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Can You Put A Regular Mattress On A Hospital Bed

Can You Use A Traditional Bed Skirt With An Adjustable Bed

Instructions for Assembling and Safely Using a Hospital Bed

A traditional bed skirt which tucks under the mattress will not work with an adjustable bed because it can get trapped when the bed is tilted or lifted.A hook and loop bed skirt designed for adjustable beds will use the posts instead of tucking under the mattress.This tailored bed skirt is specifically designed to fit adjustable beds. The hook-and-loop closures allow the bed skirt to fit neatly around any support poles without the need for any cutting or tearing. Image from

A regular bed skirt cannot properly adjust to the motion of an adjustable bed, as it risks getting torn or stuck in a hinge or space between the frame and the platform. However, you can do a little bit of DIY work or purchase a readymade bed skirt specially designed for adjustable beds.

Do not use a traditional bed skirt with an adjustable bed because it can get stretched or stuck in a gap when raising, lowering, or tilting the bed. Instead, use commercial wrap-around bed skirts, velcro strip bed skirts, adjustable bed skirts, or bed skirts with hook and loop closures for adjustable beds.

Some bed skirt designs have hook-and-loop closures, which allow the bed skirt to fit neatly around any support poles without the need for any cutting or tearing. Make sure to also take a look at 6 ways to make a bed skirt stay in place and prevent sliding too.

Can I Use A Regular Mattress On A Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are designed to move and are adjustable in both the foot and head sections some of the more advanced models go even further than this. For this reason, a regular mattress would not be suitable for use with a hospital bed as you need something that is flexible yet remains supportive to the patient.

Moreover, mattresses that are made for hospital beds are created with the size of this type of bed in mind. Usually, hospital beds will come in a variety of sizes and as such, will require a mattress that lines up with this.

A regular mattress will simply not be equipped to meet the complex medical and health needs of a person that requires a hospital bed and this is another reason why they should not be used.

Hospital mattresses are designed with comfort and cleanliness in mind it stands to reason that if you are spending long periods of time in bed, skin, sweat, and other bodily materials are going to get onto the mattress. A regular mattress is not designed to withstand this, whereas a hospital mattress will be more breathable and hygienic, meaning that it would not need to be replaced as frequently.

If you have been used to sleeping on a particular type of mattress for most of your life, the good news is that there is a versatile range of hospital bed mattresses to suit varying needs and preferences.

Vive Health Alternative Pressure Pad

This product fits on top of hospital beds. People who have pressure sores or are at risk of developing those because of increased time spent in bed may benefit from this topper pad.

The manufacturers have equipped the pad with 130 individually sealed air bubbles to provide durable support that can withstand up to 300 lb of weight.

The variable pressure pump that controls the pressure within the air bubbles cycles through different levels of pressure to:

  • distribute the persons weight evenly
  • increase blood circulation

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Best Mattresses For Hospital Beds

Depending on your family members illness, their sleep patterns and their level of mobility, you will need a different model that is tailored for their medical needs. Some options cost more , while others are more budget-friendly. Below you will find the most reliable mattresses for hospital bed use, according to quality, safety, price, type of therapeutic treatment offered and longevity.

How To Buy A Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

Can you use a regular mattress on a hospital bed  Katil ...

Buying a mattress is not a short-term investment so its important to look for a reputable seller whether youre purchasing directly from the manufacturer, a high street retailer or online.

Good suppliers are easy to identify through approval schemes, such as National Bed Federation and BackCare. These ensure that companies comply with a code of practice and meet stringent standards.

Look out for these logos to identify reputable companies:

Bear in mind that higher quality materials and added features do often increase the cost.

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How Can You Choose A Mattress Topper To Prevent Bed Sores

Constant rest, immobility, and physical confinement to a hospital bed for a long duration can cause bruises, bedsores, and even wounds on the skin. Hospital beds mattresses dont support pressure points, which can also affect their blood circulation, patients muscles, and their entire body. The mattress may also make the patient hot and sweaty. Both pressure and moisture contribute to the development of bedsores. Read our article about solutions for fixing a mattress pad that causes hot or sweaty sleep.

To prevent bedsores, choose a medium firmness mattress topper that will cradle the patients pressure points and provide comfort and support. People who are prone to develop bedsores can use pressure relief mattress toppers to keep pressure off the affected area.

This ventilated gel-infused memory foam mattress topper from Amazon is a good option to treat and prevent the development of bedsores. It also helps the body keep a neutral spine alignment and prevents the body from overheating due to the cooling effect of the gel infusion.

What Is The Difference Between An Adjustable Bed And A Hospital Bed

A hospital bed adjusts head and foot heights, as does an adjustable bed, butthe overallheight of hospital beds can also be raised and lowered. Very few adjustable beds have this hi-low feature. An example of an exception would be the Flex-a-Bed Hi Low 185 pictured below.

