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Does Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets

Purple Hybrids Vs Leesa Hybrid

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

The Leesa Hybrid is similar to the Purple Hybrids and combines foam layers with pocketed coils for support and pressure relief.

Although it does have a traditional feel, its still more comfortable than any Purple beds. It could also work well for people who dont want Purples unique feel.

For couples or back sleepers, the Leesa Hybrid is my recommendation.

How Is It Different From What Is The Usual Mattress

Purple comes in different sizes, starting from twin size to California king, and provides the distinctive cushioning that their distinctive fabrics provide. This Purple grid is a fundamental element of what makes Purple an exceptional mattress since it functions like memory foam but gives the bounce of memory foam but is more flexible. The foam is made using a grid which allows airflow to flow through the spaces between the foam, regulating temperature , without compromising the overall cushion.

In terms of construction, every mattress is constructed with a 2-inch Purple proprietary grid on top of an additional 3.5-inch foam layer. This is further supported by four inches of high-density polyfoam, a standard in most full-foam mattresses to provide the complete cushion shape and form.

The construction is further enhanced by a polyester-viscose blended fabric that helps regulate temperature and gives an excellent cooling sensation. Expect each mattress to come in at roughly 9.25 inches tall and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and suitable for most standard sheet sets.

To put it in the terms of a layman, expect a semi-firm mattress for affordable prices while still delivering quality and advanced materials. Furthermore, Purple comes with several distinct variants, such as the Hybrid and the Hybrid Premier. People who are used to coil-support mattresses are able to choose hybrids for a similar experience but enhanced by Purples own technologies.

How Much Is A Purple Mattress

The original Purple mattress is designed to keep entry fees lower for its twin mattresses, so that those who are hesitant can start to appreciate the Purple distinction with minimal pain in their pocket. For $599, you can take advantage of their twin mattress delivered to your door. For bigger sizes, like King and Queen, be prepared to spend above the $1,000 mark, which is $1,199 and $1.499, respectively. Does Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets?

If youre considering buying the Purple Hybrid or the Hybrid Premier you can expect to pay nearly double or even triple the price of the previous mattress. This makes the Hybrid mattresses a bit out of range for users on a budget or customers who are still uncertain about purchasing from Purple. Does Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets?

The best thing about Purple the mattress is that they provide the option of a 100-night trial which can help you try out the mattress before making a decision to purchase. Be aware that youll have to utilize this mattress over 21 consecutive nights in order to complete the break-in period. If you still find that youre not happy with the mattress, you may get a full refund without cost. Contact Purple to request that your purchase be reversed.

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Does Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets

Its easy to pick out any mattress that you want and then call it a night. Yes, youll save money and probably youll save some time researching, but youll spend enough time on a bed thats not yours before you start to wonder the reason you wake up tired and unrested compared to the night prior.

Purple Mattress aims to solve this problem by analyzing the elements that make a comfortable sleep even better with some proprietary technologies like their Purple Grid Layer, which gives the mattress a certain feeling that is different from other mattresses on the market. This article will examine the possibilities of whether Purple Mattress is the right choice for your next mattress purchase.

Before you go on, you may want to check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, youll want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive review.

Best Supima Cotton Sheets

I Recommend WPX Hosting

Ghostbed sheets present users with a unique hybrid material of Supima cotton and sustainable Tencel fibers. When used in combination with a Purple Mattress, users will feel a soft, fuzzy feel on the top layer of their mattress.

Side sleepers should look into purchasing Ghostbed sheets as the stretchy material hugs the sleep surface and offers exceptional thoracic and lumbar support.

The Supima cotton and sustainable Tencel fibers make these sheets an average of 50% more absorbent.

Colors include grey and white.

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Are The Best Sheets For Purple Mattresses Expensive

The best sheets for Purple mattresses are not always the most expensive sheets. A better question to ask is, are the best Purple mattress sheets durable? The best sheets will be durable, breathable, and comfortable. They will be soft, durable, and long-lasting. They should be easy to clean and maintain, and they should not rip or tear easily.

Purple Softstretch Sheets Vs Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets are incredibly soft and luxurious, but when comparing them to the Purple SoftStretch sheets, construction differences are the first thing we notice.

The Cozy Earth sheets are made of 100% bamboo, while the SoftStretch sheets have about 60% rayon based from bamboo viscose. The Purple sheets also have spandex to help them stretch. Both sheets feel fairly soft and breathable. Because theyre made of 100% bamboo, however, the Cozy Earth is a better option for people with severe allergies.

The Cozy Earth sheets are made of 100% bamboo, so if you like a wrinkle-free set of sheets, then the Purple SoftStretch could be the better choice. Pure bamboo sheets tend to wrinkle more.

And finally, if youre shopping for sheets on a budget, the Purple SoftStretch sheets wins in that regard.

Who Should Get The SoftStretch Sheets?

  • People looking for stretchy sheets
  • Sheet shoppers on a budget

Who Should Get the Cozy Earth Sheets?

  • Fans of luxurious feeling sheets
  • Sheets intended to be hypoallergenic

Read our full Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Review.

