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Do Innerspring Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass

Do Not Buy A Mattress In A Box..Fiberglass Warning!

The answer is yes! Casper mattresses contain silica which is similar to fiberglass. Casper is among the best-selling brands on Amazon. However, the company states that they dont use any chemical flame retardants. They use a knit sock placed under the cover. Should there be a fire incident, the sock will melt on its own and eliminate the oxygen needed to keep the fire burning. Customer support states that this is safe and that you can vacuum away any stray threads.

Absolutely No Fire Socks

Inexpensive foam mattress constructions rely on Fire Resistant Socks. FR Socks are the synthetic material that encases the inner core of foam mattresses. Its purpose is to offer an additional layer of protection and slow the combustion of a mattress.

FR Socks are produced using a variety of techniques and ingredients. Most contain fiberglass others use heavy chemical treatments. They are intended to be safe but expose the user to other risks. To give you a better idea the video below shows how an FR Sock is applied to a mattress. Harvest does not use FR Treated Socks.

Does Polyurethane Foam Contain Fiberglass

Not all polyurethane foam beds contain fiberglass. You can expect to find glass fibers, however, in cheap PU foam beds. Because of the low price of the bed, manufacturers are inclined to use cheaper fire retardants such as fiberglass. The best way to find out is to confirm in the description or inquire from the manufacturer.

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Puffy Lux Cheapest Fiberglass Free Mattress

A cheap mattress without fiberglass is the best solution for those looking to save money while still getting a high-quality product. If youre worried about fiberglass in your mattress, any mattress from the Puffy range is a safe bet. The company makes three models: the original Puffy mattress, the Puffy Royal, and the Puffy Lux. All are fiberglass free. Puffy mattresses are 100% fiberglass free as verified by the companys customer services.

The Puffy mattress measures 10 inches thick, around average for a memory foam mattress. This memory foam mattress does not contain fiberglass. It provides outstanding support and pressure relief on a budget and has a medium firmness that perfectly meets side sleepers needs.

Puffy Mattress Options Get $300 off Limited time only!

Best Value

$300 Off + FREE King PillowCertiPUR-US® CertifiedLifetime warranty. Suits All Sleeping PositionsMade in USA

Best for back pain sufferers High-Density Transition Comfort Layer

The Puffy Royal mattress measures a whopping 14 inches thick, making it supportive enough for higher body weights. It costs significantly more than the other models and includes an additional transitional layer. This layer has zoned support for additional firmness around the lower back and extra softness where you need it. It has the same medium firmness as the other beds in the Puffy range.

Key Features


  • Zoned support
  • Removable, washable, and stain-resistant cover
  • 101-night sleep trial

Does Tulo Mattress Have Fiberglass

Linenspa Six Inch Innerspring Mattress: Can You Do Better ...

The company doesnt clearly state whether their mattresses have fiberglass. So, its up to the consumer to find out by themselves whether or not the mattress they bought has fiberglass. If your Tulo mattress says dont remove the cover, its most likely not fiberglass.

However, what we know is that their mattresses are not toxic. They use CertiPUR-US certified foams, which is a low volatile organic compound. They are free of mercury, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone depletes, and heavy metals.

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Innerspring Mattresses Vs Memory Foam

While many consumers prefer new technology like memory foam over innerspring systems, the innerspring mattress still has a lot to offer, and has had plenty of time to develop its own technology to produce a supportive and comfortable bed.

Help, Im Sinking! vs. Springy and Firm

Where memory foam can make people feel like theyre sinking, innerspring mattresses offer a springy feel. Additionally, innerspring mattresses offer a firmer bed, which is ideal for some sleepers.

Body Contouring vs. Absorbing Motion

On the other hand, memory foam contours to the body, and youre not likely to feel your partner move at night, whereas innerspring mattresses dont absorb motion as well.

Hot Sleeping vs. Cool Mattresses

People sometimes complain about memory foam being too hot, but innerspring mattresses are among the coolest mattresses available due to the air between coils.

Why Are Mattresses With Fiberglass Bad

Fiberglass wont cause any long-term side effects or conditions, but its still not the best for you. Sleeping on a mattress with fiberglass can cause skin, eye, throat, and nose irritation. You may experience coughing, a sore throat or nose, red eyes, stomach pain or discomfort, and itchiness. Fiberglass can also aggravate preexisting conditions such as asthmaVerified Source Medline PlusOnline resource offered by the National Library of Medicine and part of the National Institutes of Health.View source and allergies.Verified Source Medline PlusOnline resource offered by the National Library of Medicine and part of the National Institutes of Health.View source

Technically, a mattress with fiberglass shouldnt be irritating since its under the cover and not in contact with you. Most companies tell you never to remove your mattresss cover for this very reason. Regardless, customers note how fiberglass can still escape from the cover, unzipped or not.

With age, your mattresss cover will wear down, and even the smallest tears can let the fiberglass out. Once out, fiberglass is difficult to clean since the particles are so small. Fiberglass can contaminate your clothes, carpets, rugs, and other surfaces within your homeeven your air conditioning!

