materials, so its not a surprise it is among the very best organic mattresses on the market.

In addition to its green appeal, the Zenhaven boasts a sturdy building as well as excellent 20-year warranty.

Mattress Type: Latex

Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium-firm

Test Duration for Returns: 180 nights

To buy:

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Whats The Bottom Line

Made of four foam layers, all of different densities, the Nectar successfully achieves a balance of contouring and support. It might not be best for average-weight or heavyweight stomach sleepers, but side sleepers and lightweight back sleepers will find the balance of comfort and support needed for enough pressure relief. Those who like the traditional feel of memory foam but tend to sleep hot will appreciate the gel infused memory foam. Sleepers on a budget will also appreciate this quality mattress at anaffordable price.

Interested in what else Nectar has to offer? Take a look at our reviews of the Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier Copper.

How Does It Feel

Giving it a whirl, or more accurately, a rest, will need some prep time when you take it out of the box. We suggest you purchase it in the morning and start setting up hours before sleeping since it is going to take exactly that, hours before it is going to expand and reach its full height.

Like a good wine, it first needs to breathe. How Much Does the Nectar Queen Mattress Weigh

As soon as you lie down, give it a few moments and before you know it, the memory foam will begin kicking into high gear and youll feel a soft embrace over your body. It has a deep embrace feeling to it that people who love sleeping in a bed instead of on it will really enjoy this one.

The mattress firmness can be described as medium, not too hard, not to soft, it feels perfectly balanced. A 6/10 if ever. Firmness though is quite subjective, dependent not just on your taste, but also on your physicality. If youre a bit on the lighter side, this may feel somewhat more firm for you than others would.

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How Do I Return A Nectar Mattress

The biggest complaint about Nectar is their customer service. They are impossible to reach on the phone so your best way to contact them is on their website through chat. Just make sure you have your order number ready which is provided on your email confirmation receipt when you first place your order. With that, they can facilitate the return. Just keep in mind mattress pickups can be delayed if they are extra busy. Thats why I always recommend starting the return process a few weeks before the trial is over.

Making Sleep Better How Much Does Nectar Mattress Weigh

Nectar Mattress Queen size Memory Foam Mattress Unboxing (Funny video)

With the Nectar Mattress as their flagship product, Nectar Sleep is a mattress and bedding company that is stationed in Palo Alto, California.

The height of the mattress will depend on which type youll choose. Theres The Nectar, which is a 12 profile the Nectar Premier, which has a 13 profile and the Nectar Premier Copper, which has a 14 profile. All mattresses have the signature three-layer all-foam bed which consists of a gel memory foam, dynamic support memory foam, and high-core memory foam these three layers are sandwiched by a quilted cool cover and a Shift-resistant lower cover. Remember, the thickness isnt everything, so its good to dive into the different parts of the mattress.

Lets dig into each facet, shall we?

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Positioning Is The Key

So how does the Nectar mattress feel, depending on what position you sleep in.

If you are a back sleeper, then the Nectar Mattress will feel fantastic for you. Theres no need to worry about comfort as the mattress is designed to keep you in the perfect position Your pelvic region however may need additional support, if it sinks a bit deeper but otherwise, its great for back sleepers.

For side sleepers, the memory foams conforms itself which allows your shoulders and hips to feel relief as you shift your weight down. The uniform pressure release of the mattress really counters the negative effect this sleeping place could have on your body, so this bed is looking like a wonderful choice for this position.

Stomach sleepers may not choose this mattress. Youll definitely feel a sink into your abdomen area with this position, and youre going to need to be very careful with this since it may affect your body adversely with time. A firmer mattress may be better suited to those who enjoy sleeping this way.

Couples will enjoy the bed a whole lot. Aside from being spacious enough to hold both of your comfy, moving around and changing positions wont be as annoying with your partner due to its movement isolation and edge support. Whats the Weight of a Queen Nectar Mattress


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