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Purple Hybrids Vs Casper Hybrid

Unlike the Purples, the Casper features zoned support, meaning its firmer at the hips and softer at the shoulders to offer optimal lumbar support.

Purples are a bit more bouncier that the Casper Hybrids. This is something combination sleepers may like.

The Purple 3 or Purple 4 can be a bit more effective than the Casper Hybrid. Does Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets

Purple Hybrids Vs. Original Purple

The Original Purple mattress supports are made of high density poly foam, not pocketed coils.

The Original Purple is supportive and firm. This feeling might be particularly appealing to those who sleep in combination.

The Original Purple mattress can be used in conjunction with the Purple Hybrids to cool down.

The Original Purple is more affordable than the Purple Hybrid Premier or Purple Hybrid Premier.

Casper Vs Original Purple Mattress Comparison

Purple Mattress Review – What YOU Should Know (Before You Buy!)

Casper and Purple mattresses differ significantly in their building. The original Casper mattress model features an all-foam building and construction and a Zoned Support system thats firmer near the middle of the mattress model and softer near the head and foot. As kept in mind above, the Purple is primarily built from the brand names exclusive hyper-elastic gel polymer.

These building and construction distinctions produce very various feels. The original Casper has a balanced foam feel thats responsive and bouncy. As weve talked about, the Purple has a squishy-yet-firm feel thats likewise bouncy and responsive.

These mattresses likewise vary somewhat in regards to their firmness levels. We ranked the Purple at 6.5/ 10, while we ranked the Casper a touch firmer at 7/10.

The mattress models are most comparable when it concerns price. Depending on discounts and vouchers, both mattresses must cost around $1,000 approximately for a Queen size.

Who Should Get The Casper?

  • Folks who like a balanced foam feel
  • Back sleepers
  • Light- and medium-weight combination sleepers

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Hot sleepers due to the fact that the Purples materials enable more air flow
  • Folks who want a more long lasting mattress
  • Heavier-weight side sleepers

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Purple Softstretch Sheets Vs Casper Hyperlite Cooling Sheets

  • Now when it comes to cooling, Caspers Hyperlite Cooling sheets are one of the best sets weve reviewed here at Sleepopolis.
  • These sheets are made with Tencel, a moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, and breathable fabric. Its also very eco-friendly!
  • The Casper Hyperlite sheet set also comes with a 1-year warranty and is available in five neutral colors.

Casper Hyperlite sheets have a light and airy feel that are great for those that want to sleep cool!

Warranty And Return Policy

Mattress sheets can be a cost-effective way of upgrading your bedroom. If you are shopping for a new set, you have to make sure you have considered everything that is going to be involved in this purchase. This includes having a good idea of the warranty and return policy that will apply to your purchase. Most people, understandably, dont think much about these issues when they go to buy a mattress sheet. However, you should always be armed with as much knowledge as possible before making any major purchase.

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Dapu Linen Fitted Sheet Mattress Cover

The Pure Stone Washed sheets by DAPU are luxury sheets that are perfect for your memory foam mattress. They are available in four colors: Linen Cotton/Gray, Linen Cotton/Off White, Natural Linen, and Off White.

We really liked how soft they were during the night. They are designed to keep you comfortable and cool at night. Made of high-quality linen, these sheets are currently available in four sizes:

  • Twin
  • Queen
  • King

We recommend these sheets for the summer, since they kept us cool and comfortable the entire night. These pure linen fitted sheets are made exclusively from high quality French grown flax. They are naturally grown and processed without chemicals.

Construction Of The Purple Sheets

Purple Chevron &  Damask Bedding, Personalized Bedding Set ...

Here are the construction details of the Purple sheets as listed on their site:

Appx. Weight:
10% Spandex, 90% Bamboo-derived Rayon
Shipping Dimensions : 11 x 9 x 5.5

As you can see these are basically rayon sheets. They say bamboo-derived but after all the processing that goes into making these, they are rayon.

There is an assumption that bamboo sheets are eco-friendly but that is not true. Lots of chemicals are used in order to create the fabric for sheets with bamboo. Thats true with any bamboo sheets, not just the Purple sheets.

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Inside The New Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

The NEW Purples are a blend between their Unique HEP and an innerspring mattress. They added 7.5 coils and gave consumers the choice of how large of a hyper-elastic polymer section that they desire. The Purple Hybrid Premier comes in 2 options. You can choose a 3 inch HEP layer of a 4 inch one.

How much of the HEP do you want to sleep on?

You dont have to go all the way up to the Purple 4, you could get the polymer section down to a 3 or 2 section. Here is the CRAZY part the 4 polymer section costs a full $1,200 more than the 2 polymer section . The polymer section is what the Purple is all about, so I do get why they would double down on it to provide the option to get all the way to 4. I wonder if they have considered additional thickness on their original mattress as well?

Besides the choice that you now have for the polymer section, the new purple mattress now has individually wrapped 7.5 coils. This will provide sleepers with the additional support that some fell that the original purple may not provide. I feel like the Raw Egg Test video had a section about how coils werent good, so I went and watched the video. How much egg is on my face? I was wrong there is no mention of coils being bad in that video. Meaning, this expansion into the hybrid world may have been planned for the last couple of years.

