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How To Set Up Tulo Mattress

Who Are Tulo Mattresses Right For

Tulo Mattress Review: Mattress Advisor (2018 Review)

Tulo is a fine cost conscious option for those looking for multiple firmness options, although there are some who mention issues with firmness and durability. That being said, cost-conscious shoppers who are looking for affordable options may want to check out our list of top 10 mattresses for cheap.

Edge Support And Motion Isolation

Edge support and motion transfer are the two tests that we recommend everyone who shares their bed pay attention to. Sturdy edges allow you to spread out, while soft ones that feel unsturdy can lead you to crowd one-anothers space. And a mattress that dampens motion helps you sleep soundly when compared to one that shares your partners every movement with you.

We test every mattress that comes through our lab for their motion transfer and edge support abilities. For edge support, we have our testers lie along the edges in every sleep position and rank how comfortable and supportive they feel. Additionally, our testers sit along the edge of the bed to put on their shoes and see how stable the edges are.

The Tulo bed earned high marks in both of our edge support tests, with a combined score of 9/10. This means you and your bedmate can spread out as much as you need to.

To test a beds motion isolation abilities, we conduct two tests. In the first, we place a full glass of red wine on one side of the bed and have a sleep tester toss and turn on the other side. We rate the mattress based on how much wiggle we see in the wine. In the second, our sleep testers lie on different sides of the bed and take turns switching positions. The other tester rates how much movement they felt.

Honest Tulo Mattress Review Video

While Tulo hasnt been around as long as Purple, WinkBed, and many of the other mattresses that weve reviewed, its starting to gain some real steam. And we think for good reason. It comes in three different firmness levels, you can try in-store before you buy, and its offered at a very attractive price point, especially if you hunt for deals/coupons.

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How Firm Is The Mattress Will I Get A Good Nights Sleep

The beauty of the Comfort Series is that it is available in three different firmness options Medium Soft, Medium and, Firm.

  • Medium Soft rates 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Medium rate 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Firm rates 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale

Regardless of the firmness option selected, each of the beds are constructed using four different layers of high quality memory foam and deliver an overall sleep experience on a comfortable mattress that contours the body and supports tired muscles and joints.

If you are having difficulty deciding which of the Comfort Series mattresses are the best for you, Tulo has developed a handy interactive tool to make sure you pick the best for your needs.

The tool works by assessing your sleeping position , how large of a mattress you need and also any special sleeping criteria you might have

Based on the results, they will recommend the mattress that they feel will deliver the best sleep experience for you.

Typically, softer mattresses are recommended for anyone who sleeps on their side, medium mattresses are suggested for stomach sleepers and firmer mattresses do well for those who sleep on their back.

Tulo Hybrid Mattress Overview

Tulo Soft Queen Size Mattress Never Used for Sale in ...

Tulo is an interesting mattress-in-a-box because Tulo understands that a good nights rest looks different to each sleeper. Each mattress is crafted with this in mind. Owned by Mattress Firm, Tulo is backed by a sleep industry veteran with its roots in the traditional brick-and-mortar mattress space. The Tulo-Mattress Firm relationship just makes sense.

Tulos hybrid bed-in-a-box comes in three different firmness levels firm, medium, and medium firm which means it can pretty well cater to just about any sleeping position. Side sleepers should be happy with the cradling support of the soft or medium, and back and stomach sleepers should feel right at home with the firm model. To learn all about this quality bed and its wallet-friendly price tag, continue along in our review.

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How Long Does A Tulo Mattress Last

There are many determining factors when it comes to your mattresss lifespan. Luckily, Tulo provides a 10-year warranty on their mattresses.

For starters, if you sleep with a partner or rarely rotate your mattress, your Tulo mattress may not last as long as youd hope. You can take precautions to elongate your mattresss lifespan, though.

Do You Share Your Bed

If so, youre in luck because Tulo offers three different mattresses , each with its own level of firmness. Plus, each Tulo mattress comes with a foundation layer meant to provide ample support at the base and reduce motion transfer throughout.

If you share a bed, we recommend looking into the Tulo Medium or the Tulo Firm, as both options provide a bit more support than the Tulo Soft, which is ideal for side sleepers. Plus, the Tulo Medium and the Tulo Firm will support more weight because their lowest foam layer is high in density.

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Complete Tulo Liv Mattress Review

Tulo is known for making affordable foam mattresses available direct from the manufacturers website and at Mattress Firm locations around the United States. The Tulo Comfort Series is a 10 foam mattress that comes in three different firmness options.

The latest offering from the company is the Tulo Liv, a 9 medium-firm foam mattress

Despite being on the lower end of the pricing scale, the Comfort Series was designed to allow consumers to base their firmness choice based on their own personal body composition and sleep position preferences.

What About Motion Transfer Will I Wake My Partner If I Roll Over

Tulo Bed In A Box Mattress 5 Months Setup & Review!