Avoid these issues entirely by simply not getting a mattress with fiberglass. Less aggressive alternatives to fiberglass include wool, silica, and plant fibers.

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Is Fiberglass In Mattresses Safe

From what I have seen after reviewing dozens and dozens of memory foam mattresses that do contain fiberglass, there does seem to be some health ailments associated with exposure and breathing in fiberglass. Common complaints included increase in allergy or asthma-like symptoms, irritation of the respiratory tract, eyes, itchy skin etc. These customer complaints match the Washington State Department of Healths description of the short term effects when exposed to fiberglass, explaining that direct contact with fiberglass or breathing airborne dust containing fiberglass may irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.

The other issue is with accidental exposure to fiberglass, glass fibers or a weaved in as a fiber sock or whatever name mattress companies want to call it! Once you are exposed to the tiny fiberglass materials you may experience the short-term side effects mentioned above and it is very difficult to get out of your clothes, linens, bedsheets, carpet, and other home surfaces.

I have also read and been responded to by manufacturers that removing the zippered cover that the mattress will not be covered under any warranty. However, many people mistakenly remove these removable covers , discovered the fiberglass, and had a huge headache getting rid of fiberglass. Even if it is safe .pdf” rel=”nofollow”> fiberglass Safety Data Sheet), it is not worth the accidental clean up or ramifications of fiberglass exposure in your home.

Avoiding Mattress With Fiberglass

Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses – Which Is Better For You?

One of the best ways to not have to deal with a mattress that has fiberglass is to do your research before buying one. Check reviews, buying guides that we feature on our website, and inform yourself about different materials used in the mattress.

Heres what you can do to avoid a mattress with fiberglass. This will also help you if you already purchased a new mattress recently, but you have your concerns about the fiberglass.

Editors notes: Some mattresses have fiberglass that is tucked away in the lower parts of the mattress for protection and your safety. Those are a better option and may not need to be thrown away immediately. However, encasing it is a good idea just in case, no pun intended. Eventually, holes in the mattress can bring the fiberglass up, and then youre in trouble.

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Do All Mattresses Have Fiberglass

No, fiberglass isnt a universal feature in mattresses. Natural latex mattresses usually contain another fire retardant, typically wool. This applies to all-latex mattresses and latex hybrids. While some memory foam mattresses and hybrids do contain fiberglass, many do not. Some mattress manufacturers rely on wool, plant fibers, or silica instead for fire protection.

Why Exposure To Fiberglass From A Mattress Can Be Dangerous

Since 2007, all manufacturers of mattresses in the U.S. have been required by law to include a fire retardant in their products. While in the past, they would add dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, today, most companies that manufacture inexpensive mattresses add fiberglass as a fire retardant, as it is very cheap. Few manufacturers use safe fire retardants in their mattresses, such as wool or natural latex, as these alternatives are on the more expensive side.

Fiberglass is made of the same glass kitchen glasses and windows are made of, but it is dangerous because it is comprised of sharp, tiny shards of glass that can become embedded in both fabric and skin. Although fiberglass is neither toxic nor carcinogenic, it is extremely irritating, and upon exposure, which can occur via inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion, a person might experience one or more of the following health conditions and symptoms:

  • itchy skin and skin rashes
  • allergic reactions
  • shards of glass in the skin
  • lung scarring
  • nose and throat soreness

Lastly, the price is one of the telltale signs that a mattress might contain fiberglass. More specifically, if it costs approximately $600 for a queen bed, it most likely has fiberglass as a fire retardant. Furthermore, memory foam mattresses usually contain fiberglass, as memory foam is basically derived from inflammable petroleum products, so it requires strong protection against fire.

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What Is An Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is made up of three parts: the foundation, the core, and the comfort layer.

The Foundation: Sustains the Coils, Offers Structure

The bottom part of the mattress is the foundation, and is usually made of wool. It is the primary structure of the bed, and provides support for the coils at the core.

The Core: Houses Coils and Springs

The core is the main part of the mattress, where all of the springs and coils are. The number of springs and coils vary, but the more springs there are, and the thicker the coils, the better the support.

Individually Encased Coils: Advanced Coil Technology

The most popular type of spring is the individually encased coil, also known as the Marshall coil. An individually encased coil is a coil that is individually wrapped in titanium or steel, which offers better contouring of the body and more pressure relief. It also transfers motion less than other types of coils.

The Upholstery: The Comfort Layer

No one would be comfortable just sleeping on springs, so every innerspring mattress is topped with some sort of upholstery, making up a comfort layer. This can be made of different materials like fibers or foam.

What Types Of Innerspring Mattresses Are Available

Does Dreamcloud Mattress Have Fiberglass

Innerspring mattresses offer great versatility. They are available in all sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king. These mattresses are offered by multiple brands, and are made with different materials and different types of springs.

Innerspring Hybrid Mattress: The Best of Many Worlds

A hybrid mattress combines various mattress materials so that you get all of the benefits in one mattress. Innerspring hybrid mattresses are very popular, as many mattresses use innerspring technology to provide a firm base.

