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Who Makes Alaskan King Mattress

Advantages Of Our Alaskan Kings Modular Design

Alaska king bed
  • The mattress can accommodate two sleepers instead of one for example, firm on the left side, medium on the right with a completely seamless experience at the surface.
  • Certain Alaskan King mattress models also allow different preferences along the vertical length of the body such as soft in the shoulder region, and medium-soft in the hips. And yes, this is customizable for each sleeper.
  • Components can be flipped and rotated for superior longevity.
  • We build Alaskan Kings using a wide range of fine-quality materials: Rich Natural Talalay Latex, Organic Dunlop Latex, Blended Talalay, Joma Wool, Organic GOTS Cotton, as well as the finest quality plush-synthetics. This allows adjusting for heat, texture and softness throughout.
  • We include a personal phone consultation with each mattress, to ensure it is a perfect fit for your needs before its construction begins.
  • Because components can be easily replaced over time as they wear , your luxurious Alaskan King mattress is ultimately a lifetime product.
  • Moving your mattress is surprisingly easy our mattresses quickly disassemble and reassemble without tools so they can easily be moved through doorways, or around corners and stairs. Disassembly and reassembly causes absolutely no damage.

Purchasing An Giant Mattress

There are many things to consider when purchasing a mattress. What size do I want? What type of mattress will I sleep best on? How do I know the bed is made without harmful chemicals? These things are especially important to think about when shopping for an oversized mattress. Below you will find some things to consider during your search, and solutions to some issues you may encounter.

Where To Buy Oversized Mattresses

Finding oversized mattresses isnt easy. You wont find it easily at any brick-and-mortar store. Youll have to get them custom-made from online shops.

It might even surprise you that some shops are willing to give you excellent mattresses made from scratch. Youll even get some custom-made mattresses made from memory foam, latex, or hybrid. This option allows you to get a mattress that is right for you and comforts you in every way possible.

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Texas King: Oversized Scale

Everythings bigger in Texas, and this mattress matches that claim by measuring in at 80 by 98. The Texas King is like the California King of oversized beds. Its actually narrower than a Wyoming, but it tacks on an additional 14 at the foot end to make this bed an XXL, if you will.

A Texas King still proves to be roomy for many sleepers, but taller individuals may find this model exceptionally accommodating. For those that think a California King is still too narrow, or even too short, the Texas King prevents any dangling feet.

Or, if you co-sleep with pets that lay typically at the foot of the bed, a Texas King may give you the extra room youre looking for.

Have You Found A Frame For Your Oversized Mattress

Hush 10"  Plush Encased Coil Mattress throughout Alaskan ...

You have more frame and foundation options than you think for your oversized mattress!

Depending on size, some oversized mattresses can fit securely on two smaller-sized foundations put together. For example a Family King mattress can be used on two Queen-sized foundations, or a Family LX King mattress can be used with two foundations sized for a California King.

Other sizes, such as an Alaskan King, will require a custom foundation. In this case, finding a local craftsperson to make a basic platform foundation may be your best option.NOTE you can also choose to use your oversized mattress without a foundation! Mattresses can be placed directly on the floor and will provide the same level of support and function as one placed on a foundation!

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Texas King Vs California King Mattress Comparison

Both being variations of king-size mattresses dimensions- Texas king and California King are large mattresses. Although these mattresses differ in size, they are meant for larger spaces and can occupy more than one person easily. Lets dive into the details of each mattress to know how wide is king size bed and how wide would be a texas king bed, along with additional information.

It easily accommodates 2 adults with 2 children

What Is An Alaskan King Mattress

The pioneers of the mattress industry, dating back to the 1960s, yearned to improve the livelihoods of the standard American household. Through their resolve comes the invention of California king size mattresses, which were initially aimed at families migrating upstate. Soon after, the production of oversized mattresses became quite popular with the Wyoming king, the Texas king, and the master of them all, the Alaskan king mattress.

The jumbo-sized Alaskan king is the largest oversized mattress in the world. Due to its size, these beds can accommodate multiple sleepers with ease. Furthermore, their dimensions make them suitable for taller individuals who are over 6 feet tall.

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The Origins Of The Alaskan King Bed

Historically, twin and full beds have dominated bedrooms. In fact, it wasnt until relatively recently in the 1940s that the modern king-sized bed was introduced to households. Since then, the King Mattress has, quite literally, reigned king. That is, until the development of the California King in the 1960s.

After the California King became popular across the United States and around the world, it became the new standard for big beds. However, that wasnt for long, because soon our appetite for big beds would start to grow. Other state beds were soon born, like the Alaskan King.

But unlike the California King which was named for its place of origin the Alaskan King was named for its size. Alaska, which is double the size of Texas, is the largest US state by far. So, the Alaskan King bed is fitting for this massive 9-foot by 9-foot mattress.

The Worlds Best Alaskan King Mattresses

Alaskan King Bed review | UFC Champion Stipe Miocic.

When shopping around for an excellent mattress, youre bound to have stumbled upon some well-known king-size mattresses, such as the Wyoming king, the California king, and the tremendous and majestic Alaskan king. However, what you didnt know is that aside from these mattresses being named after large states, they also boast larger mattress dimensions than other varieties.