The original is set on two high-quality layers of polyurethane foam and the New Purple Mattress is set on individually-encased Responsive Support Coils.

My Purple Hybrid Mattress Complaints

Purple mattresses may not offer the best motion isolation. While it isnt a major problem, it might make you feel more awake at night.

A few customers have complained about their original Purple mattress becoming sagging and indentations. Purple Hybrids will last longer due to the layers of innerspring coils. But heavier people may want to choose a different mattress. If you decide to purchase any Purple bed, ensure you place it on a solid platform, not a box spring, and rotate it 180 degrees every few months to increase its lifespan. Does Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets

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Best Sheets For Purple Mattress

3. Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Sheets

The Purple mattress is considered to be the best when it comes to pressure relief and spine alignment. Therefore, it is necessary to add the Purple sheets to your bed that are compatible with it and dont hide its benefit.

Moreover, it should adapt to the contours created by your weight in the mattress. If you purchase the Purple sheets for Purple mattresses that offer very little give, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long, compared to regular sheets that may slip off.

In order to find the perfect match for you, its a good idea to look for a super soft bundle that has deep pockets. Deep pockets have elasticated corners, which offer more depth to prevent them from slipping off during the night.

The Purple sheets you choose should be made from natural material as they become softer with every wash and the two best options could be cotton sheets and bamboo.

The sheet is made from soft and stretchy material to sink deep into your layers so that you can enjoy the perks of your mattress fully. Purple sheets with a lower thread count will work much better than Purple sheets with a way higher count.

The higher the thread count is, the stronger the fabric will be, and a fabric that is much stronger does not give. Weve gathered all of the necessary information you need about the bed and the best sheets for the Purple mattress to make your purchasing process easier.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

Purple Mattress Review – Are They Any Good? Sleepopolis Finds Out!

Back sleepers should also enjoy some ample support for your lumbar area and a little bit in pressure relief. Again, heavier sleepers might need to choose a firmer mattress as Purple could feel too soft, and these sleepers may end up sinking into the mattress too deeply. If youre between 130 and 230 points, this could be the best option for you. But, your preferences will differ from person to.

The support issue is ever more common with stomach sleepers. Theyll definitely require a more solid base to prevent the accumulation of any pressure points that could strain shoulders, necks and lower backs. Being a stomach sleeper who weighs morewith a weight of more than 130 poundsis certain to require the most firm bed.

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Does The Purple Mattress Sag

Thats the most common question or email I get. I can definitively say NO, the purple mattress does not sag.

After 2 years of sleeping on, testing, egg dropping, storing, moving and all other violations of their limited warranty. I can say that mine has not developed sags after 2 years. Here is the thing, I have beaten it up so much more than anyone could imagine and its still as comfortable as it was when I first got it.

Here is a video explaining some of the dos and donts of their limited warranty and a little bit of information on both their trial period and on their warranty return policies.

What Are The Purple Softstretch Sheets Made Of

When choosing sheets, material is one of the most important factors to consider. Why? Because what material a sheet is made with will impact how it feels, how well it regulates temperature, how durable it is, and even how the sheets look on your mattress! Sheets come in a wide variety of materials, such as cotton sheets, bamboo sheets, or linen sheets.

The Purple SoftStretch sheets are made with a blend of rayon from bamboo viscose, spandex, and polyester. This blend of materials is what makes the material so stretchy. This material is also moisture-wicking, which is great for temperature regulation. If you sleep hot , thats a big plus.

And if you like the look of a smooth, wrinkle-free bed, youll definitely appreciate how the material of these stretchy sheets looks, too.

Purple does not include a thread count for these sheets.

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Sheex Ecosheex Bamboo Origin Sheet Set

Introducing SHEEX ECOSHEEX. A luxurious sheet set made of natural fibers to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all night long.

This high-quality bedding is breathable with an environmentally sustainable design. DYNAMIC EVAPORATIVE ABSORBENCY locks in humidity below the sheets while drawing down excess moisture from your body for lasting comfort.

Comes complete with one fitted sheet, flat top sheet, and pillowcase. Made out of 100% viscose materials to be earth-friendly by reducing environmental pollution caused by synthetic products which can emit harmful fumes into the air during production or use phases of their lifecycle.



Can You Wash The Cover

Purple Mattress Reviews

The tag on the cover says NO. So dont do it. My cover was disgusting, just imagine how much dirt and grime you would get if you moved a mattress into storage and then back into your house. Now imagine doing that like 12 times over 2 years. GROSS! Thats just the half of it You can see more in the video below.

SO dont try this at home, surely it violates the terms of the limited warranty agreement. If you have issues with your cover just contact the Purple customer service line and purchase a new cover. They told me it would be $189 for a new queen size cover.

I washed mine using the cold setting in my washing machine and then air dried it outside. Did it work? Can I save you $189 with a DIY technique?

Even though it worked-DONT TRY THIS AT HOME .

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