Hospital beds also have optional side rails in various lengths and styles for a more secure and safe set-up to avoid falls and injuries when patients get in and out of bed. Adjustable bed side rails are much more limited in styles and capabilities.

Finally, there are several widths to choose from in hospital beds.

For the larger patient, you may need a bariatric hospital bed. These come in widths of 42-inches, 48-inches and 54-inches and can accommodate patient weights from 500 to 900 pounds. Most bariatric hospital beds have full-electric capabilities.

The prices for these beds are higher than standard size hospital beds, so consider carefully as you determine if you need the extra width and weight capacity.

Adjustable beds use standard size mattresses only and are available in twin XL, full XL and queen sizes.

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Turning Low Air Loss Mattresses

Turning low air loss mattresses are the same as the above two mattresseswith the exception they have the capability of gently turning the patientconstantly back and forth thus simulating movement by the patient and changingpressure points to prevent pressure sores.There is some control of the speed of the turning action but in general afull cycle will probably take as long as an hour.

Why Are Air Mattresses Required

Mattress Genie – Turn any mattress into an adjustable bed

Restricted blood flowing in the body of patients who are bedridden or the ones who have lost mobility breaks down the skin cells. This skin cell breakdown can result in bedsores which later convert into painful ulcers. Hospital air bed mattress is, therefore, a prerequisite to help keep patients comfortable and prevent them from the various degree of risks.

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Cons Of Sleeping On The Floor


Mattresses that lay on the floor are at great risk of accumulation of dust particles and dust mites, particularly if the floor is not cleaned regularly.

In addition, insects or bed bugs can easily get on the mattress and cause infestation in the long term. Without regular thorough cleaning, infestations can ruin the mattress.

As concluded, dust, mold, and infestations are the top three disadvantages of sleeping directly on the floor and all three of these issues can void the warranty.

Higher chance of mold

When we sleep, our bodies give off moisture and body heat, which is drawn through our mattress and can become trapped. Bed frames of box springs and slatted frames help to prevent heat retention since they improve airflow through the bottom of the mattress.

When we place our mattress on the floor, airflow is decreased so the moisture and heat from our bodies become trapped within the mattress. Over time, the accumulated moisture creates a dark, warm, and damp environmentthe ideal conditions for mold growth.

To help prevent mold and maintain a healthy living space, regular cleaning is imperative.

Before placing your mattress down for the first time, sanitize the floor and surrounding area. With carpeting and rugs, make sure to vacuum and steam clean to remove any buildup or embedded dirt. Ensure the area is completely dry before placing your mattress on the floor.

Exposed to more dust and other allergens

Increased discomfort for side-sleepers

How Long Does An Air Mattress Stay Inflated

You only have to inflate your air mattress when you need to use it. If you have inflated it properly, you can enjoy a good night of sleep without getting interrupted. People often complain about their air mattress for a hospital being deflated. This could be due to any leakage on the mattresses. If you too have this issue, check for the same.

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Invacare Solace Prevention Therapeutic Foam Mattress

Coming in at number two on our list is Invacares Solace Prevention Therapeutic Foam Mattress. The range of features and high quality make this mattress an exceptional choice for nearly any user.

Customers praise the mattresses quality, especially its ability to provide cushioned, comfortable support without being too firm. The mattress is also noted by customers for its ability to promote airflow, which reduces heat and moisture thereby helping prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores.

Another area that really sets this mattress apart is the wide range of customization options that this mattress provides. Its offered in three lengths with built-in side supports on the 76 and 80 models, and the option to add a raised side rail support system on the 80 length.

Tips For Keeping Your Mattress On The Floor

Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Hospital Bed

If you want to use your mattress on the ground regularly, we suggest regular maintenance to protect it from damage. After all, mattresses are meant to sit on a base such as a box or slatted platform and without them, they become more vulnerable to wear. Taking extra precautions may extend your mattresss lifespan.

Regularly air out your mattress

Once a week or so, perhaps before school or work, you should lift your mattress to air it out. If your mattress is flippable, flip it regularly instead, preventing mold growth. Also, if you live in a humid area, try to air out your mattress every few days.

Keep the floor beneath your mattress clean

To prevent dirt buildup, always vacuum, dust, and disinfect the area beneath and around your mattress. By keeping the floor clean, you prevent bugs and dust from infecting your sleep space.

Always be sure the floor is completely dry before replacing your mattress. A wet or even mildly damp surface puts your mattress at risk for growing mold.

Avoid foam mattresses

When sleeping on the ground, foam mattresses, in particular, should not be used on the floor. Memory foam and polyurethane foam trap moisture and heat, leaving you hot and encouraging mold and mildew growth. In addition, foam mattresses do not last well on the ground and will wear quicker than they would on a proper foundation.