Although theyre not as common as say full- or queen-sized beds, these oversized mattresses are coveted for their exemplary comfort when paired with a suitable bed frame. Plus, an Alaskan king mattress proves to be an ideal mattress for couples and families who sleep in the same room.

At Comfort King, we manufacture beds to any specificationsyes, even Alaska king-size dimensions. Find out more information about the great Alaskan king mattress and why it might be ideal for your sleep needs.

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Can I Sleep On A Standard King If Im Tall

Tall sleepers might not be comfortable on a twin or full size mattress, but most are perfectly happy on an 80-inch bed. That means they have the choice between twin XL, queen, and king size beds.

However, if youre well over six feet tall, you may find you need to purchase a California king. The 84-inch length offers those several inches over six feet extra legroom to keep their feet from dangling.

What Is The Price Of An Alaskan King Mattress And Bed

The price of an Alaskan king mattress ranges between $4,700 $9,000 . If you dont have a bed frame, youll need to order one as well, which can cost an additional $2500 or £3,500. Also, youll need to get special bedding for it, which will increase the cost. And finally, make sure you check if there are any shipping costs, which will increase the total price.

An Alaskan mattress and bed is the most expensive, when compared to other sizes. This is because of all the materials, labor and production costs associated with manufacturing it. In most cases you will need to pay up front, and there is no option to cancel or return it afterwards.

Shopping Tip: If you live in the US, check out the Alaskan Mattress sold by Mattress Insider. You can buy it for $4,699 or $3450 when on sale.

If you live in the UK, check out the Otty Hybrid Mattress available in 200cm x 200cm size, and priced at only £629.99 when on sale.

Is It Worth the Money?

Value for money is subjective, and what is good value for one family might be extraordinarily expensive for another, so it really comes down to your personal circumstances. But theres no getting away from the fact that Alaskan beds are amongst the most expensive beds that you can currently buy, owing to the additional materials used.

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Alaskan King: Oversized Scale

If youre looking for the biggest and best, the Alaskan King is the ultimate mega of the megabeds. The largest out there, this 108 by 108 deluxe mattress is sprawl city. An Alaskan King is essentially two standard full sized beds put together, with an additional 2 and a half feet on the foot end.

An Alaskan King comfortably sleeps large families co-sleeping with multiple children . Taller individuals may find this the most comfortable given its extra length and roomy width. And for a couple, this bed is ultra luxurious in terms of spaciousness.

The extensive surface of the Alaskan King limits motion transfer and minimizes sleep disturbances, no matter your sleep scenario. But its important to note, we recommend your bedroom be at least 15 x 15 to fit this gigantic mattress in the bedroom.

Differences Between The Oversized Mattresses

(Top 8) Alaskan King Beds: Where to Buy A Huge Mattress Online

Oversized mattresses are also known as family beds because theyre convenient for co-sleeping. The best mattress for you will depend on the number of members in your family, each persons physical build, and the space available in your bedroom.

Ideally, you should leave at least 2 feet space on all three sides of the bed for perfect sleeping ambiance. An overcrowded room may cause sleep disruptions. When deciding on the size of your mattress, take into account the area youll leave for some walking space and furniture such as side tables, floor lamps, or dressers.

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Benefits Of California King

Everyone is talking about the California King. Well, thats entirely believable. There are several reasons to love this oversized mattress:

Accommodates People Over 6 feet Tall

California kings work longer than the king beds, making them a go-to for people above 6 feet. If you are 6 ft tall, you do not have to squeeze yourself to fit on a bed.

Fits in Narrow Rooms

Fitting a large mattress in a room is quite a challenge. California King is long enough to make your sleep comfortable and narrow enough to work in a room with less width.

Easy to Find Bedding

To add comfort to your spacious bedroom, you need cozy bedding. Due to its popularity in the oversized mattress market, its slightly easier to find bedding.

Alaskan King Bed Resources

If the Alaskan King Bed sounds like the right fit, getting a strong, sturdy, and durable bed frame is only half the battle. Because oversized mattresses and bedding arent easy to manufacture on a mass scale, youre going to need to get them custom ordered from a specialty provider. Here are a few companies that can help you outfit your Alaskan King Bed.

Sleep Boutique – Mattresses

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Alaskan King Bed Vs California King Size Bed

Before you decide to buy the bed of your dreams, lets discuss the specifications of the Alaskan King Bed vs. California King Bed.

California King

  • Shape Square
  • Overall size 11,664 sq. in. or 81 sq. ft.
  • Features Its the largest mattress out there and can fit a whole family and pets.


  • Suitable for very tall sleepers.