Every one of the Tulo Comfort Series mattresses that we tested did well in terms of motion and vibration absorption.

Foam mattresses, by way of construction, seldom have issues with motion transfer.

One of the many benefits of using high density foam is that it allows for spring but isolates motion to contour to the body. Meaning that both you and your partner should have no difficulty getting an uninterrupted sleep.

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The Tulo Mattress Offers A Variety Of Mattresses Which Would You Choose

Ultimately, I ordered a tulo liv mattress in a full size for my son and the tulo Medium Mattress in a queen size for myself.

tulo liv mattress

My son and I have slept in both beds. Personally, I think the tulo liv mattress is too hard for my body! At this time, I am unsure if I am going to return and exchange it for a tulo Medium mattress instead.

Dont get me wrong, if you prefer a firm mattress, the tulo liv is perfect for you!

tulo Medium Mattress

I love my tulo Medium Mattress. I am so glad they created an in between mattress. I chose this mattress because I think the soft mattress would be too soft and the firm mattress would be too firm! Plus, the tulo Medium Mattress is perfect for all sleep positions. That sold me!

Overall, I am very happy with our new mattresses from tulo! The delivery was superb. They gave me a delivery window and the delivery drivers even called me when they were about 30 minutes away. I also received email notification updates.

When the delivery guys arrived, I was surprised and thankful that they did, in fact, offer the Red Carpet Delivery. They both set up my mattresses for me. They unboxed, unwrapped and centered the mattresses for me!

Is Tulo Right For You

The Tulo mattress is one of very few affordable memory foam beds that comes in more than one firmness. The Tulo soft mattress offers the plush surface needed by side sleepers, the Tulo medium mattress the balanced feel preferred by the average sleeper, and the Tulo firm mattress has the support firm mattress lovers desire.

When we tested the Tulo at the Mattress Advisor lab, we were impressed by how well it performed. It earned an 8/10 or higher in categories that lead us to suggest it for people who share the bed, hot sleepers, and people with back pain. We also appreciate its responsive feel, which means you wont feel stuck like you can in some traditional memory foam beds.

While theres a lot to love about the Tulo, its not the perfect mattress for everyone. For instance, its 100% foam construction isnt as supportive or durable as most high-quality innerspring and hybrid mattresses. For this reason, wed point heavy people in the direction of a different mattress. One of our top picks for people who need extra support is the Big Fig mattress.

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Side Sleepers: If a mattress doesnt respond to body weight in the right spots, the sleepers posture will suffer, leading to potential aches and pains upon waking. All-foam mattresses typically respond well to a persons body position and weight, adjusting to provide enough give in key spots to help maintain proper spinal alignment.

The Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress 10-inch option performs extremely well for most side sleepers in this area, particularly for side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds.

The 8-inch and 6-inch height options also support side sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds adequately. However, side sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds will likely prefer a softer bed.

Back Sleepers: Most back sleepers should receive excellent support from the 8- and 10-inch versions of the Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress, and the 6-inch height option will provide adequate support, too. Thicker comfort layers in the 8-inch and 10-inch options provide the best pressure relief to back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. However, sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds will still receive good support.

Back sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds who prefer a firmer feel may find the 6-inch option a good fit. Those weighing over 230 pounds, however, would benefit from a more supportive mattress.

Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress 6-inch

Under 130 lbs.

My Tulo Mattress Findings

One is Not a Choice for Your Mattress

This mattress skews a little towards the firmer end of the spectrum. I reviewed the medium firm and found it to be a little firm at first. However when you lay across it, you get great support and still get good pressure relief. This mattress is made in the USA and from what I can tell is top of the line foam. None of the corners are smushed together which means they didnt over glue the pieces. It also was made recently and didnt stay in a box for too long which also helps it take shape faster.

Heres a picture of my bowling ball on the mattress to show you how much it sinks.

Heres another video that illustrates motion transfer on the mattress.

Heres a peek inside the mattress to show you how each layer reacts.

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How To Set Up A Bed In A Box: Unboxing A Memory Foam Mattress

Have you heard the latest buzz about the bed in a box memory foam mattresses that are taking the U.S by storm? These beds are quite possibly the perfect mattress! Not only are they popular because of their comfortable, ergonomic design, they are also easy to order online and so easy to set up! It literally only takes 5 minutes to set up your bed in a box once it arrives at your front door.