Place your mattress on finished surfaces

A barrier keeps your mattress clean, making it easier to maintain, and can improve its insulating properties.

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What Size Sheets For Hospital Bed

Hey you! Just a heads up – this post contains links to helpful products that will make your life a heck of a lot better. When you click on a link and make a purchase, my wife and I receive a commission from the seller, at no additional cost to you. It helps compensate us for the expense of running this website and we truly appreciate it! We’d never recommend a product we wouldn’t use ourselves, so be glad knowing we’ve only selected the best for you! Please enjoy our post. We hope it helps!Hospital Beds

Are you going to put a hospital bed into your home or facility and want to make sure that you have the right size sheets to cover it? Well then youre going to want to take a closer look at the information here.

Hospital beds are generally a standard size, which means you shouldnt have a problem finding the right sheets for them.

Whats even better is that there are sheets available at your regular store that will fit a hospital bed, so you arent stuck only ordering from a medical supply store.

Mattress Covers For Incontinence

Bowel and urinary incontinence faced by many people result in sleep disorders and psychological factors. These waterproof mattress protectors ensure comfort, the bed stays dry and a night of good sleep.

The bed pads positioned on top of the mattress or underneath. You can easily find medical waterproof mattress protectors online.

It dramatically helps patients in hospitals diagnosed with incontinence. Instead of changing the mattress too many times and getting it wet, the incontinence bed pads come in handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose A Medical/hospital Bed Mattress

There are several reasons why your relative might benefit from using a hospital bed: they are recovering from an injury, they struggle with chronic pain, they are immobilized or dealing with a disease. All of these situations mean that your loved one is spending a majority or a significant amount of their time in bed. This is why a traditional sleeping surface may not be ideal or could even be damaging in the long run.

Instead, many families opt for hospital beds and medical mattresses. The latter offer increased support, prevent sores and pressure ulcers, as well as skin breakdown. But what are the key-aspects you should look for in a product like this?

Benefits Of Adjustable Beds Mattress

How to Make your Bed | How to Put Sheets on a Bed

Mattress for adjustable bed offers a multitude of benefits not only for the patients but regular sleepers as well.

  • A viable option for the patients suffering from sleep apnea, acid reflux, heaving snoring, sinus congestion, asthma, and other such issues. By keeping their heads and neck elevated, they can allow their windpipe to be in a relaxed position, saving them from the flattening and strain on the passage.

  • Air adjustable mattresses allow air to circulate within their cells so that the patients can sleep too. Apart from temperature regulation, they alleviate pressure from the pressure points of the patients body, reducing the risk of developing a pressure sore.

  • They not only provide comfort to the patients but contribute to their healing as well because the increased blood circulation allows the skin cells to renew. This, in turn, results in quicker healing of patients who were earlier suffering from uncomfortable bed sores.

  • Keeping your feet elevated on an adjustable bed will have a positive effect on your blood circulation immediately and helps you get rid of swelling in feet, ankles, and legs.

  • The risk of chronic lung diseases and cardiovascular disorders can also be reduced by keeping the upper body elevated while sleeping.

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What Size Sheets For Hospital Bed Do You Need

You actually need a Twin XL sheet to fit a standard sized hospital bed mattress.

These mattresses are typically 36 x 80 which means theyre a little bit too long to fit a standard twin, which is 39 x 75.

An XL sheet set, like the one you would buy for your child going off to college, will generally be a good fit here and will have enough length to make sure that you can fully attach them to the mattress.

No one wants to be sleeping and have the sheets slip off the bottom of the mattress in the middle of the night.

Twin XL sheet sets are actually 39 x 80, which means theyre a little bit wider than the hospital bed, but theyre going to be just the right length and thats the part that matters the most.

You can always tuck the sides under a little bit extra but you cant do anything about the length if theres just not enough.

Now, if youre using a bariatric hospital bed youre going to need to buy specialty sheets because there is no equivalent size for a standard sheet set.

This means youll need to look for a medical supply store that makes sheets specifically for hospital beds, which will have options for both standard size and bariatric sizes.

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Adjustable Beds

These are the bed mattresses for adjustable beds made up of single or multiple layers of memory foam. The advantage of having memory foam is that it is flexible, conforms to all body shapes, acts as a cradle, and is perfect for avoiding pressure sores. Also, it is a long-lasting material.

A hybrid mattress has the bottom innerspring layer, topped with a layer of memory foam. The combination of the two makes the bed affordable, and the spring coils last longer than a memory foam base.

While memory foam mattresses retain heat, you can make them temperature regulating like adjustable bed air mattresses by adding adjustable air mattress toppers on them.

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