  • It is the most expensive oversized mattress .
  • Requires a huge master bedroom

Is The Alaskan King Bed My Best Choice

The Epic Alaskan King Bed â? VonViva Mattresses

The Alaskan King bed is very suitable for:

  • Higher or larger couples, such as sportsmen
  • Couples sleeping with their children, typically more than one child
  • Couples sleeping with pets, such as big dogs
  • Couples who want to limit sleep interruptions
  • Those who think the traditional King bed is too short
  • Those who think the California King bed is too narrow
  • The Alaskan King mattress has many advantages. First and foremost, a big mattress can give you and your partner more activity and less sleep disruption. An Alaskan King mattress can typically hold up to three or four adults. In general, a large surface area can make a large individual sleep more comfortable. Unless it is not suitable for your room, no one will complain that the mattress is too big.

    Many couples select Alaskan King beds to sleep with their children or pets. It gives them enough space to roll over and can sleep more comfortably.

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    Alaskan King Mattress Options

    Depending on the exact brand and mattress manufacturer, most Alaskan king mattresses comprise of typical materials found in standard mattress sizes, including:

    • Memory foam: Memory foam Alaskan mattresses comprise soft memory foam gel, which conforms to the sleepers body and supports sensitive joints. It is suitable for side sleepers as it doesnt compress their ribs.
    • Latex: Latex Alaskan king mattresses are one of the cheapest options on the market. They utilize rubber formed from natural tree sap. While not as soft as memory foam, these large mattress varieties are dense, making them durable and long-lasting.
    • Hybrid: A hybrid Alaskan king mattress combines innerspring and memory foam technology to provide maximum support while also keeping the body cool and comfortable. All of the mattresses built at Comfort King are considered hybrid types.
    • Dense foam: A firm Alaskan king mattress comes with a thick 9-inch poly foam base. This dense foam provides sufficient support to the skeletal structure and keeps you afloat, unlike memory foam. It is ideal for sleepers with sore backs or poor posture.

    Sioux Falls

    Whats A Double King Size Bed

    A double king size bed is the widest oversized mattress at 152 inches wide and 80 inches long. Thats the equivalent of four twin XL beds pushed together.

    At 12 feet wide, this bed is absolutely massive and will likely fill the length of most bedrooms, if not more. A double king bed is good for co-sleeping families with three or four children.

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    Largest Mattress Size Overall: Alaskan King

    If you want the biggest bed of all, youll have to look outside the standard size run. Just like Alaska is the biggest state, the Alaskan king size bed is the absolute biggest bed you can get without having a custom mattress made.

    This bed is a cool 108 by 108 inches. Thats nine by nine feet, which is big enough to be a room that could hold a full size bed! Most people dont need a bed this size. Alaskan kings are made mostly for families with multiple small children who all like to co-sleep together or opulent mansions with huge master bedrooms.

    Of course, a huge bed needs to go in a huge room. Youll need a room thats a bare minimum of 13 by 11 feet. However, a room this size wont give you space for literally anything other than a bed. If you want nightstands, dressers, and other bedroom furniture, youll be better off with a master thats around 16 by 16 feet.

    What Is The Biggest Bed Size

    Alaskan King Bed Measurements

    Whats the biggest bed size? The answer to that question could be one of several different bed sizes, depending on what you mean by biggest. Do you mean the biggest standard bed size? The longest bed size? The absolute largest bed its possible to get without having a custom mattress made?

    Below, well answer all these questions and discuss what the largest bed size is, depending on what you mean when you ask that question.

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    Where Can I Find An Oversized Mattress

    Some oversized beds can be found premade by some mattress retailers, but chances are you wont find one in the big-box mattress stores. The best route to go for ordering oversized models is via a custom order.

    If you are going to splurge on a mattress of that size, you might as well custom order it to be exactly to your liking. Many manufacturers are willing to work with you so that your covers, foam thickness and densities, and technology is perfected to your liking. Customization means youll know exactly what goes into your mattress.

    Custom ordering will give you a higher quality mattress because its uniquely designed for your sleep needs, and it might not be as expensive as you may think. Its always worth it to inquire for a quote from a manufacturer.

    How Much Does An Alberta King Cost

    Since manufacturers that make Alberta Kings are rare, theres not a wide choice of pricing. The bed frame only can cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

    The mattress itself is very dependent on the materials and production methods it can vary between $3,000 and $5,000. As with all beds, high quality and organic materials will drive up the cost.

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    Where Do I Find Oversized Alaskan King Wyoming King Or Family Beds

    Youve heard about them, but have you ever seen an oversized mattress? They do exist and in fact we make them here at Von Viva, where there is one on display right in our showroom.

    For the past decade, weve seen a growing trend of customers wanting even larger oversize mattresses. Why is the traditional King-sized not large enough?

    • Restless sleepers. Some people like and want more space while sleeping with their significant other the sound and motion from one partner may be too jarring to the other.
    • The Family Bed. Many families, especially those with young children, want the whole family to sleep together.
    • Dog lovers. If you have no space in your bed because of a larger-than-life canine friend, it could be time to upsize your bed.
    • Extra tall sleepers. Some folks are blessed by being head and shoulders above the rest, and for this they will often require a larger bed.
    • Luxury. If you live in a large home with lots of space, sometimes a King doesnt feel the space. Having an oversized mattress gives you more room to get the sleep you deserve. Also, how cool is it to have the biggest mattress of anyone you know.


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