The top comfort layer, which is usually at least 1.5 inches thick, can be made of foam, latex, or another material, providing great comfort with different technology.

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Why Do Manufacturers Put Fiberglass In Their Mattresses

It turns out that a lot of those memory foam mattresses you see online arent as good of a deal as they seem. Many of them include a layer of fiberglass underneath the cover that serves as a flame retardant. This can cause fiberglass particles to enter your living environment. Any mattresses that are sold in the US are required to include flame retardant material to reduce the risk of fires. It turns out that fiberglass meets the minimum standard, which is why most of the cheap brands on Amazon use it.

Mattress manufacturers are required to include fire retardant material in their beds by law. Chinese manufacturers use fiberglass underneath the cover of their mattresses so they can meet flammability standards. If you happen to remove the cover then you and your entire house will be covered with little shards of fiberglass that can cause itching, watery eyes, coughing, and respiratory problems. This presents a hazard to you and your familys health.

Plushbeds Natural Latex Mattress Without Fiberglass

This mattress is an all-foam model featuring organic natural latex foam, offering outstanding support and pressure relief. It contains eco-friendly materials and helps to prevent night-time aches and pains. It comes in four firmness options: Soft, Medium, Medium Firm, and Extra Firm. Therefore, you will almost certainly find a firmness setting that suits your needs. There are also three profile options: 6, 8, and 10 inches. We recommend that most people select the thickest version to get adequate support, although people with light bodyweights, teenagers, and children may enjoy sleeping on the thinner models.

One of the most notable features of this mattress is its wide range of certifications. It uses a natural, plant-based fire barrier instead of fiberglass, and all the materials used are certified as organic. It also carries the Oeko-Tec Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, and GREENGUARD Gold certifications, so you can be assured of a safe and healthy sleeping environment.

Key Features

Dense Latex Support Layer: This mattress features a base layer made from dense organic Arpico latex foam. This material provides outstanding support and gently encourages your spine into a healthy alignment. Therefore, it can help to reduce lower back pain while you sleep. It also provides the mattress with a stable, durable foundation.


  • Heavier individuals may need a thicker mattress
  • Relatively expensive

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Does Every Mattress Have Fiberglass

While not all mattresses contain fiberglass, many do. In the United States, mattresses must contain some sort of flame retardant or barrier. This way, in the case of a fire, your mattress wont erupt into flames and you have leeway to safely escape the area.

Fiberglass use is so common in mattresses because its a cheap and chemical-free flame retardant. If there were ever a fire, the fiberglass would melt on itself and the mattress rather than spreading the flames.

Dreamcloud Best Mattress With Edge Support

Family forced to leave home over fiberglass mattress cover

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is the best fiberglass-free mattress if you are looking for a mattress with a firmer feel and brilliant edge support.

You can watch the video above to see for yourself that the DreamCloud mattress doesnt contain any fiberglass when I cut open the side-wall of the DreamCloud and show you the materials inside.

The DreamCloud is available in the US and UK making it a great choice if youre looking for a fiberglass-free mattress in the UK.

Check out the summary below and click the red button to buy the DreamCloud and save $200 now.


  • Hybrid design memory foam and polyfoam sit over pocket coils to provide pressure relief and support.
  • Medium firm the medium-firm feel means that you can lie on this mattress on your front or back without sinking in too far, whilst the memory foam will provide pressure relief to keep you comfortable on your side. I personally think that the DreamCloud feels a bit firmer than the other medium-firm mattresses Ive tested giving it a bias towards front and back sleepers on the heavier side.
  • Reinforced edges the reinforced coils around the edge of the mattress will stop you from sinking too far in when sitting or lying on the edge of the DreamCloud. The DreamCloud has some of the best edge support that Ive seen out of all the mattresses Ive tested so far.

Best For

  • Edge sleepers the reinforced edges makes the DreamCloud ideal if you hug the edge of the mattress as you sleep.


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Who Makes The Best Fiberglass Free Mattresses

The best fiberglass-free mattress is made by Nolah the Nolah Natural contains no fiberglass and is suitable for all sleeper types.

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About The Author Of This Important Article

We wanted to bring this warning to the public because it matters to us that consumers are equipped with the truth.

Dealing with the fallout from a low-quality inner mattress cover made with fiberglass can be devastating to individuals and families alike.

These tiny, itchy fibers can become lodged in your couch fabrics, your clothes, and even the floor you walk on. Whats worse, if these fibers get sucked into your HVAC system, they can easily spread to every corner of your home.

Besides the health risks, it can also cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to get your house back to normal.

Thats why we offer 100% fiberglass-free mattresses built using all-natural fire-retardant materials in our covers. We advocate better health and sleep and provide a more health-conscious alternative to fiberglass that still keeps your family safe.

So if youre looking for a quality all-natural fabric mattress thats comfortable, supportive, and fiberglass-free safe for you and your family, consider a fiberglass-free mattress.

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