Quick and Easy Set Up of Your Bed in a Box

The main question our customers ask is how to set up a bed in a box. The memory foam bed in a box will be the easiest mattress set up you have ever experienced by far. Our BedPillows.com Memory Foam Mattresses are wrapped in protective plastic, then machine compressed and rolled for efficient shipping directly to you. Every BedPillows.com Bed is professionally packed and shipped in an easy-to-manage box that makes the mattress set up so easy, anyone can do it. Simply open the box and watch it expand right before your eyes! Setting up your bed in a box could not be easier. Here’s the simple step-by-step process:

Steps for Properly Unboxing a Memory Foam Mattress

  • Open the box
  • Slide the wrapped package out of the box, leaving the mattress inside of the plastic cover
  • Set entire mattress on the bed frame you intend to use
  • Open plastic cover carefully, avoiding the use of scissors or any sharp objects on the plastic cover to avoid damage to your new mattress
  • Allow 24-48 hours for the mattress to regain full shape

How Are The Layers Of The Tulo Liv

Mattresses in the Tulo Comfort Series collection are constructed using four layers of high density memory foam.

Each mattress comes with a knit blend mattress cover made of polyester and Tencel. The cover is designed to wick away moisture and keep the bed cool.

Taken directly from the Tulo website, the four layers are:

  • The first layer: 2 ventilated memory foam, integrated with titanium particles for cooling.
  • The second layer: 1.5 responsive firm foam with an exclusive peak & valley design to promote airflow.
  • The third layer: 1.5 strut reinforced foam to minimize material fatigue and reduce surface compression.
  • The fourth layer: 4 soft density polyurethane foundation foam supports the layer above.

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The Tulo Comfort Series Mattresses Vs Other Memory Foam Mattresses

The Tulo memory foam mattresses are more affordable than the average memory foam bed and they have a balanced foam feel. What this means is that you wont feel like youve sunk far into the foam like you do with memory foam mattresses that deeply hug the body.

Because the Tulo mattress comes in three firmnesses, it works well for most sleepers. Additionally, its cooler than most all-foam mattresses and does an above-average job at supporting optimal spine alignment. .

Different Layers In The Mattress

tulo Mattress Review (Medium) & Coupons 2019 – Mattress Firm Bed in a Box | Memory Foam Mattress

Tulo mattress has 4 layers of foam meant to relieve pressure on the different parts of your body at the same time providing comfort. The base foam has a 5-inch high-density base foam which is the firmest of all the layers. The next foam is a 1.5-inch resiliency firm foam that reduces the surface compression and bridges the gap between the base foam and the softer top layers. Next is a 1.5-inch responsive polyfoam and the top layer is a 2-inch cool flow ventilated memory foam or gel memory foam.

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The Tulo Comfort Series Mattresses Vs The Tulo Liv Mattress

The Tulo Liv is another memory foam mattress manufactured by Tulo. Unlike the Tulo Comfort Series mattresses, the Liv is only available to be purchased through the Mattress Firm. While the Liv and Comfort Series both have a similar balanced foam feel, the Liv only comes in one firmness while the Comfort Series comes in three . The Liv is slightly less expensive than the Comfort Series beds. Read our full Tulo Liv mattress review for more information.

What Type Of Mattress Is The Tulo Liv

Every mattress that bares the Tulo name is categorized as a memory foam or combination foam mattress.

The mattress incorporates high density foam and does offer sufficient weight distribution and support, however, it is made entirely out of different types of foams.

The various foams used are not knowing for offering the greatest overall edge support and some people have reported noticeable sagging over time.

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Tulo Mattress Technology Details

The 10-inch thick Tulo is an all-foam mattress featuring four unique layers for comfort and support. You can choose the comfort level of your choice. The available options are Soft, Medium, and Firm.

The 2 Cooling Memory Foam is infused with titanium particles for a temperature regulated sleep surface. The ventilated high-density Cool Flow Memory foam promotes heat dissipation from the mattress surface. As you lie on Tulo mattress, you get a nice sinking feel with instant pressure-relief. The conforming foam molds your curves and fills the gaps, supporting each body part. Thus, you experience a relaxing sensation with stress-relief from your joints and muscles. This viscoelastic sleep surface cradles you in every sleep positions.

The 1.5 Breathable Foam has a peak and valley design to enhance air circulation. This layer aids the gel Memory foam in the top comfort layer for cooling the sleep surface. The convoluted surface creates space for free air passage within the mattress.

The 2 Responsive foam acts as a transition layer between the comfort layers above and the support foam below. As you sink into the top Memory foam, this layer holds you up and prevents the stuck feel. Changing positions is quick, easy, and comfortable. The resilient foam reduces surface compression and acts as struts to take all your weight and pressure. Thus, you enjoy a cozy rest irrespective of your size, shape or build.

Does The Mattress Sleep Hot

Affordable Mattress In A Box With tulo Mattress

The polyester and Tencel blend mattress cover is the first line of defense in keeping the mattress cool and preventing it from absorbing heat from the air or anyone sleeping on it.

Additionally, the top two layers of ventilated memory foam regulate temperatures and allow for air to flow freely through the layers of the memory foam.

The Tulo Comfort Series does its part in providing a cool and comfortable sleep experience but some reviewers have reported that the mattress sleeps a little hot.

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